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Amware Logistics Services Audited by Yum! Brands, Scores 96.16%

Amware, one of the most renowned third party logistic companies, was recently audited by Yum! Brands, a third party audit for food distributors and was awarded with a score of 96.16%. The highlight of this audit was Amware's Distribution Protocol, Temperature Control, Sanitation, and Pest Control.visit or contact 678-377-8585.

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CHECKLIST FOR DISTANCE RUNNING SUCCESS General Lifestyle/Diet *Have yearly plan *Supplemental strength exercise *Train Year Round *Improve technique *Run everyday *Eat healthy foods *Run on soft surfaces *Vitamins *Vary training loops *Hydrate well Racing Mental *Acclimate to race conditions *Mentally prepare to race *Train on racing surface *Practice positive thinking *Race above and below primary event *Possess desire to race, compete, improve *Eat appropriate foods on and before race day *Enjoy running Training *Weekly long run *Test speed weekly *Do hill work *Tempo or LSD runs Recovery *Sleep a lot *Stretch, mobility *Ice injuries (rice) *Cold whirlpool *Accept the challenge of training and racing Shoes Shoes are the first line of defense against leg and joint injury; therefore, proper running shoes are a must! We recommend that you shop for running shoes at a running store with trained personnel to assist with sizing and fit according to your individual needs. As well, they can offer suggestions regarding racing shoes appropriate for cross country. We have some recommendations where we have had the best service and discounts for shoes: TC Running Co...

General guide for technical analysis of cost proposals - U.S. ...

GENERAL GUIDE FOR TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF COST PROPOSALS FOR ACQUISITION CONTRACTS The purpose of this guide is to enhance the quality of the technical analyses of cost proposals to the Contracting Officer. In using this guide, it provides points to remember and questions to ask and considerations to think about when evaluating the proposal. This guide is intended for use by the Department of Energy (DOE) cost/price analysts, contracting officers (COs), contract specialists, and technical program/project managers involved with cost/price analysis. This guide does not cover the DOE managing and operating (M&O) or financial assistance activities. The technical analysis is one of key sources of information that the negotiator uses to support a request that the contractor adjust the amount of its estimated direct costs. Any adjustment in direct costs correspondingly adjusts the amount of indirect (overhead) costs. A technical analysis helps to ensure that the pre-negotiation objective is fair and reasonable. The contractor’s proposal being analyzed could be for a major acquisition, response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) regarding an ongoing contract, an engineering change proposal (ECP), request for equitable adjustment (REA), or a contract termination or claim. There are some situations where cost analysis is required when non-competitive actions for purchase of non-commercial items/services that exceed Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) threshold ($700 thousand* with limited exceptions and other actions (commercial and noncommercial) where the quoted prices cannot be determined fair and reasonable by price analysis alone. KEY CONCEPTS Cost Analysis: Cost Analysis is used to establish the basis for negotiation of cost type contract prices where: Price competition is inadequate or lacking, and Price analysis by itself does not assure the reasonableness of prices. Technical Analysis: Technical Analysis is accomplished by personnel having specialized knowledge, skills, experience, or capability in engineering, science or management of proposed quantities and kinds of materials, labor processes, labor skill mix, special tooling, facilities, and associated cost drivers set forth in a cost proposal. Technical analysis is the examination and analysis of proposed resources to determine whether such resources reflect reasonable economy and efficiency. *Dollar threshold are subject to change, see FAR 15.403-4 for the current dollar threshold. An evaluation of a contractor’s proposal, made by personnel having specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in engineering, science, manufacturing, or management of the proposed quantities and kinds of materials, labor processes, labor skill mix, special tooling, and facilities. Technical analysis requires evaluation of each specific element of direct costs in the proposal, such as direct material, direct labor, and other direct costs (ODCs). The contracting officer (negotiator) has the lead responsibility for the performance of all administrative actions necessary for effective contract awards. In this role, the CO is required to coordinate a team of experts and requests and evaluates the advice of specialists in such fields as contracting, finance, law, contract audit, quality control, engineering, and contract pricing. The CO utilizes the advice, findings, and the recommendations to start the negotiation process by developing a pre-negotiation objective...

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MGate-4101-MB-PBS Modbus Serial-to-PROFIBUS Slave Gateway User’s Manual MGate-4101-MB-PBS Modbus Serial-to-PROFIBUS Slave Gateway User’s Manual The software described in this manual is furnished under a license agreement and may be used only in accordance with the terms of that agreement. Trademarks The MOXA logo is a registered trademark of Moxa Inc. All other trademarks or registered marks in this manual belong to their respective manufacturers. Welcome to the MGate 4101-MB-PBS line of Modbus to PROFIBUS gateways. All models feature easy protocol conversion from Modbus to PROFIBUS, and RS-232/422/485 port for Modbus communication. This chapter is an introduction to the MGate 4101-MB-PBS and includes the following sections: Overview Package Checklist Product Features MGate 4101-MB-PBS UM The MGate 4101-MB-PBS is a line of protocol gateways that provides users with the following features: Protocol conversion between Modbus and PROFIBUS MGate 4101-MB-PBS series products can be used to connect Modbus devices and PROFIBUS devices to provide PLCs (ex. Siemens S400, S300) with remote maintenance capability. Windows utilities for easy setup and traffic monitoring A Windows utility is provided to make configuration and operation of the MGate 4101-MB-PBS as easy as possible. The utility uses serial console port to connect MGate 4101-MB-PBS unit. Besides, Wizard functions can help you finish configuration in only several minutes by automatic commands detection and automatic memory mapping. Package Checklist All models of the MGate 4101-MB-PBS series are shipped with the following items: Standard Accessories: 1 MGate 4101-MB-PBS Modbus Serial-to-PROFIBUS Slave Gateway. Documentation & Software CD. Quick Installation Guide. Product warranty statement. RJ45 to DB9 cable (for console use) DR-4524: 45W/2A DIN-rail 24 VDC power supply with universal 85 to 264 VAC input. DR-75-24: 75W/3.2A DIN-rail 24 VDC power supply with universal 85 to 264 VAC input. DR-120-24: 120W/5A DIN-rail 24 VDC power supply with 88 to 132 VAC/176 to 264 VAC input by switch...

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment, Commercial Catering Equipment

Australian Catering Equipment Supplies provide a wide range of Restaurant Kitchen Equipment & Commercial Catering Equipment. Checklist for everything you need to outfit a restaurant kitchen.

BUSINESS REPORTS - The University of Sydney

Helpsheet BUSINESS REPORTS Organisations need accurate, timely, objective and concise information to make effective decisions. One way they can obtain such information is from a business report. This document can be defined as “an organised presentation of information to a specific audience for the purpose of helping an organisation achieve an objective” (Bowman & Branchaw, 1988, p. 12). While business reports share similar characteristics, they also need to be customised for their particular purpose. An informal report may be a brief summary while longer reports follow a more complex and formal structure. Informal reports may feature: letter or memo format minimal use of headings and visual aids personal pronouns and contractions a length from a few paragraphs up to five pages content primarily for internal audiences a more standard format organised into separate sections front and back matter (sections) along with the body of the report a greater number of headings (including subheadings) and visual aids third person pronouns and no contractions or slang a length from five pages to several hundred content designed for internal and/or external audiences 2. Why do I need to write a business report? Formal business reports often feature in university assessment tasks in disciplines such as accounting, management and marketing as writing such reports is an essential skill in business. These tasks may require giving information only (i.e. financial statements), information and interpretation (i.e. product surveys) or offering information, analysis and recommendations. A report that details the last type could highlight a problem and suggest a solution which might involve analysing a business’s history, operations, problems, competition and goals, followed by a number of possible solutions (including their advantages and disadvantages). Following this investigation, a specific solution might be recommended to aid future growth. Please note that business reports have some of the same features as research reports. For more information on the latter please see the helpsheets: Research Reports and Report Checklist. An accessible reader-centred style which includes standard formal English is a hallmark of academic writing including in essays or reports. However, there are some key differences between the two genres:...

seo4anyone Now Offering Backlink Audit and Google Penalty Recovery Services

seo4anyone, a Miami-based SEO and digital marketing firm, is now offering website backlink cleanup and auditing services along with Google website penalty recovery services.

Are You HIPAA Compliance Audit Ready Strategies to Avoid Civil and Criminal Penalties

Did you know that failure to comply with HIPAA, the DHHS Privacy and Security regulations, and the HITECH Act can result in hefty fines and even imprisonment? DHHS has said that it will also focus on board members, CEOs, and management, not just "worker bees." You are responsible for compliance. How can you ensure that you are meeting federal and state statutes and regulations to protect patients' privacy of health information?

Triumph Daytona 675/675R 2006-2012 Triumph ... -

Triumph Daytona 675/675R 2006-2012 Triumph Street Triple 2008-2012 Sequential LED Tail Light Installation Guide Part# T-6DST-C/S Pre-installation Checklist: Battery is in heathy and fully charged condition - may need engine on after installation to operate signals If aftermarket front LED signals are installed: 1. Resistors must be installed on front to slow down the flash rate Motodynamic Sequential LED Tail Light Programming Instructions NOTE: It is recommended that the tail light is programmed prior to installation if the button cannot be reached after it is mounted to the bike. Simply connect the main harness to supply power to the tail light while the key is in the “ON” position. Signals must be flashing at the stock OEM rate prior to install ***for Daytona 675/675R, please disable the license plate LED light before final installation*** Park/Brake: Locate the main 3 wire harness from the bike and connect with the 3 wire connector on the LED tail light. 1. Locate the rubber plug on back housing and remove it Wire Color Schematics (if needed): Red Wire - Park (+) White Wire - Brake (+) Black Wire - Ground (-) 2. Turn the key to the “ON” position, making sure the park lights are on 3. Beneath the rubber plug is a push button, use a pin or similar tool to press the button consecutively within 1 second between each press to program the following: Sequential Signal: Using the supplied sub-harness, connect the yellow and blue wire to the matching yellow and blue wire on the LED tail light. Insulate with green covers. ON/OFF License plate light (if available) - hit button 2 times ON/OFF Stop Alert - hit button 3 times ON/OFF Sequential Signals - hit button 4 times Connect the opposite end of the sub-harness to the bikes factory left and right signal connectors...

15-Panduan penulisan Penerbitan Buku Teks

PANDUAN PENULISAN & PENERBITAN BUKU TEKS Panduan ini merupakan petunjuk penulisan buku pelajaran (ilmiah populer) yang digunakan untuk menentukan kelayakan naskah bagi penerbit. Panduan ini membahas pengertian buku pelajaran & diktat, tujuan penulisan buku pelajaran, isi buku pelajaran, sampul buku, bagian pembuka, bagian utama dan bagian penutup serta ketentuan jumlah halaman. Buku Pelajaran (Text book) & Diktat Buku pelajaran adalah bahan/materi pelajaran yang dituangkan secara tertulis dalam bentuk buku dan digunakan sebagai bahan pelajaran (sumber informasi) sebuah mata kuliah bagi mahasiswa dan pengajar susuai dengan kebutuhan lapangan/industry dan tuntutan perkembangan teknologi dan atau kurikulum. Diktat adalah catatan tertulis suatu bidang studi yang disiapkan oleh guru/dosen untuk mempermudah pengayaan materi pelajaran atau bidang studi yang dibahas dalam proses pembelajaran (Ilvandri, 2011). Diktat yang baik merupakan draft buku ajar yang belum diterbitkan. Tujuan penulisan buku pelajaran a. Menyediakan buku susuai dengan kebutuhan mahasiswa, institusi dan lapangan/ industry serta serta tuntutan perkembangan teknologi atau kurikulum. b. Mendorong penulis/dosen untuk berkreasi dan kreatif membagikan ilmunya kepada masyarakat. c. Mendorong penulis untuk meng-update ilmunya sesuai dengan kriteria tuntutan buku layak terbit mencakup subdstansi, bahasa dan potensi pasar. d. Mendukung penulis untuk menerbitkan buku bila belum terbit. Isi Buku Pelajaran Isi buku pelajaran berupa teori, konsep, formula atau aturan terkini dilengkapi dengan contoh-contoh masalah atau studi kasus serta solusinya. Isi buku harus orsinil dengan merujuk dari berbagai sumber. Informasi tepat, dapat dipercaya dan dipertanggungjawabkan kepada pembaca dan semua pihak terkait. Isi tersusun dengan baik atau dengan alur informasi yang mudah dipahami. Buku pelajaran dan diktat yang baik memenuhi tiga aspek pendidikan yaitu ilmu pengetahuan (knowledge), keterampilan (skills) dan sikap atau perilaku (attitude). Aspek tersebut seperti yang dinyatakan oleh UNESCO (1994) yaitu: Learn to know, Learn to do, Learn to be dan Learn to live together. Ketiga aspek tersebut dipertimbangkan sesuai dengan jenjang pendidikan dan kebutuhan. Sampul Buku Sampul buku bagian depan memuat: a. Judul buku : Judul harus spesifik dan relevan sesuai dengan isi buku dan menggunakan kata-kata kunci dan powerful. b. Nama penulis : Nama penulis ditulis lengkap, tidak menggunakan nama samaran sesuai dengan ketentuan penulis buku ilmiah. c. Logo atau nama penerbit bila sudah diterbitkan...