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Contents Chapter 1 Get Information • Find the Information You Need • Access and Search the Product Help• Learn the Product • View the Product Readme • Join the Customer Involvement Program • Get Information from Drawings• Obtain General Drawing Information • Chapter 2 The User Interface • Start a Command • Parts of the User Interface • The Menu Bar • The Tool Sets Palette • The Command Line • Overview of Using the Command Line • Enter Commands on the Command Line • Enter System Variables on the Command Line • Switch Between Dialog Boxes and the Command Line• View and Edit Within the Command History • Work with Shortcut Menus• About Keyboard Shortcuts • Control the Drawing Area Interface • Interface Themes and Background Color • Cursors in the Drawing Area • Selection Style • The UCS Icon • The Coordinates Display • Model Space and Layouts • Control Status, Layers, Properties, and Content • The Status Bar • The Layers Palette • The Properties Inspector • The Content Palette • Customize the Drawing Environment • Set Interface Options • Set Up the Drawing Area • Specify the Behavior of Palettes • Performance Tuning • Customize Startup • Chapter 3 Start and Save Drawings • Start a Drawing • Overview of Starting a New Drawing • Specify Units and Unit Formats • Determine the Units of Measurement • Set the Unit Format Conventions • Use a Drawing Template File • Add Identifying Information to Drawings • Open or Save a Drawing • Open a Drawing • Work with Multiple Open Drawings • Preview Open Drawings and Layouts • Switch Between Open Drawings • Switch Between Layouts in the Current Drawing • Transfer Information between Open Drawings• Save a Drawing • Find a Drawing File• Specify Search Paths and File Locations • Repair, Restore, or Recover Drawing Files • Repair a Damaged Drawing File • Create and Restore Backup Files • Recover from a System Failure • Chapter 4 Control the Drawing Views • Change Views • Pan or Zoom a View • Save and Restore Views • Control the 3D Projection Style • Define a Parallel Projection • Choose Preset 3D Views • Define a 3D View with Coordinate Values or Angles ...

Ta delegacija je i Kamiša Gadafija dočekala januara 2010 u Hjustonu kao cara sa projektom solarnih elektrana na obali Libije

Teraj to ili vodi svojoj kući, Srbi samo rusku opremu treba da kupuju ili iz Češke. Kud sreće da smo u Češkoj i tramvaje kupili kao sav normalan svet, umesto španskog đubreta. Česi su pored Rusa postali pojam u elektroindustriji.

Harley Davidson Wiring Made Easy - Siebenthaler Creative

SIEBENTHALER CREATIVE SERVICES: power sports advertising, marketing, and public relations H-D WIRING MADE EASY E A S I E R jump boy, jump THE DUMB WIRING BOOK About This Book This project started when I rebuilt a wrecked Shovel in the early ‘80’s. The factory wiring schematic was helpful but hard to read and not real durable. My solution was to lay out several sheets of tracing paper on the kitchen table, then sketch out an as-built drawing that was big enough to see and easy to understand. It worked fine then, but lacked portability. Wiring Schematic For most electric start Big Twins AMP Pin Connector Secure connections and easy access Tach/Speedo Connections Fat Bob FX Shovel, early Evo Testing Square Relays Makes it easy to test before replacing Now those originals have been cleaned up, revised, and converted to Acrobat digital format — viewable on any platform, prints on any printer, easy enough for anyone to follow, and provides enough wiring basics for just about any project. AMP Connectors The toughtest thing about wiring an AMP socket is pin spacing, especially with larger sockets. The pin numbering’s next to invisible, soldering’s difficult, and you’ve got to make sure the numbers match - 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc. But once installed, these connections are a foolproof and tidy project. Connections require two connectors; a male and a female socket. There’s a big range of pin capacities, and there are designs for use in bulkheads. (Note: these aren’t push on-pull off friction fit, spade-type, or pin-lock, but full lock ring connectors designed to be plugged and unplugged repeatedly.) The pin tool is an absolute necessity for creating and repairing connections. Trying to remove pins without the tool is guaranteed to wreck both your day and your components. And remember the dielectric grease for coating finished connections. Relay Testing The relay testing schematic is useful for any number of applications, including your starter wiring. These seldom go bad. Most problems are simply the result of bad connections. ©John Siebenthaler 7/99...

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KEPOLISIAN NEGARA REPUBLIK INDONESIA DAERAH METRO JAYA RESOR METRO TANGERANG KOTA LAPORAN HASIL PENANGANAN DAN PENGAMANAN BENCANA BANJIR DI WILAYAH HUKUM POLRES METRO TANGERANG KOTA I.PENDAHULUAN 1.Umum a.Untuk menunjang keberhasilan dan meningkatkan kepercayaan serta kecintaan publik (masyarakat) kepada institusi Polri dalam Penanganan dan Pengamanan Bencana Banjir di Wilkum Polres Metro Tangerang Kota, maka perlu dilakukan Penanganan dan Pengamanan Bencana Banjir. b. Sebagai tindak lanjut, Polres Metro Tangerang Kota telah melaksanakan Penanganan dan Pengamanan Bencana Banjir di Wilayah Hukum Polres Metro Tangerang Kota. 2. Maksud dan tujuan a. Pembuatan laporan ini dimaksudkan untuk memberikan gambaran kepada Pimpinan tentang pelaksanaan Penanganan dan pengamanan bencana banjir tahun 2012 di wilayah hukum Polres Metro Tangerang Kota. b.Tujuan pembuatan laporan ini agar dapat dijadikan sebagai bahan masukan kepada pimpinan dalam menentukan kebijakan lebih lanjut khususnya dalam pelaksanaan penanganan dan pengamanan bencana banjir. TUGAS YANG DILAKSANAKAN 5.Perencanaan Dalam rangka Perencanan Penanganan dan Pengamanan Bencana Banjir di Wilayah Kota Tangerang, Polres Metro Tangerang Kota telah melaksanakan langkah – langkah sebagai berikut : a.Mendatakan Lokasi – lokasi yang sering dilanda Banjir di wilayah Kota Tangerang. b.Melaksanakan Apel dan Menyiapkan Pelampung ( Ban ) dalam rangka Penanganan dan pengamanan Bencana Banjir di wilayah Kota Tangerang. c.Melaksanakan Rapat Koordinasi dengan Instansi terkait dalam rangka penanganan dan pengamanan bencana Banjir tahun 2012 di wilayah kota Tangerang ...

Evaluasi penanggulangan bencana di Indonesia - IPB Repository ...

EVALUASI PENANGGULANGAN BENCANA DI INDONESIA (LESSON LEARNED 2006-2007) KATA PENGANTAR Puji syukur kami panjatkan ke hadirat Allah SWT sehingga buku Evaluasi Penanggulangan Bencana di Indonesia (Lesson Learned 2006-2007) dapat diselesaikan. Substansi laporan ini meliputi pentingnya kegiatan, metode, mencakup profil wilayah bencana, gambaran kejadian bencana, penanggulangan bencana, pembelajaran menuju sistem nasional penanggulangan bencana, serta kesimpulan dan rekomendasi. Tim peneliti mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Badan Koordinasi Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana yang telah memungkinkan kegiatan ini dilakukan, dan kepada: 1) Pemerintah Provinsi (terutama Bappeda) Sumatera Barat, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, dan Kalimantan Tengah, 2) Pemerintah Kabupaten yang menjadi lokasi studi, yaitu Padang Pariaman, Bantul, Sleman, dan Pulang Pisau yang telah membantu menyediakan data dan informasi. Kami menyadari bahwa laporan ini masih membutuhkan pengayaan, untuk itu saran dan masukan dari berbagai pihak dalam penyempurnaan laporan ini sangat kami harapkan. Semoga hasil kajian ini dapat memberikan sumbangan yang berharga dalam pembangunan sistem nasional penanggulangan bencana di Indonesia. Bogor, Desember 2007

Writing a nursing curriculum vitae - Pace University

Curriculum vitae, also known as a CV, literally means Course of Life. A CV is a more extensive summary of what one has done professionally than a resume. It is your chance to provide both a detailed and comprehensive description of your academic credentials and experience. It is viewed as a marketing tool and is used primarily by those who hold master’s or doctoral degrees when they apply for teaching or research positions at colleges, universities and research institutions. A CV should be updated frequently based on the developments in a scholar’s career. Two common strategies that apply to CV's as well as resumes are gapping and parallelism. Gapping is the use of incomplete sentences in order to present your information as clearly and concisely as possibly. Parallelism is also very important to a strong CV. Generally, you will want to keep the structure of your phrases and/or sentences consistent throughout your document. Thus, if you use a particular verb tense in one portion of your CV to describe your duties, try to use the same throughout your CV. Additionally, be consistent in your use of punctuation, type face and indentation. Finally, liberal use of white space and judicious use of bold type can help make your CV easier to read. Use topical headings and consider that what comes first will receive the most emphasis. New job seekers usually open with their academic preparation, drawing attention to their degrees. Experienced job seekers, however, may begin with their current positions...

Design a Piece of Furniture - Illinois State Museum

A Matter of Style Activity: Furniture Design Purpose: to help students recognize that traditional elements of design (shape, ornament, motif, or decoration) on furniture are viable today as a medium of expression in our environment. Objective: After viewing Nineteenth Century Furniture, the students will design a piece of furniture by incorporating three design elements from a style of nineteenth century furniture into an original design drawing. Grade Level: 4-8 Time Required: one class period Materials: sketch paper for ideas, drawing paper, pencil, illustrated glossary from A Matter of Style Web module or the label drawings of the furniture pieces (pdfs) Motivation: Review with the students the six styles of nineteenth-century furniture that are featured in the Nineteenth Century Furniture module. Discuss why they like or dislike certain styles. Ask them to differentiate the six styles with descriptive adjectives – big, curvy, old-fashioned, artistic – and tell what elements make them fit these descriptions. Procedure: • Pass out copies of the glossary and remind students how to relate it to the online images or printouts of the images of the furniture and the labeled line drawings. (post them on the board for reference). • Students need to keep in mind is that they are to choose their favorite style, then pick three design elements or ornaments from this style. They will use these three elements or motifs in their furniture design, which does NOT otherwise have to look like nineteenth-century furniture (e.g., a plastic chair with embossed roses and cut-outs of tracery on it reflecting the Rococo Style). • They can choose modern materials for their furniture. How do modern materials affect the choice of ornament? They can choose any piece of furniture they want –a bed, a bookcase. • Students will sketch their ideas until they get one they like (timed). Students will transfer their sketch clearly to drawing paper (furniture should be large enough to see the details (8" or bigger square). Publication and Closure: each student should show and explain his or her design. From what style did the elements come from (this could be guessed by the audience)? What elements were borrowed? From what materials would it be made? Why did you design it the way you did? Assessment: the piece of furniture should clearly incorporate three design elements from one style of nineteenth-century furniture from A Matter of Style or its sources.

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Welcome to Teachucomp Inc.’s Mastering PowerPoint Made Easy™. PowerPoint is a multimedia program designed to create and display presentations. A presentation is a collection of slides that you show to a group. A slide is a screen that can contain any content that you wish. They are like old photographic slides, but with much more power and flexibility in their design. This “Advanced” part of the tutorial is designed to enhance the skill set of a user who can already create basic presentations with text and pictures. In this part of the tutorial you will learn how to apply animation. You will also learn how to insert multimedia files, shapes, tables and other types of more advanced objects into slides. The overall purpose of the Mastering PowerPoint Made Easy™ tutorial is to give you the talents and skills necessary to create impressive presentations that allow you to fully control the expression of your ideas and your creativity using PowerPoint. CHAPTER 11- Drawing Objects 11.1- Inserting Shapes 11.2- Formatting Shapes- 2013:2010 11.3- Formatting Shapes- 2007 Only 11.4- Inserting WordArt- 2013:2010 11.5- Inserting WordArt- 2007 Only Drawing Objects- Actions Drawing Objects- Exercises CHAPTER 12- Inserting Video and Sound 12.1- Inserting Videos- 2013 Only 12.2- Inserting Videos- 2010:2007 Only 12.3- Inserting Audio- 2013 Only 12.4- Inserting Audio- 2010:2007 Only 12.5- Animating Multimedia Playback 12.6- Recording a Sound –Inserting Video and Sound- Actions Inserting Video and Sound- Exercises CHAPTER 17- Inserting Charts, Tables, and Objects 17.1- Inserting Charts 17.2- Inserting Tables 17.3- Inserting Objects –Inserting Charts, Tables, and Objects- Actions –Inserting Charts, Tables, and Objects- Exercises CHAPTER 18- Setting PowerPoint Options 18.1- Setting PowerPoint Options –Setting PowerPoint Options- Actions –Setting PowerPoint Options- Exercises –Power Point Keyboard Shortcuts CHAPTER 13- Using Themes 13.1- Applying Themes 13.2- Creating Custom Color Schemes 13.3- Creating Custom Font Schemes 13.4- Customizing the Slide Background Using Themes- Actions Using Themes- Exercises

Omaxe City Township Apartment Sonipat – 9811237690

Omaxe City Township Apartment Sonipat – 9811237690 2 BHK , 1165 sq -ft This is a 2 bedroom flat with 2 toilets , drawing , kitchen , developed by omaxe, located in side 350 acres township with all the basic amenities like school, park, club , gymnasium, offering possesion within six months....... Saya properties 9811237690 32,50,000 Omaxe City Sonipat Highway Greater Noida Expressway Saya Properties

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Temukan Lawan Sengit Anda di Judi Online

“Anda tentu yang sudah ahli dalam perjudian akan mengenal judi online. Semakin banyaknya situs judi online yang ada tentunya semakin menarik untuk dipilih. Namun hanya satu situs judi yang akan membawa Anda kepada segala permainan judi yang berbeda daripada yang lain. Ingin menemukan rahasia keistimewaan dalam melakukan judi online maka segera bergabung dalm situs judi online tersebut.”