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Kunci Jawaban Soal Essai Paket A.pdf

Kunci jawaban Babak FINAL Jenis soal : ESSAY 1. Kinerja bensin diukur berdasarkan nilai oktan (octane number) yaitu keberadaan senyawa 2,2,4 - trimetil pentane (isooktana) dengan nilai oktan 100, sedangkan nheptana nilai oktannya adalah nol. a. Gambarkan struktur 2,2,4 – trimetil pentane dan n – heptana (20 Point) Penyelesaian : b. Gambarkan semua isomer struktur n-heptana dan namai secara IUPAC (30 Point) Penyelesaian : c. Gambarkan struktur dan nama IUPAC alkena paling sederhana yang mempunyai isomer cis dan trans. (30 Point) Penyelesaian : d. Jelaskan pengertian bensin dengan angka oktan 75 % (20 Point) Penyelesaian : Angka oktan pada bensin ditentukan dengan adanya senyawa trimetil pentane dan nheptana dimana apabila pada bensin memiliki angka oktan 100 % maka pada besin tersebut terkandung senyawa trimetil pentane banding senyawa n-heptana yaitu 100 : 0, sehingga apabila bensin dengan angka oktan 75 % maka dalam bensin tersebut terkandung 75 % senyawa trimetil pentane dan 25 % senyawa n-heptana. 2. Reaksi : 2NOBr (g)  2NO (g) + Br2 (g) H = +16,1 kJ Diketahui : Tekanan awal NOBr = 0,65 atm. : NOBr telah terurai sebanyak 28% (Saat Kstb) (a) Tuliskan bentuk tetapan kesetimbangan, Kp. (10 poin) Penyelesaian : Kp  [p NO ] 2 [p Br2 ] [p NOBr ] 2 (b) Tentukan tekanan parsial gas NOBr, NO, dan Br2 setelah tercapai keadaan kesetimbangan. (30 poin) Penyelesaian : 100  28 p NOBr   0,65 atm  0,468 atm 100 28 p NO   0,65 atm  0,182 atm 100 p Br2  28 2 100  0,65 atm  0,091 atm (c) Tentukan tekanan total sesudai tercapai kesetimbangan (20 poin) Penyelesaian : (100  28 )  (28  14 ) 114 p tot  [ ]  0,65 atm   0,65 atm  0,741 atm 100 100 (d) Hitung nilai tetapan kesetimbangan, Kp pada temperatur tersebut. (20 poin) Penyelesaian :

Panduan penulisan Penerbitan Buku Teks - PDPT

Panduan Penulisan Buku Panduan ini merupakan petunjuk penulisan buku pelajaran (ilmiah populer) yang digunakan untuk menentukan kelayakan naskah bagi penerbit. Panduan ini membahas pengertian buku pelajaran & diktat, tujuan penulisan buku pelajaran, isi buku pelajaran, sampul buku, bagian pembuka, bagian utama dan bagian penutup serta ketentuan jumlah halaman. Buku Pelajaran (Text book) & Diktat Buku pelajaran adalah bahan/materi pelajaran yang dituangkan secara tertulis dalam bentuk buku dan digunakan sebagai bahan pelajaran (sumber informasi) sebuah mata kuliah bagi mahasiswa dan pengajar susuai dengan kebutuhan lapangan/industry dan tuntutan perkembangan teknologi dan atau kurikulum. Diktat adalah catatan tertulis suatu bidang studi yang disiapkan oleh guru/dosen untuk mempermudah pengayaan materi pelajaran atau bidang studi yang dibahas dalam proses pembelajaran (Ilvandri, 2011). Diktat yang baik merupakan draft buku ajar yang belum diterbitkan. Tujuan penulisan buku pelajaran a. Menyediakan buku susuai dengan kebutuhan mahasiswa, institusi dan lapangan/ industry serta serta tuntutan perkembangan teknologi atau kurikulum. b. Mendorong penulis/dosen untuk berkreasi dan kreatif membagikan ilmunya kepada masyarakat. c. Mendorong penulis untuk meng-update ilmunya sesuai dengan kriteria tuntutan buku layak terbit mencakup subdstansi, bahasa dan potensi pasar. d. Mendukung penulis untuk menerbitkan buku bila belum terbit. Isi Buku Pelajaran Isi buku pelajaran berupa teori, konsep, formula atau aturan terkini dilengkapi dengan contoh-contoh masalah atau studi kasus serta solusinya. Isi buku harus orsinil dengan merujuk dari berbagai sumber. Informasi tepat, dapat dipercaya dan dipertanggungjawabkan kepada pembaca dan semua pihak terkait. Isi tersusun dengan baik atau dengan alur informasi yang mudah dipahami. Buku pelajaran dan diktat yang baik memenuhi tiga aspek pendidikan yaitu ilmu pengetahuan (knowledge), keterampilan (skills) dan sikap atau perilaku (attitude). Aspek tersebut seperti yang dinyatakan oleh UNESCO (1994) yaitu...

Another Hair Piece - Georgetown Law Journal

* Professor of Law, Charles M. and Marion J. Kierscht Scholar, University of Iowa. J.D., University of Michigan Law School; B.A., Grinnell College. E-mail: © 2010, Angela Onwuachi-Willig. Thanks to Dean Carolyn Jones and Charles M. and Marion J. Kierscht for their research support. My research assistants Christie Canales and Matt McMurrer provided invaluable assistance. I especially thank Professor Paulette Caldwell for beginning this conversation about black women, hair, and grooming codes with her article, A Hair Piece: Perspectives on the Intersection of Race and Gender, 1991 DUKE L.J. 365. I also thank Michelle Adams, Rachel Anderson, Mario Barnes, Shanna Benjamin, Randy Bezanson, Arthur Bonfield, Devon Carbado, Bob Chang, Miriam Cherry, Carin Crain, Marion Crain, Angela Davis, Tai Duncan, Karla Erickson, Catherine Fisk, Tom Gallanis, Tristin Green, Wendy Greene, Aya Gruber, Lani Guinier, Mitu Gulati, Don Herzog, Kevin Johnson, Trina Jones, Robin Lenhardt, Nancy Levit, Natasha Martin, Marcia McCormick, Ann McGinley, Rachel Moran, Melissa Murray, Richard Primus, Daria Roithmayr, Bertrall Ross, Paul Secunda, Jessica Silbey, Catherine Smith, Peggie Smith, Rose Cuison Villazor, Adrien Wing, Rachel Wortman, and Kimberly Yuracko for their helpful comments and support on this Essay. Finally, I give special thanks to my husband, Jacob Willig-Onwuachi, and our children, Elijah, Bethany, and Solomon for their constant love and support. This project gained much from comments at the Nineteenth Annual Midwestern People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference at the University of Iowa College of Law, the Lutie A. Lytle Black Women Law Faculty Workshop at Seattle University School of Law, the 2009 Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) Conference, the Iowa Legal Studies Workshop, and the University of Michigan Law School Legal Theory Workshop.

Strayer University 45150 Russell Branch PKWY Ashburn, VA 20147 ...

Strayer University 45150 Russell Branch PKWY Ashburn, VA 20147 CONTACT INFO TRANSFER COUNSELOR: APPLICATION DEADLINE MINIMUM GPA ANNUAL TUITION COST OTHER EXPENSES: (703)-729-8800 - Admissions Office (888)-4-STRAYER - Admissions Office (703)-729-8820 - FAX Shirin Saghafi ( HU UH Rolling Admission N/A $1700 per course full-time students (13.5 or more credit hours attempted per quarter) $1775 per course part-time students (fewer than 13.5 credit hours attempted per quarter) $ $250 per course for textbooks and supplies (approx.) $ 40.00 - TOEFL Examination Fee $ 300.00 – Tuition deposit for International students. FOREIGN LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT Prior to transferring TRANSFER AGREEMENT (VCCS Specific) WITHOUT TRANSFER AGREEMENT MATERIALS REQUIRED Application and $50 fee High school and college transcript Completion of transfer degree with a 2.0 GPA Application and $50 fee High school and college transcript Letter of recommendation Essay or personal statement APPLICATION FEE WAIVER MINIMUM GRADE OF COURSES TO BE TRANSFERRED C or better OTHER Does your institution accept: SAT/ACT CLEP AP (please indicate acceptable score) IB (please indicate acceptable score) Yes if student transfers before completion of A.A.&S. degree DUAL ENROLLMENT EFFECTIVE DATE August 2013

harry potter - USA Today
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Young readers charmed — spellbound, even The 'Potter' plot thickens with 'perfect amount' of fright, delight By Bob Minzesheimer USA TODAY Most, if not all, book critics are praising J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The Los Angeles Times' Michael Cart writes, "The world of Hogwarts is so richly realized and, for readers, so imaginationenriching that it deserves to endure." USA TODAY's Deirdre Donahue declares, "The book richly deserves the hype." Sherryl Connelly of New York's Daily News thinks the magic has been lost, and complains that "a child could grow old waiting for developments." But they are grown-ups who get paid to read books and write about them. What do younger readers think? We found more than a few who in less than a week are on the second or third readings of the 870-page novel. Their reviews: u Nancy Chen, 14, of Tulsa, one of 10 winners of an essay contest sponsored by Scholastic, Rowling's American publisher, who will meet the author today in London: "It has the perfect amount of suspense, emotion and wit. And there's romance and adventure too. "It's a lot darker than the earlier books. It shows Harry is maturing along with his circumstances. . . . But I couldn't believe she killed off a character. I was so depressed. I know that J.K. Rowling has a reason for everything. She had to show that sacrifice and death are part of evil, but it was bad. "I know I'm getting worked up over what's fiction. My mom keeps reminding me of that. But I said, 'It's all real in my mind.' " u Emma Lieberman, 10, of New York City: "There were a lot of scenes where you don't know what's going to happen or something unexpected happens — like in the beginning when Dudley and Harry are walking home and dementors swarm...

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Essay Solutions Methods: Know how to Invest in Essay Properly

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Magic Valley Scholarship 2014 Deadline – December 13, 2013

Part 4 – Essay Choose ONE topic from below and limit your response to a minimum of 250 words. (Please attach essay.) Essay 1- Identify potential obstacles that you may encounter during your college career. Explain how you would overcome those obstacles in order to achieve success. Essay 2- Choose a person or persons you admire and explain why. Essay 3- If you had the authority to change your school in a positive way, what specific change would you make. Part 5. How did you hear about the Magic Valley Scholarship? MVEC Website ___ Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) ___ High School Counselor___ Radio ___ Print Ad___ 3 General Rules: 1. Scholarships are available up to the amount of $1,875 per semester, not to exceed two (2) semesters per year. 2. Scholarships must be first utilized in the fall semester of the calendar year awarded, and are renewable up to a maximum of eight (8) semesters with the total scholarship not to exceed $15,000. 3. Scholarships must be used within a four (4) year period beginning with the fall semester of the calendar year in which the scholarship is awarded. 4. In the event the recipient receives another full or partial scholarship to an accredited institution of higher education in Texas, MVEC reserves the right to revoke or adjust the scholarship award accordingly. 5. Scholarship funds shall be sent directly to the institution for payment of tuition and related fees and expenses charged by the institution, and room and board provided by the institution. 6. All scholarships and renewals are subject to confirmation that the recipient is in compliance with all Rules, and that all Eligibility and Recipient Requirements have been met. Eligibility Requirements: 1. Applicants and/or their dependents that have a minimum of one-year membership with Magic Valley Electric Cooperative at the application deadline date. The membership account must be the primary residence of the applicant at the time the scholarship is awarded and throughout the term of the scholarship. 2. Scholarships to be granted to attend an accredited institution of higher education located in Texas. Scholarships are limited to Undergraduate and Associate Degree programs only. 3. Applicant must be of good character as evidenced by at least three (3) letters from teachers, principals, counselors, etc, from the school they are currently attending. For applicants returning to school after an extended absence, letters will be accepted from previous employers, supervisors, ministers, etc. 4. Applicant must demonstrate a coherent degree plan and willingness to pursue a course of higher learning.

The New York Times 2013 – 2014 College sCholarship program

R & R Education Consultants Columbia University Station P.O. Box 250861, New York, NY 10025 The New York Times 2013 – 2014 College Scholarship Program To be eligible, you must: • Be a senior in a New York City high school expecting to graduate in 2014. •  e ranked in the top 10% (or equivalent) of your graduating class. (If your school does not compute class rank, you must get a letter B of support from your guidance counselor that attests to your qualifications for this scholarship and include it with your application). • Have faced a challenge or obstacle similar to those of previous Times scholars. • Have significant financial need. •  omplete all three parts of this application, staple them together, and mail them to the above address so they are received by C October 28, 2013. Alternatively, you can e-mail the application and essay as a single PDF to Part 1: Complete this writable PDF questionnaire on both sides, answering all questions, then sign it. Part 2:  ttach a page listing your most important activities and achievements, including academic honors, community service, A work experience and extracurricular activities. Please include dates and, where appropriate, duration of activity. Part 3:  ew York Times Scholars must have overcome significant personal obstacles. Read the articles on the Web site N [] about previous scholars to determine if your situation is comparable and explain in an essay of approximately 500 words the challenges you have faced and how you have responded to them. Additional: If your transcript is available, please include a copy. If you would like to include a chronology of events in your life to help us understand your circumstances in context to each other, please attach one....

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