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The global economy in 2014 - Grant Thornton International Business ...

The global economy looks much healthier as we begin 2014 compared with 12 months ago. Then, fears over the ‘fiscal cliff’ in the United States, the recession in Europe and the rebalancing of China’s economy were dampening growth prospects across the world, and globally, business confidence was at its lowest since the financial crisis.Today, global growth prospects look a lot brighter with most large developed economies, especially Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States expected to grow strongly in 2014. The optimism of business leaders in these economies has increased dramatically over the past year and the hope is that rising confidence will encourage them to invest more in their operations and their people to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. However, the situation in many emerging markets is something of a mirror image. Since the United States Federal Reserve announced plans to begin tapering its huge quantitative easing programme, many economies have seen their currencies slide and growth suffer. Business confidence in China, Brazil, India and South Africa all fell to record lows in 2013, and in Russia and Turkey to record lows since the financial crisis began. Confidence has rebounded, especially in China and India, but with many of these economies suffering from slowing growth, sliding currencies and social unrest, 2014 could be a period of significant adjustment. The eurozone crisis also remains delicately poised. Following a contraction of 0.4% in 2013, the currency bloc is expected to return to growth in 2014, but while Germany is expected to expand robustly, the next two largest economies in the currency bloc, France and Italy, look set to struggle and their business communities are amongst the least optimistic in the world.

IMS Business Report 2014 vFinal - International Music Summit

by Kevin Watson 1 IMS Business Report 2014 by The IMS Business Report 2014 covers five different aspects of the industry 1 2 3 4 5 Music Sales of tracks by country and analysis of most popular tune DJs & Live Acts Profiles of leading artists, including social media following Clubs & Festivals Popularity of festivals and focus on Indian market Companies & Brands Key players in industry, recent M&A activity and partnerships Industry Overall Updated estimate of value and growth of Dance Music globally Hint: follow the sections through the report by looking for the starred number at the top of each page IMS Business Report 2014 by 2 1 Music In the USA, Dance was the only genre to achieve positive growth in digital track sales in 2013 USA Digital Track Sales by Genre (YoY % Change 2013) •  For the second year in a row, Dance was the highest growing genre in terms of tracks sold

Electric Power Training Center - EPTC - Western Area Power ...

Authorization for Release of Information For the Purpose of Touring Secure Facilities The Fundamentals of Power System Operations course offered by the EPTC includes touring secure facilities within the Federal Government as related to the security and control of the national electrical power grid. Due to heightened security within the Federal Government, all non-Federal persons taking this class are now required to have a security background check completed in order to take the tour. (Federal employees have already had a background check completed). Since the tour is a key component of the class YOU CANNOT TAKE THE FUNDAMENTALS CLASS WITHOUT COMPLETION OF THIS BACKGROUND CHECK. The following form must be completed and received by the EPTC within 3 days of class registration. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I understand that the information released is for official use only by the EPTC for the purpose of site visits to facilities owned and operated by the Western Area Power Administration, U.S. Department of Energy, during the Fundamentals of Power System Operations class I am scheduled to attend. Copies of this authorization that show my signature are as valid as the original release signed by me. This authorization becomes invalid after the completion of the scheduled class. Name of Person to have background investigation: (type or print legibly) Sex _____________________________________ (Last) (First) (M) Place of Birth: Male City: ________________________ ______________________________________ County: _________________________ Social Security Number State: ______ ______ - ____ - ______ Country: _______________ Date of Birth Female _________ ______ _______ Month Day Year Other Names Used: By my signature below, I authorize the EPTC or their agent to conduct a background investigation on myself for the purposes stated above. _________________________________________________________________________________ Signature Date Please complete this form and fax (720-962-7845) to the Electric Power Training Center within 3 days after class registration. Thank you for your Cooperation Electric Power Training Center

Business to Business Social Media Marketing

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Housetrends Magazine, the leading Cincinnati Home & Garden ...

Housetrends Magazine, an affiliate of Reach USA, is a home and garden magazine with locations in five markets: Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Pittsburgh and Tampa. Each city was chosen for its own unique sense of style and regional personality. Every Housetrends issue displays the vibrancy and creativity of the market’s community of residents and home and & garden professionals. is a home and garden website that provides an interactive extension of the Housetrends Magazine. Housetrends Magazine and has an exciting opportunity on our Cincinnati Sales Team for a highly motivated sales professional anxious for growth and opportunity. Job Description:  Creating relationships with professionals in the residential home and garden industry.  Sales networking with industry associations to create viable client base.  Sales prospecting for new residential home and garden industry based potential clients.  Generating sales through cold calling to create ongoing new sales opportunities.  Maintaining sales reports.  Collecting and maintaining client collection. Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:  2-5 years outside sales experience.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Proficient with Microsoft Office products including Excel and Powerpoint.  Social media experience. Benefits:  Compensation includes base plus sales commission.  Medical insurance  Dental insurance  Life AD&D insurance  401K


A set of 20 revised and updated tools intended for use throughout the mining project cycle Community development is the process of increasing the strength and effectiveness of communities, improving people’s quality of life and enabling people to participate in decision making to achieve greater long-term control over their lives. Sustainable community development programs are those that contribute to the community’s long-term development needs and priorities and ensure a fairer distribution of the costs, benefits, risks and responsibilities associated with mining activities. The essential element of sustainability in community development is that actions must be community planned and driven, not imposed by donors or companies. Mining and mineralprocessing activities can play a central role in sustainable community development by acting as a catalyst for positive economic and social change in areas that may otherwise have limited opportunities for economic and social development. They can also influence the equitable distribution of mine-related benefits by ensuring that opportunities are created for women and vulnerable and/or marginalized groups such as Indigenous Peoples, ethnic minorities and the economically displaced.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Progress on Economic ...

Dear Mr. Chairman: In August 1993, the Congress authorized the 10-year Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community program to help selected distressed communities develop comprehensive approaches for dealing with their social and economic problems. In December 1994, over 100 communities were designated as federal empowerment zones and enterprise communities. These communities will receive about $1 billion in federal grants, as well as tax benefits for certain businesses located in the communities.1 In 1997, the Congress authorized the designation of 22 additional empowerment zones, 2 of which—Los Angeles and Cleveland—the administration has already designated. In addition, Members of the Congress have introduced legislative proposals to further extend this program or provide for similar programs.2 To learn how the program is working, you asked us to (1) examine the progress made by the federal empowerment zones in implementing the program, (2) describe the steps taken by the two responsible federal agencies—the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)—to monitor and evaluate the existing zones’ progress, and (3) describe the status of steps to designate the second group of empowerment zones. This report focuses on six zones that we visited—three urban (Atlanta, Baltimore, and New York City) and three rural (the Rio Grande Valley, the Kentucky Highlands, and the Mississippi Mid-Delta) empowerment zones, all of which were designated in 1994. As agreed with your office, the report focuses on the empowerment zones’ progress in implementing economic development activities.

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Experts say the government should get involved with tackling the challenge of social engineering scams.

Psychological insulin resistance: a critical review of the literature

Our objective was to conduct a critical review of the factors that account for psychological insulin resistance (PIR) and of the available strategies to reduce it. Medline, PubMed, Cochrane reviews, PsycInfo, ProQuest, Science Direct, and EBSCO databases were searched and 60 studies were included in the final review. Topics reviewed included: research methods, instruments to assess PIR, PIR in patients and in the medical care team, and proposed strategies for overcoming it. The results showed that a large number of factors account for PIR in patients. The main categories are emotional, cognitive, social/cultural, and interaction with health providers. Physicians mainly delay insulin because they lack knowledge on guidelines or pancreas physiology, they fear inducing hypoglycaemia in elderly or impaired patients, and/or they lack time or personnel resources to teach initiation. Strategies proposed to reduce PIR are educational and psychological (exposure, desensitisation, relaxation and counselling). We concluded that there is a great need of evidence-based interventions that help remove psychological barriers about insulin use in patients, as well as in health care providers. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons. Practical Diabetes Int 2011; 28(3): 125–128

An Abney Associates Fraud Awareness Program: The resurgence of data-entry phishing attacks

How do you solve a problem like data-entry phishing? ‘Old school’ email social engineering or data-entry phishing is an attack method that has been on the rise in recent months, notably employed by the Syrian Electronic Army to hack seemingly every major media outlet in the Western hemisphere. Data-Entry phishing emails lure employees into freely giving up their login credentials by taking them to a seemingly legitimate landing page. Attackers then use the credentials to establish a foothold in the network. When spear phishing, data-entry style emails contain a link that takes the recipient to a webpage that appears to be a genuine corporate or commercial site soliciting login information. Despite their pervasiveness and high-success rate, data-entry attacks seeking login credentials and other sensitive information have been a secondary concern for enterprises.