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Download the A3 & S3 Brochure (Nov 2006) - Audi

Low, lean and exceptionally spacious, the 3-door Audi A3 and 5-door Audi A3 Sportback are ideal choices for those with an active, varied lifestyle. Both models are distinguished by their muscular, aerodynamic bodies, coupé-like lines, alloy wheels and signature Audi single-frame grille. Whichever of the powerful engine options you choose, the sporting promise of the A3 and A3 Sportback’s exterior is fulfilled in each car’s performance abilities. And, allowing you to enjoy that level of power in total control, ESP Electronic Stability Programme and electro-mechanical speedsensitive power-steering are also included as standard. Inside, a comfortable, ergonomically-designed cockpit, with its stylish 4-spoke steering wheel and matt inlays make driving these cars a sheer pleasure. Other functional options include acoustic parking and cruise control. But these are just some of many available options on the A3 and A3 Sportback models; read on and configure your very own A3 or A3 Sportback – from paints to upholstery, engine to floor mats. Vorsprung durch Technik.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have purchased the finest exhaust system available for your motorcycle. Your VANCE & HINES exhaust system is designed for today's rider, a rider who needs maximum performance, great styling and a perfect fitting system. VANCE & HINES spends months testing and designing to come up with the perfect combination of header tubing size and collector shape to give your bike the best possible performance. The VANCE & HINES system will give your bike more power on the low and mid-range, as well as the top end. There are many features that the VANCE & HINES system offers, here are just a few... • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE • PERFECT FIT • RACING HERITAGE • MAXIMUM CORNERING CLEARANCE • EXCLUSIVE POWER-FLOW BAFFLE • VHR QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP INSTALLING YOUR NEW VANCE & HINES EXHAUST SYSTEM 1. Make sure that your headpipe gaskets are in good shape, if you have any doubts as to their condition, replace them. This will prevent any leaks that might occur. 2. Remove the old exhaust system. 3. Install the header portion of your Vance & Hines system. Use your existing header bolts and finger tighten only. 4. Install the tail section(s). 5. Mount the tailpiece to the stock mounting location or footpeg bolt. 6. On some models a new centerstand stop has been provided. On the "F" series 750/900/1100 models, the stop will be installed on the footpeg mounting bracket or stock mounting location. Adjust this stop so that the centerstand is in the highest possible position. 7. On the "VF" Interceptor series, the stand supplied is installed on the centerstand pinch bolts. 8. On the Nighthawk 700, the centerstand stop is installed on the front of the rear brake.stay arm. Adjust accordingly.

Honda TRX450 Exhaust Installation Instructions - Dasa Racing

Honda TRX450 Exhaust Installation Instructions Parts Included: 1 – Exhaust Silencer 1 – Head Pipe 1 – Mid Pipe 1. Carefully remove current exhaust system. 2. Remove and inspect the exhaust gasket in the cylinder head. If the gasket is in good condition, place it back into the cylinder head. If the gasket looks worn or cracked, replace the washer with OEM Honda exhaust gasket (Part Number: 18291-MEB670). DO NOT install exhaust system without the exhaust gasket. 3. Install new head pipe. Be sure to only slightly snug the nuts on the head pipe to allow for later movement. 4. Dasa Racing recommends that a light coat of anti-seize be added to the end of the head pipe where the mid pipe will slide on. 5. Slip the mid pipe onto the head pipe. Place bolt loosely into mid mount. 6. Slide the exhaust silencer onto the mid pipe. Install the silencer bolts loosely. 7. Check the head pipe and mid pipe to make sure it clears the frame, engine cases, rear shock, etc. Once you have maneuvered the head pipe to the desired position, gently and evenly snug down nuts. DO NOT over tighten the head pipe nuts. 8. Tighten the mid mount bolt on the mid pipe and the silencer bolts. 9. Once all nuts and bolts are tight, check the fit again to make sure no part of the exhaust pipe touches the frame of the ATV. Re-adjust head pipe if necessary. 10. The carburetor will need to be re-jetted. Dasa Racing recommends a 185 main jet, 45 pilot jet, stock needle on middle clip (or CRF needle [NCVQ Part Number 16231MEN-671) on middle clip], and 2 ½ turns out on the fuel screw. A jet kit can also be purchased from Dasa Racing for this exhaust system. Jetting may need to be adjusted depending on temperature, humidity, altitude, etc. Remove the air box lid. Reminder: Please read warranty information. If your shipment does not contain all the listed parts above, please contact the dealer you bought the exhaust system from. Additional Items:...

HONDA 120 – Tech Manual Updated October 31 ... - USAC Racing

HONDA 120 – Tech Manual Updated October 31, 2013 FROM 2012 USAC NATIONAL .25 MIDGET RULE BOOK, APPENDIX I 731 Engine Protest Rules (applies to Honda and Briggs classes only) Protest shall be from within the same division of class only, i.e. Jr., Sr., Lt.& Hvy. 120-160, Animal or World Formula only. Competitors in the same division, and in the same race may make a protest on an engine. No protesting in Rookie Class. Handlers may not protest more than one car per event and may not protest same driver more than once per calendar year. Honda Engines and World Formula/Animal Engines may be protested for $400.00 cash only plus any applicable shipping charges if necessary. No protested related inspection will be started prior to the funds being posted with the proper official. This protest form and cash must be submitted to the Chief Steward, or his/her designee, before the end of the race that the protested engine is participating in I.E. Checkered flag lap complete. The protest can only be made during an A-Main event. The person protesting the motor must have their engine inspected for compliance first. If the “protester’s” engine is found illegal the protest is null and void and the protest fee will go to the club. If the “protester’s” engine is found legal the protest will continue. The Chief Steward, his/her designee, will hold the protest money until the protested engine has been inspected for legality. The protested engine shall be tagged/marked and sealed as soon as it car comes across the scale if it has not been sealed prior.

Here at T3 we specialise in the Triumph Daytona ... - Triumph675.Net

Here at T3 we specialise in the Triumph Daytona 675, why, because we race them. Whilst many may think that the bench mark set by racing has little to do with the road, we would disagree. Much can be learnt from racing as this is the hardest test of all and lessons learnt here translate to a better all-round bike, whether it is what parts prove to be the most vulnerable in a crash to what tyres compliment the bikes chassis we have tried and experienced them all. In the following pages you will find a list of products that we either distribute or manufacturer ourselves, we hope you will find them of interest. T3 Race & Road Exhaust System ‘Bad Boy’ Exhaust System So named by our rider ‘Young’ Ross Walter because of its awesome sound. Whilst not considered the most attractive system this pipe grows on you and in the end you love it, not just for it very unique sound but for it attitude and the way it makes you feel every time you start her up. Developed by T3 and Renegade exhausts this item is available exclusively via ourselves and guarantees more mid range grunt than the more highly priced competition with no loss of top end power (up to 7bhp between 8 & 10,000 rpm). The system comes with a modification to your existing down pipes, link pipe and can in either titanium, Carbon (only with down pipe modification) and Stainless. Please note that this system is available with baffle for road use.

Daytona 675 Quickshifter Race Standard Shift Kit_US

Fitting Instructions: Daytona 675, Street Triple (from VIN 411984) and Street Triple R (from VIN 411984) A9930224 Thank you for choosing this Triumph genuine accessory kit. This accessory kit is the product of Triumph's use of proven engineering, exhaustive testing, and continuous striving for superior reliability, safety and performance. Completely read all of these instructions before commencing the installation of the accessory kit in order to become thoroughly familiar with the kit’s features and the installation process. These instructions should be considered a permanent part of your accessory kit, and should remain with it even if your accessory equipped motorcycle is subsequently sold. Parts Supplied: 1. Quickshifter sensor 1 off 3. 2. Gear selector rod 1 off Publication part number A9900439 issue 6, ADC 7865 © Triumph Designs Ltd. 2009 1 of 9 Cable tie 4 off Note: Notice • This accessory kit is for racing only. It is to be used solely during closed-course racing. A motorcycle fitted with this accessory kit must not be used on public roads. • Warning This accessory kit is designed for use on Triumph Daytona 675, Street Triple and Street Triple R motorcycles only and should not be fitted to any other manufacturer’s motorcycle. Fitting this accessory kit to any other manufacturer’s motorcycle will affect the performance, stability and handling of the motorcycle. This may affect the rider’s ability to control the motorcycle and could cause an accident. This quickshifter kit is to be used with Arrow rear sets - standard shift kit A9750539. The Arrow rear set kit should be fitted and adjusted to the required footrest position before beginning this instruction. Before fitting this accessory kit, ensure the owner of the motorcycle has been informed of the warnings contained in this instruction.

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Jun 30, 2011 ... 30. 40. 50. 60. 70. 80. 90. 100. 110. 120. 55,0. 57,5. 60,0. 62,5. 65,0. 67,5. 70,0. 72,5. 4000. 5000. 6000. 7000. 8000. 9000. 10000. 11000. TRIUMPH DAYTONA 675 ORIGINAL AKRAPOVIC RACING 72,5 120 110 70,0 100 67,5 90 65,0 RefTrq RefPwr 80 70 62,5 60 60,0 50 57,5 40 55,0 30 4000 06/30/11 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000 EngSpd RPM SuperFlow WinDyn™ V2.4 11000 12000 13000 14000 13:16:10

Struggling with a challenge or goal? - Human Performance Centre

I’ve been anticipating this day for months. Yet last summer, from my wheelchair, I could barely imagine it would happen. St. Andrew’s, July 7th. It’s Race Day: my first since a bicycle accident left me unable to walk: bones broken, lung collapsed, and concussion. In a split-second, that accident took me out of the racing world into one focused on immediate primary goals like being able to successfully move independently from bed to a wheelchair, taking my first steps with a cane, then without. Having been dependent on others and not even being able to walk, I will consider race day a victory if I can put the three events together, cross the line and complete the Half Ironman: 1.9 Km swim, 90 Km bike ride, 21 Km run. This triathlon is my medium term goal toward full recovery. My long-term goal is to be stronger and faster than I was before the accident. What a day! St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea became a resort town because its cool sea breezes attracted Montreal elite to escape the summer heat. Yet today record-breaking temperatures are predicted: 33 degrees Celsius, will feel like 43 with humidity. We’re off. It’s mayhem. Every one makes a mad dash into the water at Katy’s Cove. While I feel good, I know I need to protect my collarbone, the one injury that hasn’t fully healed. Swimming around the loop the second time, I find someone fast to ‘draft’ behind. Mistake. I get whacked in the shoulder.

Daytona 675 Motorcycle Race Kit Manual - Triumph

Daytona 675 Race Parts Triumph's ground-breaking Daytona 675 has not only received global recognition for its performance on the road, but also for its outstanding ability on the race track. To further support this exceptional track ability, Triumph have launched a Racing Support Programme, which is now further complemented by the launch of a range of Triumph Genuine Race Parts. Factory developed in collaboration with Paul Young Racing, these parts have been designed to give significant improvements in engine performance for race purposes. This results in the class-leading Daytona 675 being competitive on the racetrack at the highest level. Triumph Genuine Race Parts are sold individually and a number of the parts need to be used in conjunction with each other to ensure the best performance gains are realised and also to prevent premature wear on associated components. Please ensure you read the user manual in full to understand this detail prior to fitting or using any of the Triumph Genuine Race Parts. © Triumph Designs Ltd 2007.

Installation Instructions - Two Brothers Racing

Installation Instructions 2. Attach TBR muffler bracket using OEM mounting hardware. Check for clearance and alignment, then tighten all the bolts in this order: X-ring bolts, muffler mount, and finally barrel clamp. Loosen OEM muffler clamp. 3. Attach muffler to TBR slip system using the supplied X-ring, 8x20mm socket head cap screws and lock washers that are provided, leave loose for now. Slide rubber lined muffler clamp and barrel clamp on and install to bike. 8. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the installation. Make sure the bike is secure on a centerstand or ideally a service lift. 6. 7. 1. Remove OEM muffler mounting hardware. Save for use with TBR muffler. Honda CBR500R V.A.L.E.™ Slip-on Exhaust System with M-2 Exhaust Canister Part # 005-366040xV 4. Remove OEM muffler assembly. OEM gasket will not be used with TBR exhaust. IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Two Brothers Racing products are intended for closed course competition purposes only. We recommend that this performance part be installed by a qualified motorcycle technician. If you have any doubts as to your ability to install this performance part, please consult with your local motorcycle dealer. Read all instructions first before starting installation. Make sure the motorcycle and exhaust system are completely cool before starting the installation. Also, make sure the bike is secure on a centerstand or ideally a service lift during installation. Be sure to save all stock components for possible use later. 5. Install TBR slip tube and TBR supplied barrel clamp. Leave loose for now. Installation Instructions Honda CBR500R 9. V.A.L.E.™ Slip-on Exhaust System with M-2 Exhaust Canister Part # 005-366040xV Before you run the bike, clean off all fingerprints and dirt, as any oily residue will etch the metal and become somewhat permanent when the system gets hot. Run the bike and enjoy. It is normal for some white smoke to appear the first time you start the bike. This is packing/manufacturing oil from inside the pipe burning off. Check for gaps or leaks. If you find a leak, a little high temperature silicon sealant should fix it. After 50 to 100 miles, recheck all fasteners for tightness.

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