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cara membuat body fairing dengan fiberglass

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Put this information in the glove box with the vehicle owner’s manual. PARTS LIST INSTALLATION NOTE: • Install the accessory with care not to damage the vehicle body and the parts of the vehicle. Exhaust pipe finisher • The exhaust pipe finisher is designed exclusively for the CR-V, it is not applicable to the other models. • Allow the exhaust pipe to cool down before installing the exhaust pipe finisher. Washer-bolt 1. Partially thread the washer-bolt into the exhaust pipe finisher. Slide the exhaust pipe finisher onto the exhaust pipe. REAR VIEW CROSS SECTION TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Ratchet 10 mm Socket Torque wrench Illustration of the Exhaust Pipe Finisher Installed on the Vehicle EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER WASHERBOLT EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER WASHER-BOLT Loosely install. EXHAUST PIPE QA11102BD QA11101AD EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER © 2011 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved. AII 46215 (1112) 08F53-T0A-1000-90 1 of 2 2. Continue to slide the exhaust pipe finisher in until it contacts the end of the exhaust pipe. While holding the exhaust pipe finisher firmly against the exhaust pipe, torque the washer bolt to 10 N·m (7 lbf·ft). CLEANING THE EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER Use a sponge or cloth and a solution of mild liquid dishwashing soap and water to clean the exhaust pipe finisher. Wax the exhaust pipe finisher using Honda Metal Polish (08C20-A021S). Never use a wax that contains abrasive material as it may scratch the surface. EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER EXHAUST PIPE WASHER-BOLT TORQUE: 10 N·m (7 lbf·ft) 3. Push the exhaust pipe finisher in until it stops. QA11103AD Start the engine, and rev it up a few times. Listen for vibration from the exhaust pipe finisher, and adjust if necessary.

Installation Instructions - College Hills Honda

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Application Publications No. HPD Exhaust System 18300-F27S-A05 2011-14 CR-Z AII 50382 Issue Date NOV 2013 Support Bracket Rubber Mount NOTE: The HPD Exhaust System must be installed with the HPD Rear Diffuser,  P/N 71502-F27S-A02. PARTS LIST Exhaust Pipe Exhaust Pipe Gasket TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Sockets, 10 mm and 12 mm Exhaust Muffler Ratchet Eye protection (face shield, safety goggles, etc.) Illustration of the HPD Exhaust System EXHAUST PIPE EXHAUST PIPE GASKET SUPPORT BRACKET Support Bracket EXHAUST PIPE CLAMP SUPPORT BRACKET RUBBER MOUNT Exhaust Pipe Clamp © 2013 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved. AII 50382 (1311) EXHAUST MUFFLER 1 of 4 REMOVAL 2. Remove the 8 x 1.25 mm bolt from the parking brake cable support. Customer Information: The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers.” NOTE: Allow the exhaust system to cool down before installing this accessory. 1. With the vehicle on a lift, remove the two 8 x 1.25 mm bolts and springs, and remove the muffler from the rubber mounts, then remove the muffler.  NOTE: The rubber mounts will be reused. EXHAUST PIPE EXHAUST GASKET Replace. PARKING BRAKE CABLE 3. BOLTS AND SPRINGS MUFFLER Remove the three 10 x 1.25 mm exhaust pipe bolts, the exhaust gasket, and the exhaust pipe rubber mounts.Move the parking brake cable support to the side, then remove the exhaust pipe. EXHAUST PIPE RUBBER MOUNTS Retain. RUBBER MOUNTS (2) Retain. EXHAUST PIPE EXHAUST GASKET BOLTS Replace. Replace. 2 of 4 AII 50382 (1311) © 2013 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved. 4. Remove the rear bumper lower trim. INSTALLATION 6. HOOK Install the HPD support bracket using the two 8 x 1.25 mm body bolts removed in step 5, and torque the 8 x 1.25 mm body bolts to 22 N•m (16 lb-ft), and install the HPD support bracket rubber mount. HPD SUPPORT BRACKET REAR BUMPER LOWER TRIM BODY BOLTS CLIPS 7. Remove the original exhaust pipe gasket, and replace it with the new gasket supplied in the kit. EXHAUST PIPE RUBBER MOUNTS OUTER BUMPER SCREW 2 places. 5. Remove the two 10 x 1.25 mm body bolts. BODY BOLTS Retain. NEW EXHAUST GASKET BOLTS Loosely install. 22 N.m (16 lb-ft) © 2013 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved. AII 50382 (1311) HPD EXHAUST PIPE HPD EXHAUST PIPE PARKING BRAKE CABLE 3 of 4 8. 9. Loosely attach the HPD exhaust pipe using the three 10 x 1.25 mm bolts, and install the exhaust pipe rubber mounts removed in step 3. Then slide the HPD exhaust pipe clamp over the end of the exhaust pipe. 12. Install the HPD rear diffuser, and return the original parts to the customer. TAB...

Triumph Daytona 675 - ENG - Lightec
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Kit LighTech for Triumph Daytona 675/R 2007-2012 Adjustable rear sets (4 configurations) FTRTR001 – Track System with fixed foot peg (no reverse gear shift) FTRTR001W – Track System with fold-up foot peg (no reverse gear shift) FTRTR002 – Track System with fixed foot peg for reverse gear shift FTRTR002W – Track System with fold-up foot peg for reverse gear shift 345,00€ 395,00€ 395,00€ 445,00€ Adjustable and fold-up levers kit (brake and clutch) KLEV032J (or KLEV032W) – For Daytona 675 (2007-2011) KLEV038J (or KLEV038W) – For Daytona 675 R (2011-2012) 154,00€ 154,00€ 1 15/05/2012 TET675 – Chain adjusters for Daytona 675 (2007-2011) TETR001 – Chain adjusters for Daytona 675 R (2011-2012) 179,00€ 179,00€ Handlebar accessories REG004 – Forks spring adjusters MOZ5010 – Handlebar holders MOZ5020 – Handlebar holders (H = +20mm) HBT001 – Handlebar tubes FBC06 – Brake oil tank cap (front) FFC05 - Brake oil tank cap (rear) 30,00€ 165,00€ 175,00€ 50,00€ 28,00€ 20,50€ ERGAL screws and special nuts 7TDM – Engine screws kit (33 pcs) 7TDT – Frame screws kit (34 pcs) 7TDC – Fairing screws kit (46 pezzi) D011 – Swing arm pivot nut D004 – Rear wheel axle nut D006 – Steering head nut KC006 – Windscreen screws kit KTYB – Fuel tank cap screws kit 71,00€ 92,00€ 96,90€ 18,00€ 18,60€ 18,00€ 13,00€ 9,25€ 2 15/05/2012 TITANIUM screws (5 degree) VITS – Front brake disc rotors screws (nr. 10, price for each) VITS – Rear brake disc rotor screws (nr. 4, price for each) T001M10x1.25x65 – Front brake calipers screws (nr. 4, price for each) 16,50€ 16,50€ 23,15€ Oil filler cap (3 models) OIL004 OILH OILHW 17,50€ 17,50€ 19,00€ Fuel tank cap (2 models) TR5 – Rapid lock TF5 – Spin lock 93,00€ 67,00€

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MSA Workman Full Body Fall Protection Harnesses offer comfort and safety at economical prices. Model 1007248 features Qwik-Fit Strap at Chest, Tongue Buckles on Leg Straps, Attachment Points on Back and Hips, Integral Back Pad, Tool Belt and Shoulder Pads.

Vacations For Seniors
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ELDER EXPEDITIONS offers vacations for seniors, designed especially for fit and energetic age 50 plus travelers in search of multisport senior travel packages as well as active senior single travel concepts. We at Elder Expeditions espouse a fundamental credo that physical fitness, activity and diversification are essential keys to maintaining a healthy body and mind, increasing the likelihood of longevity and graceful ageing. In line with that credo, ELDER EXPEDITIONS regards the fiftieth birthday as OUR TIME, as a new threshold, an exciting epoch in life’s evolution: OUR TIME, a time to self-indulge, a time to re-invent and re-create, a time to explore.....


VIN DETAILS The VIN consists of 17 characters 1. World Manufacturer’s Code 2. Vehicle Line 3. Model & Series 4. Body Type 5. Restraint System (Front Seat) 6 : Engine Type 7. Check Digit 8. Production Year 9. Production Plant 10. Vehicle Production Sequence Number KMH – Hyundai Motor Company, Korea C: LC, Lci 3: 3 Door sedan 4: 4 Door sedan 5: 5 Door sedan F: Standard G: Deluxe H: Super deluxe 0: Both sides (None) 1: Both sides (A/Belt) 2: Both sides (P/Belt) 3: D/Side (A/Belt & A/Bag), P/Side (A/Belt & P/Belt) 4: Both sides (A/Belt & A/Bag) 5: Depowered (A/Bag) B: 1495 DOHC F: 1341 SOHC G: 1495 SOHC Mathematically determined to validate frame numbers ; 0 – 9, X W: 1998 X: 1999 Y: 2000 I: 2001 U: Ulsan Plant (Korea) M: Chennal (INDIA) 000001-999999 Page 3 HYUNDAI ACCENT ENGINE NUMBER DETAILS The engine identification number consists of 11 digits. 1. Engine Fuel 2. Engine Range 3. Engine Development Order 4. Engine Capacity 5. Production Year 6. Engine Production Sequence Number G: Gasoline L: LPG D: Diesel 4: In-line 4 cycle 4 cylinder A-Z A: 1.3 SOHC (MPI/CARB) B: 1.5 SOHC C: 1.5 DOHC W:1998 X:1999 Y:2000 1:2001 000001–999999 TRANSAXLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER LOCATION Description (Manual Transaxle) 1. Model 2. Model Year 3. Number of Teeth 3. Serial No. H: M5AF3 W:1998 X: 1999 Y: 2000 20: 73→1.3 (SOHC), 1.5 (SOHC) 19: 73→1.5 (DOHC) 18: 73→1.3 (Carburetor) 000001–999999 Page 4 HYUNDAI ACCENT Description (Automatic Transaxle) 1. Model 2. Product Year 3. Final gear ratio 4. Classification of detail 5. Spare 6. Serial No. T: A4AF3 W: 1998 X: 1999 Y: 2000 L: 3.656(1.3SOHC, 1.5DOHC, LCi1.5SOHC) K: 3.443(1.5SOHC, LCi1.3SOHC) C: 1.3SOHC, 1.5DOHC, 1.5SOHC(LCi) A: 1.5SOHC, 1.3SOHC(LCi)

2012 HyundAi ACCENT - Dealer e-Process

From the very beginning, our engineers were determined to conceive something more than a redesigned car. They wanted to change the very idea of what a subcompact could be. Can we engineer a car that rolls onto the scene with best-inclass horsepower, while also delivering class-leading standard fuel economy? Can we conceive a fluid, aerodynamic profile with an interior cabin spacious enough to offer the most front and rear shoulder room in its class? Can we wave goodbye to the compromises inherent in traditional subcompacts? The all-new 2012 Hyundai Accent has all the answers. With three trim levels to choose from, there’s plenty to consider. The artful simplicity of the GLS 4-Door. The versatility of a wellequipped GS 5-Door. And the sport-inspired pleasures of the SE 5-Door. Each new model is molded with dynamic styling that is sure to raise eyebrows as well as expectations. What happens when you give an imaginative team of engineers the freedom to go beyond making changes to a car…and do something so different, it changes people’s thinking? Inquire within.

Operating instructions HYUNDAI ACCENT -

Inner strength Accent's solid feel starts with the use of a safe, rigid body shell Your safety is our mission Hyundai engineers have raised standards in their quest to protect everyone in the event of a crash and that includes any pedestrians unfortunate enough to be caught in the incident. For a start, the safety blueprint for Accent requires impeccable handling, which is now accompanied by larger anti-lock disc brakes. The reinforced body shell is complemented by solid steel side impact beams, six air bags and seat belts equipped with pre-tensioners. Scientifically monitored tests in our high technology laboratories confirm computer calculations that the Accent exceeds the toughest crash protection legislation from around the world. Cushioning the impact Occupants have the benefit of dual front air bags, another on the side of each front seat, and roof-mounted bags that form protective curtains along each side of the interior. Safety first Sure handling and anti-lock brakes help to keep the Accent on-line. 1.6-litre DOHC CVVT petrol Variable valve timing and extra displacement produce 82.4kW (112 PS) 1.4-litre DOHC petrol A small displacement increase takes power output to 69. 9kW (97 PS) 1.5-litre CRDi turbodiesel Common rail fuel injection helps to produce top-class 81kW (110 PS) The best of everything Accent's trio of engines have it all: economy, power, refinement and durability Stop and go Front brake disc diameters are bigger for more stopping power. Well-proven MacPherson strut-type front suspension gives excellent on-road performance. Accent revives the time when driving was fun Driving today can sometimes be a chore, but Hyundai does not believe that means cars should be dull. Quite the contrary. Our aim is to put the sparkle of enjoyment back into driving. Accent is an example of what we mean. The stiffness and strength of the new platform and body shell make the car solid and secure. Our engineers paid particular attention to reducing what they know as NVH noise, vibration and harshness. The steering is light and precise and the anti-lock disc brakes are world-class.

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HYUNDAI ACCENT 1. Open the trunk. Remove all trunk floor covers (A). Remove the rear scuff panel by pulling up on the top (B). On both sides of the trunk remove the plastic fasteners holding the felt trunk liner in place (C). 2. On the driver’s side pull back on the felt trunk liner to locate the vehicle’s taillight wiring harness connectors (D). The connectors will be similar to those on the T-Connector harness. Separate the connectors taking care not to damage the locking tabs (E). Insert the T-Connector end with the yellow wire between the separated connectors. Make sure the connectors are fully inserted with locking tabs in place. WARNING! Verify miscellaneous items that may be hidden behind or under any surface before drilling to avoid damage and/or personal injury. 3. Locate a suitable grounding point near the connector such as an existing screw with nut in the vehicle’s frame or drill a 3/32” hole and secure the eyelet of the white ground wire using the screw provided. 4. Locate a flat spot and adhere the black converter box to the inside body panel of the vehicle behind the felt trunk liner near the connector using the double-sided tape provided. 5. Route the T-Connector end with the green wire across to the passenger side behind the removed scuff panel. Repeat Step 2 on the passenger side using the T-Connector end with the green wire. Use the cable ties...

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Industrial Brake Products Hydraulic Brake Systems Replacement Parts I INDEX HYDRAULIC BRAKES REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST DESCRIPTION PAGE NO. BRAKE ASSEMBLIES § § § § § § § 6x3, 8x3 Type H Brake 10x4 Type H Brake 14x6, 18x8 Type H Brake 6x3, 8x3TypeHM Brake 10x4 Type HM Brake 14x6, 18x8 Type HM Brake Pin Update Information 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-8 AUXILIARY COMPONENTS § § § § § § Hydraulic Brake Actuator Fluid Reservoir Bleeder and Pushbutton Control Cylinder and Pedal 10, 14, and 18 HM Parking Cylinder HM Control Units Miscellaneous Fittings, Tubing, and Accessories 9 10 11 12 13 14 AIR COMPONENTS USED ON AIR-OVER-HYDRAULIC PANELS § § § § § § § Pressure Clusters Moisture Ejection Valve Air Treadle Valve Relay Emergency Valve Protection Valve Emergency Valve Air Compressor 15 16 17-18 19-20 21 22-23 24 AIR-OVER-HYDRAULIC PANELS § § § § § § § AH-ERC Panel J070970 - J070973 AH-ERC Panel J070980 - J070987 AH-HRC Panel J071020 - J071027 AH-ARC Panel J089660 - J089667 AHM-ERC Panel J100650 - J100661, J103650 - J103661 AHM-HRC Panel J100330 - J100341, J103330 - J103341 AHM-ARC Panel J104400 - J104411, J104424 - J104435 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 AIR-RELEASING CYLINDER DISC BRAKE POWER CLUSTERS 32 33-34 1 INDUSTRIAL BRAKE SYSTEMS REPLACEMENT PARTS 6x3 TYPE H BRAKES, J23020; 8x3 TYPE H BRAKES, J2779 Item Part Description No. 1 Base 2 23023 Shoe & Lining 2399 Shoe & Lining 3 567DC Drilled Lining 393DC Drilled Lining 4 Bolt, Nut & Lock-washer 5 9405 Bushing 6 1958 Bushing 7 9408 Pin 8 9412 Pin 9 9413 Pin 10 9414 Retractor Spring 11 9429 Pin 12 9428 Anti-Drag Housing 13 9423 Pin No. Used 1 2 2 2 2 16 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 (1) Order J73920, Pin & Bushing Kit (2) Order J105190, Anti Drag Kit (3) Order J105191, Clamp Nut Kit Part Number 6x3 8x3 J2398 J2398 J23021 J78844 J23024 J7846 J387 J387 (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) Item Part Description No. 14 Adjusting Sleeve 15 9432 Adjusting Nut 16 9433 Clamp Nut H Actuator (Includes 19a items no. 17 through 26) 17 Connecting Rod 18 Return Spring 19 Cylinder Body 20 Spring Guide 21 9399 Felt Seal 22 Cylinder Cover 23 Pin Guide 24 9390 Piston 25 666 Cup 26 9389 Cup Spring (4) Not Serviceable. Use J7841, H Actuator (5) Order J73918, 7841 Repair Kit...