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Renew your Wedding Vows with Unique Diamond Wedding Bands from

Time quickly slips away when you are in the arms of someone who loves you more with each passing day. Now your wedding anniversary is around the corner and you want to celebrate all those years of love and togetherness.

Commercial Entrance Floor Mats | Custom floor mats are a welcome addition to any commercial building or church. With inclement weather on the rise this winter, it is important to reduce slips and falls by reducing the amount of moisture on your floors.

Apple iPod nano Take Apart Repair Manual - Powerbook Medic

Apple iPod nano Take Apart Repair Manual Any portion of this manual may not be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the express written consent of Violators will be prosecuted. This manual is presented as a guide in order to help you repair problems on your iPod Working on an iPod can be dangerous if not done properly. We at take no responsibility for any damage or harm done to yourself or your iPod as a result of reading this guide. Welcome to the iPod nano Take-Apart manual. Nanos are small and fragile, so you have to handle them with care. The inside is pretty much one piece including the logic board, battery (which is soldered on), RAM (2 or 4GB), headphone jack, and data port. There is one slight difference between the design of the 2GB and 4GB models. The 2GB model in the revisions seen so far have a socketed daughterboard. This allows for easy replacement of the RAM by just removing a couple of screws. The 4GB models have the RAM chip soldered directly to the logic board making it nearly impossible to change RAM chips without the proper soldering equipment. This manual will show a comparison between the two models a little bit later. It is a good idea to stick some tape around the edge of the metal back casing right up next to the groove between the metal back casing and the plastic top case. It is quite easy to slip while you are using your flat tool and scratch the metal case. The tape will help shield the case from most accidental slips. The best place to start is wherever you feel most comfortable. It is recommended to not start near the headphone jack, hold button, and data port. Work your way around gently prying up until the top case pops off. Don't remove the back case with force or you may break some vital internals You should now have the back case removed. There aren't any cables connected to the back case. You can now see the back of the logic board. Removing the Logic Board: (previous steps required: Opening the Case) The first step is to dislodge the battery. It is held on by some adhesive along the sides. Just use your flat tool and gently pry up on the battery until it comes loose. Once it is unstuck, you should be able to just flip the battery out. Be careful with the wires on the battery. They are soldered onto the logic board. If you pull to hard you could rip the cables and have to resolder...

Yakima Sprocket Rocket Bike Rack Installation Instructions

SprocketRocket CROSSBAR SPREADS: Up to 2 bikes: 16” minimum crossbar spread More than 2 bikes: 18” minimum crossbar spread Maximum crossbar spread is 46” Wheel Strap Wheeltray Red Lever Carriage Bolt Head Quick Release Lever and Skewer (assembled) SnapAround Quick Release Lever Skewer Cover Hex Key Red Knob Loosen tabs by bending them back and forth. Attach SnapAround to rear crossbar. Attach SnapAround to rear crossbar. Remove tabs with scissors or pliers. Set opened jaws onto crossbar. Slide head back until bar slips into mouth. SECURE sprocket rocket TO CROSSBAR. Press and lift red lever. Jaw should drop open and silver hook should drop down. Slide wheeltray bolt into end of wheeltray. Close jaw, then press silver hook to close against jaw. Align bolt to SnapAround. Push bolt through hole. Close red lever. cover should close with firm resistance. If not, repeat previous step, being sure to press the silver hook closed against jaw...

Installation Guide 2008 - 2009 Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade

Installation Guide 2008 - 2009 Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade Congratulations on the purchase of your new TaylorMade underbelly exhaust kit for your Fireblade. Your new exhaust is fabricated from thin wall stainless steel so will never rust. The black finish is a baked on ceramic coating and only requires washing with soap and water to keep clean. Any competent mechanic with basic tools can install the kit but if you have any doubts in your mechanical abilities entrust installation to an experienced workshop. Time to fit is approximately 2 hours depending on familiarity. All directions are given as if you are sat on the bike: e.g. Left = gear change side. Fitting is straightforward but please do read the instructions carefully, as they will help you get the job done quicker and more easily. To watch a demonstration video on how to install your TaylorMade exhaust, go online to Preparation 1. Remove the rider’s seat and lower cowl. Please see pages 104-106 of the Owner’s Manual for details of removing the lower cowl. 2. Disconnect the exhaust valve servo motor located under the rider’s seat. First, unclip the wiring connector from the under tray by depressing the tab under the connector sliding it to the left. You can now separate the connector. 3. Remove the bolt securing the servo motor to the under tray. Pull the motor off its post and disconnect the cable. 4. Pull the cable through from below, replace the servo motor, reconnect the wiring and clip the connector back in to place. 5. Remove stock muffler by: a) loosen the slip joint to header clamp b) remove rear mounting bolt from rider’s footrest hanger c) detach the footrest hanger d) rotate the muffler to one side and pull it off the headers 6. Remove heat shield from the back of the footrest by taking off the small bolt at the front. (careful: the bolts are quite soft headed and require care when removing.) Undo the rear bolt which has a nut on the back. Assembly 1. Slip the TMR muffler onto the headers at an angle so it slips under the suspension linkage. Once engaged, roll the muffler up and behind the foot rest hanger and then push the muffler fully home against the stop on the headers. 2. Replace the footrest hanger and tighten mounting bolts. 3. Put the stock muffler mounting bolt back through the footrest hanger mount, through the strap bracket and let it rest there. 4. Tighten the muffler clamp firmly. If you have a torque wrench torque to 25 foot pounds. Make sure the muffler is tightly attached and there is no movement...

Instruction Manual -
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Instruction Manual Original Instruction Manual EA3100T Important: Read this instruction manual carefully before putting the chain saw into operation and strictly observe the safety regulations! Keep this instruction manual! FOREWORD This Owner’s/Operator’s Manual is designed to familiarize the operator with the various features and component parts of the equipment and to assist you with the operation and maintenance of your new Chain Saw. WARNING :This chain saw is for trained tree service operators only, see instruction handbook! It is essential that any operator of this Chain Saw reads and understands the contents of this manual before using the Chain Saw. For additional assistance, contact any local authorized MAKITA dealer. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MODEL: EA3100T Starter grip Front hand guard - Guard between the front handle and the saw chain for protecting the hand from injuries and aiding in control of the chain saw if the hand slips off the handle. This guard is used to activate the chain brake which is to stop the saw chain rotation. Rear handle (for the right hand)-Support handle located towards the rear of the engine housing. Guide bar - The part that supports and guides the saw chain. Saw chain - Saw chain, serving as a cutting tool. Starter grip - The grip of the starter, for starting the engine. Front handle (for the left hand) - Support handle located at the front of the engine housing. Fuel tank cap - For closing the fuel tank. Oil tank cap - For closing the oil tank. Primer pump -When starting engine, push primer pump 5 - 6 times. Throttle trigger lockout - A safety lever which must be depressed before the throttle trigger can be activated in order to prevent the accidental operation of the throttle trigger. Lifting hook -If working off the ground the operator must be trained in safe climbing Techniques and use of all recommended safety equipment. Cleaner cover - Covers air filter. Cleaner cover knob-Device for installing...

2010 Overrunning Alternator Pulleys - Schaeffler Group

Ignition and compression within an engine results in acceleration and deceleration of the crankshaft. These rotational variances are then transferred to the engine’s auxiliary components via the belt drive system. Unacceptable noise, strong belt vibration and early belt wear are the result. Individual accessories affect the drive system to varying degrees. The alternator has the greatest moment of inertia and therefore the biggest influence on noise, vibration and harshness. To disengage the alternator and remove it’s effects on the drive system, INA has developed the overrunning clutch belt pulley. This belt pulley is assembled on the alternator shaft and is integrated within the belt drive....Causes: • Tension in the drive is too low. The belt slips over the overrunning clutch. • The overrunning alternator pulley does not work. Damage symptoms 2 ...

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law, sometimes known as tort law, includes bodily and psychological injuries caused by various reasons including slips and falls, road collisions, utilize of faulty products, calumny, medical malpractice and animal attacks.

Injury lawyer
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Private injuries legislation, also identified as "tort regulation," includes bodily and emotional injuries caused by different reasons this sort of as slips and falls, street accidents, use of faulty items, defamation, health-related malpractice and animal bites.

Waterproof tape
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Slips and falls on moist, dry or oily surfaces are a major difficulty for industrial establishments and residences. Slip relevant injuries represent a surprisingly high proportion of function and house accidents. But they can be easily prevented with goods designed to improve the friction and lessen accidental slipping on all sorts of indoor and out of doors floors, staircase, decks and other slippery spots.

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