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MODEL 18080-0000 PERMANENT OIL DRAIN HOSE AND FITTING 1. Run engine at idle speed for about 5 minutes to warm the engine oil. Explosion hazard. Take necessary precautions to ventilate area around battery of potentially explosive gases. Continue ventilation during oil changing procedure. Failure to do so can Burn hazard. Heated oil can cause burns. Wear protective gloves, clothing and safety glasses during the oil change process. Failure to do so may result in personal injury. 2. Turn off engine and drain engine oil using a Jabsco drill pump and hose kit (Model 17215-0000). To pump the oil out of engine, insert the probe to the inside bottom of the engine through the dipstick tube. (You may also drain your engine oil by whatever method you have previously used). 3. Remove the oil drain plug from your engine, catching the final drips of oil with a cardboard sheet. hole in oil drain fitting which will provide the most direct path to convenient hanger location on vertical bulkhead or firewall. Wrap plug with Teflon tape or apply thread compound and install in remaining hole, securely. Install cap securely on free end of drain hose. Pipe Plug Oil drain fitting and oil drain hose must be tightened securely to prevent fittings from loosening and causing an oil leak that can damage engine. Install cap securely on free end of drain hose. 5. Locate drain hose on vertical bulkhead or firewall and secure with plastic hose hanger. Do not kink hose or locate so that it touches the engine. See that all fittings are tightened securely. Installation is now complete. 4. Wrap threads of hex drain fitting with Teflon* tape, or apply thread compound. Make sure nylon washer is in place between engine pan and hex drain fitting. Install hex drain fitting in pan securely. Wrap threads of black drain hose fitting with Teflon tape or apply thread compound...

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New metal oil pan drain plug sealing washer. BEFORE BEGINNING, MAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING: Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Place your oil drain pan under ... Loosen the oil pan drain plug using your preferred 19mm wrench; remove the drain plug by hand. Allow the oil to drain until it becomes a slow drip. Wipe the drain hole clean and reinstall the drain plug using a new metal sealing washer. Screw it in by hand as far as you can; then, using your torque wrench with 19mm socket, torque the drain plug to 30Nm (22 ft. lb.). If your car does not have enough clearance, raise the front end using a jack and jack stands, or ramps.


Contents of the replacement filter box (the $1 bill is for size reference): filter element hose adapter sealing “O” rings instruction sheet Raise the front of the car (wooden “ramps”) made from standard 2x10 framing lumber are convenient and safe. These raise the front tires ~4.5 inches, which is perfect for an oil change. The images directly below show the oil pan drain plug and oil filter housing as viewed from under the front bumper....'05/'06 AVALON OIL & OIL FILTER CHANGE. Contents of the replacement filter box. (the $1 bill is for size reference): filter element hose adapter sealing “O” ...

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The Rocket Droid Pc is a device that is aiming to be the most powerful portable mini Android dongle. It will plug directly into the HDMI port of any TV and instantly turn it into kick-butt SMART TV - bringing all the power of an Android Mobile Phone to your previously boring TV! With the much faster processor and higher internal memory of the Rocket Droid Pc, you will experience Android at a speed that other devices would struggle to keep up with. This means that your downloads will be faster, your games will load & react quicker - with no lagging or delay. You will absolutely love it! The Rocket Droid pc is fully Wi Fi enabled so you can connect it to your home network and download exactly as you would on your personal mobile phone. It is basically a fully functioning mini computer! Just imagine for a moment limitless gaming and performing all of the tasks that you normally would on your mobile phone, but instead, you now are able to use your 50" TV ( Or what ever size Tv you have

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Electronic Fuel Injection Systems and Components Also Includes: Electronic Transmission Controllers & Components From carb-to-EFI conversion kits to full-blown Pro Street Sequential nitrous injected systems, FAST™ has everything you need to improve the driveability and optimize the performance of your 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder engine. Our value-priced Bank-to-Bank system, which fires half the engine’s injectors each 180 degrees of crankshaft rotation, offers improved fuel delivery and performance, and is ideal for converting from carburetion to TBI or EFI. It can control IAC, fan and fuel pump, and single-stage nitrous, as well as program knock retard. It is fully upgradeable to Sequential operation. harnesses and Wide Band O2 harnesses. Not to mention your choice of fuel regulators and high capacity fuel pumps. Nowhere else will you find such a wide array of proven performance products in one place. The technological breakthroughs continue with two new products: the patent-pending eDIST® electronic distributor, an easily programmable unit that controls multiple coils on virtually any engine, and the advanced remote ECU Data Logger, which helps you analyze and modify a wide range of performance parameters. Find out about these exciting, cutting edge products and much more in the pages that follow. Our top-of-the-line Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection system, designed for those who demand maximum power and tuning, utilizes the newest available technology to individually fire each injector and optimize fuel delivery. It can be configured with a Wide Band O2 Sensor, individual fuel/spark control for each cylinder, and a two-stage nitrous control. “Blower Drive Service customers trust in our ability to deliver maximum effort and ease of control for every individual application. This has been our company goal for our 21 years in the EFI world. Whether your customers are attempting to set a land speed record or just cruising on Saturday night, satisfying them is easy with the electronic controls provided by the people at FAST™...

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Dewalt Vendor Code: BD Angle Grinders / Die Grinders Small-Medium Heavy Duty Right-Angle Sanders / Grinders Part No. DW402 DW402G is the same as DW402 but with a three-wire cord/plug. Do not use accessories rated less than 12,000 rpm. • 6.0 AMP, 10,000 RPM motor provides high power and speed for all 4-1/2" grinding applications. • 120V, AC/DC capacity works off welding machines and generators for increased productivity and versatility . • Metal gear case dissipates heat for longer bearing, gear and motor life. • Convenient paddle switch with lock-on button for easier gripping. • 3-position removable side handle for greater comfort and control. • Includes depressed center wheel, wrench, backing flange, clamp nut and guard. Description Angle Grinder 4-1/2" 5.0 AMP Angle Grinder 4-1/2" 7.5 AMP Angle Grinder 4-1/2" 7.5 AMP Angle Grinder 4-1/2" 9.0 AMP Angle Grinder 4-1/2" 7.8 AMP Angle Grinder 5" 10.0 AC/8.0 DC AMP Angle Grinder 5" 12.0 AMP Angle Grinder 6" 12.0 AC/8.0 DC AMP Angle Grinder 7" 15.0 AMP Specifications Large Angle Grinders • Cool Operating Temperature - High efficiency fan, smooth airflow and labyrinth protected sealed ball and roller bearings provide efficient motor operation. • Forged Steel Gears - Helical cut steel gear and pinion are mounted in a precision machined Part No. D28493N aluminum gearcase for quiet operation, low vibration and long life. • Keyless Adjustable Guard - Guard can be adjusted to desired operating position without the use of Part No. D28494N tools...

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Vacuum Brake Booster: Service and Repair Power Brake Booster, Replacing Preparation Disconnect the battery lead. Removal Preparations for removing the power brake booster Switch off the ignition. Remove the cross member. (On 5 cylinder engines: Remove the screws and nuts from the engine mounting. Lift out the cross member.) Remove the air cleaner (ACL) housing Remove the plastic cap and the cable holder Remove the integrated relay/fusebox Preparations for removing the ABS unit Clean the brake pipes terminals at the master cylinder and ABS unit. Place paper under the master cylinder to avoid brake fluid spillage. Remove all the brake pipes from the master cylinder and the ABS unit. Plug the master cylinder socket for the brake pipes. Remove the ABS unit and bracket from the side member The unit is secured with three screws. NOTE: Store the ABS unit in such a way that no dirt can get into the pipe couplings. Preparations for removing the master cylinder NOTE: On cars with 6-cylinder engines: Disconnect the connectors from the master cylinder. Mark up a connector. Disconnect the connectors on the power brake booster. NOTE: If the car has hydraulic clutch: Block the hose to the clutch cylinder. Use hose pliers. Remove the master cylinder Avoid brake fluid spillage when removing. NOTE: Ensure that the gasket between the power brake booster and the master cylinder stays in place on the master cylinder. Remove the soundproofing panel and the power brake booster Transfer the components to the new power brake booster Transfer: the pedal position sensor. the check valve the terminal for the check valve. Installation Install the power brake booster Install the push rod for the power brake booster and the retaining clip on the brake pedal Tighten the power brake booster. Tighten to 25 Nm. Install the soundproofing panel. Install the master cylinder...


You can read the recommendations in the user guide, the technical guide or the installation guide for PANASONIC LUMIX DMCFH20. You'll find the answers to all your questions on the PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-FH20 in the user manual (information, specifications, safety advice, size, accessories, etc.). Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide. PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-FH20 For each step, be sure to refer to the pages indicated in brackets. plug-in type Charge the battery. (P9) • The battery is not charged when the camera is shipped. Charge the battery before use. inlet type Insert the battery and the card. (P14) • When you do not use the card, you can record or play back pictures on the built-in memory. (P16) Refer to P17 when you use a card. Turn the camera on to take pictures. 1 Slide the [REC]/[PLAYBACK] selector switch to [!]. 2 Press the shutter button to take pictures. (P32) OFF ON -4- Before Use Play back the pictures. 1 Slide the [REC]/[PLAYBACK] selector switch to [(]. 2 Select the picture you want to view. (P40) -5Before Use Standard Accessories Check that all the accessories are included before using the camera. • The accessories and their shape will differ depending on the country or area where the camera was purchased. For details on the accessories, refer to Basic Operating Instructions. • Battery Pack is indicated as battery pack or battery in the text. • Battery Charger is indicated as battery charger or charger in the text. • SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card and SDXC Memory Card are indicated as card in the text. • The card is optional. You can record or play back pictures on the built-in memory when you are not using a card. • If any accessories are lost, customers in the USA and Puerto Rico should contact Panasonic's parts department at 1 800 833-9626 and customers in Canada should contact 1 800 99-LUMIX (1-800-995-8649) for further information about obtaining replacement parts. -6- Before Use Names of the Components 1 2 3 Flash (P47) Lens (P124) Self-timer indicator (P54) AF assist lamp (P88) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 LCD monitor (P45, 124) [MENU/SET] button (P18) [DISPLAY] button (P45) [Q.MENU] (P23)/Delete (P43) button [MODE] button (P29) [REC]/[PLAYBACK] selector switch (P20) 4 8 9 10 5 67 10 Cursor buttons A: 3/Exposure compensation (P55) B: 4/Macro Mode (P52) C: 2/Self-timer button (P54) D: 1/Flash setting button (P47) In these operating instructions, the cursor buttons are described as shown in the figure below or described with 3/4/2/1. e.g.: When you press the 4 (down) button or Press 4 -7- Before Use 11 12 13 14 15 16 Camera ON/OFF switch (P18) Zoom lever (P38) Speaker (P95) Microphone (P70) Shutter button (P31, 70) Intelligent auto button (P31) 11 12 13 14 17 Hand strap eyelet • Be sure to attach the hand strap when using the camera to ensure that you will not drop it. 15 16 17 18 19 18 Lens barrel 19 [AV OUT/DIGITAL] socket (P108, 111, 117) 20 Tripod receptacle • When you use a tripod, make sure the tripod is stable when the camera is attached to it. 20 21 21 Card/Battery door (P14, 15) 22 Release lever (P14) 23 DC coupler cover (P15) 23 22 • When using an AC adaptor, ensure that the Panasonic DC coupler (optional) and AC adaptor (optional) are used. For connection details, refer to P15...

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ADSL2+ Modem Broadband Voice Modem/Router Thank you for purchasing the Belkin ADSL 2+ Modem. In minutes you will be able to connect to the Internet and make Voice over Internet Phone calls. The following is a list of features that make your Modem an ideal solution for your home or small office and will contain important information on how to get what you want out of your VOIP Router so please read carefully before setting up your router. DMZ Host Support allows a networked computer to be fully exposed to the Internet. This function is used when NAT and firewall security prevent an Internet application from functioning correctly. The Modem supports a variety of networking environments including Mac OS® 8.x, 9.x & v10.x, AppleTalk®, Linux®, Windows® 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 and XP and others. You need an Internet browser and a network adapter that supports TCP/IP (the standard language of the Internet). NAT IP Address Sharing Your Modem employs Network Address Translation (NAT) to share the single IP address assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider while saving the cost of adding additional IP addresses to your Internet service account. SPI Firewall Your Modem is equipped with a firewall that will protect your network from a wide array of common hacker attacks including: Internet Access This device supports Internet access through an ADSL connection. Since many ADSL providers use PPPoE or PPPoA to establish communications with end users, the VoIP Router includes built-in clients for these protocols, eliminating the need to install these services on your computer. Front-Panel LED Display Light LED’s on the front of the Modem indicate which functions are in operation. You’ll know at-a-glance whether your Modem is connected to the Internet. This feature eliminates the need for advanced software and status-monitoring procedures. IP Spoofing, Land Attack, Ping of Death (PoD), Denial of Service (DoS), IP with zero length, Smurf Attack, TCP Null Scan, SYN flood, UDP flooding, Tear Drop Attack, ICMP defect, RIP defect, and fragment flooding. Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) Compatibility UPnP (Universal Plug-and-Play) is a technology that offers seamless operation of voice messaging, video messaging, games, and other applications that are UPnP-compliant. You can set up the Modem advanced functions easily through your web browser, without having to install additional software onto the computer. There are no disks to install or keep track of and, best of all, you can make changes and perform setup functions from any computer on the network quickly and easily...

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Motorola Bluetooth™ Headset Dimensions: A tiny powerhouse, the Bluetooth Headset is smaller than two inches in diameter & weighs less than an ounce. Talk & Stand by: The headset features up to 2.5 hours talk and 10 hours stand-by time, storage time (boom closed) 20 days. Range: Up to 33-feet (10 Meters) Additional: Can be configured to wear on the left or right ear Compatibility: The headset is compatible with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and audio devices from Motorola and other vendors. The Bluetooth sw version for the headset is 1.1. Bluetooth modules that house 1.0 sw will work with the headset, however, when linked for the 1st time, they will receive an error message. To bypass this, pwr off the phone, and then pwr it on. When the unit relinks to the headset, bonding will occur. What is the Bluetooth Headset? The new Bluetooth Headset by Motorola offers users a unique, wireless experience using the revolutionary Bluetooth wireless technology. Combining Motorola’s expertise in wireless connectivity and GN NetCom’s proficiency in headset ergonomics and acoustics, the new Bluetooth Headset provides very high quality hands-free, wireless headset-to-handset compatibility. It is a model of efficiency, offering hands-free, wireless connections between most phones that utilize Bluetooth wireless technology. Whether on the road or in the office, the Bluetooth Headset is your key to connecting to a wide variety of devices without cable attachments. Gone are the days of carrying bulky cords and trying to find a place to plug them in. Bluetooth connections are virtually instantaneous and do not require devices to be within line of sight. The headset’s compact over-the-ear (OTE) style adds convenience and comfort. The new Bluetooth Headset by Motorola offers supreme versatility with the capability to be worn over either ear while the volume control remains in an upward position, making it easy to locate. Charging: The battery in this headset is self contained, and can be charged by a standard P2K charger. For optimal use, charge battery for 2 hours. When the battery requires recharging,, five rapid high tones will be heard through the headset speaker, and repeated at 20 second intervals...