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5 Social Media Sites You Should Be Using

It is vital that you know where your target audience heads to when they are using the Internet. There are literally hundreds of social media sites, but it is impossible for most business people to create custom content for each of them. When arming yourself with this information, you are able to create your brand quicker, recover former clients who may have forgotten about your product and segment your audience based on their preferences. When looking at social media sites, make sure to consider these five choices.

Personalized Beach Towels Market Your Business in a Unique Way

Marketing your product or business to an audience offline allows people to make the association between social excursions and pleasure trips with your brand.

Raleigh ISSA Chapter Jobs website: ...

Raleigh ISSA Chapter members, This week's job opportunities are from chapter members, local recruiters, LinkedIn and the CISSP Jobs Forum. Interested candidates should follow up with the identified contact directly and/or check their website for additional info. A list of regularly updated job-related websites, articles and future events are listed below. Please send me any technology-related opportunities in NC that you hear about! EVENTS 1) 11/01/12: Raleigh ISSA Chapter Jobs Networking Meeting - McKimmon Center Lobby from 6:006:50 pm before the Chapter's main meeting. 2) 11/06-08: Internet Summit - Raleigh Convention Center. Join hundreds of executives, business strategists, entrepreneurs, investors and marketers for expert content on internet trends and opportunities created by web technologies, social media, online advertising, online video, and other essential new web oriented technologies. Hear from industry leaders and innovators on the future of the industry, how to capitalize on the shifting dynamics of the internet and tap into its unlimited business potential. Register now as space is limited! 3) 12/06/12: Raleigh ISSA Chapter Jobs Networking Meeting - McKimmon Center Lobby from 6:006:50 pm before the Chapter's main meeting. 4) 1/03/13: Raleigh ISSA Chapter Jobs Networking Meeting - McKimmon Center Lobby from 6:006:50 pm before the Chapter's main meeting. OPPORTUNITIES 1) Network Engineer (CAD) - Cary. Carolina Advanced Digital (CAD) is seeking a new Network...

Job Postings - North Carolina Education Lottery

The following positions are available at the North Carolina Education Lottery. All candidates must complete a North Carolina Education Lottery Employment Application. Completed applications may be mailed to: Employment Opportunities North Carolina Education Lottery 56886 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-6886 Or, e-mailed to: The North Carolina Education Lottery (“NCEL”) is an at-will, Equal Opportunity Employer. ICS Operator (1 position – Raleigh) Position #varies: The purpose of this position is to monitor and ensure the Internal Control Systems balance with the NCEL’s gaming systems. That all draws and the Internal Control Systems are processed correctly and accurately. This is accomplished by working in a secure area; processing daily and multi-state drawings on multiple systems; troubleshooting server and system issues; updating websites and other advertising streams; interacting with vendors; sending reports; and maintaining log files and ensuring that ICS system process. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Monitors ICS systems by checking availability of needed files and reports; rebooting primary system; maintaining log files; comparing register reports; and confirming daily balances; processing daily drawings on multiple systems; updating website, social media, and sales data; interacting with vendors; updating messages; participating in conference calls; and...

An Abney Associates Fraud Awareness Program: When Someone Steals Your Smartphone, Snap a Theftie

We all know selfies. And even dronies. But if you thought it could stop there, you are deeply naive. Bring on the “thefties.” The name may come from a cheery social phenomenon, but thefties are a little more serious. They’re photos of electronics thieves taken with a tablet or smartphone’s front-facing camera. The goal is to give police something to go on if your device is stolen, or let you ID the culprit if it's someone you know. The mobile security company Lookout is marketing thefties as part of its software suite for iOS and Android. The service currently sends you email alerts when it seems like someone is tampering with your device (by entering incorrect security codes, trying to uninstall software, etc.), and then GPS-tracks it so you can locate it from a browser. But now the thefties feature will also activate the device's front-facing camera and stealthily photography whoever is staring down at it. You get the photo in your inbox with a map pointing to the device's location

Why social marketing gaining constant popularity all over the world?

Use of social media for easy and customized communication is thoroughly entwined with today's lifestyle.

Structural analysis of behavioral networks from the ... - Informatics

Abstract. In spite of the Internet’s phenomenal growth and social impact, many aspects of the collective communication behavior of its users are largely unknown. Understanding the structure and dynamics of the behavioral networks that connect users with each other and with services across the Internet is key to modeling the network and designing future applications. We present a characterization of the properties of the behavioral networks generated by several million users of the Abilene (Internet2) network. Structural features of these networks offer new insights into scaling properties of network activity and ways of distinguishing particular patterns of traffic. For example, we find that the structure of the behavioral network associated with Web activity is characterized by such extreme heterogeneity as to challenge any simple attempt to model Web server traffic.

Installation of Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope on Sony Vaio ...

This document is outdated. For an easier solution please refer to http://global­­VGN­Zseries for a much easier solution, using the "janitor script" by Raphael Gradenwitz. Step 1) Installation of Ubuntu 9.04 from CD. After the Installation, several things work out of the box: – Intel GM 45 Express Graphics – Sound – Integrated Camera (tested with Cheese) – DVD Burner – Several Special Buttons (Volume, Monitor Brightness) – Wireless LAN and LAN – Bluetooth Some things don't work: – Graphic Card switching. Nvidia Geforce is visible using lspci, but not initialized. Button to switch between Stamina/Speed without function. – Memory Card Reader can't read Sony Memory Stick. No log entry when inserting a stick into the reader. There should be something, when calling dmesg. Step 2) Getting Intel AND nVidia Graphics to work. This laptop has two separate graphic cards: Intel GM 45 Express and nVidia GeForce 9300M. Under Windows Vista the Stamina/Speed switch will switch from one graphic card to the other while the laptop is running. Under Linux, both cards are visible on the PCI bus, but the nVidia card cannot be enabled out of the box. Only the Intel card works. With the sony­laptop module from Eva Brucherseifer and Matthias Welwarsky it is possible to enable either Intel or nVidia card. Drawback in regard to Windows Vista is that the cards cannot be “hot”­ switched during operation of the system. The computer has to be shut down (not only rebooted) completely. Then the card can be switched via the Stamina/Speed switch. On booting you have the Intel card (when choosing Stamina) or nVidia card (when choosing Speed) enabled. To be able to cold­switch, you first download and compile the module from Eva:

Social Collaboration Software vs Social Media Networks in Higher Education | Social collaboration software in colleges and universities opens up new opportunities for learning, sharing, and researching, connecting all campus communities. Open source social media platforms make the educational institution vulnerable to security issues, among other drawbacks.

Housenet social media and classified service

Stay up to date with latest happening in your country and build your community with largest social network