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United States Government Accountability Office  Report to Congressional Committees - INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Assessing Factors That Affect Patent Infringement Litigation Could Help Improve Patent Quality

... From 2000 to 2010, the number of patent infringement lawsuits in the federal courts fluctuated slightly, and from 2010 to 2011, the number of such lawsuits increased by about a third. Some stakeholders GAO interviewed said that the increase in 2011 was most likely influenced by the anticipation of changes in the 2011 Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA), which made several significant changes to the U.S. patent system, including limiting the number of defendants in a lawsuit, causing some plaintiffs that would have previously filed a single lawsuit with multiple defendants to break the lawsuit into multiple lawsuits. In addition, GAO’s detailed analysis of a representative sample of 500 lawsuits from 2007 to 2011 shows that the number of overall defendants in patent infringement lawsuits increased by about 129 percent over this period. These data also show that companies that make products brought most of the lawsuits and that nonpracticing entities (NPE) brought about a fifth of all lawsuits. GAO’s analysis of these data also found that lawsuits involving software-related patents accounted for about 89 percent of the increase in defendants over this period. Section 34 of AIA mandated that GAO conduct a study on the consequences of patent litigation by NPEs. This report examines (1) the volume and characteristics of recent patent litigation activity; (2) views of stakeholders knowledgeable in patent litigation on key factors that have contributed to recent patent litigation; (3) what developments in the judicial system may affect patent litigation; and (4) what actions, if any, PTO has recently taken that may affect patent litigation in the future. GAO reviewed relevant laws, analyzed patent infringement litigation data from 2000 to 2011, and interviewed officials from PTO and knowledgeable stakeholders, including representatives of companies involved in patent litigation. What GAO Recommends GAO recommends that PTO consider examining trends in patent infringement litigation and consider linking this information to internal patent examination data to improve patent quality and examination. PTO commented on a draft of this report and agreed with key findings and this recommendation. View GAO-13-465. For more information, contact Frank Rusco at (202) 512-3841 or

Creating Flashcards in Microsoft PowerPoint -

Creating Flashcards in Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint slides can be used to create flashcards. When printed on card stock, the slides can be cut apart and used as flashcards for almost any subject. Consider these examples: • In language arts vocabulary words can be printed on one side of the card and definitions printed on the other side of the card. • In science chemical symbols could be printed on one side of the card and the name of the chemical on the other side. • In math the flashcards for the multiplication tables could be created. • For social studies historical events and their dates could be used. Laminating the cards will make them last a long time, a consideration for classroom sets. Flashcards should be created in multiples of six (with six flashcards printed per sheet). 1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint, and click on FILE > NEW > BLANK PRESENTATION. 2. Select a slide layout with text and graphics. 3. Type/insert clip art on the first six slides (flashcards) then add the information for the back of the flashcard on the next six slides. Note: In order for the correct definition to appear on each card, slide order has to be rearranged. For six flashcards, the first six slides will serve as the face of the flashcards. These will be in the normal order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The next six slides will be the backs of the flashcard and should be arranged 8, 7, 10, 9, 12, 11. When printed out this way, the correct information will appear on the back of the proper cards (back of slide 1 on slide 8, back of slide 2 on slide 7, etc.). 4. To rearrange the slides, select the SLIDE SORTER view, and drag the #8 slide in front of the #7, the #10 in front of the #9, and the #12 in front of the #11.C•R•E•A•T•E for Mississippi Copyright ©2001. All rights reserved.This document may be copied and distributed for nonprofit educational purposes only provided that credit is given to C•R•E•A•T•E for Mississippi. 5. When printing the slides, be sure that the HANDOUTS option is selected (six slides per page) in the PRINT WHAT pull down menu in the PRINT WINDOW. In the PRINT RANGE section of the PRINT WINDOW, select slide range 1-6. 6. When the first page is printed, reinsert the printed page into your printer so that slides 712 will be printed on the back. This may take some experimentation as it varies from printer to printer). Below are examples of flashcards created in the above manner along with a set of blank slides that show the order that is necessary for printing the flashcards properly and a blank set to be used as rough draft forms. When creating a presentation to use in this way, it is best to fill out rough draft forms first in order to minimize the number of times the slides have to be printed. Please review the rough draft forms and the template for flashcards as well as the examples provided before going on to create your own.

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PowerPoint 2007: Basics
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PowerPoint PowerPoint 2007: Basics Learning Guide What’s a PowerPoint Slide? ...Like a 35mm film-based slide, each PowerPoint slide presents one full screen of information to audience members, meeting attendees, or course participants, and: • can be edited easily • can incorporate text and images from other documents • can utilize animation effects • can be easily stored, shared, and reused PowerPoint slides can be displayed directly from your computer or they can be printed to more conventional media. You can print full-page PowerPoint slides or multiple miniature slides on each page. Slides can also be shared on the web in various formats, or can also be printed to overhead transparencies or 35mm film. PowerPoint 2007 allows you to compose and edit slides, navigate through your presentation, and draft speaker notes without changing views or opening additional windows. The slide tab allows you to view miniature versions (called thumbnails) of the slides you have already created in your presentation. Each slide is numbered in the order that it appears in the presentation. The slide pane is the area in which slides can be created and existing slides can be edited. The notes pane allows you to enter speaker notes that complement the content on each slide. These notes do not appear on the screen when the slides are shown in full-screen mode. However, you can print notes along with your slides to create a set of note pages to which you can refer during your presentation. The status bar contains view options that were previously located on the bottom left of the slide tab. These options, which are now located on the right-hand side of the page, allow you to zoom in and out of your slides, and use different viewing formats. At first glance, the new PowerPoint 2007 interface may seem a bit unsettling, with “fat bands” called Ribbons replacing cascading text menus and task bars. This guide will help put you at ease as it introduces you to the new design and explains the new nomenclature. The Office button, located at the top left corner of your screen, replaces the File menu found in earlier versions of PowerPoint. The Office button allows you to carry out functions such as opening, saving, and printing your document. If you wish to have more room while working, you can hide the contents of the ribbons: To hide the ribbons: • Double-click on one of the menu-bar tabs (it does not matter which one). • To redisplay the contents of the ribbons, double-click on a menu-bar tab again.

AP13   PiR IFRS 3   Final
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December 2013 IASB meeting paper. Draft of proposed RFI document.

Guide on how to create software  project proposal online

Create software project proposal online easily with the help of web based Software Proposal Portal -Swproposal to win potential customers and automate sales activities.

Why Hire a GSA Consultant
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Getting a General Services Administration (GSA) schedule contract is easier with the help of GSA Schedule Consultants. These professionals have obtained proper training to enable them to research, draft and submit proposals following the high standards of the GSA contract application process

Boopin Media, a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai Creates and Grooms the Digital Personality of Brand or Businesses

Boopin Media, the social media wizard creates, manage and groom the digitized personality of brand or businesses. Being one of the most sought after digital marketing agencies in Dubai, they draft the most engaging and interactive social media crusades in Dubai for brands to make them one of the most liked and talked about marketing agencies on the web.

Consume your business proposal With regards to Business owners

Your small business plan is really an crucial item for an internet marketer and not simply entirely for the magnitude in the direction of fundraising event technique, still by virtue of the actual way it can help businesspeople firm up his or her's prepare and so appraise his or her program. For example a few reasons to create business strategy plan let's not forget positive businessperson. The vast majority of literary works relating to sector prep focuses primarily on the necessity of a policy to encourage out-of-doors money on the home business, unique thru lending options or even a justness money spent. Many funders is not going to get adding in earnings in a company devoid of attending a well-written, gripping strategic business plan. Proprietor have to be sure the routine shares in terms of your funders will probably discover, and additionally befriends their requirements for that history using the organization set, resource requested for, and thus cash turn back.You will find mu

General Pointers for Making a Compelling GSA Schedule Services Proposal

Getting the contract to for GSA Schedule Services can have many benefits for any company seeking to provide services at the federal level. It provides a reliable and stable income stream for a company trying to establish itself and gain recognition in the market

Electronic Fuel Injection Systems - Edelbrock

Electronic Fuel Injection Systems And Components A note from Vic… Hello Edelbrock friends and automotive enthusiast. If you love cars as much as we do at Edelbrock, I think you will really like what you are about to see in the Edelbrock Fuel Injection Systems and Components catalog. Edelbrock has been manufacturing fuel injection systems since 1979. A lot of new technology has taken shape since then; EFI has become the standard in new vehicle production, is growing throughout competitive racing and is a popular upgrade in originally carbureted street rods and muscle cars. What used to be a difficult process in selecting, installing and tuning fuel injection components is now easy for you to do, thanks to our thirty-plus years of fuel injection experience and our partnership with Torrance, CA based EFI Technology, a world leader in advanced electronic engine management. Whether you’re a novice wanting your hot rod to start-up, idle and perform like a late-model, a racer looking for a competitive edge on the track, or want off-road stability in your truck or Jeep, we have a system that’s right for you. Thanks for reading. I know you’ll be impressed with what Edelbrock Fuel Injection has for you. Get Out and Drive, Edelbrock is the only manufacturer of electronic fuel injection that … Delivers a complete EFI package that has been specifically designed for your engine. Rigorously tests on the SuperFlow engine dyno and in vehicle on a SuperFlow 800 Series Eddy Current chassis dyno for proven performance, drivability and fuel mileage potential. Offers a variety of options to suite your individual needs. Pioneered the handheld calibration module, for easy tuning from the driver’s seat. …you can trust for performance, service and Genuine Edelbrock American quality. Two Systems, Industry Leading Technology, Customer Preferred Options… Edelbrock Fuel Injection Systems are available in two unique brands - Pro-Flo 2 and Pro-Flo XT. • Intake Manifold – Pro-Flo 2 includes a more traditional intake manifold, while the Pro-Flo XT intake is an all new design. The Pro-Flo XT intakes are engineered with a large plenum and long tapered runners to deliver maximum horsepower and broad torque. Their “pleasing-to-the-eye” design is available in choice of as-cast aluminum or black powder coated finish with contrast machine accents. • Throttle Body – Pro-Flo 2 utilizes the traditional down-draft 4V throttle body, while Pro-Flo XT includes a modern, front mount 90mm throttle body. • Wiring Harness – Both systems include complete, OE quality harnesses with pre-terminated connectors for an easy installation. Pro-Flo 2 is a one-piece design (engine and chassis all in one). Pro-Flo XT’s harness is a unique two-piece design (engine and chassis separate), offering quick connection of the engine and chassis harness through a supplied bulkhead connector for easy connection and quick removal if needed. All parts not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles...