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South African Milk Tartlets
by storksa 0 Comments favorite 22 Viewed Download 0 Times | An old South African favourite, milk tart enthrals the senses with its sweet custardy centre topped with a dash of cinnamon, all nestled in a sweet crust that melts in your mouth. Making these Milk Tartlets means you will have tons of bite-sized delights to share with family and friends. Perfect for entertaining in true South African style.

Bishop Verot Catholic High School Prom Dress Code Guidelines

Dress Code  Attire that is inappropriate for the occasion or deviates from modesty in the judgment of a school administrator will result in being denied admission. This includes guests from other schools.  For boys, tuxedos or suits including jackets, ties, socks and dress shoes are required. Young men are to be clean-shaven, meet school guidelines regarding length and style of hair, and are not to wear earrings. No hats or canes allowed in the dance.  For girls, dresses and attire that reflect modesty are required. Each year, the most difficult task for administrators is the determination of modesty for girls. Traditional interpretations are often at odds with fashion and cultural trends. Each year, girls are turned away or asked to modify. This is easily avoidable if the following guidelines are observed: o Prom attire should reflect more a formal family occasion (like a wedding) rather than a night on the town or at a dance club. o Dresses that are too revealing, are skin tight or form-fitting, expose midriffs or cleavage, or are too short in length are not appropriate. o Claims that a dress was worn at last year’s Prom or at Homecoming, or comparisons to the dresses of other girls already admitted to Prom will not be entertained or discussed. (Claiming that “others were speeding” rarely works when pulled over by police.) o Modesty is admittedly a subjective interpretation, but one which we have a duty to uphold. Girls should therefore err on the side of modesty and formality and not put school administrators in the difficult position of upholding school standards. Having been specifically forewarned, I expect nothing less than full cooperation from girls and their parents on this issue. Specifics for Dresses:  Dress backs may not be lower than the elbow.  Dresses may not be any shorter than 3” above the knee (or 3” below the middle finger for taller girls). This includes any slits in the dress. If you purchase a dress with a slit that does not meet those guidelines, you will need to have the slit sewn.  Dresses must not be too tight or form-fitting.  Dresses may not have cut-outs. Covering a cut-out with fabric will not suffice unless that fabric is permanently sewn into the dress.  Dresses must not be low cut in the front. Be especially careful with halter-style dresses or strapless dresses with a sweetheart neckline.  Appropriate under garments should be worn based on the style of the dress. Keep in mind that certain bras, padded busts, etc. can change the look of the dress.

Staff's Commitment: No Catheter as Homecoming Party Attire

T h e la tes t fa s h io n s fo r h o m ec o m in g d a n c es o ffer a lo t o f fla tterin g s ty les . O n es h o u ld er s a tin s h ea th s . S tra p les s , b ea d ed b u s tiers . B illo w y , c h iffo n s kirts . B u t th e d res s is ju s t th e b eg in n in g o f h o m ec o m in g c o u tu re. Te e nage tre ndse tte rs spe nd hours choosing hairstyle s, he e ls, e arrings and e ye shadow to acce nt the ir chic style . But the one acce ssory you are n’t lik e ly to se e on any high school fashionista is a he m odialysis cathe te r. The de vice —consisting of two silicone tube s that e x trude from a patie nt’s che st to allow blood to be cle ane d and e x tra fluid to “I don't k now that pe ople in Kansas C ity re alize what k ind of a re source is right he re in (town),” –Ron McKinney, Elizabeth's father be re m ove d from the body—is hard to m iss. As such, the staff at C hildre n’s Me rcy m ade a prom ise to 17-ye ar-old Elizabe th McKinne y: She wouldn’t have to we ar one for he r spe cial e ve ning out. The P ath to Recov ery Doctors had place d the de vice during e m e rge ncy surge ry in Se pte m be r afte r the Libe rty, Mo., te e n’s k idne y function sudde nly dippe d be low 20 pe rce nt, My Story » [/mystory/] pushing he r into Stage 5 e nd-stage re nal dise ase (ESR D). She spe nt the ne x t Submit your story » [/mystory/submit.aspx] m onth driving to C hildre n’s Me rcy Northland clinic for dialysis thre e days a we e k . The trave l and tim e com m itm e nt be gan to strain Liz’s he alth furthe r. So doctors de cide d to switch he r to pe ritone al dialysis (PD) inste ad—with the prom ise the y’d have it done in tim e for the dance . Meeting Ev ery Need Brad W arady, MD [/C linic s _and_Servic es /C linic s _and_D epartments /N ephrology/Fac ulty_and_Staff/? doc =3 2 0 2 ] , a pe diatric ne phrologist [/C linic s _and_Servic es /C linic s _and_D epartments /N ephrology/] and se nior associate chair for the De partm e nt of Pe diatrics at C hildre n’s Me rcy, ack nowle dge d that addre ssing im portant e ve nts in an adole sce nt patie nt’s life was as im portant as addre ssing dialysis ne e ds. “R e cognition of and atte ntion to a varie ty of psychosocial issue s, such as school and de pe nde nce on doctors and nurse s at a tim e whe n m ost te e nage rs are striving for inde pe nde nce , is im pe rative ,” he e x plaine d. R on McKinne y, Liz’s dad, agre e d. “The y unde rstand what’s im portant to the ir patie nts,” he said. “The y think m ore lik e childre n and young pe ople than m ost hospitals do. The y re ally want (the m ) to have a life .”

Real Estate in Newberry
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Real Estate in Newberry, South Carolina covers a wide range of home styles and lifestyles.  Whether you are looking for a modern home with all the amenities on the lake or a charming bungalow in Historic Downtown Newberry, Linda Renwick Realty can help.  No matter what your price range, desired style, or preferred location, we can find a home just right for you and your family.  Not only do we have the best selection of Newberry, SC homes for sale, but we "know" Newberry like few others do.  Contact us today to discuss your new home.

2013 Jetta Sportwagen Technical Specifications - Media VW

2013 Jetta Sportwagen Technical Specifications Jetta Sportwagen 2.5 Jetta Sportwagen TDI Type 2.5L inline five cylinder, 20V, MPFI Bore Stroke Displacement Compression Ratio Horsepower (SAE) @ rpm Maximum torque, lb-ft @ rpm Fuel Requirement 3.25 in 3.65 in 151 cu in 9.5:1 170 hp @ 5700 177 lb-ft @ 4250 Regular unleaded 2.0L inline four cylinder, 16V, turbocharged/intercooled, DI 3.19 in 81.0 mm 3.76 in 95.5 mm 120 cu in 1968 cc 16.5:1 140 hp @ 4000 (103 kW @ 4000) 236 lb-ft @ 1750 (320 Nm @ 1750) Diesel ENGINE 82.5 mm 92.5 mm 2480 cc (125 kW @5700) (240 Nm @ 4250) ENGINE DESIGN Arrangement Cylinder block Crankshaft Cylinder head Valvetrain Front mounted, transverse Cast iron Cast iron, six main bearings Aluminum alloy, crossflow Double overhead camshaft, chain driven with automatic tensioner, four valves per cylinder, maintenance-free hydraulic lifters, variable intake timing Front mounted, transverse Cast iron Forged steel, five main bearings Aluminum alloy, crossflow Double overhead camshaft, spur belt driven, four valves per cylinder, maintenance-free hydraulic lifters Front-wheel drive Manual Front-wheel drive Manual NFP 1st 3.77 2nd 1.96 3rd 1.26 4th 0.87 5th 0.86 6th 0.72 Reverse 4.55 Final I 3.45 Final II 2.76 Automatic NJK 3.46 2.05 1.30 0.90 0.91 0.76 3.99 4.12 3.04 14.5 gal 55 L DRIVETRAIN Driven wheels Transmission Code: (may vary) Transmission Gear Ratios: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Reverse Final 3.78 2.12 1.27 0.87 0.66 -3.60 3.39 Automatic 4.04 2.37 1.56 1.16 0.85 0.67 3.19 3.87 CAPACITIES Fuel Tank 14.5 gal 55 L STEERING Type Turns (lock to lock) Turning Circle (curb to curb) Ratio

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Plaintiff is a black woman who seeks $10,000 damages, injunctive, and declaratory relief against enforcement of a grooming policy of the defendant American Airlines that prohibits employees in certain employment categories from wearing an all-braided hairstyle. Plaintiff has been an American Airlines employee for approximately eleven years, and has been an airport operations agent for over one year. Her duties involve extensive passenger contact, including greeting passengers, issuing boarding passes, and checking luggage. She alleges that the policy ... discriminates against her as a woman, and more specifically as a black woman. ... [Defendants motion to dismiss is] meritorious with respect to the statutory claims insofar as they challenge the policy on its face. The statutory bases alleged, Title VII and section 1981, are indistinguishable in the circumstances of this case, and will be considered together. The policy is addressed to both men and women, black and white. Plaintiff's assertion that the policy has practical effect only with respect to women is not supported by any factual allegations. Many men have hair longer than many women. Some men have hair long enough to wear in braids if they choose to do so. Even if the grooming policy imposed different standards for men and women, however, it would not violate Title VII. It follows, therefore, that an even-handed policy that prohibits to both sexes a style more often adopted by members of one sex does not constitute prohibited sex discrimination. This is because this type of regulation has at most a negligible effect on employment opportunity. It does not regulate on the basis of any immutable characteristic of the employees involved. It concerns a matter of relatively low importance in terms of the constitutional interests protected by the Fourteenth Amendment and Title VII, rather...

Elements of Midshipman Hair Style
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Table of Contents: 1. Hair Regulations for Women .............. 5 2. Hair Dos and Don’ts for Women ........ 9 3. Short Hair ......................................... 17 4. Hair How-to's for Women.................. 19 The French Braid ............................ 19 The Bun & Variations ..................... 24 The Gibson Tuck ............................ 32 5. African-American Hair ..................... 35 6. Women of Mixed Heritage ............... 43 7. Hair Styling for Men ......................... 45 8. Acknowledgements ........................... 49 1 2 Hair Regulations for Women All hair styles: • Must have natural looking color. • Don't dye your hair any radical colors or allow it to turn green after bleaching. • Must look neat and professional. Examples of what to do and not to do will be provided. • If you have bangs they should not be seen when you are wearing a cover, including a garrison cap. • Only two barrettes may be worn at one time and they must be the same color as the hair. • Any elastic band used to tie hair back must be the same color as the hair or it cannot be seen in the hairstyle. Short Hair: • Must not touch the lower edge of the collar while in uniform. • If worn in a spike or afro style the bulk must not exceed 2 inches. • Don't just role out of bed and allow hair to be flying in all directions. 3

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FEMALE GROOMING STANDARDS   Added hairstyle figures  Clarifies standards for braids cornrows hair braids, cornrows, extensions, & wigs  Clarifies unauthorized hairstyles (dreadlocks & twists)  12 Redefined authorized female hairstyles based on 3 g g categories of hair length Added pony tail as authorized hair style during physical training FEMALE SHORT HAIR LENGTH  Defined as hair length that extends no more than 1” from 1 scalp (excluding bangs)  Hair may be no short than ¼” ¼ from scalp, but may be evenly tapered to the scalp within 2” from the hair li edges f th h i line d  Bangs may not fall below the eyebrows & may extend to the hairline at the temple 13 13 FEMALE MEDIUM HAIR LENGTH    Bottom of Collar   Defined as hair length that extends more than 1” from scalp ( p (excluding g bangs) and does not extend beyond the lower edge of the collar Hair may be worn loosely Graduated hairstyles are authorized provided the length has no more than 1” difference f diff from f t t back front to b k Layered hairstyles are authorized provided each hair’s length is generally the same length Bulk of hair (measured from the scalp) will not exceed 2” 2 14 14 FEMALE LONG HAIR LENGTH Bulk of Hair Max 2”  Scalp line  Bulk of Bun Max 3”   Bottom of Collar Defined as hair length that extends beyond the lower edge of the collar Hair must be neatly and inconspicuously f t i i l fastened or d pinned Bangs are authorized g Bulk of hair (measured from the scalp) will not exceed 2” (except a bun, bun which may extend a maximum of 3 inches from the scalp) and be no wider than the width of th h d idth f the head. 15 15 FEMALE UNAUTHORIZED HAIRSTYLES  More than 1 1” difference in length from front to back  Bangs fall below eyebrows  Scrunchie color is not similar to hair color

Print/View Service Menu PDF - Bella Beauty College

Extensions Hourly Rate added to listed prices Haircuts Shampoo, Cond. & Blowdry Included Haircut Clipper Cut Edge Up Bang Trim Hair Styles $ $ $ $ 6.00 7.00 3.00 3.00 Shampoo & Cond. Included Shampoo Roller Set Blowdry Curling Iron (Short-Medium Hair) Curling Iron (Long Hair) Flat Iron (Short-Medium Hair) Flat Iron (Long Hair) Blowdry / Curling or Flat Iron Blowdry / Press Press / Curling or Flat Iron Plait Wrap Wrap / Curling or Flat Iron Spiral Curl / Rollers Spiral Curl / Perm Rods Spiral Curl / Curling Iron Dryer Only Up-Do Ponytail (own hair rolled) Braid Braid (with added hair) Braids / Up-Do French Twist (own hair) Finger Waves Comb Out Only Crimps Straw Set Freeze Flat Twisties (half head) Flat Twisties (whole head) Quick Weave $ 2.00 $ 6.00 & UP $ 8.00 & UP $10.00 & UP $15.00 & UP $15.00 & UP $20.00 & UP $15.00 & UP $15.00 & UP $20.00 & UP $10.00 & UP $ 8.00 & UP $15.00 & UP $10.00 & UP $15.00 & UP $20.00 & UP $ 1.00 $25.00 & UP $10.00 & UP $ 5.00 & UP $15.00 Each $45.00 & UP $25.00 & UP $15.00 & UP $ 5.00 & UP $20.00 & UP $25.00 & UP $20.00 & UP $15.00 & UP $25.00 & UP $45.00 +$5 per hour Corn Rows (own hair) Corn Rows w/ Design (own hair) Corn Rows (added hair) Corn Rows w/ Style or Up-Do Corn Row Removal Extensions (microbraids) Extension Removal Bonded Tracks Bonded Tracks Removal Sewn Tracks Sewn Tracks Removal Dread Locks Double Twisties Crochet Braids Additional Fee for Beads Additional Fee for Virgin Hair $25.00 $35.00 $35.00 $45.00 $10.00 & UP $65.00 & UP $25.00 $ 5.00 per Track $ 2.50 per Track $10.00 per Track $ 5.00 per Track $25.00 & UP $40.00 & UP $50.00 $ 5.00 Extra $ 5.00 Extra Perms & Relaxers Partial Perm Perm Spiral Wrap Elasta QP Care Free Affirm Affirm Sensitive Scalp Wave Nouveau Addition Applications Cut & Basic Style Included $ 1.00 $30.00 $55.00 $30.00 $35.00 $35.00 $45.00 $40.00 $ 5.00 per Rod & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP & UP Extra Gift Certificates & Specials Events and Gift Certificates are perfect for Birthdays & Quinces, Weddings & Prom, Pamper Days & Holidays! Create a unique experience. Customize your very own Gift Certificate! Events are special at Bella. Schedule your next Birthday, Quince, or Bridal party with us! ** TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS ** Senior Discounts 20% OFF! Esthetic Services Hair Color Temporary Rinse Semi-Permanent Color (under dryer additional fee) Demi-Permanent Color Permanent Color (one shade) Bleach (virgin) Bleach Retouch Shampoo Cap Color or Bleach (w/ cap) Color or Bleach (w/ foil) Corrective Color High Lights or Low Lights (w/ cap) High Lights or Low Lights (w/ foil) High Lights & Low Lights Streaks Additional Toner per application Blowdry Included $ 1.00 $10.00 $5.00 Extra $20.00 $20.00 & UP $45.00 & UP $30.00 & UP $20.00 & UP $35.00 & UP $45.00 & UP $50.00 & UP $35.00 & UP $45.00 & UP $65.00 & UP $ 5.00 Each $15.00 Each Conditioners Leave In (moisturizer) Under Dryer (moisturizer) Customizable (moisture & protein) Reconstructor Shimmering Lights Shampoo Tea Tree Shampoo Tea Tree Conditioner $ 2.00 $ 5.00 $ 7.00 $10.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 10.00 $ 55.00 $160.00 $ 30.00 $ 30.00 $150.00 $ 20.00 $ 15.00 $ 20.00 $ 25.00 $ 25.00 $ 6.00 $ 8.00 $ 15.00 $ 8.00 & UP $ 6.00 $ 6.00 $ 6.00 $ 25.00 $ 15.00 & UP $ 25.00 & UP $ 40.00 & UP $ 30.00 & UP $ 20.00 & UP 5 Locations to Serve You! North Austin (512) 454-2781 4631 Airport Blvd. Austin, TX 78751 South Austin (512) 444-9875 623 W. Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78704 Nail Services Express Manicure (soak, file, polish) Add Paraffin Wax Add French Polish Spa Manicure Express Pedicure (soak, file, polish) Add Paraffin Wax Add French Polish Spa Pedicure Full Set Nails Fills Repair Nails Nail Removal Polish Change (hands) Nail Art 3D Nail Art Make-Up (please provide foundation) Microdermabrasion (single session) Micro Pkg. (5 sessions) Glycolic Peel (single session) Salicylic Peel (single session) Peel Pkg. (6 sessions) High Frequency Treatment Express Facial Spa Facial Ultimate Facial (Extractions Included) Back Facial Brow Tint Lash Tint Lash Tabbing Brow Tweeze or Wax Lip Wax Cheek Wax Chin Wax Full Face Wax (chin, lip cheeks) Underarm or Shoulder Wax Half Leg Wax (both legs) Full Leg Wax (both legs) Chest or Back Wax

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The front page shows ‘Portrait of Princess Marie Louise as a Byzantine Empress’. This posthumous portrait of the first wife of Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria was painted in 1900 by Prof. Ivan Mrkvička and won the gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in the same year. In the picture we can see motives borrowed from the wellknown early Byzantine (4th century) floor ‘mosaic with cypresses’ excavated under the apse of St. Sophia Church in Sofia, and the ornamented garment of the princess reproduces the attire of Sebastocratress Desislava from the 13th century murals in the famous Boyana Church. The 3 metre-high canvas is kept in the collection of the National Art Gallery, set in its original bronze relief frame cast by Boris Schatz. Sofia Municipality: Dipliana-NEOVIZANT-ENG-new.indd---1 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black From top to bottom: From top to bottom: St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, detail of the south façade ● designed by Arch. A. Pomerantsev in 1882 and built in 1904—1912 ● consecrated in 1924 Church of St. Nicholas the New of Sofia ● designed by Arch. A. Tornyov, 1896—1900 ● façade decoration and interior design by H. Tachev and St. Badjov ● wood-carved iconostasis and furniture implemented by Lazar and Nestor Aleksiev after a design by A. Tornyov and H. Tachev Church of the Seven Saints, or ‘Sveti Sedmochislenitsi’ ● In 1901— 1903 the Kodjadervish Mosque, designed by Mimar Sinan (1528), was reconstructed into a church in post-Byzantine style following the design of architects A. Pomerantsev, P. Momchilov and Y. Milanov Church of St. Paraskeva (The New) ● designed by Arch. A. Tornyov and built in 1922—1929 ● woodcarved iconostasis by Jan Travnicki and Todor Christov Sofia Central Synagogue ● designed by Arch. F. Grünanger and built in 1905—1909 ● façade decoration and interior design by H. Tachev ● Sofia Synagogue is a Sephardic (Spanish) Jewish temple, which is why the building displays an unusual mixture of Moorish and post-Byzantine styles. Halite ● designed by Arch. Naum Torbov and built in 1909—1911 ● restored in 2000