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PowerPoint 2007: Basics
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PowerPoint PowerPoint 2007: Basics Learning Guide What’s a PowerPoint Slide? ...Like a 35mm film-based slide, each PowerPoint slide presents one full screen of information to audience members, meeting attendees, or course participants, and: • can be edited easily • can incorporate text and images from other documents • can utilize animation effects • can be easily stored, shared, and reused PowerPoint slides can be displayed directly from your computer or they can be printed to more conventional media. You can print full-page PowerPoint slides or multiple miniature slides on each page. Slides can also be shared on the web in various formats, or can also be printed to overhead transparencies or 35mm film. PowerPoint 2007 allows you to compose and edit slides, navigate through your presentation, and draft speaker notes without changing views or opening additional windows. The slide tab allows you to view miniature versions (called thumbnails) of the slides you have already created in your presentation. Each slide is numbered in the order that it appears in the presentation. The slide pane is the area in which slides can be created and existing slides can be edited. The notes pane allows you to enter speaker notes that complement the content on each slide. These notes do not appear on the screen when the slides are shown in full-screen mode. However, you can print notes along with your slides to create a set of note pages to which you can refer during your presentation. The status bar contains view options that were previously located on the bottom left of the slide tab. These options, which are now located on the right-hand side of the page, allow you to zoom in and out of your slides, and use different viewing formats. At first glance, the new PowerPoint 2007 interface may seem a bit unsettling, with “fat bands” called Ribbons replacing cascading text menus and task bars. This guide will help put you at ease as it introduces you to the new design and explains the new nomenclature. The Office button, located at the top left corner of your screen, replaces the File menu found in earlier versions of PowerPoint. The Office button allows you to carry out functions such as opening, saving, and printing your document. If you wish to have more room while working, you can hide the contents of the ribbons: To hide the ribbons: • Double-click on one of the menu-bar tabs (it does not matter which one). • To redisplay the contents of the ribbons, double-click on a menu-bar tab again.

Keynote speaker
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The Professional and motivational speakers hire by many organizations to attend various events: - such as: - seminar, marketing and promotional activities among many more. If you are experiencing some of lives biggest challenges that spoil your life completely and you can't understand what can you do, then Professional keynote speaker has the solution. With him, you will feel better and comfortable. He provides you great solutions that will enable you to accomplish your desired goals.

Vladimir Gacinovic, 'direktor' za Balkan MI6, je i obavestio Gavrila Principa i Mladu Bosnu da ce F.F. biti na manevrima

Vladimir Gacinovic, "direktor" za Balkan MI6, je i obavestio Gavrila Principa i Mladu Bosnu (pre nego sto se u Sarajevu znalo) da ce F.F. biti izaslanik cara Franca Jozefa, na manevrima.

Steer It 3D Car Parking Game
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Steer It 3D Short Description This game simulates various parking skill. In this game, you can get an overall view of the car’s position in a 3D optic angle outside the car to get a driver's view. Control your car with a steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need. Each level has specific time limit. Game Type/Genre Car Parking is a 3D car simulator game. Features Steer It 3D features: ★ 15Exciting levels, with more levels coming soon ★ Beautiful 3D graphics
 ★ Unique car driving experience with steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedal, and gear (front and rear) ★ A pro version of the game with more levels is coming soon

Keynote speaker and Inspirational speaker

The Keynote speaker is useful in organizing an annual meeting, a trade show, national conference or an executive training program. Setting it right and giving the right tone to such events is what these speakers known are known for. Call them from Redinspires to get trusted services. They are efficient to speak in front of large audiences and thus sustain your event planning. You can get one of the Inspirational speakers there and he is Red Katz. He can reignite the passion in you and make you achieve your goals certainly.

Inspirational motivational speakers and Public speakers

Everyone knows that Inspirational motivational speakers require some essential and specific set of skills, talent and imagination so that they can give a new direction to millions of people. Apart from all these qualities, the speaker ought to be dynamic and entertaining as well. They are not only inspirational, but also a professional that has great qualities to impress many people by giving the speech. Currently, many people love to hire these for different business meetings, clients & business partner conferences, Keynotes & Workshops, gathering and many more. By listening their motivational thoughts and examples, audience will walk away with full of positive energy and thinking. Youth motivational speakers speak to youth on the issues confronting them such as career, crime, sex and responsibilities of adulthood. These speakers are geared towards the young and have extensive experience dealing with the young crowd which they address. For all these visit our website: www.redinspires.

Electronic Cigarette Regulations: When Less is More

Clive Bates, speaker at E-Cigarette Summit London, discusses regulations surrounding electronic cigarettes. He points out that tight regulations could harm the e-cig industry and push people back to smoking tobacco. Visit:

Professional keynote speaker

You can make use of our valuable Keynotes & Workshops to learn the art of working happily and efficaciously. In order to gather more information regarding our services, visit us at You can also get inspirational updates on a weekly basis by simply subscribing us. In case of any query, you can either send us an email or call.

Keynote speaker and Youth motivational speakers

Keynote Speakers provides motivational speakers, professional speakers and inspirational keynote speaker with a wide range of topics, from economy to nano-technology and humor. We work with some of the most professional motivational, keynote & conference speakers.

Professional speaker  Keynote speaker

Famous Motivational Speakers are skilled in motivating others through public speaking. The key goals and objectives of famous motivational speakers includes to motivate the audience through their dynamic delivery of relevant topics to increase effort and energy leading to improved performance.