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Analyzing Design Tradeoffs in Large-scale Socio ... - Christoph Dorn

Emerging online collaboration platforms such as Wikipedia, Twitter, or Facebook provide the foundation for socio-technical systems where humans have become both content consumer and provider. Existing software engineering tools and techniques support the system engineer in designing and assessing the technical infrastructure. Little research, however, addresses the engineer’s need for understanding the overall socio-technical system behavior. The effect of fundamental design decisions becomes quickly unpredictable as multiple collaboration patterns become integrated into a single system. We propose the simulation of human and software elements at the collaboration level. We aim for detecting and evaluating undesirable system behavior such as users experiencing repeated update conflicts or software components becoming overloaded. To this end, this paper contributes (i) a language and (ii) methodology for specifying and simulating large-scale collaboration structures, (iii) example individual and aggregated pattern simulations, and (iv) evaluation of the overall approach. Keywords: Design Tools and Techniques, System Simulation, Collaboration Patterns, Large-scale Socio-Technical Systems

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Collective Decision Making System

This paper presents a general purpose framework for the design of a large-scale collective decision making system. The single, unifying construct is a weighted semantic network, generated by individual choices, that connects humans, domains of expertise, problems and solutions. Swarms of simple particles traverse this complex knowledge network, aggregating individual choices into collective choices, and ranking solutions to the problems facing the ... As information technology continues to play an ever more mediative role in the coordination and communication activities of social groups, certain software models have developed as analogues for basic social processes. Email and instant messaging stand in for personal communication; chat rooms and threaded discussion boards stand in for group conversation. Even historically complex modes of social discourse now have online equivalents in multivaried forms like weblogs and Wikis. Communication, discussion, collaboration – these processes are fundamental to all social groups, whether embodied or distributed. Though software analogues may bear only...

The Traditional Pima Indian Diet - Diabetes Care

CHANGES IN THE PIMA DIET— For at least 500-1000 yr, the Pima lived in the Sonoran Desert as farmers, hunters, and gatherers. An intricate canal sysVICKY L. BOYCE, MS, RD tem allowed cultivation of crops such as BOYD A . SWINBURN, MB, CHB, FRACP wheat, maize, beans, and squash (6). Hunting of mule deer, jackrabbits, and birds (7), fishing from the Gila River (8), OBJECTIVE — To examine changes in the Pima Indian diet composition that may and gathering foods from the desert have played a role in the dramatic rise in the incidence of NIDDM among Pima (such as saguaro cactus fruit, mesquite Indians over the last century. beans, cholla cactus buds, prickly pear fruit, wild berries, and wild greens) also RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS— We investigated the composition of contributed substantially to their diet. the foods comparable to those available to the Pima —100 yr ago, with the aim of As the area became more settled reproducing this traditional diet as faithfully as possible for a dietary intervention in the 1880s, the upstream waters of the study. An approximation of the traditional diet was ascertained from the ethnohis- Gila River were diverted to such an extoric literature and traditional recipes. tent that farming in the desert was no longer possible for the Pima. They beRESULTS— We estimated that the traditional Pima diet, although seasonably came more reliant on other sources of variable, was —70-80% carbohydrate, 8-12% fat, and 12-18% protein. A diet food (such as trading posts and governanalogous to the traditional Pima diet is largely reproducible with the foods available ment food programs) and eventually very today. Many native foods are available locally and many commercial products can be little food came from subsistence farmsubstituted when native foods are unavailable. ing, hunting, or gathering (9,10). By the...

Effects of Diet and Exercise in Preventing NIDDM in ... - Diabetes Care

OBJECTIVE— Individuals with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) have a high risk of developing NIDDM. The purpose of this study was to determine whether diet and exercise interventions in those with IGT may delay the development of NIDDM, i.e., reduce the incidence of NIDDM, and thereby reduce the overall incidence of diabetic complications, such as cardiovascular, renal, and retinal disease, and the excess mortality attributable to these complications. RESEARCH DESIGN A N D M E T H O D S — In 1986,110,660 men and women from 33 health care clinics in the city of Da Qing, China, were screened for IGT and NIDDM. Of these individuals, 577 were classified (using World Health Organization criteria) as having IGT. Subjects were randomized by clinic into a clinical trial, either to a control group or to one of three active treatment groups: diet only, exercise only, or diet plus exercise. Follow-up evaluation examinations were conducted at 2-year intervals over a 6-year period to identify subjects who developed NIDDM. Cox's proportional hazard analysis was used to determine if the incidence of NIDDM varied by treatment assignment. RESULTS — The cumulative incidence of diabetes at 6 years was 67.7% (95% CI, 59.8-75.2) in the control group compared with 43.8% (95% CI, 35.5-52.3) in the diet group, 41.1% (95% CI, 33.4-49.4) in the exercise group, and 46.0% (95% CI, 37.3-54.7) in the diet-plus-exercise group (P < 0.05). When analyzed by clinic, each of the active intervention groups differed significantly from the control clinics (P < 0.05). The relative decrease in rate of development of diabetes in the active treatment groups was similar when subjects were stratified as lean or overweight (BMI < or >25 kg/m2). In a proportional hazards analysis adjusted for differences in baseline BMI and fasting glucose, the diet, exercise, and diet-plus-exercise interventions were associated with 31% (P < 0.03), 46% (P < 0.0005), and 42% (P < 0.005) reductions in risk ...

Migrating to Excel 2010
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Microsoft Excel 2010 looks very different from Excel 2003, so we created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve. Read on to learn key parts of the new interface, discover free Excel 2010 training, find features such as Print Preview or the Options dialog box, understand how to exchange workbook files with people who don’t yet have Excel 2010, and find out how to enable add-ins or get access to macros and other advanced features. Ribbon Groups Quick Access Toolbar Ribbon Tabs Commands shown here are always visible. You can add your favorite commands to this toolbar. Click any tab on the ribbon to display its buttons and commands. Each ribbon tab contains groups, and each group contains a set of related commands. Here, the Number group on the Home tab contains commands for displaying numbers as currency, percentages, and so on. Backstage View Hide the Ribbon Click the File tab to enter Backstage view, where you can open, save, print, and manage your Excel files. Need more space on your screen? Click this icon or press CTRL+F1 to hide or show the ribbon. Dialog Box Launchers Contextual Ribbon Tabs Some tabs appear on the ribbon only when you need them. For example, if you insert or select a chart, you’ll see Chart Tools, which includes three extra tabs — Design, Layout, and Format. If you see a dialog box launcher icon ( ) next to any ribbon group label, click it to open a dialog box with more options for that group. Zoom In or Out Click these buttons to display the current worksheet in Normal, Page Layout, or Page Break Preview view. To exit Backstage view, click any ribbon tab. Switch Between Views Click the 100% zoom button to select a zoom level, or drag the zoom slider to the right or left side. © 2010 by Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

IVF lab Turnkey Projects
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Shivani Industries will help you design, built and set up a complete world class IVF center or lab which will take less time and also costs less. Designing an IVF lab is a very important project and you need an expert to take care of it. Contact us today for IVF IUI ART LAB SETUP, Test Tube Baby Centre at

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Water conductivity meter
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The Heron dipper-T Water Level Meter is a superior instrument providing exceptional value.This instrument has been redesigned with a touch panel electronics module that makes it easy to operate, even with gloves on.   Many years of field experience have enabled Heron Instruments to design and build Water Level Meters that are rugged, reliable and user friendly.  

40 - 60hp EFI FourStroke Maintenance - Mercury Marine

Outboard Care To keep your outboard in the best operating condition, it is important that your outboard receive the periodic inspections and maintenance listed in the Inspection and Maintenance Schedule. We urge you to keep it maintained properly to ensure the safety of you and your passengers, and retain its dependability. ! WARNING Neglected inspection and maintenance service of your outboard or attempting to perform maintenance or repair on your outboard if you are not familiar with the correct service and safety procedures could cause personal injury, death, or product failure. Record maintenance performed in Maintenance Log at the back of this book. Save all maintenance work orders and receipts. SELECTING REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR YOUR OUTBOARD We recommend using original Mercury Precision or Quicksilver replacement parts and Genuine Lubricants. ! WARNING Using a replacement part that is inferior to the original part could result in personal injury, death, or product failure. EPA Emissions Regulations All new outboards manufactured by Mercury Marine are certified to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as conforming to the requirements of the regulations for the control of air pollution from new outboard motors. This certification is contingent on certain adjustments set to factory standards. For this reason, the factory procedure for servicing the product must be strictly followed and, wherever practicable, returned to the original intent of the design. Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission control devices and systems may be performed by any marine spark ignition (SI) engine repair establishment or individual. 63 MAINTENANCE EMISSION CERTIFICATION LABEL An emission certification label, showing emission levels and engine specifications directly related to emissions, is placed on the engine at time of manufacture....

Roball, the Rolling Robot - USC Robotics Research Lab

Abstract. Designing a mobile robotic toy is challenging work. The robot must be appealing to children and create interesting interactions while facing the wide variety of situations that can be experienced while playing with a child, and all at a reasonable cost. In this paper we present Roball, a ball-shaped robot that moves by making its external spherical shell rotate. Such design for a mobile robotic toy shows robustness in handling unstructured environments and unconstrained interactions with children. Results show that purposeful movements of the robot, its physical structure and locomotion dynamics generate interesting new games influenced by the environment and the child. Keywords: spherical robot, mobile robotic toy, educational and pedagogical robot, autonomous robot