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Effect of Hardness of Water on Fixation and Total Wash  off Percentage of Reactive Dyes When Applied

Dye-house water quality is the most important parameter to be confirmed before dyeing; precisely the presence of metal content i.e. Hardness. This research will investigate & analyses the impact of separate hardness (i.e. Calcium, Magnesium & Iron) on particular „Turquoise‟ (C.I. Reactive Blue 21) & a „High Exhaustion‟ class (C.I. HE Red 120, C.I. HE Yellow 84) of Reactive dye on cotton knitted-fabric.

Up To Date in Rhabdomyolysis: Concepts and Protocol  Evaluation

- Introduction: Rhabdomyolysis is the consequence of some diseases commonly seen in the emergency services, with several complications. In addition, there are lots of Rhabdomyolysis protocols in different countries and also in Brazil, with many points of agreement and others with divergent opinions, like the time of drugs administration and their posology. There are many variations and little evidences in the few studies and researches on humans..

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The Nexus between Productivity and Employment

The paper tried to explore the various studies on the nexus between the productivity growth and the employment through VAR model of Dritsakis(2012) and Blanchand, Solow and Wilson(1995) model and found cointegration and causality but the association went to either direction.

Research Reviews on Stress among working women in IT  field

Today IT workplace stress is becoming a major issue and a matter of concern for the employees and the organizations. It has become a part of life for the women employees, as life today has become so complex at home as well as outside that it is impossible to avoid stress. Selye [1936] defines stress

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Research Reviews on Middleware Presales Consulting

Middleware becomes a strong research area. The reason is the ability of middleware technologies to solve all the integration problems in an enterprise. This technology combined with other technologies can solve pressing problems for mankind.

The Back Bone of Indian Infrastructure

: The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the consumption & investment and the market size of the cement industries in India. They play an important role in the growth of India.

On rational Diophantine Triples and Quadruples

This paper concerns with the study of constructing strong rational Diophantine triples and quadruples with suitable property

Gas Leakage System
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The heart of this paper here is a LPG gas leakage sensor circuit that detects the outflow of LPG gas and the circuit is a gas sensor module SEN 1327. QM 6 gas sensor is used in the SEN 1327 module.

Design and Performance Analysis of Compact  Microstrip-fed Multiple Edge Slotted Monopole Antenna  f

In this paper a microstrip-fed planar monopole antenna has been proposed for wideband applications. Three monopole antenna have been designed and analyzed for improving antenna performance parameters.

The role of Metropolitan Iakovos in Albanian-Greek  relations (1919-1921)

This paper examines the role that Greek Metropolitan Iakovos played in Albanian-Greek relations from the end of World War I to the establishment of a national Autocephalous Orthodox Albanian Church in 1922. As a result of the political and social structure that was in place during the Ottoman Empire, religion played a significant role in postOttoman politics. This was amplified in countries like Albania, where no national religious institutions existed. At the end of World War I, Greece used its influence towards the Patriarchate of Constantinople to increase its opportunity to annex the terra irredenta of Korçë and Gjirokastër, while Albania tried and managed to nationalize religious communities that existed in its territory. The mainly Orthodox, Albanian-speaking Area/Region/Diocese of Korça where religion became the outmost battlefield between Albania and Greece is the area of research for this paper. The way politics used religious communities on one hand, and the