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cara mengolah data statistik dengan ms excel 2007

PDF (A4) - David Valentiate
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David Valentiate (613) 720-9961 420 Gloucester Street, Ottawa Ontario Canada, K1R 7T7 Objective To develop web applications that connect people on the growing ocean of data. And to do this surrounded by an engaging team of professionals. Technical Skills PHP 5, Zend Framework, MVC, Apache, nginx, IIS, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, XHTML, HTML, Amazon Cloud Computing (EC2, EBS, S3), Rackspace Cloud Servers, Linux, Windows, IIS Experience Self Employed January 2007 – Present, Learning Management Network contract, Bluedrop Performance Learning (20+ months) PHP 5, Zend Framework, MVC Design, PostgreSQL, RESTful Design, JS, jQuery, Amazon Cloud Computing, Linux, SVN, git ● Implemented Zend Framework's MVC design pattern in a complex application. ● Created resource oriented REST design for community forum with search and categories. ● Integration and extensive customization of a 3 rd party, locally hosted web service. ● Setup and managed Amazon EC2 servers and created EBS backup management scripts. ● Worked tightly with a client to create a customized industry social network. Resource Oriented Web Application Proof of Concept personal project (200+ hours) PHP 5.3, Zend Framework, SQLite, REST, JS, jQuery, git ● Working to enable rapid development of data rich web applications using Zend Framework in a resource oriented design. Confoo Conference Montreal, March 2010 (3 days) ● Focused on sessions devoted to building scalable web applications. ZendCon 2009 Conference San Jose, October 2009 (3 days) ● Focused on building REST based web applications and best practices with the Zend Framework. Redesigned Website Database for Super Channel contract with iStudio (0.75 month) MySQL, PHP ● Implemented a drop in replacement for a defective 3 rd party database design. ● Worked within the MVC Zend Framework. eLearning Product Porting developed for LRDG (6 months) XML, XSLT, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, XHTML ● Conversion of an existing multi-lingual language learning product from Authorware to XML. ● Used XSLT to render HTML that was cross browser compatible, separated content, structure, context and presentation mechanisms, was multi-lingual, and had Javascript and Flash interaction. Client Registration System contract with LRDG (2 months) PHP, CSS, Javascript, HTML, MySQL ● Created learner registration site for client organizations: ● Cross browser, email notification, multiple client organization customization, database storage...

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Enterprise PHP on IBM i (for everyone) Alan Seiden – Strategic Business Systems Northeast User Group Conference April 8, 2009 About me Alan Seiden: PHP and Zend Framework Consultant Strategic Business Systems, Inc. Sole non-IBM contributor to Redbook: Zend Core for i5/OS Writer about PHP for IBM i community Mentor for teams learning Zend Framework Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems NEUGC Enterprise PHP on IBM i | 8-April-2009 | 2 About Strategic Business Systems • IBM partner, based in northern New Jersey (near NYC), since 1982 • IBM i (AS/400) software development and consulting  Concentration in food & beverage and automotive industries  We developed with thick client Windows (VB) in the ’90s  Web (LANSA, Net.Data) around ’98-’04 replaced thick clients • PHP for web since 2005 • Partnered with Zend, “the PHP company,” in 2008 Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems NEUGC Enterprise PHP on IBM i | 8-April-2009 | 3 PHP’s growth as a web development language 34% of the internet runs on PHP 37% growth in PHP developers PHP 4 Released PHP 5.0 ZF and PDT released, PHP 4 EOL announced Zend Framework & Eclipse project (PDT) announced; 25M...

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CAESAR II TRAINING 6. STATIC ANALYSIS Metode Static Analysis adalah memperhitungkan static load, yang akan menimpa pipa secara perlahan sehingga dengan demikian piping system memiliki cukup waktu untuk menerima, bereaksi dan mendistribusikan load tersebut keseluruh bagian pipa, hingga tercapainya keseimbangan. 6.1 Static dan Dynamic Load Loading yang mempengaruhi sebuah piping system dapat diklasifikasikan sebagai primary dan secondary. Primary loading terjadi dari sustain load seperti berat pipa, sedangkan secondary load dicontohkan sebagai thermal expansion load. Static Loading meliputi : 1. Weight effect (live loads and dead loads). 2. Thermal expansion and contraction effects. 3. Effect of support, anchor movement. 4. Internal or external pressure loading. Sedangkan yang termasuk Dynamic loading adalah : 1. Impact forces 2. Wind 3. Discharge Load 6.1.1 Load Case pada Caesar II Setelah kita selesai mendesain piping, maka langkah selanjutnya adalah melakukan analisa stress terhadap system piping tersebut. Hal tersebut harus dilakukan untuk mengetahui apakah desain yang telah kita buat dapat memenuhi persyaratan stress atau tidak, Page 2 CAESAR II TRAINING sehingga hal ini akan sangat berpengaruh pada kekuatan pipa ketika mengalami pembebanan ketika kondisi operasi. Ada berbagai macam jenis load case yang dapat kita gunakan dalam CAESAR II. Load case ini akan mendefinisikan pembebanan yang terjadi pada pipa, baik beban akibat berat pipa itu sendiri ataupun beban akibat faktor yang lain. Berikut ini definisi load case pada CAESAR II ver 4.2 : Load Design...

Use SIFs and Flexibilities in CAESAR II® - Paulin Research Group

Using SIFs and Flexibilities in CAESAR II® Use SIFs and Flexibilities in CAESAR II® The following methods are recommended for pipe intersections when the stress intensification factors (SIFs) need to be considered per ASME B31.3 Appendix D Note 12. Simple and comprehensive methods are described below for using SIFs and flexibilities in a pipe stress analysis. Simple Method 1. Insert in-plane and out-plane SIFs for the branch element as shown below (next page). 2. Specify the general intersection type on any of the elements framing into the intersection. CAESAR II will provide header SIFs. 3. Model the intersection using three pipe elements. Do not enter stiffnesses and do not use any rigid elements to define the intersection. Notes: 1. Use the typical intersection model with three beam elements (not rigid elements) framing into the common intersection point. 2. The SIF should be specified on the intersection node of the branch element (node 10120 on the element 10110 to 10120 in the example below). 3. Specify the intersection type and any other data that is applicable in CAESAR II. CAESAR II will automatically calculate B31 SIFs for the header elements. 4. Always check the CAESAR stress reports to be sure that entered SIFs are used properly. (Input values for ii and io override the effective section modulus calculation. Stresses (even at intersections) are calculated using (i)(M/Z) when the SIF is entered. 5. CAESAR II will properly orient the SIFs providing all three elements that frame into the intersection are pipe elements. 6. Users can override CAESAR calculated header SIFs also. FESIF calculates SIFs for header elements. These SIFs are often considerably lower than Code calculated values when branch to header diameter ratio (d/D) is much less than 0.5. Copyright© 2008 - Paulin Research Group

Pipe Stress Analysis - CADWorx, CAESAR II & PV Elite: Insider Blog

Caesar II servatively, resulting in a lot of money being wasted. Since the calculation model is already built-up, this feature is worth using. It includes seismic load evaluation, forced vibration, hammer loads, natural frequency, response spectrum, time history analysis, slug flow and more. Isogen is a performant solution for the consequent automation of piping isometric drawing production and the de facto standard CAD system for drawing piping isometrics included in Caesar II. All the relevant data can easily be picked and placed on an isometric output. Company profiles can be used to deliver high quality outputs. With the Isogen wizard I-Configure, all parameters can be simply chosen from a list of options. A preview is used to shift all the data into place. Experienced users can also use the Project Manager. After this setup, isometric drawings can be generated for different projects in the same professional quality. A lot of the features of Caesar II improve results and help users find the best engineering. For instance, the Expansion Loop wizard generates the best possible loop for a given value. All the different options are calculated and the best is chosen for each specific case. The seismic wizard transforms the data provided into simple G loads. A lot of hanger producers made their data available for Caesar II and the user just has to select one item of this information to get the best results in this mode. There is no need to import further data from other sources. The same easy option can be chosen for expansion joints — just choose a company and the wizard inserts all the relevant components into the model. Line numbers...

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HOW TO GET TO SALON INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION TICKETS Exhibition Entrance Tickets must be purchased before you can buy any Salon Live, Salon Seminar or Business Extra tickets. No. of tickets £ Total Advance one day entrance ticket (£28+VAT on door) Advance three day season ticket (£55+VAT on door) TICKETS £20+VAT £41+VAT £ Student ticket (group booking of 10+ Monday only) (Call box office in advance to make group bookings) +VAT £ £10 Online Phone 0844 894 2000 (UK) or +44 (0)20 7744 2000 (Int’l) Individual Student entrance ticket (Monday only £16+VAT on door) +VAT £ £14 Fax +44 (0)870 013 0231 Total number of entrance tickets ordered £ Post Salon International, ticketSOUP, Glasgow G3 8YW Total number of Salon Live tickets £ Total number of Salon Seminar tickets £ SATURDAY 12 OCTOBER SUNDAY 13 OCTOBER MONDAY 14 OCTOBER Total number of Business Extra tickets 9.30 – 17.00 9.30 – 18.30 9.30 – 17.00 VAT £ Booking fee £5 (inc VAT) 1 £5 Postage option Please use this colour denominator as a guide to the timetable below. SATURDAY 12 OCTOBER 11:00 - 13:00 Mahogany 13:00 - 14:00 Philip Kingsley Trichology Taster seats £77+VAT seats £20+VAT 13:00 - 14:30 Saco seats £73+VAT 14:45 - 16:00 Sassoon Academy seats £81+VAT 15:00 - 16:00 Philip Kingsley Trichology Taster [UK only] Standard Post BY AIR Express trains connect Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton airports to central London, from which you can switch to the London Underground and then to the Docklands Light Railway. City Airport is a five minute taxi ride away. You can find out more at [UK only] Special Delivery £ 6.30 (inc VAT) [Int’l only] International Signed for £ 8.30 (inc VAT) EXCEL London is not located within the Congestion Charge Zone. Please visit for more information. For Sat Nav, we recommend using postcode E16 1DR. £ 2.30 (inc VAT) (Please select one) GRAND TOTAL £ All ticket prices are exclusive of VAT. Booking fee and postage prices are inclusive of VAT. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ADD UK VAT AT THE PREVAILING RATE TO ENSURE YOUR ORDER IS PROCESSED. Orders cannot be processed unless accompanied by payment in one of the following ways: Credit card or Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank for the grand total made out to ticketSOUP. We do not cancel, exchange or refund tickets. A £5 transaction booking fee will apply per order. We regret that children under 12 and pushchairs cannot be admitted. For travel and accommodation arrangements call Jigsaw Conferences on +44 (0)870 62 60 148 or email and quote ‘Salon 2013’ to benefit from our specially negotiated discounts. PLEASE NOTE Last date for advance overseas ticket orders – Monday 23 September 2013. Advance ticket prices are only available on bookings made by Friday 11 October at 9pm BST, either online or via our Box Office. Tickets purchased after this time will be charged the full rate.

INFINITI EX35 2008-2010
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INFINITI EX35 2008-2010 INTELLI-KEY Rev.: 20091211 Not included: 1x Fuse 15Amp XK09-PKN3 3x Diodes 1Amp 3x Relays Override OEM Transponder Immobilizer Via Data (No Key Required). Interfaces directly with the latest models in Nissan & Infinity ignition immobilizer systems to provide seemless, safe and secure system integration when adding an aftermarket remote starter. BCM 1 (-) (+) 12V Battery (Pin 1) White (+) 12V Battery (Passenger kick panel) BCM Diode 1Amp (-) Start 1 (Pin 132) Light Blue 86 Pins 34 and 56 at BCM for lock/unlock do not contain wires. 30 (-) Trunk (-) Ignition 2 (Pin 127) Yellow (-) Lock/Arm (Pin 56) Insert wire Diode 1Amp (+) Accesory 1 (Pin 83) Orange (-) Security LED (-) Unlock/Disarm (Pin 34) Insert wire (Double pulse) (+) Accesory 2 (Pin 90) Orange 86 87 DO NOT USE THE GROUND OUT WHILE RUNNING 85 30 (+) Ignition 1 (Pin 70) Red INPUTSecurity Light (connector side) 20 pin connector wire side view or (+) Ignition 2 87a OUTPUT Security Light (LED side) (-) Ignition 2 Only if remote starter does not have (-) ignition out Remote Starter (Pin 49) Green 85 87 87a (-) Trunk release (Pin 147) Gray Car must be disarmed before remote start to allow take over. or (+) Start 1 Only if remote starter does not have (-) starter out You can either insert lock/unlock wires directly from the remote starter or run wires into door and connect to Violet for lock and Yellow for unlock at window control switch. (-) Start 1 CAN High: Blue (PIN 79) to Tan/Black of CANMAX Yellow...

TK Submission For Conditional Approval Validated by EMA

MolMed S.p.A. (Milan:MLM) announces that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has validated the submission of the Conditional Marketing Authorisation for TK, a novel proprietary investigational cell-gene therapy. The data review of the submitted dossier starts today.

Jedan od uslova za prijem u dobrovoljno eurounijatsko ropstvo je da Srbija prizna da je bila zločinačka država, još od vremena Cara Dušana

Jedan od uslova za prijem u dobrovoljno eurounijatsko ropstvo je da Srbija prizna da je bila zločinačka država, još od vremena Cara Dušana. pa sve do danas i da su svi njeni legendarni heroji i slavom ovenčane vojskovođe bili notorni zlikovci, a da su kolaboracionisti, plaćeni izdajnici, agresorske sluge i Jude bili vizionari i borci za demokratiju. To je teza na kojoj je Haški tribunal zasnovao svoju percepciju raspada SFRJ, a sada se očekuje da i sama Srbija usvoji takvu percepciju i da je kroz unutrašnje pravosudje i zakonodavstvo kanonizuje i ovekoveči.

The Best Path To Hard Disk Recovery

There are a number of ways to store data. You can store the files on hard drives, removable disks, DVDs or CDs, just to mention a few. However, contrary to the popular belief, no matter how these storage products might be, any electronic or mechanical device is subject to break down. No matter how new or old the device is, it can fail to function normally, and there's nothing you can do to avoid it.