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Online Marketing is all about your presence in the digital world and your writing skills, where only the right set of words can make you or break you or lift you up or pull you down. Yes the words are equally important in digital word, when someone is reading through an article, a blog post or a Press release; it is the words that represents the personality of the writer, and creates an image and the intensity with which he wished to communicate.

Online Marketing Simplified
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Online Marketing is a simple way to promote your business and to reach to the right set of target masses. The Approach remains the same, but platform has changed to digital and On Web.

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We might also expect, other things being equal, for manufacturing firms to be able to benefit more from capital investment in production technologies than those in other sectors, since they can use e-business technologies to optimize both value chains and operational processes.

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E-business technologies can also affect different kinds of organization in unexpected ways. We might expect that levels of capital investment and economic rewards would be linked to firm size: that is, the larger the firm, the larger the investment and the larger the benefit.

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Using another traditional E-Commerce example, how would a family member "meet you" on Amazon today and interact regarding a potential purchase? It is not possible, and this illustrates the potential of rich and immersive E-Commerce scenarios facilitated by Virtual Worlds

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In other words, you can ask a friend to come with you to the store virtually, as they don't have to be physically with you as with a traditional shopping experience. This also underscores the opportunity for a Virtual World platform to deliver a community experience that traditional web buying simply cannot do.

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Consumers can access this Virtual World from the Lenovo web site, which launches them into the Virtual World where they walk around a showroom to see and "touch" various laptop models in 3D, as well as chat with other buyers and Lenovo sales and support representatives.

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