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Elliott and Associates economy review: In China testet Obama globalen Einfluss nach den Wahlen

Peking (AP) — seinen Einfluss zu Hause schnell verblassen, Präsident Barack Obama Osten nach China, der Eröffnung Haltestelle einer drei-Länder-Tour sucht, die seine Fähigkeit, eine Führungsrolle in der Welt in seinen letzten zwei Jahren im Amt zu spielen auf die Probe stellen.

En intervju med Japans premiärminister Shinzo Abe: Elliott and Associates Economy Review Europe

Efter att ha tagit vågad ekonomiska åtgärder för att dra Japan ur lågkonjunkturen, premiärminister Shinzo Abe kan vara på gränsen till ett annat genombrott: ett möte med Kinas President Xi Jinping i nästa vecka på den Asien-Stillahavsområdet ekonomiska samarbete (APEC) samlas i Peking. Under det senaste året har eskalerat spänningar mellan Japan och Kina över öarna i East China Sea (känd i Japan som de Senkaku-öarna och i Kina som Diaoyu öarna). Diplomatiska förbindelser mellan de två länderna har frysts efter 2012, när Japan köpt öarna, och Abe har också kommit under kritik i Kina för hans 2013 besök till Yasukuni Shrine i Japans krig döda, som omfattar andra världskriget krigsförbrytare. Han satte sig på sitt kontor här senaste veckan med The Washington Post Lally Weymouth att diskutera ekonomin, band med Kina och om han har förtroende för President Obama.

Westhill Healthcare Consulting Jakarta fraud prevention review Wonkbook: Why the Obama administratio

Westhill Healthcare Consulting Jakarta fraud prevention review Wonkbook: Why the Obama administration won’t oversell Obamacare in year two Wonkbook’s Number of the Day: 70 percent. That’s the latest estimate of the mortality rate in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the World Health Organization announced. Wonkbook’s Chart of the Day: Oil prices are falling, and fast. Wonkbook’s Top 5 Stories: (1) Obamacare October surprises and a lower sales bar; (2) Ebola treatments for U.S. patients; (3) attorney general nomination update; (4) security threats of climate change; and (5) new help for long-term jobless. 1. Top story: With a month to go, why the Obama administration won’t oversell Obamacare in year two Team Obama’s year-two strategy: Underselling Obamacare. “The Obama administration vastly oversold how well Obamacare was going to work last year. It’s not making the same mistake this year. Gone are the promises that enrolling will be as easy as buying a plane ticket on Orbitz.

Srbi ne mogu anticipirati stvari, pa čak ni na minimalne periode i bez obzira što je sopstvena koža u pitanju

Jeste opasna Merkelova po sve nas, opasan je i Obama, opasni su i Šiptari, Hrvati, Bošnjaci, ali su oni svi zajedno male mace, naspram opasnosti koja nam preti od Vučića i njegove naprednjačke horde. Juče u mojoj ulici dve kuće su isključene sa električne mreže. U Srbiji ih je samo juče odsečeno na stotine. Ljudi, deca, starci, sede u mraku. Šta jedu, ako već nemaju ni struju da plate, posebno je pitanje. To je nezapamčeno. Bile su sankcije, bio je rat, a da tako nije bilo

Bilo bi dobro da ovdje uvrstite i komentar o novoj tranši kao pomoći MMF Ukrajini

NATO pakt i Barak Obama optužuju Rusiju za invaziju na gotovo isti način, na koji su optužili Irak za posedovanje hemijskog oružja

Green card rules eased - Caudle Immigration

Green card rules eased Applicants can now live with citizen relatives in U.S. during process By Matt O'Brien In the latest move to clear paths to legal residency for illegal immigrants, the Obama adminis tration on,Wednesday ruled that thousands of foreign spouses and children can stay with their U.S. citizen relatives while applying for green cards. The policy "reduces long pe riods of separation between U.S. citizens and their immediate rela tives," Alejandro Mayorkas, direc tor of U.S. Citizenship and Immi gration Services, said Wednesday in a conference call. The shift is a relief for married couples such as California winemakers Erika and Edgar Torres, who have delayed starting a fam ily and lived in fear of forced sepa ration because of immigration troubles.

As a citizen of the USA, I am tired of the endless wars by our presidents particularly since WW2

As a citizen of the USA, I am tired of the endless wars by our presidents particularly since WW2. Be absolutely clear that many of us here know the MH17 flight was shot down by Ukraine puppets of the CIA to frame Russia and give Obama's crime syndicate reason to start a war with Russia.

SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris - Bisa Kimia

Over this decade, employment in jobs requiring education beyond a high school diploma will grow more rapidly than employment in jobs that do not; of the 30 fastest growing occupations, more than half require post-secondary education. With the average earnings of college graduates at a level that is twice as high as that of workers with only a high school diploma, higher education is now the clearest (31) ... into the middle class. In higher education, the U.S. has been outpaced internationally. While the United States ranks ninth in the world in the proportion of young adults enrolled in college, we have fallen to 16th in the world in our share of certificates and degrees awarded to adults ages 25-34 — lagging behind Korea, Canada. Japan and other nations. While more than half of college students graduate within six years, the (32) ... for low-income students is around 25 percent. Acknowledging these factors early in his administration, President Obama challenged every American to commit to at least one year of higher education or post-secondary training. (33) ... that America would once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020. 31. The opinion that best completes (31) is ... (A) Effort (B) Position (C) Beginning (D) Advantage (E) Pathway 32. The opinion that best completes (32) is ... (A) Learning achievement (B) Academic capacity (C) Completion rate (D) Logical understanding (E) Intellectual development...

US, UN, EU will not pay any attention to the atrocities commited by Ukrainian authorities

US, UN, EU will not pay any attention to the atrocities commited by Ukrainian authorities. President Obama supported the coup authorities in Kiev and called Petro Poroshenko as "wise selection" for the Ukrainian Presidency. President Petro Poroshenko will remain "wise selection president" for the western powers as long as he obeys his hundlers, those ones that reside in the political houses of the western powers .

Small Business Report -
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This report focuses on the vital role that America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners play in strengthening the U.S. economy. The Obama Administration has put new initiatives and increased incentives in place to support small businesses – including seventeen tax cuts, improved access to capital and expanded support for high growth businesses – as they continue to out‐compete, and out‐innovate the rest of the world. Over the past two and a half years, President Obama has enacted sweeping changes to support, reinvest, and revitalize America’s economy in the wake of a major recession. As a result, large U.S. firms are now making powerful new investments, including building new facilities and buying new equipment. With regards to job creation, however, we know that America’s small businesses pack the biggest punch, creating two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year. These small businesses are the cornerstone of our communities. They are the source of pride for working families. And, every day, we see America’s entrepreneurs continue to step out and take risks with new ideas in order to help us win the future. This report details the many investments this Administration has made since January 2009 to support small businesses, investments that include: expanding access to capital, supporting startups and high‐growth firms, training America’s workforce, reducing barriers to entrepreneurship, increasing small business exports, and much more.

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