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Synthesis and characterization of new unsymmetrical  macrocyclictrinuclearCu(II) complex and its  el

TrinuclearCu(II) complex was designed and synthesized. The binuclear Cu(II) complex was prepared and then condensed with a mononuclear Cu(II) complex to form trinuclear complex as shown below. All the complexes were characterized by using FTIR and UV-Visible spectral studies. ESR spectra and magnetic moments of the trinuclearCu(II) complex show the presence of antiferromagnetic coupling.The electrochemical properties of these complexes were studied in the range of 0 V to -1.4 V.

Women “Quest” for Empowerment in Sikkim’s Society

The study analyses how over the years the status of women are changing where state as well as non state actors are playing significant role in empowering the role of women. Recent changes like The Sikkim Panchayat (Amendment) Bill, 2011 giving 50% reservation for women in Panchayat (grass root level) and initiating schemes like Chief Minister Rural Housing Mission (CMRHM) where house had been named after the women of the family. Success stories of non state actors in the form of Self Help Group like Nayuma Women Cooperative Society gives a positive trend in women empowerment

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Economic Impact of MNCs on Development of  Developing Nations

Multinational corporations do not come into being from thin air; there must be a form, an organization, and a goal for them to be brought into existence.

SV TCL & Associates Probe Company China Japan Europe SpringTouch

Wafer Level Chip Scale Package is fast becoming popular because of its small form factor utilized in such applications as Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS units. The WLCSP is also very cost-effective with a simplified manufacturing process that eliminates the need for the final or package test step.

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Online spelling checker
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Writing is part of the day to day activities of most people especially virtual assistants and freelancers. Most of them enjoy writing ranging from creative writing, articles and lots of other form of writing, but when it comes to going through their work to correct spelling.

Koyal InfoMag: Ebola - Faith Trumps Science

When the Black Death was raging in Elizabethan London, some terrified citizens sought to assuage the Plague. The Queen herself ordered that anyone leaving London would be hanged. As in times past, some offered penitence to God in the form of self-flagellation, but to no avail. The Plague continued to rage even as the flagellants beat themselves to a bloody pulp. Some frightened but resolute groups resorted to boarding up houses inhabited by anyone who exhibited symptoms of the disease. Armed watchmen saw to it that no one could go in or out, regardless of how much those trapped inside begged for mercy. The victims were given bare sustenance by means of baskets filled with provisions, which were lowered through upper windows. If any unfortunates in the plague houses survived the quarantine, which was rare, they were eventually let out.

The cultural ambience of Dubai
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Dubai is one of the countries where people still live with the old tradition together with marching along the new era. Yet, these old traditions form some of the highly appreciated traditions and culture of the ancient world. You can notice the color of traditions and development when you reach this country and you can easily reach there if you can find cheap flights to Dubai.

Usage of Online Coupon Codes Makes You Sensible (1)

Nowadays, form economic point of view, everybody likes to save money. Online shopping has become so competitive that looking for bargains through usage of online coupon codes can really save you a great fortune. Such codes comprises of letters and numbers, which you can enter in a promotional code box when you are checking out.

And now the same situation   when Russia rose in all growth, The world began provocations from all sides. Nobody wants a strong Russia.

Putin collects Russia as a mosaic, bit by bit. Picks up industry, modernizing the army and navy, returns capitals in Russia, removes cancerous tumors in the form of crime, begins to raise agriculture, strengthens the position and prestige of Russia in the world. For good reason, Putin recognized as the most influential politician in the world in 2012 according to Forbes magazine, he is recognized as the number one politician in the world in 2013, according to the news media agencies.

Penal Mediation in the Dispute Settlement of Traffic Accidents in Indonesia

Penal mediation by using a restorative justice approach has been considered as the best way to speed the dispute settlement process of the traffic accident in Indonesia. This approach is not only quick and simple, but it is also cost efficient. However, discussion on this issue appears to be limited. For that reason, this paper aims at discussing penal mediation in the traffic accidents dispute settlement in Indonesia. This study found that penal mediation of traffic accident dispute in Indonesia is quite different in comparison to the type of mediation in several countries. In Indonesia the mediation process consists of the agreement from parties involved and restitution from the offender to the victim. Such restitution could be in form of apology or in the form of compensation agreed by both parties. Settlement through this mediation can be considered as a negative form of law enforcement. Therefore, mediation through this way should be in accordance of the positive law.