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Mobile database software for iPhone®, iPod touch ... - Tap Forms

Mobile database software for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™ devices Organize your life with the most powerful iPhone® database app yet. Use Tap Forms to securely keep track of your movies, books, recipes, inventory and more. YOUR LIFE. ORGANIZED. | | Created By: Brendan Duddridge | Contents Introduction3 Key Features 3 Installation4 Operation4 Toolbars4 Using Tap Forms 6 Forms6 Favorites7 Search7 Files7 Tools8 Backup and Restore 9 Email Exporting 9 Webserver10 Security11 Forms12 Included Sample Forms 12 Select a Form 13 Editing Forms 14 Fields 15 Included Fields 15 Field Definitions 16 Example #1 – Tasting Log 19 Example #2 - Trip Log 21 Tips on Using Tap Forms 26 Additional Help 27 Appendix27 Icon Set 27 Sample Forms 28 Field Types 28 Introduction Tap Forms is a Mobile Personal Information Manager tool for tracking all of your personal data and ideas. Tap Forms uses SQLite to store and manage all of your data in a safe and secure environment. The use of custom data forms allows you to organize your data easily, for storing and recalling at any time. Key Features Safe and Secure – uses strong AES-256 bit encryption for encrypted fields Get started quickly – over 25 forms ready to use Easy to use – searching and data sorting built in Favorites - keeps important data only a few taps away Customizable – 17 field types, reordering of fields, custom field names Powerful – relational linking, and customizable pick lists Share – email a single record or a complete CSV data file Import/Export – built-in FTP and Web servers, and Dropbox support

Dr Garg Multispeciality Dental Clinic Delhi

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Motorola XOOM™ 2 Media Edition - Getting Started Guide Page 1 Friday, October 21, 2011 11:28 AM MOTOROLA XOOM™ 2 Media Edition with Wi-Fi Only (MZ607) MOTOROLA XOOM™ 2 Media Edition with 4G (MZ608) UMTS EMARA Quick Start Guide 21 October 2011 11:28 am Your tablet Start Touch Navigate Want more? At a glance Setup Quick start: Touch Quick start: Navigate More information When you're up and running, make sure you explore what your tablet can do: EN Let's get you up and running. It's all in the touch: Find your way around: • Touch: Choose an icon or option. • Search: • Touch & hold: Move items on the home screen, or open options for items in lists. • • Drag or flick: Scroll slowly (drag) or quickly (flick). App menu: all). • Pinch or double-tap: Zoom in and out on websites, photos and maps. • Back: Tips & tricks • Home: • Flick & stop: When you flick a long list, touch the screen to stop it from scrolling. • • Maps: Twist a map with two fingers to rotate it, and pull two fingers down to tilt it. Recent apps: open the app). • Customise: Start up, then "Personalise"your tablet. • Create: Check and send your "Email", and even create and edit documents and calendar events for "Work". • TM MOTOROLA XOOM 2 MEDIA EDITION Enjoy: "Load up"your tablet’s apps and games, or "Play & record"media and "Control"your TV. Tips & tricks • Tips & tricks • Caution: Before assembling, charging or using your tablet for the first time, please read the important safety, regulatory and legal information provided with your product. Power/Sleep: To turn your tablet on or off, press and hold Power/Sleep back. To make the screen sleep or wake up, press but don't hold. on the Note: Wi-Fi-only devices don’t have a SIM card. Certain apps and features may not be available in all countries. In the unlikely event that your tablet becomes unresponsive, try a forced reboot—press and hold both Power/Sleep and the down volume key for more than 12 seconds.

Verizon Droid User Guide - Verizon Wireless

Congratulations More information DROID™ by Motorola On your computer—Go to DROID by Motorola gives you a premium browsing and messaging experience with the very latest from Google™, all in a thin touch QWERTY slider. So, whether you want to read, watch, or play, we can help. • Browsing. Get more from the Web, with a huge screen and full HTML. Search, browse, everything you want to do, all made easier. • Maps, entertainment, and more. The latest technology and apps. Google Maps™ to find your way. YouTube™ to stay entertained. Easy access to Google and thousands of Android applications to expand your world. Caution: Before assembling, charging or using your phone for the first time, please read the important legal and safety information packaged with your phone. Once your phone is up and running, touch Menu > Settings > About phone > Safety information to read the full information. Congratulations 1 Your phone the important keys & connectors Power Key Press to put the display to sleep, or hold to turn on or off. 3.5mm Headset Jack When you open or turn your phone, the screen adjusts for you. Volume Keys Micro USB Connector Charge or connect to PC. Touchscreen See all your apps. Touch the Launcher icon. 1 of 6

Setting Up Your Android Device - FIU

Setting Up Your Android Device Division of Information Technology with your FIU PantherMail Email Account Last Updated: September 28, 2012 Step 1: Enable IMAP on your PantherMail account Point your browser to PantherMail at and log in with your PantherMail username and password. From the top right-hand corner, click on the gear icon and select Settings. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab Scroll down to the IMAP Access section, and select Enable IMAP Click Save Changes Step 2: Setup Email account on your Android mobile phone From your phone’s main menu, select the Email application When prompted, enter your PantherMail e-mail address and password Choose Manual Setup Select IMAP At the Incoming Server Settings, enter the following: For Username, enter your PantherMail username (with the; e.g., For Password, enter your PantherMail password For IMAP server, enter: For Security Type, select SSL (Accept all certificates) For Port, select 993 Click Next At the Outgoing Server Settings screen, enter the following: For Outgoing Mail/SMTP server, enter: For Security Type, select TLS (Accept all certificates) For Port, enter: 587 When prompted, set your account options (e.g., Name for the account, how often to fetch mail, etc.) Click Done or Finish In a few minutes, your PantherMail e-mail will start synching. Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Android to receive your PantherMail!

MLA Sample Paper
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Sample Essay MLA Format Essay by Brandi Elliott Updated by the Communications Area of the TCC Learning Commons (September, 2012) Elliott 1 Brandi Elliott Mr. Schaberg ENC 1101 19 May 2010 Elvis’s Impact on Popular Culture The foundations of today’s popular music were built by an unlikely source: a poor white Introduction boy from Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis Presley’s country roots would become a major factor in his success as the King of Rock and Roll. While it is true that Elvis was not the inventor of rock and roll music, he was the first man to introduce postwar youth to the genre that would revolutionize Thesis American culture. The role Elvis Presley played in the evolution of popular music is unprecedented. His style has been impersonated, and his music is still revered by young people all over the world. Elvis’s impact can be understood through the music he performed, his status as a pop icon, and the lingering presence of his legacy in today’s society. The cultural importance of rock and roll has been long-lasting. From the early 1950s until now, rock has been the vehicle of expression for many around the world. It has been the voice of rebellion, political justice, and sexual revolution. Generation after generation, rock music evolves, yet keeps its values intact. To many, rock music is an essential element of culture. Elvis was the embodiment of rock and roll and, therefore, a significant part of 20th century culture.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial -

GETTING STARTED Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation programs supported by both Mac and PC platforms. Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create interactive presentations for classroom, business, or personal use. CREATING A NEW PRESENTATION Many of the steps you are about to read are for both PC and Mac computers. Some of the steps have very similar descriptions. For your benefit, this tutorial has combined the information but will offer different screen shots for each system when necessary. OPENING MICROSOFT POWERPOINT ON A PC To launch Microsoft PowerPoint, go to Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (Figure 1). A blank presentation will open. Figure 1. Navigate to Microsoft PowerPoint on a PC. PowerPoint 2 SAVING YOUR DOCUMENT Computers crash and documents are lost all the time, so it is best to save often. SAVING INITIALLY There are several options for saving your document on a PC. First, you can click on the Office Button and select Save from the drop-down menu. Second, you can click on the Office Button and select Save As. This will allow you to save your document in several formats including the older version (.ppt), which allows your presentation to open in any version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Finally, you can save by click the small blue disk icon to the right of the Office Button. Note: If you want to save your document on and then open it on another computer you must specify a file extension (i.e. .ppt). Usually your computer will do this for you, but if it does not you must do this process while in Save As. Once you have titled your document, you can give it a file extension by clicking in the Format box. Click PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation for the correct file extension.

FCPSmobile Setup Guide – Motorola Xoom

FCPSmobile Setup Guide – Motorola Xoom To begin configuring your Motorola Xoom for connection to the FCPSmobile secure network, please tap the button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on to continue. In the Settings window, select ‘Wireless & networks’ then ‘Wi‐Fi settings’ to continue. Please tap the Wi‐Fi checkbox (if not checked) to turn on the wireless card and wait for the ‘FCPS’ SSID to show below. Select the ‘FCPS’ network to continue. To connect to the ‘FCPS’ network, tap on the ‘Connect’ button. 2011‐09‐12 V1.0 1|Pa g e FCPSmobile Setup Guide – Motorola Xoom Instructions tested and validated on Motorola Xoom devices with o/s version 3.2 and below. In the Wi‐Fi networks window, “FCPS Connected” should now be visible. Please tap the ‘Home’ icon to return to the Xoom desktop. On the Home Screen, tap the Browser icon. If it is not visible, tap on Apps at the top of the screen to locate the Browser. 2011‐09‐12 V1.0 2|Pa g e FCPSmobile Setup Guide – Motorola Xoom Instructions tested and validated on Motorola Xoom devices with o/s version 3.2 and below. Upon opening, the browser will display the FCPS Acceptable Use Policy and prompt the user for acceptance of the AUP. Tap the ‘Accept’ button. If Decline is selected, network access will not be granted. After clicking the ‘Accept’ button, the browser will redirect to Please navigate to to continue. To allow the XpressConnect utility to configure the Motorola Xoom device, select the hyperlink ‘Click here to install the XpressConnect app.’ Clicking the link will redirect the device to the XpressConnect app in the Android Marketplace.

Sistem Aplikasi Laporan Bencana
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1. Klik pada Login Staff 2. Masukkan ID dan kata Laluan 3. Jika Berjaya, Klik pada button OK 4. Klik pada Button Laporan Bencana 5. Klik Pada Sistem Aplikasi di sebelah kiri 6. Klik Pada Laporan Bencana di sebelah kiri 7. Klik Laporan Bencana di sebelah kanan 8. Isikan maklumat utama seperti dibawah. 9. Klik OK 10. Isikan tarikh kejadian dan masa berlaku bencana. Untuk pengisian lokasi berlakunya bencana, Koordinat GPS diperlukan, klik butang RUJUK. 11. Paparan berikut akan dipaparkan, Klik pada Icon dan heret ke lokasi kejadian, contohnya di Pulau Pinang. 12. Setelah anda mengenalpasti lokasi koordinat bencana, Tekan butang Salin. ** TIPS : Klik Zoom ataupun pilih imej Satellite untuk paparan yang lebih jelas. 13. Jika ada laluan alternatif, tekan butang RUJUK.

Harry Potter and the Holocaust - Center for Jewish Studies

Course Name: Harry Potter and the Holocaust: Collective Memory and Alternative Ways of Talking about Racism and Genocide Time: MW 5 (MAT 0108); F 5 (MAT 0018) Instructor: Dror Abend-David ( Office hours: T 5,7; R 5 Course Description What is collective memory? And what is the difference between symbol, image, and icon? How do inadvertent visual descriptions compare to direct statements when it comes to speaking to children, adolescents, and even adults about the holocaust? The course will compare the treatment of the holocaust, racism and genocide in books such as Night, The Diary of Anne-Frank and Maus: A Survivor's Tale with a more general discussion of violence and racism in books such as The Wave, Animal Farm, and Lord of the Flies (as well as Shirley Jackson's short story, "The Lottery.") The main texts for this course will be two books out of the Harry Potter series (The Goblet of Fire and The Deathly Hallows), a series which has been intended for children, and which makes almost no mention of historical events and identity while speaking of purity of blood, racial violence and (eventually) state-run racial persecution. Grades (1) Class participation, including short weekly assignments (20%); (2) Written assignments (20%); (3) Midterm paper (30%); (4) Final paper (30%) Grading Scale