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User Guide for Espier Apps - Espier.ORG

More and more users use Espier apps on their Android devices. However, because Espier apps, especially the launcher, the screen locker and the notifications, are key apps which replace some Android system apps, you may encounter some problems when setting them to work properly. You can read this guide to quickly find the solutions of the problems. Getting Started Brief Introduction Espier apps provide the implementation in Apple’s iOS style for your Android devices. After installing the apps and setting them properly, you will get an “iOS” running on your Android devices in functions, user interfaces, and user experiences. According to the features, Espier apps can be divided into three categories:  System apps: Including Espier Launcher, Espier Screen Locker, Espier Notifications, and Espier Control Center. Espier Launcher runs as a HOME screen and you can launch other apps from it. On Android system, this type of app generally called as “launcher”. Espier Screen Locker provides the lock screen in iOS style. Espier Notifications provides the clear status bar, notification page and the alerts of notifications. Espier Control Center provides an express way to control the system functions, such as Wi-Fi, sound volume, screen brightness, and so on.  Communication apps: Including Espier Dialer and Espier Messenger. These two apps can be used to replace the stock Phone, Contacts, and Messaging apps on Android system.  Tools apps: Including Espier Clock, Espier Reminders, Espier Browsers, Espie r Notes, Espier Voice Notes, and so on.  Widget apps: These apps provide various widgets for Android apps. By now, we release Espier Music Controller. In the beginning, Espier Studio releases Espier apps in iOS 6 style. In Sep. 2013, Apple announced the official release of iOS 7. The flat design of iOS 7 becomes popular and to be a tread.

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015 what's new

Autodesk® Building Design Suite Ultimate 2015 What’s new in Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional 2015 ® Autodesk © 2014 Autodesk Simulation and analysis © 2014 Autodesk Simulation and analysis Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015  Wind load simulation  Simulate a wind flow around your structure  Generete wind loads automatically Better predict wind load effects early in design © 2014 Autodesk Simulation and analysis Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015  Direct analysis method (DAM)  New AISC approach for stability design  Notional forces to load combinations  Reduction of member stiffness  P-Delta local effects for P-Delta analysis Designs consider all code-required stability effects © 2014 Autodesk Simulation and analysis Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015  Block Lanczos algorithm  New algorithm for dynamic calculations  Faster calculations Work more easily with large models and minimize time spent on analysis calculations © 2014 Autodesk

Download Warranty Coverage Details
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Every Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with peace-of-mind warranty coverage. Our Comprehensive Limited Warranty covers more than 500 components for 3 Months/3,000 miles. Our fully transferable Powertrain Limited Warranty covers you for 6 Years/100,000 miles. Powertrain Covered Components Components shown are covered by the 6-Year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty Coverage. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. See your dealer for details or refer to your plan provisions. The following components are covered by the Ford Certified Pre-Owned Powertrain Limited Warranty Coverage: ENGINE TRANSMISSION FRONT-WHEEL DRIVE • All Internal Lubricated Parts • All Internal Parts • Axle Shafts • Axle Shafts • Cylinder Block • Seals and Gaskets • Bearings (Front and Rear) • Bearings (Front and Rear) • Cylinder Heads • Torque Converter • Flywheel • Transfer Case (Including All Internal Parts) • Final Drive Housing (and Rear Axle Housing for AWD) Including All Internal Parts • Drive Axle Housing (and Front Axle Housing for 4x4) Including All Internal Parts • Hubs, Automatic Front Locking (Four-Wheel Drive) • Driveshaft • Manifold (Exhaust and Intake) • Oil Pan • Oil Pump • Seals and Gaskets • Thermostat • Thermostat Housing • Timing Chain Cover • Timing Chain (Gears or Belt) • Turbocharger/Supercharger Unit (Factory-Installed) • Valve Covers • Water Pump • Transmission Case...

Coverage Levels Powertrain Powertrain Plus Advantage Program ...

Program Highlights • Three levels of named component coverage • An exclusionary level of coverage • Eligible vehicles include current + 9 model years • Coverage terms up to 7 years/100,000 miles • Dealer profit participation reinsurance and retro programs available • Deductible options include $50, $100, $100 (disappearing) and $200 per repair visit • Advantage WRAP and Preferred WRAP coverage available • Transfer benefit • Additional benefits include: towing, jump-start, flat tire change, vehicle fluid delivery, lockout assistance, rental and hotel/motel reimbursement Coverage Levels Powertrain Gasoline/Diesel Engine: All internally lubricated parts, engine block, cylinder heads, exhaust manifold, expansion plugs, harmonic balancer, intake manifold, mounts, oil pan (excluding drain plug related failures), rotary engine rotor housing, timing belt/chain and tensioner, timing chain cover, valve covers, water pump, seals and gaskets (within component group). Surcharged coverage: supercharger/turbocharger (factory installed). Transmission: (Automatic, Standard or Transfer Case): All internally lubricated parts within the transmission including: cooler lines (metal), mounts, throttle valve cable, torque convertor, flywheel/flexplate, transmission and transfer case housing, transmission cooler, oil pan, vacuum modulator, external and internal control units, seals and gaskets Front/Rear-Wheel Drive: All internally lubricated parts within the drive/transaxle assembly including: axles and axle bearings, constant velocity joints/boots, drive axle housing, drive shaft support, differential cover, hub bearings, front hub locking assemblies, drive shaft, universal joints, four wheel drive actuator, seals and gaskets Fluids: All fluids in conjunction with a covered repair.

limited powertrain warranty for 3 months or 3000 miles (whichever ...

This is a limited power-train warranty for a period of 3 months from the date of the original sale or 3000 miles from the mileage at the time of the original sale, (whichever occurs first), for repairs which are required as a result of defects due to material and/or workmanship to the power-train components as listed below: What Is Covered Engine All internally lubricated parts including: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt, timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters;. The engine block and heads are also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered components. Transmission All internal parts; torque converter; vacuum modulator and mounts. Does not include clutch assembly; pressure plate; flywheel; throw out bearing; worn synchronizers; cables or electrical items. The case is also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered items. Drive Axle All lubricated internal parts contained within the housings. Axle shafts, differential housing, transaxle housing & final drive housing. Water Pump Impeller shaft; bearings; bushings and housing. Turbo/Supercharger Internal parts; vanes; shafts; bearings and housing if damage is caused by a failure of a covered component. Transfer Unit 4x4 Internal parts including: bearings, bushings, sprockets, chains, sleeves and gears (excluding electrical items).

Microsoft Excel 2010: Using Conditional Formatting

Imagine examining hundreds of rows of raw data in Excel in an attempt to find a pattern or trend. Thankfully one of the tools we can use in Excel to make this task simpler is Conditional Formatting. Just another way Excel makes your data display, other than a chart. The Conditional Formatting features are color scales, icon sets and data bars to name a few. When to Use Excel’s Conditional Formatting:     If you want to be informed in real time Answer questions visually Analyze data: find exceptions, find relationships, find trends, etc Enhance data presentations You can choose from inbuilt Conditional Formatting rules like:      Top 10 or Bottom 10 using percentages, average or item Greater than, less than or equal to Text that contains a specific word or phrase A date occurring And even identify duplicate values Or you can insert a formula and create a custom conditional format. Color coding can be simple like font color, font style and cell fill, or more elaborate with icons, color scales or data bars. 1 Conditional Formatting Examples How to Apply Conditional Formatting:     Select the range of cells you want formatted. From the Home tab go to the Styles group and select Conditional Formatting. The menu will appear with your formatting options. When you choose one of the options a cascading menu will appear. 2   Depending on which option you choose you will be prompted to make more selections. Note: You can specify a custom format or use one of the default formats. You can choose to format the cell fill, font style, color, size, bold, italic, underline and more. Remove Conditional Formatting Rules:    Click the Conditional Formatting command. Select Clear Rules. A cascading menu appears. Choose to clear rules from the entire worksheet or the selected cells.‘s Diamond Hoop Earrings – The Gleam of Glamour is Here

Diamond hoop earrings in your jewelry box means the chance to don maximum style with minimum effort. Besides this, hoop earrings, depending on their design, are perfect for everyday wear and give you a desired allure in an instant.

Enchant With Suave and Sophisticated Men’s Diamond Bracelets from

Men’s diamond bracelets, designed and developed by, have made accessorizing for men more effortless and enchanting than ever. These bracelets have been designed by keeping into consideration the special styling needs of men, plus these bracelets are easy to put on for instant style.

One Wedding / Two styles
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DYSTOPIAN LEGIONS is a fast-paced, action-packed 28mm scale ...

DYSTOPIAN LEGIONS is a fast-paced, action-packed 28mm scale tabletop game set in the exciting world of Dystopian Wars, where Victorian super science fiction has created a fascinating and brutal arena for a deadly world war. Having brought carnage to the Dystopian battlefields with giant tanks, massive airships and technologically advanced naval vessels it is now time to get up close and personal with your warfare. It is up to your Sections of infantry to storm enemy positions, capture towns, secure strategic objectives and devastate rival nations. Infantry sections are the building block of DYSTOPIAN LEGIONS, but we’ve created so much more for gamers to build their armies with. Also available for battlefield commanders to deploy and utilise will be elite infantry units, section upgrades, mechanised walkers, tankettes, armoured personnel carriers and special characters, such as leaders and scientists who can inspire your men and cause fear in the enemy. And if that isn’t enough we’ve created full scale battle tanks, stoked full of detail and delivered in glorious high quality resin. Marvel at these giant behemoths of the battlefield…