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Ford Everest: Emergency Response Vehicle

Emergency Response Vehicle Vehicle Summary Contact Details: Product Fact Sheet Vehicle Detail Manufacturer Ford Induc on Model Everest - WLT - LHD Drivetrain 4x4 Engine Type Diesel Transmission Engine Capacity / Power [PS] 2.5 Ltr / 143 @ 3500 rpm Torque [Nm] 5 speed manual 371 @ 2000 rpm Weight Table [kg] Turbocharged Modi ed Vehicle Unladen Weight Distribu on [kg] Base Vehicle Unladen Kerb Weight: 1876 Front Axle: Modi ed Vehicle Unladen Kerb Weight: 1990 Rear Axle: Pay Load Capacity: 1055 935 509 Total Weight: Gross Modi ed Vehicle Weight: 1990 2499 Dimension of Modi ed Vehicle Wheel & Tires Length [mm] 5000 Wheelbase [mm] 2860 Wheel: 16" Steel Wheel Width [mm] 1800 Trackwidth [mm] 1450 Tire: All Terrain Height [mm] 2100 Min. Ground clearance [mm] Angle of Approach [degree] 34 Turning Circle [m] Angle of Departure [degree] 210 25 Standard Modi ca ons 12 Op ons Rescue Kit: Frame and Loading Pla orm Rescue marking s ckers Portable de brillator Padlock for spare wheel Single roller stretcher Red cross marking s ckers Spine board scoop stretcher Eye bolts Warning triangle Suc on Manual Aspirator Light Bar with red and blue ashers Extrica on collar Portable Sphygmomanometer PA 300 electronic siren Rear seat foldable for 1 person First aid kit upgrade Portable oxygen tank Speaker set for siren Sink wash basin system Quick x re repair kit Tyre pressure gauge Fire ex nguisher 2.5 lbs Enhanced handling suspension package Bull bar without winch Pole Stretcher With So Bag FR and RR axle breather set Bull bar with winch Wheel chocks Portable Hand Lamp Fuel lter package Winch 10,000 lbs Accessory tools bag Front Seat Cover Vinyl LH & RH Upgraded brake package including front ven lated An -corrosion protec on Funnel with lter First aid kit brake discs and pads High mounted intercooler kit Jumper cables Window n ng Snorkel with pre cleaner Tow strap Coolant block heater Deep cycle ba ery 12 V ...

Resolution Health Member Communique Benefits 2014 | The Resolution Health options and benefits for 2014 are here. This medical aid scheme provides excellent premium medical cover at affordable rates. Also look out for the Zurreal wellness programme.

dodge truck caps - Leer
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More trucks are driven to adventure with LEER caps than any other brand. Great looking LEER caps secure cargo so you can stow and go with the best combination of style, function, value and fit! Aerodynamically engineered LEER caps integrate cleanly with the body lines of your truck. Choose from the widest selection of options in the industry to fit today’s active lifestyles. Our premium cap features a frameless hidden hinge rear door, easy operating LEER twist handle, standard headliner and one-piece tip-out side windows designed for smooth integration with your truck’s body style. 100XQ Ram Quad Cab Short Bed 100XQ Ram Quad Cab Short Bed (Shown with optional roof racks) DRIVEN TO EXCEL... LEER ADVANTAGES ■ TRIMLESS EDGES Shaping, sanding and painting the truck cap edge takes more care and time than just covering it up with a vinyl trim strip - but the look is MUCH better! Ask about LEER caps with trimless, finished edges. ■ SKIRTED SIDES COVER BED RAIL CAPS Most LEER models cover the plastic bed rail caps installed by the factory on some new trucks. That means the side view of your truck is visually united in style and color, with no plastic rail cap showing. ■ FIBERGLASS BASE RAILS A structurally superior way to mount a LEER cap on your truck. The rails are integrally molded to the entire length of the cap. Unlike others who just screw or rivet rails to the cap, our method makes the cap a solid, one-piece unit.


Leer Model 100R for 2009 and up Dodge Ram 8’ bed. Cap comes in PW1 Dodge white with side sliding windows, a double handle rear door, front sliding window and an interior light. $1,000 with free installation. Leer's 122 model designed for a 2009+ Ram 8’ bed. Cap is brand new, never installed on a truck. Painted PRH Blaze Red Crystal Effect. Comes with a front picture window, side bay windows and sliders, a double locking rear door and an interior light. $1,060 installation included. Leer 122 For 2009+ Ram 6.5’ standard short bed. Painted PR4 Red. Screened side sliders on both sides, bay windows on both sides and a double T-handle rear door. $800 including installation. Leer 100R for 2002-2008 Ram 1500 2002-2009 Ram 2500/3500 with 6.5’ standard bed. Painted PDM mineral grey. Cap is very clean with side sliding windows, front slding window, Thule roof racks and locking rear door . $650 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 6.5’ short bed high rise truck cap. Dark red with front sliding winow, side sliding windows, double rear bay windows and a locking rear door. $500 including installation. ARE V-series for 2005+ Dodge Dakota CREW CAB 5’ bed. PBJ Blue. Side Sliding screened windows, front tilt down slider. $500. 2005+ 6.5 Short bed Dakota. PR8 Red, side sliding windows, locking rear door $500. 1997-2004 Dodge Dakota 6.5. Cab high Century fiberglass cap. Dark blue, side sliding windows, front sliding window. Mint condition $450 installed on the truck.


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Application TRAILER HITCH 2003 ELEMENT Publications No. AII 24318 Issue Date DEC 2002 PARTS LIST Trailer Hitch Kit P/N 08L92-SCV-100 4 Bolts, 12 x 35 mm Trailer hitch U-bolt 2 Nuts, 8 mm 2 Washers, 8 mm Left stay 2 Spring washers, 8 mm 8 Nuts, 12 mm Right stay 12 Washers, 12 mm 8 Spring washers, 12 mm 4 Side plates Retaining pin Ball mount Retaining pin clip 4 Bolts, 12 x 135 mm © 2002 American Honda Motor Co., Inc - All Rights Reserved. Receiver cover AII 24318 (0212) 08L92-SCV-1000-91 1 of 12 Harness Kit (sold separately) P/N 08L91-SCV-100 Fuse label A Trailer harness Fuse label B 5 EPT sealers Trailer unit harness Trailer unit Fuse, 7.5A Owner’s Manual Connector bracket Unit bracket 2 Flange nuts Flange bolt 8 Wire ties TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Phillips screwdriver Flat-tip screwdriver 10 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, and 19 mm Combination wrenches Torque wrench Tape measure Diagonal cutters Piece of steel wire Isopropyl alcohol Shop towel Cardboard or blanket 12 mm T-wrench Clip remover Utility knife 3 Wire ties with clip Connector clip 2 of 12 AII 24318 (0212) © 2002 American Honda Motor Co., Inc - All Rights Reserved. INSTALLATION 4. Customer information: The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers.” 1. HOOK CARGO AREA FLOOR Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the frequencies for the preset buttons.

TRAILER WIRING - Cequent Consumer Products

Maximum Durability 78115 4-Flat Insta-Plugs • No Splicing, No Stripping! • Insert Wires. • Close Cover, Screw Down. Now Available! 85475 CONNECTORS Designed for ease of installation, these connectors feature enhanced materials over standard self-wired connectors for longer operational life. 78119 ADAPTERS The quick - easy link between your vehicle and the variety of trailer wiring used on the different types of trailers manufactured today. Reese Towpower Professional, Professional Grade Quality. For Additional Information: Cequent Consumer Products Inc. 29000-2 Aurora Rd. , Solon, OH 44139 Phone: 1-800-234-6992 • Fax: 1-440-498-1038 Email Us: © 2011 Cequent Consumer Products, Inc. /ReeseTowpower /ReeseTowpower /CequentConsumerProd TRAILER WIRING Maximum Durability Heavy Duty Professional Grade Connectors & Adapters! ADAPTERS Maximum Durability ADAPTERS 78116 78117 • Built-in Cool Blue LED Circuit Testers • Tin Plated Corrosion Resistant Terminals • Durable Enhanced Materials • Ergonomic Styling • Weather Proof Design • Wide Variety of Adapter Applications • Patented • Unique Adapting Solutions 85476

gaskets - Engine Pro
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All gasket components are produced to O.E. standards and are ISO 9001:2000 certified to ensure the highest quality and longest performance. Gasket material is 100% asbestos free. Cylinder Head Gaskets • Gasket body built with exclusive technology featuring a perforated steel core with advanced adhesive to secure the facings to provide enhanced radial strength for better resistance to scrubbing due to thermal expansion • Exclusive sealing system using a special aluminum compound to provide better load spread • Exclusive Teflon-graphite coating technology for better heat resistance and more effective sealing of small surface imperfections Valve Cover and Oil Pan • Manufactured with a variety of technologies for improved sealing properties, torque retention and temperature resistance Oil Seals • Pre-lubricated oil seals are easy to assemble and provide enhanced resistance to abrasion, oil and heat EnginE Pro Brand EnginE Products

Installation Guidelines for Silicone Rubber Rocker Cover Gaskets

Revision: 1 (06/10/04) Technical Portions are FAA DER Approved. 1.0 SUBJECT: Installation guidelines and torque values for silicone rubber rocker cover gaskets. 2.0 APPLICABILITY: All ECi silicone rubber rocker cover gaskets. AEL75906-063S Lycoming Parallel Head Engines AEL67193-063S Lycoming Angle Head Engines AEC530162-063S TCM 200 Series Engines AEC534857-063S TCM 470/520/550 Series Engines AEC653380-063S TCM GTSIO Head Engines 3.0 INSTALLATION: 3.1 Clean the surfaces in contact with the gasket. Both cylinder and rocker cover surfaces must be completely clean and free of debris such as old gaskets, dirt, and oil. 3.2 ECi silicone gaskets may only be installed in accordance with engine overhaul requirements. 3.3 Verify that rocker cover screws are clean, dry, in serviceable condition. When necessary, screws may be replaced with FAA-approved equivalents. 3.3.1 LOC-TITE 242 or equivalent product may be used on the screw threads as required. 3.4 Verify that the cylinder threads are clean, dry, and serviceable. Verify that the rocker cover surface is flat and serviceable. Heads that are not serviceable must be replaced or repaired by an authorized repair facility. 3.5 ECi silicone rubber rocker cover gaskets are to be installed DRY without sealant or adhesive additives. DO NOT use such products with the ECi silicone rubber gaskets. 3.6 Install gasket, rocker cover, and screws and torque to the following specifications: For a cold engine (less than 100°F), torque to 25 in-lbs. For a warm engine, torque to 20 in-lbs. 3.7 After the engine has warmed above 100°F, retorque to 20 in-lbs. DO NOT over-torque! Over-torquing may result in leakage. Avoid excessive deformation of the ECi silicone gasket. 3.8 Check and retorque on the intervals established by the engine manufacturer. T113 Corporate Office • 9503 Middlex • San Antonio, TX 78217 • Tel (210) 820-8100 • Fax (210) 820-8103 • 800-ECi-2FLY (800-324-2359) • • FAA Repair Station #AG2R689K Airmotive Steel, Classic Cast, CermiNil, Cermicrome, CermiSteel, Double Band, Engine Redi, Electro-Fusion, EC Focus, Freedom, IFR, Nerodize, Q3, Q4, Q5 & TITAN are Trademarks of ENGINE COMPONENTS, INC.

06-80199 54-11352 toyota tacoma 05-07.qxp - Hell Bent Steel

Intake Kit Installation Instructions: 2005-2007 Toyota Tacoma V6-4.0L (1GR-FE) Stage 2 Cx Kit Part # Make: Model Tacoma Year 2005-2007 Engine V6 - 4.0L P.O. Box 1719 Corona, CA 92878 Support: 951-493-7100 Step 1 Complete kit with parts. Step 6 Install 3/4” trim seal to housing. Place new housing into vehicle. Step 11 Remove M6 insert from OE airbox, loosen using adjustable wrench. Re-install onto new tube and tighten. 1) Clamp #048 1) Air filter P/N ( 24-90023, or Pro Dry S 21-90023 ) 2) Spacers, nylon 3/8” 1) Intake tube 1) 5/32” hose @ 17”L 1) Housing 3) Washer, flat: 1/4" 1) Coupling, hump: 4-1/8" x 3"L 2) Screws M4 x .7 x 16” 1) Coupler, reducer 3-1/8” x 2-15/16” x 3”L 1) Gasket, MAF sensor 3) Screws, hex M8 1) Clamp #052 Toyota Tools Required: 5/16” nut driver 10mm socket w/ extension and ratchet 12mm socket w/ extension and ratchet 13mm socket w/ extension and ratchet Flat head/slotted screwdriver Part List: 2) Clamp #064 51/54-11352 1) Brass fitting, hose 3/16x1/8” 1) 3/4” Trim seal @ 36”L Step 2 Complete stock intake. Step 7 With 13MM socket, tighten housing down using the M8 screws and 1/4” flat washers provided. Step 12 Temporarily install engine cover and position tube to align stud. NOW Tighten coupler clamps with 5/16” nut driver. Step 3 Remove engine cover with 10mm socket. With 10mm socket remove the 2 bolts holding in OE airbox. Disconnect the MAF sensor. Save the 2 cover nuts. Step 8 Remove MAF sensor from OE airbox using phillps screwdriver. Re-install to new aFe tube with hardware provided (make sure gasket and nylon spacers are between tube and sensor) using flat head screwdriver.Install brass hose fitting. Step 13 Install engine cover and use the two cover nuts from step 3 and tighten using 10mm socket. Step 4 With 12mm socket, loosen the two bolts holding in OE intake snorkel. Disconnect MAF sensor harness. Step 9 Place couplers on to tube with clamps provided, and install loose to allow repositioning. DO NOT TIGHTEN CLAMPS!

CP-466 Toyota Matrix 02-05 XRS 2.75 Cold Air Intake / Filter ...

19395 E Walnut Dr North, City of Industry, CA 91748, United States Tel: 626.934.8884 Fax: 626.934.8885 Installation Instructions We recommend you have a trained professional install this product. Please be sure to read and understand ALL these instructions prior to installation of this product. Note: This intake pipe kit requires the removal and reinstallation of emissions related components. If you are not familiar with the installation and/or the operation of these components please refer this installation to a qualified professional. 1. Securing the Vehicle. a. Make sure vehicle is parked on a level surface. b. Set the parking brake and block the rear wheels. c. Disconnect the negative battery cable d. Jack the front of the vehicle and support it with jack stands. 2. Removing the stock intake system. a. Disconnect and remove the plastic engine cover. b. Disconnect and remove the battery. c. Unplug the brown connector from the VSV d. Loosen the 10mm hose clamps on the throttle body and the air box. e. Remove the air flow meter and set it aside f. Remove the vacuum line from the intake manifold above the throttle body. Seal the exposed nipple. g. Remove the vacuum line from the air intake control located on the backside of the air box. h. Remove the large vacuum line from the engine side of the air box. i. Release the 2 air box cover clips and lift the air box cover to access the VSV with the blue connector. Press the tab and slide the connector upwards. j. Remove the air box lid with the VSV and associated vacuum lines. k. Remove the bolt holding the lower VSV bracket to the air box. Unscrew the phillips screw holding the metal bracket to the VSV. l. Disconnect and remove the lower air box. m. Remove the stock air duct from the car. n. Remove the bolt from the black ground wire. 19395 E Walnut Dr North, City of Industry, CA 91748, United States Tel: 626.934.8884 Fax: 626.934.8885