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cat 3306 rod bolt torque

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Fleet Solutions - Brake Shoe Catalog - CARQUEST Auto Parts ...

Anatomy of a Brake Shoe Shoe Web: Shoes may have one or two webs; the web is the rail that the shoe table is welded to. Shoe Table: The table is a flat arched metal plate welded to the web. There are rivet holes through the table for fastening the lining to the table. Cam End: The end of the web that holds the roller which rides on the cam shaft. Anchor End: The end of the shoe that is anchored to the brake spider with the anchor pin. 4 Brake Remanufacturing Quality Value Added Quality Haldex is determined to continuously provide the highest quality remanufactured brake shoes in the industry. A primary point of emphasis is adding additional, meaningful quality while minimizing the cost impact to our customers. For this reason as an example, Haldex will not “coin” brake shoes. The extra costs associated with coining do not justify the short term “benefit” of selling a brake shoe that is beyond specifications and beyond its useful life. Haldex’s answer to those who promote “coining” is simple...”scrapping”. Over 30 Quality Checkpoints and Inspections Per Shoe: • Table Wear & Damage • Web Damage • Anchor & Roller End Wear & Damage • Shoe Stretch & Collapse • Elongated Rivet Holes • Coating Coverage • Lining Fit/Rivet Torque Rust inhibitive coating tested to exceed an aggressive 250 hour salt spray criteria Process Fundamentals The Haldex Way - Quality Inspection Points Core Sort Wash A liberal core program protects your core investment. Deline Shot Blast Shoe quality begins at core check-in. Out of spec shoes are scrapped. Extensive investments in coatings and curing processes ensures maximum protection against corrosion. Paint Rivet Automatic deliners prevent excessive table damage, protecting shoe quality at a higher level. Rivet torque specifications are critically maintained to ensure reliable lining to shoe attachment.

BREVA 1200 4V - Moto Guzzi Australia
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The beauty of Moto Guzzis lies in the combination of pure, highly visible style underlined by their elegance and sophistication. Items like the V 90 transverse twin engine, the single-sided rear swingarm and the “Reactive” shaft drive system are integral parts of a design that encompasses solidity and flexibility yet offers an original character that is closely tied to Moto Guzzi’s history. The key design element of the Breva 1200 4V is its ability to send the message of an engine specifically engineered for touring but nonetheless more than capable of behaving like a sports machine when asked to do so. This impression is reinforced by the streamlined side view of the bike that creates a sense of balance between the large fuel tank with its side panels and the saddle/tail unit that further adds to the overall look of this motorcycle. BREVA 1200 4V TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Engine 90° V-twin with 2 valves per cylinder. Capacity 1,151cc Power 68kW (91HP) Torque 96Nm Gear Box 6 speed transmission. Front Brakes Ø 320mm stainless steel floating disc, brembo caliper, 4 opposed pistons. Rear Brakes Single Ø 282mm stainless steel fixed disc, with floating Brembo caliper with 2 parallel pistons. Front Suspension 45mm adjustable front fork. Rear Suspension SINGLE SIDE SWING ARM, MONOSHOCK WITH ADJUSTABLE SPRING PRELOAD AND REBOUND DAMPING. Wheels FRONT: 3.5” x 17” REAR: 6.0” x 17” Front Tyre 120/70/17 Rear Tyre 180/55/17 Dry Weight 248kg Seat Height 800mm Tank Capacity (include reserve) 23l (4l reserve) BLACK

Lexus LX 570 Sports - Powerchip Australia

Powerchip Australia Pty. Ltd. Phone : (03) 9681 6888 Fax : (03) 9681 6999 Digital Adrenaline For Your… Lexus LX 570 Sports Powerchip technology enhances your Lexus to its ultimate level, delivering faster, smoother acceleration in all driving conditions. Whether you enjoy a leisurely weekend cruise or a hard racetrack drive – there is no easier and more effective way to release the potential from your LX 570 Sports . The following information is an overview of the performance the Powerchip will deliver. If you have any questions, your Power Consultant will assist you as best as possible. We look forward to giving you the best performance possible from your Lexus. Make Lexus Model LX 570 Sports Engine Year From Jan 09 Powerchip Code LEX0020 Power In standard form the Lexus LX 570 Sports produces 270 kw at the flywheel, and Powerchip improves the engine power to 291 kw. Power (kw) Standard Bronze/ Silver Gold Gold 98 270 N/A 286 291 Power Increases (kw) Bronze Silver Gold Gold 98 N/A N/A 16 21 The extra performance achieved by the Powerchip allows your vehicle to respond much better than stock LX 570 Sports s. You will notice an effortless push back into the driver’s seat, to give you a much more enjoyable and at times safer driving experience. The Powerchip will tap into your Lexus’s ‘hidden reserves’, to give you an immediately noticeable improvement from your vehicle – we guarantee it! Torque Torque is a measurement of your engine’s pulling power, and it is torque that pulls you up hills, allowing your engine a more linear and aggressive acceleration curve. With the Powerchip, you notice the increase in torque right throughout the rev range, which gives you far greater flexibility at low engine revolutions. Towing will become less demanding, and you will no longer feel the need to take the engine to the redline in each gear to get the performance you demand... It’s always there for you, when you really need it most! Torque (Nm) Standard Bronze/ Silver Gold Gold 98 530 N/A 561 572 Torque Increases (Nm) Bronze Silver Gold Gold 98 N/A N/A 31 42 Acceleration Increased Power and Torque results in faster acceleration. And it is not just standing start acceleration that is improved, your ingear acceleration is as well. If overtaking is important to you, you will feel safe knowing that you spend less time on the “wrong side of the road”, improving the safety of your car, for you and your family or passengers. Perhaps you feel that you need that extra bit of power when you are lined up at the "traffic light grand prix" against another car with similar (or more) power? If you want to have the unfair advantage that will give you more ‘GO’ away from the lights, you need a Powerchip performance software upgrade for your LX 570 Sports . Fitting Details Your car uses an ECU which has an embedded processor. This means that your car does not use a chip that can be modified. The Powerchip we provide for your car is an additional computer which alters the injector duty cycle of the vehicle for more power. Installation of the additional computer is an easy process as no wires need to be cut. Furtmore it only takes about 1 hour to install and can be performed by a Powerchip Authorised Fitter. There are authorised fitters in most areas. Please enquire at the time of order for your nearest fitting station. On Road Development Where Powerchip really shines out over its competitors is the emphasis and time spent refining the program for drivability and enjoyment. Much more a ‘real world’ gain than full throttle horse power runs on a dyno, part throttle refinement is a gain everyone uses every time they drive the vehicle. Flat spots and poor off the line performance are smoothed out in this process, and transient throttle conditions are made razor sharp for the ultimate in response. Real time changes to tables like throttle response and power enrichment are done on road to fine tune the driving...

gasket sets - Engine Pro Parts
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ENGINE PRO All gasket components are produced to O.E. standards and are ISO 9001:2000 certified to ensure the highest quality and longest performance. Gasket material is 100% asbestos free. Cylinder Head Gaskets • Gasket body built with exclusive technology featuring a perforated steel core with advanced adhesive to secure the facings to provide enhanced radial strength for better resistance to scrubbing due to thermal expansion • Exclusive sealing system using a special aluminum compound to provide better load spread • Exclusive Teflon-graphite coating technology for better heat resistance and more effective sealing of small surface imperfections Valve Cover and Oil Pan • Manufactured with a variety of technologies for improved sealing properties, torque retention and temperature resistance Oil Seals • Pre-lubricated oil seals are easy to assemble and provide enhanced resistance to abrasion, oil and heat EnginE Pro Brand EnginE Products Gasket Catalog.2013_8pg.indd 1 6/18/13 11:05:13 AM GASKET SETS by Engine Pro DESCRIPTION ENG KIT SET HEAD SET LOWER SET AMERICAN MOTORS/JEEP PRODUCTS 199-3.3L (65-70) Car and Jeep 30-1007 232-3.8L (64-79) Car and Jeep 30-1007 242-4.0L (87-90) Car and Jeep 30-1424 242-4.0L (91-92) Car and Jeep Vin S 36-9076PT1 258-4.2L (81-90) Car and Jeep 30-1134-2 343-5.6L (67-69) Car and Jeep 30-1151 360-5.9L (70-78) Car and Jeep 30-1151 390-6.4L (68-70) Car and Jeep...

77-9034 TOYOTA -
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NOTE: FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND NOT USING THE PROVIDED HARDWARE MAY DAMAGE THE INTAKE TUBE, THROTTLE BODY AND ENGINE. TO START: 1. Turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative battery cable. NOTE: Disconnecting the negative battery cable erases pre-programmed electronic memories. Write down all memory settings before disconnecting the negative battery cable. Some radios will require an anti-theft code to be entered after the battery is reconnected. The anti-theft code is typically supplied with your owner’s manual. In the event your vehicles’ anti-theft code cannot be recovered, contact an authorized dealership to obtain your vehicles anti-theft code. 4. Unhook the fuel pressure vent line from the fuel pressure regulator. 7. Loosen the hose clamp which secures the intake tube to the throttle body. 2. Lift up the engine cover to dislodge it from the mounting grommets and then remove the cover from the vehicle. 5. Disconnect the crank case vent hose from the stock intake tube. 8. Release the four clips which secure the upper air box to the lower air box and then remove the intake tube and upper air box from the vehicle. 3. Disconnect the mass air sensor electrical connection and then unhook the wiring harness from the air box. NOTE: The wiring harness attaches in three locations. 6. Remove the bolt which secures the tube mounting bracket to the engine valve cover. 9. Loosen and remove the three bolts securing the lower air box and then remove the lower air box from the vehicle. NOTE: K&N Engineering, Inc., recommends that customers do not discard factory air intake.

Quarter Master 7.25
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Quarter Master® 7.25" 2004-2011 Subaru WRX STI 8-Leg Billet Clutch Kits Lake Zurich, IL – Drivetrain performance leader develops 7.25" 2004-2011 Subaru WRX STI 8-Leg Billet Clutch Kits for stock, street/strip, drag, drifting and road racing applications. Drawing on an extensive, race-winning heritage, Quarter Master® has developed two all new 7.25" Subaru WRX STI 8Leg Billet Clutch Kits that perform well in a broad range of street performance and racing platforms. The kits include a two-disc 8-leg pull-to push conversion clutch, flywheel and hydraulic release bearing. These new clutches are engineered with a low moment of inertia and gear drive friction design that creates quicker, smoother shifts. And, they feature an open design that allows more efficient cooling during extended race use. Designed for easier and less expensive maintenance, the 7.25" Subaru WRX STI 8-Leg Billet Clutches are also completely racer rebuildable for a longer service life. Designed to handle up to 600 ft./lbs. of torque, they can be used in stock, street performance, drag, drifting and road racing applications. The race version of the kit features a flywheel weighing 8.4 lbs., while the street version’s flywheel comes in at 10.3 lbs. Each kit provides dependable performance in shifting, consistent pedal feel and torque holding capacity....

Product Guide - APR Performance
by rycam 0 Comments favorite 10 Viewed Download 0 Times Application: Product Guide Subaru WRX APR Performance products on this car include GTC-300 WRX Spec (pg2) GT3 Mirrors WRX 02-07 (pg4) APR Performance, Inc. 225 Pacific Street Pomona, CA 91768 U.S.A Phone: (909) 594-3796 Fax: (909)594-3926 APR WRX 06-07 Widebody(pg11) Application: Product Guide Subaru WRX GTC-200 Wing Spanning 59.5 inches, the GTC-200 adjustable wing produces good down force numbers in a compact package. This balances well with a front air dam, and ensures reduced lap times at any track. WRX 02-07 SKU: AS-105914 MSRP: $865 STI Sedan 2011-up SKU:AS-105918 MSRP: $965 GTC-300 Wing The GTC-300 comes with an aggressivelycambered airfoil that produces high down force numbers. A front wind splitter is recommended to help balance the strong effects of this wing. WRX/STI 02-07 STI Sedan 2011-up GTC-300 67”/61” SKU: AS-106760 SKU: AS-106160 MSRP: $ 1,675 GTC-500 Wing GTC-300 67”/61” SKU: AS-106763 SKU: AS-106163 MSRP: $ 1,575 The GTC-500 spans a massive 71 inches, and is geared for high speeds. A front wind splitter is recommended to help maintain overall balance and stability. WRX/STI 02-07 SKU: AS-107060 MSRP: $ 1,695 APR Performance, Inc. 225 Pacific Street Pomona, CA 91768 U.S.A Phone: (909) 594-3796 Fax: (909)594-3926 Application: Product Guide Subaru WRX Carbon Fiber Front Air Dams Front air dams utilize a built-in aerodynamic splitter design that creates a high-pressure region of air above the protruding surface, which helps to reduce lift and increase highspeed cornering grip. WRX/STI 2011-up SKU: FA-891011 MSRP: $742 STI 08-10 Hatchback Only SKU: FA-898007 MSRP: $742 WRX/STI 06-07 SKU: FA-896006 MSRP: $685 APR Performance, Inc. 225 Pacific Street Pomona, CA 91768 U.S.A Phone: (909) 594-3796 Fax: (909)594-3926 Application: Product Guide Subaru WRX Carbon Fiber Formula GT3 Mirrors GT3 mirrors are race-inspired, and help to reduce drag through reduced frontal area and sleek curves. Comes ready to bolt-on with wide-angled, tinted lenses. WRX/STI 08-up SKU: CB-808402B MSRP: $375 WRX/STI 02-07 SKU: CB-801402B MSRP: $336 Carbon Fiber Break Duct Inlets Brake inlet ducts are the first component...

2011 WRX STI / WRX - Subaru TT
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The Subaru WRX STI is like nothing else out on the road. It combines power with precision, and rally-bred performance with everyday practicality in a way that puts it in a class of its own. This difference begins with the supreme balance and control that comes from Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the SUBARU BOXER engine. These two systems work together to create a harmony of power and control that extends to every component found on the WRX STI. This result is a vehicle that excites in every corner, exhilarates with every rev of the engine, and inspires every time you take hold of the wheel. 3 A heritage of high performance. It’s one thing to claim a vehicle has high performance—it’s another to prove it. The performance credibility of the WRX STI comes from conquering some of the planet’s most competitive courses. From 19 years in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), to laps racing on Germany’s famed Nürburgring, Subaru has learned lessons about high performance engineering in the heat of competition. These insights are applied directly to the production WRX STI, as they continually heighten its performance capabilities. 4 5 Connected to the road and your passion. Always. Side-to-side balance, along with a compact layout and lower centre of gravity help give the vehicle greater stability. What’s more, the system instantly reapportions the engine’s torque between the front and rear wheels as conditions demand, providing powerful traction for more capable performance on any road.

Exterior and Interior The New Ford Everest - Ford Malaysia

Exterior and Interior FORD EVEREST Specifications Everest 3.0L 4X4 XLT (AT) Feature Engine Engine Model Type Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) Intercooler Displacement (cc) Bore & Stroke (mm) Compression Ratio Maximum Power (bhp (PS)/ rpm) Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm) Fuel System Fuel Tank Capacity (L) WEC Inline 4 Cylinder DOHC 16V Equipped Equipped 2953 96 x 102 18.0 : 1 154 (156)/3200 380/1800 Direct Injection Commonrail 71 Chassis Wide accessible rear cabin Transmission 1st Gear Ratio 2nd Gear Ratio 3rd Gear Ratio 4th Gear Ratio 5th Gear Ratio Reverse Gear Ratio Limited Slip Differential (LSD) 4X4 Automatic Shift-on-the-Fly Anti Roll Bar Side indicator and puddle lamp 5-Speed Automatic 3.220 2.290 1.550 1.000 0.710 3.070 3.727 Equipped Front & Rear Brake Front Rear Ventilated Disc Drum Steering Type Power assisted Turning Circle - curb to curb (m) Ball & Nut Equipped 12.6 Suspension Side step 18" Alloy wheels Sleek modern headlamps and chrome grille Front Rear Double Wishbone, Torsion Bar Leaf Spring Wheel Type Alloy Wheel 18" Tyre 255/60 R18 Front & Rear Dimensions & Weight Front & Rear Track (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Overall Front Tracks (mm) Overall Length (mm) Overall Width (mm) Overall Height (mm) Ground Clearance (mm) Curb Weight (kg) Approach Angle (Degree) 1485 / 1480 2860 1445 5062 1788 1826 214 2025 32 Exterior Roof rails Air-condition vents for rear cabin 2-tier armrest AUX and USB port The New Ford Everest Body Color Front & Rear Bumper Side Mirror with Integrated Side Turning Signal Puddle Lamp Multi Reflector Head Lamp Front Fog Lamp Chrome Front Grille Chrome Door Handle Lockable Spare Wheel Cover Roof Rails Front Wiper Rear Wiper Side Steps

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SPECIFICATIONS Specifications are for U.S. models only and are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. All dimensions are in inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted. All dimensions measured at curb weight with standard tires and wheels. GENERAL INFORMATION Vehicle Type Four-door sport-utility vehicle Assembly Plant Jefferson Avenue North Assembly Plant, Detroit, Mich. EPA Vehicle Class Multi-purpose vehicle Introduction Date Spring 1992 as a 1993 model BODY/CHASSIS Layout Front engine, rear- or four-wheel drive Construction Steel uniframe ENGINE: 3.6-LITER DOHC V-6 Availability Standard on all models Type and Description 60-degree V-type, liquid-cooled Displacement 220 cu. in. (3604 cu. cm) Bore x Stroke 3.77 x 3.26 (96 x 83) Valve System Chain-driven DOHC, 24 valves and hydraulic end-pivot roller rockers Fuel Injection Sequential, multi-port, electronic, returnless Construction Aluminum deep-skirt block, aluminum alloy heads Compression Ratio 10.2:1 Power (est.) (SAE J2723) 290 hp (209 kW) at 6,400 rpm Torque (est.) (SAE J2723) 260 lb.-ft. (353 N•m) at 4,800 rpm Max. Engine Speed 6,400 rpm (electronically limited) Fuel Requirement Unleaded regular, 87 octane (R + M)/2 Oil Capacity 6.0 qt. (5.7 liter) Coolant Capacity 14.0 qt. (13.25 liter) Emission Controls Dual three-way catalytic converters, heated oxygen sensors and internal engine (a) features Max. Gross Trailer Weight 6,200 lbs. — 2WD and 4WD EPA Fuel Economy mpg (city/hwy) 17/25 — 2WD 17/24 — 4WD Assembly Plant