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The Arab Slippers
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Penko Gelev and Sotir Gelev are autors of this fairy tale.

Central Asia in Al-Qaeda's Vision of the Anti-American Jihad

of the apostate, Arab police states Al-Qaeda has atop its list of Islam's. enemies. ... Al-Qaeda and the History of Islamic Activism in Central Asia ...

July 2009 Al-Qaeda's Operational Strategies

Stages 1-5 of the plan deal with the steps which should be taken to establish Islamic Caliphates throughout the Arab world. When this is accomplished, they will move on to stages 6-7, which are to confront the international community, within the framework of the war between the “powers of faith” and the “powers of the heretics”, as defined by Bin Laden, with the intention of imposing Islam on them. This plan is destined to end in 2020

Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center

At least to his followers Zarqawi is THE leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arab world, ... Jihad to the rest of the world as the mother Al-Qaeda did in Afghanistan. ...

Gold rate in dubai
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Dubai spells for many, the world's tallest tower, a number of manmade islands, and underwater hotels. A shopper's paradise and a taste of ethnic Arab cultures are what make travelling to Dubai this kind of a unique knowledge.

Their Lives for Ours: The Origins of the September 11 Attacks By Douglas Kidd

KSM tried to convince Osama bin Laden into financing a modified version of Operation ... Peter L. the Osama Bin Laden I know: An Oral History of Al Qaeda's ... At 6:45 AM, a twenty-three year old man from United Arab Emirates, Marwan AlShehhi, phoned thirty-three year old Mohamed Atta, an Egyptian. Both men were located at terminals inside Boston’s Logan Airport on September 11, 2001. It was the last time the two men would speak to one another. Atta reminded Al-Shehhi, “To purify your soul from all unclean things

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC) September 21, 2008

During the past year Osama Bin Laden, AlQaeda leader, waged an intensive media campaign after a long silence. Its primary objective was to inspire global jihad operatives to increase terrorist activities worldwide, to create internal pressure in the United States, Europe and Arab- Muslim regimes, and to promote “the liberation of Palestine” through jihad..

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ting trick, aftermarket big brakes could be a waste if you ... Ceramic: One of the latest innova- tions in brake technology is the ceramic. pad. Ceramic ...

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