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Tahir Ilahi as behavior principles of representation for financial statements based on the Ten Commandments

The aim of this research is to understand management behaviour in financial statement representation. Sincerity is the starting point for building the desired behavior as explained in this paper. In Indonesia, research relating to the complicated issue of financial statements—and the representation of these (including their reporting)—is seldom addressed. Therefore, this particular research has been completed in-country (Indonesia) with the focus being made on the Synod of the Protestant Christian Church in Bali (GKPB).

Role of female education for their economic empowerment in rural areas A Case study of Jalalabad Union Parishad in Bangladesh

This study focused to analysis of the role of education for female’s economic empowerment in rural areas in the context of rural development. In rural areas their empowerment has increased and has taken a significant place in different development programs. The objectives of this study are to examine effects of education on female’s empowerment and its impact on rural development and in the economic sphere. About 160 million people live in Bangladesh. More the 70% people live in rural areas. Among rural people half is female.

Improving the Security of MANETs Oriented Military Intelligence using Biometrics Authentication Technologies

In many parts of the world, the military has been very busy in recent times engaging in terror and other related wars. This requires that men and materials have to be located in different parts of their strategic geographic centres. And in order to ensure a fast communication with these bases, the military often deploys Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs). MANETs carry such intelligence information as: deployment information, readiness information, and order of battle plans to their various bases. The nature of these information is such that any compromise on them could be disastrous to the courses of action of the bases. This paper identifies user authentication as a key issue in strengthening security concerns in MANETs. The paper further adopts biometrics technologies as the trending options for the purpose of obtaining a truer reflection of the identities of the users of ad-hoc networks. This paper therefore, reviews various biometrics technology implementation strategies available

Implementation of Good Governance In Order To Improve Service Quality HAJJ in West Jakarta Religious Ministries

The objective of this research is to analyze and to test the influence of leadership, apparatus professionalism, and community participation on the quality of service maintenance section umroh hajj on west Jakarta office ministry of religious. There are four hypotheses proposed is this study i,e 1) The influence of leadership on quality service .2) The influence of apparatus professionalism on quality service. 3) The influence of community participation on quality service 4) The influence of leadership, apparatus professionalism and community participation simultaneously on quality service.


There has often been confusion among academics and practitioners about the use of some business concepts so much, again, with branding, which has generated a breed of ‘corruptive’ learners and users of such concepts. This paper criticizes the abuse of branding and provides simplified, logical sequential process to the appreciation of the development of branding as well as how it should be applied as a strategic tool in business. The study was based on relevant literature, observations and interviews.

Analysis of housing quality in Famagusta with emphasis on interiority

This research studies and analyses the quality of indoor spaces of residential buildings through case studies in Famagusta, North Cyprus, considering the theoretical issues of housing and through document review and direct observations. Possible factors considered in this study included several items such as spatial dimensions, zoning, colours and materials, furniture, structural organization and lighting. The main problem in this regard is the uncertainty about the quality of residential projects in Famagusta. Failure to meet architectural standards, low quality buildings, abandoned projects, unpleasant architectural appearances and other difficulties are from other problems.


In this paper, We have solved a new set of triple Series equations associated with Laguerre polynomials of matrix argument as kernel by multiplying factor method.


This study purposes to (1) analyze and describe the performance of PDAM service area in Makassar concerned with distributing public service to its customer; (2) describe the gap between performance of PDAM Service Unit in Makassar and it’s customer’s expectation; (3) analyze and describe the effort of PDAM service area in Makassar in order to increase its performance based on the gap public service to the customer. The research combined qualitative and quatitative methods in this study. The research location, choosen purposively.The main iInformation and secondary data were collected from all PDAM service units, and this study used descriptive analysis data as well. Apparently, the study found, based on the field findings over 2012, that the performance of PDAM service units in Makassar is still in low level because in quantity, the target on RKAP 2012, was not achieved yet. This insuffient target resulted from less material providing, incorrected time standard of work conduction

Resource Based View, Core Competence and Innovation A Research on Turkish Manufacturing Industry

The importance of organizational resources and capabilities are realized by business practitioners and researchers as they support organizational performance and competitive advantage. However, what exactly core competence is not clearly understood since terms such as resource, capability and competence are used interchangeably by researchers. From this point forth, this article provides a framework for seperating organization's core competencies from resource and capability. According to the research and analysis framework, the first step is to explain the relations and interactions among resource, capability and competence. Second we propose three emprical determiners such as uniqueness, inimitability and extendibility to the research model which Hamel and Prahalad’s suggest to evaluate a capability as core. Third, the proposed core competence framework serves as a tool for assesing the relationship between core competencies and innovation.

Applications of Teachers Knowledge Constrains of Continuing Professional Development CPD within the University of Benghazi Libya

This paper presents the types of teachers’ knowledge and Shulman’s pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). It also explores how this knowledge can be further supported through (CPD) programmes, and the models that could be used for this. In addition, it aims to interweave the ideas of teachers’ knowledge and the possible models of CPD in order to reinforce these links in the context of Libyan English as Foreign Language University Teachers (LEFLUTs). This is important since some LEFLUTs may have different understandings or backgrounds concerning the importance of teachers’ knowledge and CPD activities. Challenges from cultural and educational influences among LEFLUTs emerged in my study which considers why some LEFLUTs may prefer just to teach without paying attention to their professional activities. Is it to do with the existing culture, which considers that university teachers already have sufficient knowledge for teaching? Is it due to the lack of such programmes