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Buku pelajaran sebagai sasaran evaluasi karena buku pelajaran memiliki potensi menjadi agen perubahan yang efektif (Hutchinson and Torres, 1994:322) dan buku pelajaran digunakan di seluruh sekolahsekolah yang ada di pelosok tanah air. Umumnya, pada saat guru mengajar, terutama untuk tingkat sekolah dasar, guru cenderung hanya berpedoman ada buku pelajaran, baik urutannya maupun materinya bukan pada kurikulum. Berdasarkan hal ini diduga ada sesuatu yang tidak diajarkan oleh buku pelajaran sehingga daya kreatif siswa tidak berkembang dengan baik. Untuk itu perlu dilakukan evaluasi buku pelajaran. Kreativitas merupakan sintesa dari keseluruhan fungsi yang tediri dari: (1) pemikiran rasional, (2) pengembangan tingkat tinggi dari emosional/ perasaan, (3) pengembangan tingkat tinggi dari mental dan fisikal, dan (4) kesadaran tingkat tinggi, hasil imajinasi, fantasi, dan pemecahan permasalahan yang cepat. Daya kreatif siswa dapat diteliti pada saat proses belajarmengajar berlangsung tetapi dapat juga diteliti dengan cara mengevaluasi buku pelajaran yang digunakan dalam proses belajarmengajar di kelas. Dalam hal ini, tulisan ini hanya dilakukan pada buku pelajaran saja yaitu dari latihan-latihan dan tugas-tugas yang tertera di dalam buku pelajaran.

Plena Voice Alarm System - Bosch Security Systems

Table of Contents 1 Safety 9 1.1 Important Safeguards 9 1.2 Important Notices 9 2 About this manual 10 2.1 Purpose of this manual 10 2.2 Intended audience 10 2.3 Related documentation 10 2.4 Alerts 10 2.5 Signs 10 2.6 Conversion tables 11 2.7 Nomenclature 11 3 System overview 13 3.1 Voice Alarm System 13 3.1.1 Application types 13 3.1.2 Application areas 13 3.1.3 Plena 13 3.1.4 Praesideo 13 3.2 Voice alarm controller 14 3.2.1 Hand-held microphone 14 3.2.2 Internal power amplifier 14 3.2.3 Internal message manager 14 3.2.4 Supervision 14 3.2.5 Trigger inputs 14 3.2.6 Remote control 14 3.2.7 Controls, connectors and indicators 15 3.3 Voice alarm router 18 3.3.1 Loudspeaker zones 18 3.3.2 Trigger inputs 18 3.3.3 External power amplifiers 19 3.3.4 Remote control 19 3.3.5 Controls, connectors and indicators 19 3.4 Call Station 21 3.4.1 Buttons 21 3.4.2 Supervision 21 3.4.3 Keypad 22 3.4.4 Controls, connectors and indicators 22 3.5 Call Station Keypad 23 3.6 Voice Alarm Remote Control 24 3.7 Voice Alarm Remote Control kit 26 3.8 Remote Control Extension 27 3.9 Remote Control Extension kit 28 3.10 Fireman’s Panel 29 3.11 End Of Line detection board 31 3.12 Application examples 31 Bosch Security Systems B.V. Installation and Operation manual 9922 141 1037x (V2.16) | V0.6 | 2011.09 4 en | Table of Contents Plena Voice Alarm System 3.12.1 Schools 31 3.12.2 Swimming pool 33 3.12.3 Shopping mall 34 3.12.4 Hotel 36 3.13 Calls and priorities 38 3.13.1 Priority 38 3.13.2 Mergeable messages 38 3.13.3 Business call 38 3.13.4 Emergency call 38 4 Installation 39 4.1 Voice Alarm Controller 39 4.2 Voice Alarm Router 39 4.3 Call Station Keypad 39 4.4 Voice Alarm Remote Control 40 4.5 Voice Alarm Remote Control Kit 40 4.6 Remote Control Extension 40 4.7 Remote Control Extension Kit 40 4.8 End Of Line detection board 40 4.8.1 Installation of a single EOL 41 4.8.2 Installation of a multiple EOL in a daisy-chain 41 4.9 Dummy load 43 4.9.1 Set the jumper JP1 on the Dummy load 43 5 Connection 44 5.1 Voice Alarm Controller 44 5.1.1 Emergency microphone 44 5.1.2 Call station 44 5.1.3 Voice alarm routers 45 5.1.4 External power amplifier 46 5.1.5 Remote controls 47 5.1.6 Loudspeakers 47 5.1.7 Volume overrides 49 5.1.8 Line output 51 5.1.9 Mic/line input with VOX 52 5.1.10 BGM inputs 53 5.1.11 Status output contacts 53 5.1.12 Power 54 5.1.13 Trigger inputs 55 5.2 Voice Alarm Router 57 5.2.1 Voice alarm controller 57 5.2.2 Loudspeakers 57 5.2.3 Volume overrides 57 5.2.4 Trigger inputs 57 5.2.5 External power amplifiers 58 5.2.6 Power 59 5.3 Call Station 60 5.3.1 Voice alarm controller 60 5.3.2 Power supply 60 9922 141 1037x (V2.16) | V0.6 | 2011.09 Installation and Operation manual Bosch Security Systems B.V. Plena Voice Alarm System Table of Contents | en 5 5.3.3 Keypads 60 5.4 Voice Alarm Remote Control 61 5.4.1 Voice alarm controller 61 5.4.2 Remote control extensions 61 5.4.3 Status output contacts 61 5.4.4 Power 61 5.5 Voice Alarm Remote Control Kit 62 5.5.1 Rear panel 62 5.5.2 LEDS 62 5.5.3 Lamps 62 5.5.4 Relays 62 5.6 Remote Control Extension 63 5.6.1 Remote control 63 5.6.2 Status output contacts ...

Infiniti EX35 AWD (72KB PDF) - Roger Witherspoon

The Compact, Luxury SUV By Roger Witherspoon The moonless night sky was clear, the mountain road winding through the Hudson Highlands just south of West Point was dry and dark, it was the tail end of a very long day and for a change there were no deer to break the monotony of the unlit road. Presuming I was alert and awake, the solitude of the road should not have mattered. But suddenly there was a flashing light on the dashboard, the increasingly loud ringing of a chime and an unseen hand began gently pushing the steering wheel towards the left. That combination of events – particularly the ghost hand opposing mine on the steering wheel – caught my attention, and I realized the car was drifting off the right side of the road. I quickly worked with the unseen hand to steer the car back to the center of the lane, and broke the silence by finding Usher on the hard drive in the car’s Music Box, cranked up the sound from the 11-speaker Bose system and let his hard-driving song “Yeah!” reverberate through the Hudson River Valley. Then, I gave a passing nod of thanks to the safety engineers at Infiniti – the upscale part of Nissan – who designed an alert for drowsy drivers into the new EX35. It is one of many features which mark the EX35, a car billed in the Infiniti television ads as the personal, luxury SUV. And personal is probably an appropriate term. The EX35 is shaped like the Infiniti FX45, the large, $50,000, “crossover” SUV which is nearly a foot longer. In length, the EX35 is also a good six inches shorter and its height four inches smaller than the Nissan Murano, the popular, $37,000 crossover whose nimbleness, comfort and styling largely defined this segment of the car industry.

Lakukan Sendiri Aplikasi Peredam Suara Mobil Acourete Paint

Cara aplikasi peredam Suara Mobil Acourete Paint

AN 1200.04 Application Note RF Design Guidelines: PCB ... - Semtech

The purpose of this document is to describe RF PCB design guidelines and circuit optimization techniques to enable the designer to implement successful, right-first-time, PCB layouts and to ensure trouble free circuit optimization, using the same criteria as those employed by Semtech for the reference designs of the XE/SX1200 family of RF ISM band integrated circuits.1 This application note describes step by step techniques for ensuring the correct PCB layout and subsequent design optimization steps for each circuit block of the RF integrated circuit architecture. ...Figure 2: 4-Layer PCB Build-Up Placing a distributed power plane between 2 ground plane layers enables an evenly distributed RF decoupling capacitance between the supply and ground. In addition, the power plane provides a very low impedance trace at radio frequencies. The power plane should be surrounded by a ground trace or vias that connect the two ground traces together, thus preventing any radiated emissions at the board edge. From the above figure, the power plane is suppressed at the final stage of the TX matching network to prevent any parasitic coupling caused by radiated and reflected energy at this stage. A 4 or multilayer PCB layout lends itself should an additional RF Power Amplifier be required (for example to take advantage of the transmit power allowances of FCC Part 15.247). Generally speaking, the power supply of the PA will be the (unintentionally) noisiest PCB trace. A multi-layer approach allows for a separate low impedance power supply plane for the PA, while allowing for a continuous grounding strategy. Alternatively, separate ground and power supply layers that can be ...

AVR186: Best Practices for the PCB layout of ... - Atmel Corporation

The Pierce oscillator (most common case) implemented in microcontrollers is built up around a class A amplifier and a narrow band filter such as a crystal or a ceramic resonator as shown in Figure 1-1. Figure 1-1. Typical Crystal/Resonator Oscillator. Vdd CXtalin Amplifier Xtalin Crystal Resonator CXtalout Microcontrollers Xtalout Vss This device has a high input impedance characteristic outside of the resonance frequency range and has a low input impedance characteristic at the oscillation frequency. The high impedance characteristic degrades its immunity when an electrical field is applied in its vicinity. Furthermore, in the latest technology and also in order to reduce the consumption, the oscillation level is restricted to within the range of 1 volt, again increasing the susceptibility. 8128A–AVR–03/08

Austrijska vojna obavestajna je zbog dvorske mrznje i samog cara Franje odvela princa sa suprugom na odstrel i dobila povod za pripremljeni rat

austrijska vojna obavestajna je zbog dvorske mrznje i samog cara Franje odvela princa sa suprugom na odstrel i dobila povod za pripremljeni rat,svi drugi prikazi su obicna glupost.Nego pustimo to,to je vec obelodanjeno ,KAKO bi bilo da se obelodani ime poljskog geliptera koji je unistio srbiju posle 44- ??nesmeseA ********* МАКС ВЕБЕР

V3 - Carvin Guitars
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Congratulations on your purchase of the V3 all tube amplifier. Carvin has been building tube guitar amplifiers since 1949. They have been used by top professionals like Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Craig Chaquico, Allan Holdsworth, and other great musicians. You will discover that these amplifiers represent a significant sound improvement over conventional amplifiers. Spend time with your new V3 and get to know its many sounds. TECHNICAL DESIGN OF THE V3 The V3 design criteria was to build a high peformance 3-channel guitar amplifier with an all-tube signal path. The V3 has the ability to produce ultra-high gain and bass heavy sounds with the flexibility to cover all playing styles. The V3 utilizes new ideas built upon proven tube amplifier technology with an extensive set of features.

Data Sheet
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Evaluation Board Document µPG2250T5N-ZBT-EV-A Evaluation Board o Circuit Description o Typical Performance Data o Circuit Schematic and Assembly Drawing o Appendix: Evaluation Board Document of the uPG2250T5N-EVAL-A Circuit Description: This evaluation board provides a quick and convenient means of evaluating the performance of the NEC uPG2250T5N power amplifier and two RF switches, uPG2214TB and uPG2179TB, for a “range extension” application at 2.4GHz ISM band (such as for Bluetooth or ZigBee applications). The circuit provides two paths for a transmit signal of a Bluetooth or Zigbee RF transceiver: either through the amplifier or direct pass through two switches. The functional diagram of this board is shown below: uPG2214TB uPG2179TB path 2 (thru) RF OUT

laporan pelaksanaan tugas hasil peliputan kegiatan upacara ...

Pada hari ini rabu 22 januari 2014, acara apel kesiapsiagaan penanggulangan bencana. Diikuti oleh pejabat utama polda lampung, pamen polda lampung, pama polda lampung, bintara dan pns polda lampung. Amanat kapolri dibacakan oleh bapak kapolda lampung brigjen pol drs. Heru winarko, s.h. Adapun bencana yang disebabkan oleh faktor alam antara lain gempa bumi, tsunami, gunung meletus, banjir, kekeringan, angin topan dan tanah longsor. Sedangkan bencana yang disebabkan faktor non alam antara lain berupa gagal teknologi, gagal modernisasi, epidemi dan wabah penyakit. Selama tahun 2013, telah terjadi sebanyak 693 bencana alam, yang terdiri dari tanah longsor 262 kali, banjir bandang 95 kali, banjir pasang (rob) 44 kali, kebakaran hutan 24 kali, gempa bumi 2 kali, gunung meletus 1 kali, angin puting beliung 94 kali, dan bencana alam lainnya 171 kali. Sedangkan bencana non alam yang terjadi selama tahun 2013 sebanyak 448 bencana, yaitu kebakaran sebanyak 424 kali dan bencana non alam lainnya sebanyak 24 kali. Berbagai bencana tersebut telah mengakibatkan timbulnya korban jiwa, kerusakan lingkungan, kerugian harta benda dan dampak psikologis.