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How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel 2010
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How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel 2010 This short tutorial uses Excel 2010 and sample file to show you a working example of the VLOOKUP function. Article reference: Excel sample file: Video reference: Last Revised: May 20, 2012 1. Download the Excel VLOOKUP sample file shown in the More VLOOKUP References section Note: For this tutorial, we will be deleting information on this sheet and recreating the VLOOKUP formula. How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel 2010 - 1 Please v isit f or more tips and tutorials. 2. Open the sample file you downloaded from above in Excel. The workbook will have 2 sheets at the bottom: Voters and Party Codes. The first sheet is a listing of registered voters and the second contains names of political parties. 3. Delete the cell entries for D2:D7 because we will be rebuilding the formula. Note: You can keep the column header "Politcal Party". How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel 2010 - 2 Please v isit f or more tips and tutorials. 4. Place your cursor in cell D2. Click the Formulas tab and select Insert Function. How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel 2010 - 3 Please v isit f or more tips and tutorials. 5. In the Search for a function: text box type "vlookup" and click the Go button. How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel 2010 - 4 Please v isit f or more tips and tutorials. 6. Highlight VLOOKUP and click OK. How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel 2010 - 5 Please v isit f or more tips and tutorials.

Excel 2010 Shortcuts - Wall Street Prep

Note: Some third party utilities, macros and add-ins can overwrite native shortcut keys, in which case they will not work. Formatting shortcuts Bold Italic Underline Format Box Clear cell Outline border Remove border Insert a comment CTRL + B CTRL + I CTRL + U CTRL + 1 ALT + H + E + A SHIFT + CTRL + & SHIFT + CTRL + _ SHIFT + F2 Copy Paste Paste Special Cut Repeat Undo Delete selected cells CTRL + C CTRL + V ALT H + V + S (ALT + E + S still works) CTRL + X CTRL + Y CTRL + Z CTRL + Minus sign Workbook navigation shortcuts Toggle Excel workbooks CTRL + TAB Split Screen ALT + W + S (F6 to jump from pane to pane) Freeze pane ALT + W + F New workbook CTRL + N Print CTRL + P Open workbook CTRL + O (CTRL + F12) Save workbook CTRL + S Activate menu bar ALT or F10 Min / Restore Ribbon CTRL + F1 Print preview ALT + F + W + V (CTRL F2) Close window CTRL + W (CTRL + F4) Close program ALT + F4 Other useful shortcuts Excel Options Recalculate all workbooks Display a drop-down list Display “Insert Function” box Display “Name” box Enter array formula Auditing shortcuts Trace immediate precedents Trace immediate dependents Remove tracing arrows Evaluate formula Track changes Zoom to selection Go to precedent cells Go to dependent cells Go back to original cell “Go to” ALT + F + T F9 ALT + up/down arrow keys ALT + I + F (SHIFT F3) CTRL F3 SHIFT + CTRL + Enter ALT + M + P ALT + M + D ALT + M + A + A ALT + M + V ALT + R + G ALT + W + G CTRL + [ CTRL + ] F5 + Enter F5 Tab navigation Move/ Copy a tab Change tab name Moving to left/right tabs New tab ALT + H + O + M ALT + H + O + R CTRL + Pg Up/Down SHIFT + F11 Row / column shortcuts Select column Select row Delete row(s) / column(s) Add row(s) / column(s) Group / ungroup rows and columns Fit column width CTRL + Space Shift + Space CTRL + 'minus sign' CTRL + SHIFT + 'plus sign' SHIFT + ALT + left / right arrow key ALT + H + O + I Data editing shortcuts Select All Fill Down Fill right Find Replace CTRL + A CTRL + D CTRL + R CTRL + F CTRL + H Edit cells Start a formula Insert AutoSum formula...

Migrating to Excel 2010
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Microsoft Excel 2010 looks very different from Excel 2003, so we created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve. Read on to learn key parts of the new interface, discover free Excel 2010 training, find features such as Print Preview or the Options dialog box, understand how to exchange workbook files with people who don’t yet have Excel 2010, and find out how to enable add-ins or get access to macros and other advanced features. Ribbon Groups Quick Access Toolbar Ribbon Tabs Commands shown here are always visible. You can add your favorite commands to this toolbar. Click any tab on the ribbon to display its buttons and commands. Each ribbon tab contains groups, and each group contains a set of related commands. Here, the Number group on the Home tab contains commands for displaying numbers as currency, percentages, and so on. Backstage View Hide the Ribbon Click the File tab to enter Backstage view, where you can open, save, print, and manage your Excel files. Need more space on your screen? Click this icon or press CTRL+F1 to hide or show the ribbon. Dialog Box Launchers Contextual Ribbon Tabs Some tabs appear on the ribbon only when you need them. For example, if you insert or select a chart, you’ll see Chart Tools, which includes three extra tabs — Design, Layout, and Format. If you see a dialog box launcher icon ( ) next to any ribbon group label, click it to open a dialog box with more options for that group. Zoom In or Out Click these buttons to display the current worksheet in Normal, Page Layout, or Page Break Preview view. To exit Backstage view, click any ribbon tab. Switch Between Views Click the 100% zoom button to select a zoom level, or drag the zoom slider to the right or left side. © 2010 by Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

LAMPIRAN 1 Instrumen penelitian, Kunci Jawaban, Lembar ...

KUNCI JAWABAN PENELITIAN KETERAMPLAN MENULIS. Yogyakarta, 02. 05. 2012. Liebe meine Freundin, wie geht es dir? Ich hoffe, daß es dir gut geht. INSTRUMEN PENELITIAN KETERAMPILAN MENULIS BAHASA JERMAN Buatlah surat sederhana dalam bahasa Jerman yang ditujukan kepada temanmu. Isi surat menceritakan tentang pengalamanmu pergi ke Bioskop. Perhatikan komponen-komponen surat berikut ini. Salam pembuka, pembuka surat, isi surat, penutup surat.( Anrede, Einführung, Inhalt, Schluß ) Poin-poin ini akan membantumu dalam menulis surat. 1. ins Kino gehen 2. am Wochenende/ in den Ferien/ am Sonntag/ am Montag/ 3. mit dem Fahrrad/ Motorrad/Auto/ Bus/ mit dem Taxi 4. mit meinen Eltern/ mit meinem Freund/ mit meiner Freundin/ allein 5. ins Kino Empire XXI/ ins Kino 21 6. Horor/ Liebe/ Komödie/ Aktion 7. interessant/ wunderbar 92 KUNCI JAWABAN PENELITIAN KETERAMPLAN MENULIS Yogyakarta, 02. 05. 2012 Liebe meine Freundin, wie geht es dir? Ich hoffe, daß es dir gut geht. Was machst du da? Am Wochenende gehe ich ins Kino. Ich fahre mit dem Auto. Ich fahre mit meinen Eltern ins Kino, denn am Wochenende heben sie keine Arbeit. Wir fahren ins Kino Empire XXI. Dort gibt es viele Filme z.B. Horor, Liebe, Komödie oder Aktion. Wir sehen Aktionfilm und ich finde den Film wunderbar. Und du? Was sind deine Aktivitäten am Wochenende? Schreib bald! Viele Grȕß e Bina Kundhini

Kunci Jawaban - FTP ITB!
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Kunci Jawaban Bab 1 Ayo Berlatih 1.1 2. Kemampuan yang dimiliki hewan untuk mengetahui arah terbang, makanan, dan keadaan lingkungan­ nya dengan menggunakan bunyi. Ayo Berlatih 1.2 2. Kantung semar dan tumbuhan kejora. Cara yang dilakukan pada kantong semar dengan menghasilkan cairan untuk menarik perhatian serangga. Serangga akan tergelincir masuk ke dalam daun karena daunnya mengandung lapisan lilin. Evaluasi Bab 1 A. Pilihan Ganda 2. c 4. b 6. d 8. d 10. b B. Isian 2. Pelekat 4. Kering 6. Malam hari 8. Nitrogen 10. Lidah yang panjang dan lengket C. Uraian 2. Karena cecak memiliki telapak kaki yang tidak rata, memiliki tonjolan berbentuk garis dan berfungsi sebagai pelekat. 4. Kantong semar menghasilkan cairan untuk menarik perhatian serangga. Serangga akan tertarik dan masuk ke dalam kantong. Bab 2 Ayo Berlatih 2.1 2. Bersikap tenang, jujur, terbuka, dan selalu menjaga kebersihan. Ayo Berlatih 2.2 2. • • Pembuahan di dalam tubuh: peng­­­ gabungan sel sperma dan sel telur di dalam tubuh. Pembuahan di luar tubuh: peng­ gabungan sel sperma dan sel telur di luar tubuh Ayo Berlatih 2.3 2. Serangga dan burung Evaluasi Bab 2 A. Pilihan Ganda 2. a 4. d 6. a 8. d 10. a 12. d 14. b B. Isian 2. Embrio 4. Menstruasi 6. Melahirkan 8. Penyerbukan 10. Cangkokan Kunci Jawaban 173 C. Uraian 2. Tertariknya pada lawan jenis 4. Menggabungkan mata tunas suatu tumbuhan pada batang tumbuhan lain.


ADVANCED SHAPE CONTROL Benefits • Fast and easy creation of complex geometry with new Create complex surfaces and organic shapes faster, easier, and with more precise control. Style Spline functionality • Better, simpler control over curvature of spline geometry • New Conic Fillet controls create smoother transitions for fillets SKETCH ENHANCEMENTS Benefits • • • • Conceptualize and design faster and easier with more robust and powerful Sketch capabilities. Replace Sketch entity Set Sketch and Sketch Picture scale when adding first dimension Fixed length dimension for 2D splines Path Length dimension for multiple Sketch entities—belts, chains, cables, perimeters, etc. ENHANCED ASSEMBLY PERFORMANCE AND VISUALIZATION • • • • Create assemblies faster with new in-context Quick Mate toolbar Section View—Include/Exclude selected components Significantly improved Section View performance Create part Slot features with Hole Wizard and speed up assembly creation with new Slot Mate • Add rotation in Explode Steps so parts will automatically rotate Benefits Create and view assemblies faster and easier. DESIGN COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION Benefits • Experience your 3D designs in the real world in Augmented Experience and communicate your design ideas in a more lifelike way—anytime, anywhere. Reality with eDrawings® and eDrawings Professional iOS® mobile apps • eDrawings mobile support for Android™ devices (4.0 and later) • Create an eDrawings file of your SolidWorks Electrical schematics with a single click NEW SHEET METAL FEATURES Benefits • New Sheet Metal Gusset feature for creation of stiffening ribs • Improved control over sheet metal corner treatments • Sheet Metal Lofted-Bend includes information needed for Create sheet metal geometry faster, with improved data output for manufacturing. press brake manufacturing 6 STREAMLINED SIMULATION SETUP Benefits SolidWorks® Simulation automatically leverages data for simulations: Streamline simulation and eliminate duplication of effort to enable concurrent engineering. • Toolbox fasteners definition, with position, bolt materials, and preloads, for Bolt Connectors in SolidWorks Simulation • Thermal properties and PCB definition from electrical components in SolidWorks Flow Simulation • In-mold residual stress and temperature data from SolidWorks Plastics in SolidWorks Simulation Benefits • Create angular running dimensions • Set automatic limits for rows in tables • Turn a part drawing into an assembly drawing without Perform faster and more automated drawing detailing. losing references • Slot callout notes 8 Benefits SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL IMPROVED INTEGRATION AND PERFORMANCE • Single-button publishing of schematic and assembly files for review in eDrawings • One click check-in/check-out of electrical project files to SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Optimize, share, and track electrical designs more easily for improved project collaboration. • Enhanced wire/cable/harness development capabilities with optimized routing 9 SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM STREAMLINED WORKFLOW • Customize the user interface with custom data columns for company-specific data • Automated cache management to cache and clear specified folders at user log-in and log-off Benefits Make faster, more accurate document actions and get the latest file versions automatically. • Enable vault operations directly in Microsoft® Office user interface for Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® 10 STREAMLINED COST ESTIMATING AND REPORTING Benefits • New options enable selection and control of cost estimation Cost parts faster and with less setup, then share cost data more effectively with downstream applications. methods • New estimate type based on average cost of material removal simplifies Costing setup • Microsoft Excel integration and output of more Costing Custom Properties improve cost data sharing SolidWorks 2014 new features and enhancements span the full range of SolidWorks software for 3D design, simulation, technical communication, and product data management to maximize your productivity. For more information, visit Our 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions powered by our brand applications serving 12 industries Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systèmes’ collaborative solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the real world. The group brings value to over 150,000 customers of all sizes in all industries in more than 80 countries. For more information, visit

Abney & Associates Technology Updates: Sheriff’s forum to open eyes of parents about teen social med

It started with a disagreement between friends at school. Then came threatening phone calls at home. Finally, taunting and name-calling on Facebook and Twitter. By the end of a 24- to 48-hour period, Cara Cockerham had called the Fishers Police Department, and she had shut down her 13-year-old daughter’s Facebook page. Although the incident happened three years ago, when her daughter was a seventh-grader, Cockerham said the memory is still fresh.

The Hive Recording Studio
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The Hive Recording Studio is a private studio. We specialize in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio. Our versatile producers and engineers excel in everything from voice-over work, to rock, hip hop, heavy metal, and gospel. Our studio space can accommodate groups of almost any size. The Hive also provides pre/post-production services for radio and web advertisements.

Soal-Soal dan Pembahasan Matematika IPA SNMPTN 2012 ...

Soal-Soal dan Pembahasan Matematika IPA SNMPTN 2012 Tanggal Ujian: 13 Juni 2012 1. Lingkaran (x + 6)2 + (y + 1)2 = 25 menyinggung garis y = 4 di titik... A. ( -6, 4 ) B. ( 6 , 4) C. ( -1, 4 ) D. ( 1, 4 ) E. ( 5 , 4 ) Jawab: BAB XI Lingkaran Masukkan nilai y=4 pada persamaan (x + 6)2 + (4 + 1)2 = 25 (x + 6)2 = 25 – 25 = 0 x = -6 Didapat titik x = -6 dan y = 4  (-6,4) Jawabannya A 2. Jika 2x3 – 5x2 – kx + 18 dibagi x - 1 mempunyai sisa 5, maka nilai k adalah... A. -15 B. -10 C. 0 D. 5 E. 10 Jawab: BAB XII Suku Banyak Metoda Horner x3 x= 1 2 x2 x -k 18 2 2 -5 -3 -3 - k -3 ( -3- k) + = kalikan dengan x =1 (15 – k)  sisa =5 15 – k = 5 k = 15 – 5 = 10 Jawabannya E 1 3. Luas daerah yang dibatasi oleh kurva y = x2, y = 1, dan x = 2 adalah... A. ∫ (1 − B. ∫ ( ) C. ∫ ( − 1) − 1) D. ∫ (1 − Jawab BAB XVI Integral E. ∫ ( ) − 1) Buat sketsa gambar untuk mengetahui batas luas: terlihat bahwa bidang luasnya (arsiran) bagian atasnya adalah y = x 2 dan bagian bawahnya y = 1 dengan dibatasi oleh batas atas x = 2 dan batas bawah x =1. Dalam notasi integralnya : b ∫ ( b b a a a L =  y2 dx -  y1 dx =  ( y 2  y1) dx − 1) Jawabannya C 4. ( ( A. B. ) ) = .... C. E. D. 2 Jawab: BAB VII Trigonometri ( ( + 2 sin cos ) ) = = = =1 = 2 Jawabannya E 5. Lingkaran (x - 3)2 + (y - 4)2 = 25 memotong sumbu –x di titik A dan B. Jika P adalah titik pusat lingkaran tersebut, maka cos ∠APB = ... A. C. B. E. D. Jawab: BAB XI Lingkaran dan BAB VII Trigonometri Sketsa gambar: Lingkaran dengan pusat (3,4) APB merupakan segitiga. 3 Untuk menjawab soal ini digunakan teorema di bawah ini: Aturan sinus dan cosinus C  b  a  A c B Aturan cosinus 1. a 2 = b 2 + c 2 - 2bc cos  2. b 2 = a 2 + c 2 - 2ac cos  3. c 2 = a 2 + b 2 - 2ab cos  Kita pakai rumus (3) c = AB = 6 a = b = AP = PB = √3 + 4 = √25 = 5 c 2 = a 2 + b 2 - 2ab cos P 2ab cos P = + − cos P = = = = . . . Jawabannya A 6. Grafik fungsi f(x) = ax3 – bx2 + cx + 12 naik jika.... A. b2 – 4ac < 0 dan a > 0 B. b2 – 4ac < 0 dan a < 0 C. b2 – 3ac > 0 dan a < 0 D. b2 – 3ac < 0 dan a > 0 E. b2 – 3ac < 0 dan a < 0 Jawab: BAB XV Differensial 4 Syarat fungsi naik ( )>0 3ax2 - 2bx + c > 0  fungsi naik ( - , 0, + ) * variabel x2 > 0 3a > 0 a>0 *D<0 ( ) > 0 , maka tidak ada titik potong dan singgung di sb x sehingga D < 0  karena (-2b)2 – 4.3a.c < 0 4b2 – 12.a.c < 0 b2 – 3 ac < 0 didapat a > 0 dan b2 – 3 ac < 0 Jawabannya D 7. →0 = .... E. √3 √ A. -1 C. 1 B. -0 D. Jawab: XIV Limit Fungsi →0 = →0 = = = →0 →0 1 . 1. = = =1 Jawabannya C


PENTING !!!.. a. Lokasi Ujian dibagi dalam : Sektor dan Lokasi (SAINTEK/SOSHUM/CAMPURAN) b. ATK untuk keperluan Lokasi Ujian dikirim pada tanggal 12 dan 13 Juni 2013; c. Dokumen Naskah Soal Ujian (NSU); Lembar Jawab Ujian (LJU) ; Berita Acara dan Album Bukti Hadir Peserta mulai dikirim jam 05.30 WIB dari Sekretariat Panlok UNS Kampus Kenthingan. • Penanggung Jawab Lokasi • Sekretaris • Bendahara • Anggota • Pengawas • Penata Tempat/Ruang • Keamanan 1. PETUGAS PELAKSANA UJIAN DI LOKASI. Pelaksanaan Ujian Tulis dibagi dalam 3 (tiga) Tahap : a. Sebelum Ujian, meliputi kegiatan : 1). Pemeriksanaan Ruang Ujian; 2). Penerimaan Naskah Soal Ujian (NSU), Lembar Jawab Ujian (LJU) dan kelengkapannya; 3). Verifikasi dokumen peserta; 4). Pembagian LJU dan NSU. b. Pada saat ujian, meliputi kegiatan: 1). Pemeriksanaan kelengkapan NSU; 2). Pengisian Berita Acara ( BA.U.1 dan BA.U.2); 3). Pengawasan Ujian; 4). Melakukan presensi peserta. c. Pada waktu selesai ujian, meliputi kegiatan: Pengelolaan dan Penyerahan LJU dan berkas lainnya. 2. Hal-hal yang harus disiapkan Panitia Ujian Setempat. • Kesiapan ruang: • Berkapasitas 20 orang atau kelipatannya; • Berpenerangan dan sirkulasi udara yang baik; • Ketersediaan meja dan kursi; • Jarak antarkursi 80 cm kesamping dan 60 cm ke depan/belakang; • Lay out ruang tidak boleh dalam bentuk teater;