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Personal Income Tax Collections Information - California Franchise ...

Collection Information Avoiding Involuntary Collection – The California Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC) provides authority for us to take involuntary collection actions when individuals are delinquent in paying their state income tax. You can prevent involuntary collection actions if you: • Pay your tax liability in full. • Enter into an installment agreement. • File required tax returns and pay the balance due or provide proof that you have no filing requirement. • Make an Offer in Compromise that we accept. • Establish that a financial hardship prevents you from paying your liability. Third Party Contacts – We may contact third parties to determine or collect your tax liabilities. Subject to privacy laws and your rights as a taxpayer, you may obtain a list of those contacts within the 12-month period following the date of the enclosed notice. We must receive your request no later than 60 days after the 12-month period has ended. For more information, write to: DISCLOSURE OFFICE, FRANCHISE TAX BOARD, PO BOX 1468, SACRAMENTO CA 95812-1468. (R&TC Section 19504.7) Interception – If you do not pay your entire income tax liability by the time it becomes due and payable, the unpaid amount could be satisfied by interception of funds due to you from the federal government, other states, or other California state agencies. If you do not believe you owe this debt, you must contact us within 30 days from when you first receive a Return Information Notice or Statement of Tax Due to prevent possible interception. (California Government Code (GC) Sections 926.8 and 12419 through12419.12) Installment Agreement Rejection – If we reject your ...


RBC Insurance Company of Canada (the “Insurer”) has issued group insurance policy U-1014451-A to Royal Bank of Canada (“Royal Bank”) to cover emergency medical expenses incurred by covered persons while outside their Canadian province or territory of residence. All covered persons are clients of the Insurer. This Certificate of Insurance summarizes the provisions of this group insurance policy. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IN A MEDICAL EMERGENCY? If you have a medical emergency, you must call Assured Assistance Inc. (“Assured Assistance”) before you receive emergency treatment. Of course, if your medical condition prevents you from calling, we understand – you must call as soon as medically possible or, as an alternative, someone else may call on your behalf (relative, friend, nurse or doctor). If you do not call Assured Assistance or if you choose to seek care from a nonapproved medical service provider, you will be responsible for a portion of your medical expenses as outlined under “Limitations of coverage”. Assured Assistance can be contacted by calling: 1-800-533-2778 toll-free from the US & Canada or 905-816-2581 collect from anywhere in the world. IMPORTANT NOTICE – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Travel insurance is designed to cover losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. It is important that you read and understand your insurance before you travel as your coverage may be subject to certain limitations or exclusions. A pre-existing exclusion applies to medical conditions and/or symptoms that existed prior to your trip. Check to see how this applies in your Certificate of Insurance and how it relates to your departure date, date of purchase, or effective date. In the event of an accident, injury or sickness, your prior medical history may be reviewed when a claim is reported. Your insurance provides travel assistance. You are required to notify Assured Assistance prior to receiving emergency treatment. Your insurance limits benefits should you not contact Assured Assistance immediately ...

Washington National Cathedral Photo Policy

Usage Permissions Public access provided to Cathedral premises for the purpose of making photographs does not imply approval of their publication. The terms of approval for publication are to be agreed upon in writing between photographer or publisher and Cathedral representative prior to any publication. Requests for permission to reproduce photographic images of Washington National Cathedral in the form of products for resale and requests for other commercial photography of the Cathedral are to be addressed to the Department of Communications and Marketing. Commercial photography includes instances wherein there is an actual or intended exchange of money or favors for the use, usage rights, ownership, or copyright of images created in any form or medium. Requests to use photographs from the Cathedral’s photography archives may be made when the appearance of such an image or detail of the Cathedral’s artifacts is mutually beneficial to the Cathedral and the publication and represents the Cathedral in a positive image. Please make such requests via e-mail to the Communications and Marketing Department Press. For members of the press, permission to photograph or film Cathedral events and services may be given through the Department of Communications and Marketing. For most special services, members of the press will be in the south balcony. Access to areas not normally open to the public must be scheduled in advance, and a designated member of the Cathedral staff must accompany the photographer. Access to certain areas of the Cathedral premises at certain times may be restricted without notice as required to ensure the safety and convenience of Cathedral visitors and staff. A designated member of the Cathedral staff must be present if any equipment other than hand-held camera and lighting are to be used. Tripods and/or freestanding lighting equipment may create a safety hazard or impede efficient traffic flow in the Cathedral, and approval for their use and placement is at the discretion of the Cathedral staff.

CABIN AIR FILTER - Baldwin Filters
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CABIN AIR FILTER IDENTIFICATION / INSTALLATION FORD PA4133 Ford Expedition, F-Series, Super Duty; Lincoln Blackwood, Navigator OE: Fits: Size: F65Z-19N619-AB 1997-2004 Ford Expedition 1997-2007 Ford F-Series 2000-01 Ford Super Duty 2002 Lincoln Blackwood 1998-2006 Lincoln Navigator 10 9/16 x 9 31/32 x 1 7/32 (268.3 x 253.2 x 31.0) Filter Housing Cover Filter Housing Cover 1. Open passenger side door. 2. Remove screws on filter housing cover located under glove compartment. Notice: 3. Remove filter housing cover. 4. Replace filter and reassemble. The information provided is based on the latest authoritative information available at press time. However, due to manufacturers’ changes, and year and model variations, Baldwin Filters cannot be responsible for misapplications and instruction errors. Form 420-PA4133 (R 10/09) © 2009 Baldwin Filters, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.

CABIN AIR FILTER - Hastings Filters
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CABIN AIR FILTER IDENTIFICATION / INSTALLATION FORD AFC1111 Ford Escort ZX2, Focus, Transit Connect OE: Fits: Size: XS4H-16N619-AB, XS4Z-19N619-AA, YS4Z-19N619-DB 2002-03 Ford Escort ZX2 2000-11 Ford Focus 2010-on Ford Transit Connect 13 3/4 x 8 21/32 x 1 3/16 (349.3 x 219.9 x 30.2) A Hood Cowl Cowl Windshield Hood Windshield Clips 1. Place windshield wipers in upright position. 2. Open hood. 3. Undo clips on passenger side of cowl by pushing in on front of clips. 4. Remove cap on fastener in center of cowl. Unscrew halfway and pull out. Notice: 5. Remove passenger side of cowl by sliding out from under driver side of cowl. 6. Replace filter and reassemble. The information provided is based on the latest authoritative information available at press time. However, due to manufacturers’ changes, and year and model variations, Hastings Premium Filters cannot be responsible for misapplications and instruction errors. F420-AFC1111 (131279) (R 2/12) © 2012 Hastings Premium Filters Printed in U.S.A.

User manual MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750 -

Manual abstract: 50" x 17" 110/70 17 54 H 130/80 17 65 H TRANSMISSION Gearbox: Lubrication: Primary drive: Secondary drive: Clutch: CHASSIS Frame: Wheelbase: Trail: Rake: Front suspension: Front wheel travel: Rear suspension: Rear wheel travel: detachable tubular duplex cradle in special high-strengh steel 1,449 mm 109 mm 27.5° Marzocchi hydraulic telescopic fork, Ø 40 mm 130 mm swinging arm in light cast alloy with two dampers, preload adjustable 95 mm BREVA 750 is an ecological vehicle with UE homologation, in respect of Euro3 noise and emission limits. Moto Guzzi suggests careful riding, wearing a helmet and protective clothing. Technical specifications and colours indicated in this catalogue, may change without notice. Moto Guzzi S.p.A Unico Azionista Piaggio & C. S.p.A. Direzione e Coordinamento Gruppo IMMSI Via E.V. Parodi, 57 23826 Mandello del Lario (Lecco) Italy Phone +39 0341 709.111 Fax +39 0341 709.267 Customer Service 00800 12233700 www. motoguzzi.. You can read the recommendations in the user guide, the technical guide or the installation guide for MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750. You'll find the answers to all your questions on the MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750 in the user manual (information, specifications, safety advice, size, accessories, etc.). Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide. User manual MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750 User guide MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750 Operating instructions MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750 Instructions for use MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750 Instruction manual MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750 Your user manual MOTO GUZZI BREVA 750

e-Brochure - Hyundai
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People’s expectation toward individual mobility requires more than just a convenient means of transportation. The old understanding of cars has becomeoutdated. A car represents individuals’ lifestyles, and it became an integral part of their lives. At the same time, the automobile industry has experienced seismic change. Hyundai Motor Company has grown rapidly to become one of the largest automakers, backed by world class production capability and superior quality. We have now reached a point where we need a qualitative approach to bring bigger ideas and relevant solutions to our customers. This is an opportunity to move forward and we have developed a new brand slogan that encapsulates our willingness to take a big leap. Led by our new slogan and the new thinking underlying it, we will become a company that keeps challenging itself to unlock new possibilities for people and the planet. A compact car means you have to compromise, right? Wrong. With Hyundai Accent, you’ll wonder how a compact car’s specification can be so comprehensive. Small in size, big in stature Why give up style, performance and refinement just because you’ve made the decision to drive a compact car? Well, you don’t need to. Incorporating features found in higher class cars, Accent gives you sleek good looks, advanced technology and groundbreaking safety attributes, and tops it all off with a robust, sporting character all of its own. Get the look and you attract the looks The world moves fast, so it’s important to catch people’s eye. Accent does just that, with a profile that’s modern, athletic and futuristic. Hungry for the kilometres, lean on the refuelling stops Drive Accent, and immediately, you’re struck by the quiet ride, the generous interior space and the abundance of up-to-theminute technology. You’ll notice something else too: the fuel gauge hardly drops. That’s because Hyundai engineers have devised one of the most fuel efficient engines there is, one that takes only 5.7 liter of fuel burned to run 100 km. (in case of 1.4 Manual Transmission)

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*See Owner’s Manual for details. Looking for more detailed information? This Quick Reference Guide does not replace your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual. If you require additional information or are unsure of a specific issue, you should always refer to the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual or contact your authorized Hyundai dealer. The information contained in this Quick Reference Guide was correct at the time of printing; however, specifications and equipment can change without notice. No warranty or guarantee is being extended in this Quick Reference Guide, and Hyundai reserves the right to change product specifications and equipment at any time without incurring obligations. Some vehicles are shown with optional equipment. Specifications apply to U.S. vehicles only. Please contact your Hyundai dealer for current vehicle specifications. *Some vehicles may not be equipped with all the listed features. Use this Quick Reference Guide to learn about the features that will enhance your enjoyment of your Hyundai. More detailed information about these features are available in your Owner’s Manual. WARNING! To reduce the risk of serious injury to yourself and others, read and understand the important SAFETY INFORMATION in your Owner’s Manual. ** behind steering wheel GETTING STARTED REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY HEADREST ADJUSTMENT Lock( ) Height adjustment Press the button. Once - Lock Twice - Confirmation chirp Unlock( Lock knob ) Press the button. Once - Unlock driver’s door Twice - Unlock all doors To raise headrest height, pull up on headrest. To lower headrest, press lock knob while pushing down on headrest. You can change the system to unlock all doors by pressing the button once. If you want this feature, refer to the Owner’s Manual. ...

Recording Guide for Filmmakers and DSLR Cameras - Tascam

Advantages Estimated street price Connecting to your Camera 1. Attach the recorder to your camera using a hot shoe mount (sold separately) 2. Connect an 1/8” cable from the line/headphone output of the recorder to the MIC IN of your camera (also sold separately, use an attenuator cable if available) 3. Set your camera to use the line/mic input, if necessary 4. To automatically synchronize your video clips with the DRseries recordings, use software like Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Apple Final Cut Pro X or Singular Software PluralEyes. Advantages of Audio Recorders • You can assign someone to just record audio, so they can get closer to the talent with a microphone for a better recording. • TASCAM recorders are purpose-built for audio, so setting audio levels and adjusting settings is often as easy as a single button press or switch • You can set the audio recording level to be manual or automatic • TASCAM handheld recorders have a limiter during recording, so that sudden loud sounds won’t be distorted. • The separate line out and headphone out on the DR-100 allows you to listen in headphones while you send a copy of the signal to your camera to sync up later. • A selectable low cut filter allows you to cut bass rumble or wind noise while recording • Dual batteries on the DR-100 allow you to swap batteries for extended battery life – even while recording Optional WS-DR2 Windscreen 7733 Telegraph Rd • Montebello, CA • 90640 • 323.726.0303 • © 2011 TASCAM, a division of TEAC America. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders. All rights reserved. Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

Acer TravelMate 240/250 Series -

Acer TravelMate 240/250 Series Service Guide SERVICE CD PART NO.: VD.T30V1.001 PRINTED IN TAIWAN Revision History Please refer to the table below for the updates made on HP Lapin service guide. Copyright Copyright © 2003 by Acer Incorporated. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Acer Incorporated. Disclaimer The information in this guide is subject to change without notice. Acer Incorporated makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Any Acer Incorporated software described in this manual is sold or licensed "as is". Should the programs prove defective following their purchase, the buyer (and not Acer Incorporated, its distributor, or its dealer) assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair, and any incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the software. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. Pentium and Pentium II/III are trademarks of Intel Corporation. Other brand and product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective holders.