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Mobile database software for iPhone®, iPod touch ... - Tap Forms

Mobile database software for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™ devices Organize your life with the most powerful iPhone® database app yet. Use Tap Forms to securely keep track of your movies, books, recipes, inventory and more. YOUR LIFE. ORGANIZED. | | Created By: Brendan Duddridge | Contents Introduction3 Key Features 3 Installation4 Operation4 Toolbars4 Using Tap Forms 6 Forms6 Favorites7 Search7 Files7 Tools8 Backup and Restore 9 Email Exporting 9 Webserver10 Security11 Forms12 Included Sample Forms 12 Select a Form 13 Editing Forms 14 Fields 15 Included Fields 15 Field Definitions 16 Example #1 – Tasting Log 19 Example #2 - Trip Log 21 Tips on Using Tap Forms 26 Additional Help 27 Appendix27 Icon Set 27 Sample Forms 28 Field Types 28 Introduction Tap Forms is a Mobile Personal Information Manager tool for tracking all of your personal data and ideas. Tap Forms uses SQLite to store and manage all of your data in a safe and secure environment. The use of custom data forms allows you to organize your data easily, for storing and recalling at any time. Key Features Safe and Secure – uses strong AES-256 bit encryption for encrypted fields Get started quickly – over 25 forms ready to use Easy to use – searching and data sorting built in Favorites - keeps important data only a few taps away Customizable – 17 field types, reordering of fields, custom field names Powerful – relational linking, and customizable pick lists Share – email a single record or a complete CSV data file Import/Export – built-in FTP and Web servers, and Dropbox support

itouch Easy and itouch Plus User's Guide - Tenscare Ltd

itouch Easy and itouch Plus User’s Guide Includes Setup and troubleshooting information for your itouch Easy and Plus Intelligent TENS TensCare Ltd, 9 Blenheim Road, Longmead Business Park, Epsom, Surrey KT19 9BE, UK Tel +44(0) 1372 723434 Email: user_manual_col_v2 13/1/08 14:32 Page 3 Contents i-touch Accessories The i-touch is supplied complete: Available from 1 x i-touch TENS Pain Relief Unit (Easy or Plus) 1 x 2 in 1 lead wire for both channels 1 x Pack of 4, 50 x 50mm, Self-adhesive Electrode pads 2 x AA 1.5v (Type LR6) batteries 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Storage Pouch with belt clip Belt clip for all i-touch units Worldwide Distribution. user_manual_col_v2 13/1/08 14:32 Page 1 Operating Instructions Page No Before Use 1 Introduction 2 Cautions & Warnings 3 Side effects 4 Complications 5 General Precautions and Advice 1 2 2 2 2 Patient Information 6 How TENS works 7 The Different Programmes 8 Which programme to use 9 When to use TENS 10 Controls 11 Using your I-touch 4 5-6 7 8 9-14 15-25 Further Information 12 Positioning the electrode pads 13 Applying the electrode pads 14 Removal & storage of electrode pads 15 Battery removal and replacement 16 Cleaning 17 Troubleshooting 18 Guarantee 19 Consumables and servicing 20 WEE 21 Technical Specifications 22 Programmes 23 EMC Statement...

iPod touch Info - Support - Apple
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iPod touch Info iPod touch User Guide Go to On iPod touch, open Safari, then tap . Also available for free in the iBookstore. Safety and Handling See “Safety, Handling, & Support” in the iPod touch User Guide. Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy On iPod touch, go to Settings > General > About > Legal > RF Exposure. Battery The lithium-ion battery in iPod touch should be replaced only by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and must be recycled or disposed of separately from household waste. For information about battery recycling and replacement, go to Avoiding Hearing Damage To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. More information about sound and hearing is available online at and in the iPod touch User Guide. Apple One-Year Limited Warranty Summary Apple warrants the included hardware product and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original retail purchase. Apple does not warrant against normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident or abuse. To obtain service, call Apple, or visit an Apple-owned retail store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider—available service options depend on the country in which service is requested. iPod touch service may be restricted to the original country of sale. Call charges and international shipping charges may apply. Full terms and detailed information about obtaining service are available at and You may read and email a copy of the warranty to yourself during activation. Warranty benefits are in addition to rights provided under local consumer laws. For Canadian Consumers: Residents of Quebec are governed by that province’s consumer protection legislation. Les résidents du Québec sont régis par la législation sur la protection du consommateur de cette province. Regulatory Regulatory information, certification, and compliance marks specific to iPod touch are available on iPod touch. Go to Settings > General > About > Legal > Regulatory. Additional regulatory information is included in “Safety, Handling, & Support” in the iPod touch User Guide.

Commercial Painters in Perth
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Commercial establishments ranging from stores, medical centers, offices, warehouses, banks, schools, complexes-name it- we paint it! Contact Us: Great Painter, St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000, Ph: 0402 564 109, Email:, Web:

The Avanti Group Inc - Ultimate Travel Guide Tokyo Hong Kong Malaysia: Online Travel Consultation

Putting the Joy Back Into Vacation Planning When you need some advice, let us design a wonderful tailored itinerary for you. Avanti will work fully within your budget and interests. With each consultation, you will receive by email a proposed itinerary that will include the following: • Hotel choices for each destination • Air itinerary & other transportation needs • Uniquely personal sightseeing tours, driving excursions, and other interests • A recommended list of restaurants, things-to-see, shopping, cultural information, etc. • Custom Web-Page - the custom web-page is a great tool we use to present our proposed itinerary for highly tailored trips when an email simply won't do. We will include a comprehensive package of photos, information, recommended must-do lists, and descriptions--putting all the facts at your fingertips and in one place with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

Instruction Manual for the Airspeed MicroSensor V3 - Eagle Tree ...

Instruction Manual for the Airspeed MicroSensor V3 Document Version 2.0 Thank you for your purchase! This instruction manual will guide you through the installation and operation of your Airspeed MicroSensor V3 (the MicroSensor). Please read the entire manual carefully before proceeding. If, after you read the manual, you have further questions or problems, see the Support page on for additional information, or email us at Please visit our support web page for the full color, electronic version of this manual which may be updated if changes were made after printing, or if you want to view the manual on your computer. Intended Uses The Airspeed Microsensor is intended to be used exclusively for recreational purposes in model planes, boats and cars. Other uses are not supported. Further, using the Microsensor in situations where its use or failure could result in loss of life, bodily injury or property damage is expressly prohibited.

Email Template - Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archive

Southern Baptist layman and motivational speaker and writer. He served as 1st vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1984-1985. Collection consists primarily of correspondence related to his office of vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Correspondence is related to issues and concerns in American society and the internal workings of the Southern Baptist Convention. Some of the issues mentioned in the correspondence to Ziglar includes: Mormons, the Southern Baptist Convention controversy, theological education, Temp Sparkman (seminary professor), women’s ordination, Baylor University and Biblical inerrancy. Size: .5 linear ft. Collection #: AR 636 Biographical Sketch. Zig Ziglar was born Hilary Hinton Ziglar in 1926 in Coffee County, Alabama in 1926. He was dubbed “Zig” in school. One of 12 children, Ziglar graduated from high school in Yazoo City, Mississippi. He attended Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi and the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Prior to his career in the speaking and training field, he was a successful salesman. After years as a cookware salesman in Mississippi, in 1955, Ziglar began his teaching career as an instructor at the Dale Carnegie Institute in New York City. he became a full-time public speaker in 1970 and was soon one of the most soughtafter speakers in the world.

iOS Programming for .NET Developers [BLOG SAMPLE] - iJoshSmith

Josh Smith is a mobile software artisan who sharpened his teeth for many years in the trenches of .NET programming. Four of those years were spent as a Microsoft MVP thanks to his technical and written contributions in the Client Application Development space. His passion for iOS programming and the future of mobile software compels him to do crazy things like write books in his free time. Josh is a Senior Experience Developer with Cynergy, an agency that designs and develops excellent mobile software experiences. He is blessed with the opportunity to architect and develop complex mobile software solutions for Fortune 500 companies. When he isn’t being a computer geek Josh spends time playing the piano, riding his bicycle, studying whatever topic tickles his fancy, and enjoying quality time with his lovely wife Sarah and their dog Thor. Visit Josh online at or get in touch with him over email at Complete book available at

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Aside from those owned by Cartoon Smart LLC, trademarked names used in this book are the property of their respective owners. Use of a trademarked name should be considered to the benefit of the owner, with no intention of infringement. Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iMac, Mac, Xcode, Finder, Spotlight, Cocoa, Objective-C, Retina, TrueType are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license. Cocos2D is a registered trademark of Ricardo Quesada. This book and the code examples within are not endorsed, or sponsored by Apple Inc. or Ricardo Quesada, nor have they been reviewed, tested, or certified by Apple Inc. or Ricardo Quesada. The information, including code examples, in this book are distributed on an “as is” basis, without warranty. Feel free to email the author, Justin Dike, at with any comments, requests, improvements or corrections. This book will be as updated as often as time allows.

An Abney Associates Tech Tips SECURITY WARNING

The Association of Cyprus Banks has issued a warning for all bank customers in relation to Phishing attacks or fraudsters attempting to steal their personal data over the phone, email and internet. Phishing is a type of internet fraud that seeks to acquire a user’s credentials by deception. It includes theft of passwords, credit card numbers, bank account details and other confidential information. The announcement said that in Cyprus, fraudsters call people who have bank accounts and pretend that they are bank employees calling to confirm their clients’ bank account number, password, ID details and other personal data.