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Abney and Associates, Rising online fraud pushes banks to seek insurance cover

MUMBAI: Indian banks are increasingly seeking insurance cover against fraudulent online transactions, including those involving credit cards, as a rising use of plastic money and the ease of Internet business potentially increase lenders' exposure to cases of data breach.

Soal dan Pembahasan Matematika IPA SNMPTN 2011

Soal-Soal dan Pembahasan SNMPTN Matematika IPA Tahun Pelajaran 2010/2011 Tanggal Ujian: 01 Juni 2011 1. Diketahui vektor u = (a, -2, -1) dan v = (a, a, -1). Jika vektor u tegak lurus pada v , maka nilai a adalah ... A. -1 B. 0 C. 1 D. 2 E. 3 Jawab: Vektor: vektor u tegak lurus pada v maka u . v = 0 u = −2 , v = −1 −2 . −1 −1 (a – 1) (a-1) = 0 maka a = 1 −1 = a2 – 2a + 1 = 0 (a - 1)2 = 0 Jawabannya adalah C 2. Pernyataan berikut yang benar adalah ... A. Jika sin x = sin y maka x = y B. Untuk setiap vektor u , v dan w berlaku u . ( v . w ) = ( u . v ). w C. Jika b  f ( x) dx = 0, maka a D. Ada fungsi f sehingga E. 1 – cos 2x = 2 cos2 x f ( x )= 0 Lim f(x) ≠ f(c) untuk suatu c xc - 1 Jawab: Trigonometri, vektor, integral, limit A. Ambil nilai dimana sin x = sin y  sin α = sin (1800 – α ) ambil nilai α = 600  sin 600 = sin 1200 ; tetapi 600 ≠ 1200 Pernyataan SALAH B. Operasi u . ( v . w ) tak terdefinisi karena v . w = skalar, sedangkan u = vektor vektor . skalar = tak terdefinisi Pernyataan SALAH C. Ambil contoh cari cepat hasil dimana b  f ( x) dx = 0 ; a 1 Didapat b = 1 dan a = -1 maka f(x)= x   x dx = 0  1 terbukti : f(x) = x bukan f(x) = 0 x2 | Pernyataan SALAH D. Ambil contoh f(x) = Lim xc f(x) = Lim x 1 ( ( = ( ( ) ( )( ) = ) ( ) Lim f(x) ≠ f(c)  2 ≠ 1 xc ) ( )( ) = ) ( ) =2 Pernyataan BENAR E. 1 – cos 2x = 1 – ( 2cos2 x – 1) = 1 + 1 - 2cos2 x = 2 - 2cos2 x = 2 ( 1 – cos2 x) Pernyataan SALAH Jawabannya adalah D - 2 = (1 – 1) = 0 3. Luas daerah di bawah y = -x2 +8x dan di atas y = 6x - 24 dan terletak di kuadran I adalah.... a. ∫ (− b. ∫ (− c. ∫ (− +8 ) +8 ) +8 ) d. ∫ (6 − 24) e. ∫ (6 − 24) Jawab: Integral: +∫ ( + ∫ (− + ∫ (− + ∫ (− + ∫ (− − 2 − 24) + 2 + 24) + 2 + 24) +8 ) +8 ) kuadran I titik potong kedua persamaan : y1 = y2 -x2 +8x = 6x-24 -x2 +8x - 6x+24 = 0 -x2 +2x + 24 = 0 x2 -2x - 24 = 0 (x - 6) (x+4)0 x = 6 atau x = -4  karena di kuadran I maka yang berlaku adalah x = 6  y = 6.6 – 24= 12 berada di titik (6,12) - 3 L = ∫ (− = ∫ (− +8 ) +8 ) + ∫ ((− + ∫ (− Jawabannya adalah B + 8 ) − (6 − 24)) + 2 + 24) 4. sin 350 cos 400 - cos 35 sin 400 = A. cos 50 B. sin 50 C. cos 950 D. cos 750 E. sin 750 Jawab: Trigonometri: Pakai rumus: sin (A - B) = sin A cos B - cos A Sin B A= 350 ; B = 400 = sin (350 - 400) = sin -50 Cos (90 0 -  ) = sin   rumus Cos (90 0 - (-50) ) = sin -50   = -50 Cos 950 = sin -50 Jawabannya adalah C 5. Diketahui g(x) = ax2 – bx + a – b habis dibagi x – 1. Jika f(x) adalah suku banyak yang bersisa a ketika dibagi x – 1 dan bersisa 3ax + b2 + 1 ketika dibagi g(x), maka nilai a adalah...... A. -1 B. -2 C. 1 D. 2 Jawab: Suku Banyak: g(x) = ax2 – bx + a – b habis dibagi x – 1  g(1) = 0 g(1) = a . 1 – b .1 + a – b = 0 =a–b+a–b=0 2a – 2b = 0 2a = 2b  a = b karena a = b maka: g(x) = ax2 – ax + a – a = ax2 – ax - 4 E. 3 f(x) dibagi dengan f(x-1) sisa a  f(1) = a f(x) dibagi dengan g(x) sisa 3ax + b2 + 1 f(x) dibagi dengan ax2 – ax sisa 3ax + b2 + 1 f(x) dibagi dengan ax(x – 1) sisa 3ax + b2 + 1 teorema suku banyak: Jika suatu banyak f(x) dibagi oleh (x- k) akan diperoleh hasil bagi H(x) dan sisa pembagian S  f(x) = (x- k) H(x) + S f(x) dibagi dengan ax(x – 1) sisa 3ax + b2 + 1 f(x) = ax (x - 1) H(x) + (3ax + b2 + 1) substitusikan nilai nol dari pembagi yaitu x = 0 dan x = 1  dari ax (x - 1) ambil x = 1  untuk x = 1 f(1) = a . 1 (1 – 1) H(0) + 3a.1 + b2 + 1 a = 0 + 3a + b2 + 1  diketahu a = b, masukkan nilai a = b a = 3a + a2 + 1 a2 + 2a + 1 = 0 (a+1)(a+1) = (a+1)2 = 0 a = -1 Jawabannya adalah A 6. Rotasi sebesar 450 terhadap titik asal diikuti dengan pencerminan terhadap y = -x memetakan titik (3,4) ke .... A. √ B. − Jawab: ,√ √ ,√ C. D. √ √ ,−√ ,−√ E. − Transformasi Geometri:  cos  Rotasi sebesar 450 terhadap titik asal =   sin    sin    cos     0  1 pencerminan terhadap y = -x    1 0     - 5 √ ,√

Installation Instructions for Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1300R (08-13) CT ...

Installation Instructions for Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1300R (08-13) CT Series Exhaust System The CT Series Exhaust Systems for the Suzuki Hayabusa (08-13) is a high performance 4-2-1 exhaust, which replaces the stock headers, mid-pipes, and mufflers. The system is available in either Single or Dual outlet. STEP 1: CHECK PACKAGE CONTENTS: Four (4) Header Mount Flanges Four (4) Spigots One (1) Right and One (1) Left Side Header (Primaries) One Collector Package Containing Springs, Spring Puller, and Supplemental Information One (1) Elbow (or two (2) if dual) One (1) CT muffler (or two (2) if dual) One Black Rubber Cap (Not Shown) ***PAIR BLOCK OFF MUST BE PERFORMED TO PREVENT PREMATURE EXHAUST FAILURE*** STEP 2: PRE-ASSEMBLE HEADERS, COLLECTOR, AND MID-PIPE TO INSURE PROPER FIT BETWEEN ALL PARTS: Brock’s Performance pre-assembles the exhaust system before it is shipped to your door. We ask you to this to insure there were no shipping damages incurred before you start disassembling your bike. A lot of our customers use WD-40 applied to the joints to ease assembly, adjustment, and/or disassembly. STEP 3: REMOVE BODYWORK: Remove all push pins starting with the 2 under the motorcycle, holding the two side fairings together. Next remove the two push pins behind the front wheel holding the lower screen to the side fairings. Remove the screen (chin piece). Remove the belly pan by disconnecting the push pins behind the regulator/rectifier, and the 4mm Allen bolt on the right side below the foot peg and brake assembly. Remove (2) 4mm Allen bolts on right side fairing, and (2) Allen bolts below the handle bars (one black, one silver). Repeat on left side of motorcycle. Remove push pin below handle bars on both sides of motorcycle also. Remove 4 push pins next to and above front fender. DOCUMENT ID 994081 The bodywork can now be pulled off. There are rubber grommets holding the bodywork on now that all of the fasteners have been removed. Start by pulling the bottom of the bodywork out. The first grommet is connected to the top of the oil pan. Next pull the bodywork away from the frame above the clutch cover. Pull black cover next to gas tank up to remove plastic pin from rubber grommet. Next, lift bottom of bodywork away from motorcycle about six inches and pull down, be very patient because the first time is always the hardest. Once one side is disconnected from the motorcycle remove the other side in the same fashion. STEP 4: REMOVE THE MUFFLERS: In the rear of the motorcycle you will notice two very large cans…they are the mufflers. Loosen pipe clamp where the elbow meets the exit of the catalytic converter next to the regulator/rectifier on both sides of the motorcycle. Remove the 12mm bolt holding the muffler to the passenger peg. Do this on both sides. Make sure to be careful not to drop the mufflers when they are loosened from the passenger peg. STEP 6: REMOVE THE HEAD PIPES: You will notice a bracket holding the radiator to the engine. Remove the bolt so you can push it forward to make room for the removal of the headers. Next remove the brackets for the radiator and oil cooler. Remove all eight (8) of the 8mm Allen bolts holding the four primaries to the head. Be careful not to hit the flanges of the pipes on the radiator, sometimes a piece of cardboard will help in this area for protection of the radiator. Check to make sure the exhaust gaskets are still in the head, you will reuse these. Next, remove the 12mm bolt holding the back of the Cat to the bracket, remove the bracket. STEP 7: INSTALL FLANGES You will notice the flanges are a two-piece design. The cup has a lip on the inside that must face toward the cylinder head, with the flange holding it in the head, make sure both of these pieces are flush so the exhaust may be slipped into them. Keeping them semi loose will help this process. Hang springs from both holes on each flange. Install in the orientation shown below. ...

“Ghetto Turbo Install Manual” - Suzuki

Installing the Ghetto Kit for the Suzuki Hayabusa Parts in included in Kit… Polish alum intake/silicon hose Air cleaner Stainless header 38mmTial Waste Gate FMU BEGI 3 Billet fuel rail inserts Oil feed Line Charge tube (Polished) Oil drain line Vac hose Boost & Fuel Gauges ( Carbon Fiber Look by Auto meter ) Check valves Fuel pump EFI fuel hose Dump Pipe & Wastegate Pipe Manifold straps Mits turbo custom made. Special Tools Required: 1.) 23/32 drill bit – f0r fitting in oil pan 2.) ball end 6mm allen wrench – for exhaust header 3.) silicone for fittings (Permatex Ultra Black or equal) 4.) 15amp fuse (should already have extra one in fuse box) 5.) 6mm tap for blocking Pair (Air Supply) System ~ i.e. emission system and 4 - 6mm x ½ long bolts 6.) 2” box hole drill bit for gauge holes Optional parts not supplied: 1.) Mobil Synthetic 15W-50 Motor Oil (Red Cap) or equal recommended. 2.) Oil Filter 3.) Anti-Freeze if you do not want to re-use your existing gaskets… 4.) oil pan gasket 5.) exhaust gaskets 6.) clutch cover gasket 7.) fuel rail rubber gaskets (6) 1.) Preparing bike for install, remove the following… a.) Bodywork side panels, underbelly fairing, gas tank, upper inner fairings b.) Pair (Air Supply) System and disregard. tap and use 6mm bolts to block openings c.) air box and disregard (remove air sensor first) d.) exhaust system and disregard e.) remove oil cooler, brackets and oil lines and disregard f.) remove radiator g.) remove clutch line support bracket (leave line connected) h.) remove oil pan i.) remove throttle bodies 2.) Replace 10amp fuse for “FUEL” with 15amp fuse. 3.) Install Heavy Duty Clutch Springs. 4.) Modify Oil Pan for oil return line from Turbo by drilling a 23/32 hole on the left front side. Remove any metal shavings and install fitting facing front of bike. Apply silicone to threads of fitting first (typical for all threaded fittings). Re-install Oil Pan. 5.) Remove Oil Plug (reducer) behind Oil Filter using 8mm allen. Re-install new oil filter.

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Grinding Machines
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A Bench Grinder is commonly used in Design & Technology for light general purpose grinding operations and tool sharpening. Pedestal Grinder A Pedestal Grinder is primarily used in Design & Technology for heavy general purpose grinding operations. Grinding is the process of removing material by the cutting action of the countless hard and sharp abrasive particles of a revolving grinding wheel as they come in contact with the surface to be ground. The grinding wheels are held between two flanged disks. Usually a roughing or coarse-grained wheel is mounted on one end of the spindle and a fine wheel on the other. A tool rest is provided for each wheel so that the work piece may be held or steadied while being ground. 200MM HEAVY DUTY GRINDER Acknowledgment The operator is protected against flying abrasive particles and ground material by the wheel guards and spark arrestors, which are integral parts of a machine. Safety glass shields are also provided for additional protection. WARNING The main types of injury are caused by: • Entanglement of hair or clothing in rotating machinery parts. • Fingers being caught between grinder wheel and work rest. • Sparks or worn abrasive may be thrown by the grinding action. • Body parts coming into contact with abrasive wheel. • Ejected material or disintegrated abrasive wheel. • Hot metal. Acknowledgment 86 Guidelines for the Safe Use of Machinery Grinder guarding Machinery must have in place guarding which isolates moving parts and the point of operation from direct contact with the operator. AS 1485 –1983 SAFETY AND HEALTH IN WORKROOMS OF EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS 7.5.5 Pedestal or Bench-type Grinding Machine. The following specific provisions apply to pedestal or bench-type grinding machines: (a) A fixed guard should cover the major part of the wheel, with additional adjustable guarding to leave exposed only the portion of the wheel in use. To compensate for the reduced diameter of the wheel an adjustable tongue shall be fitted so that a minimum gap between the wheel and the guard can be maintained. Grinding machines must have guarding, which encloses dangerous moving parts by means of fixed guards. • The angular exposure of the grinding wheel periphery and sides for guard must not exceed one quarter of the periphery. • The exposure must start at a point not be more than 650 above the horizontal plane of the wheel. • The guards must cover the spindle ends, nuts and flange projections. • The guards must be mounted to ensure proper alignment with the wheel. • The guards must be of sufficient mechanical strength to prevent part of the wheel being thrown out in the event of a 650 wheel breakage. max. 900 max. • The spark arrestors must be maintained at a distance exposure of no greater than 6mm. from the grinding wheel face. • A transparent eye screen, which is sufficiently large to discourage operators from looking round it, must be fitted on a grinder used for hand held work. • A work rest maintained in good condition and adjusted as close as possible to the wheel with a maximum clearance of 1.5mm. • Additional protection, in the form of an enclosure, which isolates the remaining work area from other personnel, may SIDE VIEW SHOWING GUARD ENCLOSING 0 270 OF GRINDING WHEEL be necessary depending on the positioning of the machine. 650 max. 6mm max. SIDE VIEW SHOWING SPARK ARRESTOR ADJUSTED TO A MAXIMUM 6mm GAP Acknowledgement: Standards Australia 87 Guidelines for the Safe Use of Machinery Purchasing a Bench Grinder General A Bench Grinder should: • Meet DECS Standards for Plant and Equipment: Part A. • Have spare parts readily available through a local distributor. • Be supplied with all tools required for the operation of the machine. • Be supplied with detailed instruction/parts manual. • Be of robust construction. • Be suitable for continuous use, similar to that found in industry. ...

Hotel Development in NYC pment in NYC: 2011 ... - NYC & Company

New York City’s dynamic hotel industry is ever changing. New properties are still being added to the City’s inventory of hote hotels across all five boroughs and property types. Repurposed landmark buildings are undergoing architectural and green renovations to become destination hotels in destination neighborhoods from Harlem and the Bronx to Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Boutiques and select service brands are making more and more neighborhoods attractive for visitors seeking a hotel to match their lifestyle, type of travel and budget. The summer and early autumn have seen the unveiling of many renovated and revitalized properties around the city. These th include The Novotel with great access to Times Square; The Benjamin, a luxury boutique on E. 50 Street; The Lexington Hotel, The Hilton Times Square where all 460 guest rooms have been reimagined at the upscale full service hotel; the 86-year th old but now brand new Park Central Hotel on 7 Avenue as well as the NYLO a completely renovated new brand on the Upp Upper Westside. On the horizon in early 2014 as well is the re opening of the totally renovated Loews Regency on Park Avenue. re-opening Nevertheless, new building still predominates in the recent openings and looking out to the future. Luxury, boutique and lifestyle hotel brands, some new and some quite well known, are planning to take their place among NYC’s hotels. All five boroughs are represented in this list with expansions, new ideas, and new opportunities especially in The Bronx and Staten Island. This report covers over 100 properties that have opened since the beginning of 2013 or are under development through 2016. With an average of 94,000 rooms in active inventory in October the city will reach 99,000 by year end and breach the 110,000 mark by the end of 2016. In this report we have added information on 24 new developments representing over 3,600 new rooms. Again the other boroughs are represented with multiple properties coming up in Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Fully one-quarter of the new projects are slated for the boroughs. Three projects are in the works in the Bronx ter that cover new buildings and conversions. Brands and boutiques continue to find Queens attractive as business and leisure travelers find it an ideal location for their NYC visit. Brooklyn’s diverse neighborhoods are also the site of new developments including new hotels for Brooklyn Heights, the BAM Arts District, DUMBO, Williamsburg and near the new Barclay Arena. Barclays ...

Miscellaneous Notes on Makita 5012b electric chainsaw. NOTE ...

NOTE: Makita 5012b electric saws don't have a metal guide plate between the bar and the the body of the saw (which is plastic). Thus it's important to keep the oiler holes in the bar clean of debris so that sufficient oil is lubricating the chain. Additionally, don't overtighten the chain as you'll increase the friction between bar and chain...and finally, do loosen the bar nut a bit prior to adjusting chain tension to keep from wearing the side of the saw prematurely. Note: Opinions vary on what type oil to use in the chain bar oiler. General consensus is to use a light weight oil. Some of the suggestions from the Carving Post are mineral oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, or a 10wt. winter oil. One of the more popular seems to be thinning regular bar oil with Kerosene. (1 cup kerosene to 1 gallon bar oil). Others suggest "Slick 50", "Power Punch", or a synthetic such as "AmsOil". Note: This saw does not have an anti-vibration system. For long term use, try wrapping a piece of pipe insulation (the foam type), on the upper handle and cover it with duct tape or some such). Note: This saw has a chain speed up to 3 times what many electrics run at. You need to wear all your safety gear with this (or any), saw. Don't get lulled into thinking "it's just an electric". And Remember, chaps don't have the same 'jamming' ability to stop the saw chain with an electric saw. Recommended electrical extension cord wire size: 25 ft./14 AWG 50 ft./12 AWG Here's how to swap out the factory sprocket for the 1/4 pitch carving sprocket on the 5012b ...

Veneer San Antonio
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These are thin shells that are made out of plastic or from porcelain material to cover the visible portion of the tooth. This is used typically on the front surface of the tooth.