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2012 HyundAi ACCENT - Dealer e-Process

From the very beginning, our engineers were determined to conceive something more than a redesigned car. They wanted to change the very idea of what a subcompact could be. Can we engineer a car that rolls onto the scene with best-inclass horsepower, while also delivering class-leading standard fuel economy? Can we conceive a fluid, aerodynamic profile with an interior cabin spacious enough to offer the most front and rear shoulder room in its class? Can we wave goodbye to the compromises inherent in traditional subcompacts? The all-new 2012 Hyundai Accent has all the answers. With three trim levels to choose from, there’s plenty to consider. The artful simplicity of the GLS 4-Door. The versatility of a wellequipped GS 5-Door. And the sport-inspired pleasures of the SE 5-Door. Each new model is molded with dynamic styling that is sure to raise eyebrows as well as expectations. What happens when you give an imaginative team of engineers the freedom to go beyond making changes to a car…and do something so different, it changes people’s thinking? Inquire within.

2004-2006 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 - Power Commander

2004-2006 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 Installation Instructions Parts List Button Adjustment Display Power Commander USB Cable CD-ROM Installation Guide Power Adapter Power Commander Decals Dynojet Decals Velcro® Strip Alcohol Swab Faceplate Buttons O2 Optimizer 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 Expansion Port USB Port The ignition MUST be turned OFF before installation! You can also download the Power Commander software and latest maps from our web site at: PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS BEFORE STARTING INSTALLATION Dynojet Research 2191 Mendenhall Drive North Las Vegas, NV 89081 (800) 992-4993 i722-411 2004-2005 Breva 750 - PCIII USB - 1 1 Remove the seat and right hand side cover. 2 Route the harness from the PCIII under the right hand frame tube (Fig. A). 3 Remove the 3 accessible screws that hold the ECU in place (Fig. B). 4 Pull out gently on the ECU to access the stock connector. Unplug this connector from the ECU (Fig. C). Fig. B Fig. A PCIII harness Remove these screws Fig.C Stock Connector i722-411 04-06 Breva 750 - PCIII USB - 2 5 Plug the connectors from the PCIII in-line of the stock wiring harness and ECU (Fig. D). 6 Install the PCIII behind the battery. Use the supplied velcro to keep the unit in place. 7 Locate the stock O2 sensor in the crossover of the stock header. Follow the wires from the O2 sensor to the main wiring harness. 8 Unplug the O2 sensor from the wiring harness and plug the Dynojet O2 Optimizer in-line of the stock wiring harness and O2 sensor (Fig. F). Fig.D PCIII Connectors Stock Connector Fig.E Attach the PCIII with the velcro in this area Fig.F Disconnect O2 sensor i722-411 04-06 Breva 750 - PCIII USB - 3 Install the O2 Optimizer under the left hand side cover (Fig. G). 10 Reinstall the seat and side cover Fig. G 9 It is not necessary to alter the values in the highlighted area. i722-411 The O2 optimizer for this model controls the stock closed loop area. This area is represented by the highlighted cells shown. The optimizer is designed to achieve a target AFR of 13.6:1. To use this optimizer you must retain your stock O2 sensor. The Optimizer will blink while the sensors are being heated up. The unit is not functioning properly until the light is solid. 04-06 Breva 750 - PCIII USB - 4

Instruction Sheet -
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IMPORTANT: Service air filter according to the K&N® cleaning instructions (99-5050) when the indicator on the restriction gauge is in the 50 to 65% range. On vehicles that come with an electric restrictor gauge, you must read the gauge manually, do not wait until the dash light illuminates. Do not run the vehicle with the indicator above the 65% range, as damage to the air filter and or the engine could result. NOTE: FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND NOT USING THE PROVIDED HARDWARE MAY DAMAGE THE INTAKE TUBE, THROTTLE BODY AND ENGINE. TO START: 1. Turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative battery cable. NOTE: Disconnecting the negative battery cable erases pre-programmed electronic memories. Write down all memory settings before disconnecting the negative battery cable. Some radios will require an anti-theft code to be entered after the battery is reconnected. The anti-theft code is typically supplied with your owner’s manual. In the event your vehicles’ anti-theft code cannot be recovered, contact an authorized dealership to obtain your vehicles anti-theft code. 2. Disconnect the restrictor gauge electrical connection as shown. 3. On vehicles equipped with a mass air sensor, disconnect the mass air electrical connection as shown. 3a. On vehicles equipped with an air temperature sensor, disconnect the air temperature sensor electrical connection as shown. 4. Release the four clamps that retain the front and back ends of the air box. 5. On vehicles equipped with a two piece inlet tube and bellows, loosen the hose clamp that secures the turbo inlet tube to the inlet bellows. Continued INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 5a. On vehicles equipped with a one piece inlet tube and bellows, loosen the hose clamp securing the inlet tube and bellows to the air box assembly. 9a. On vehicles equipped with a one piece inlet tube and bellows, loosen the hose clamp that secures the inlet tube and bellows assembly to the turbo inlet. 12. Remove the valve cover nut that retains the dip stick to the engine block with a 10mm socket. 13. Assemble the bracket and saddle as shown. 6. On vehicles equipped with a two piece inlet tube and bellows, loosen the hose clamp at the mass air sensor and remove the intake hose from the vehicle. 9b. On vehicles equipped with a one piece inlet tube and bellows, using a large screwdriver, pry up on the crank case vent fitting in the valve cover to disengage it from the valve cover. NOTE: Use CARE when disengaging the crank case vent fitting from the valve cover so it is not damaged. 14. Install the saddle bracket assembly onto the engine block and secure with the nut removed in step 12.

OWNER'S MANUAL - Delmhorst Instrument Co.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION/FEATURES Thank you for your purchase of Delmhorst Instrument’s Navigator Pro handheld moisture meter / thermo-hygrometer. Navigator Pro has been developed specifically with the restoration contractor in mind. It provides the user with a host of data acquisition capabilities, and offers the latest in features and functionality. Even with its wide range of functions, Navigator Pro is intuitive and easy to operate. We recommend that you read the following pages in detail to take full advantage of all that Navigator Pro has to offer. Outstanding Features:  Pin mode o 5%-60% wood scale (Douglas Fir) Species corrections for SPF, Oak, Maple, Birch, Plywood, OSB and Particleboard o Temperature correction over the range of 0-255° F/-18-124°C o 0.1% - 6% Sheetrock® scale o 0-100 numerical reference scale for non-wood building materials, including Plaster and Concrete  Scan Mode o 0-300 numerical reference scale  Thermo-hygrometer (RH/T-S1 sensor included) o Measures RH over the range of 0-100% (with accuracy of +/- 2% over 10%-90%) o Measures temperature over the range of -40°F-255°F with accuracy of +/- 1.8°F over -4°F to 158F (range of -40°C - 124°C with accuracy of +/- 1°C over -20° to 70°C) o Calculates Dew Point over the range of -40°F - 176°F (-40°C - 80°C) o Calculates GPP (Grains Per Pound) when in Fahrenheit mode over the range of 0.1-3820 GPP o Calculates GPK (Grains Per Kilogram) when in Celcius mode over the range of 0.01-545 GPK o Conforms to ASTM-F-2170 for in-situ concrete slab testing (RH/T-S3 sensor required)  General Features: o o o o o o o o Connector for external Electrodes On-screen reading recall of stored readings Date and time stamp for each stored reading Set up to 5 job groupings with room and location definition Optional infrared linking capability w/ application software 9V battery 1-year warranty Carrying Case Copyright  2007, Delmhorst Instrument Co. Page 4 of 30 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS -User GuideThis guide provides step-by-step instructions on powering up, using and powering down the meter.

Lexus Resort, Lexus LX 570
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B4 The Epoch Times The 2008 Nissan Xterra. COURTESY OF NISSAN MOTORS 2008 Nissan Xterra The Car That Accomplishes Everything By DURHL CAUSSEY Off-road models perform with benefits from Bilstein off-road shocks. Large disc brakes at all four corners and a G-sensor that recognizes the type of surface Very special people will drive the Xterra you’re driving on will apply brake pressure accordingly. Most vital components are and enjoy and appreciate its possibilities. tucked above the frame level. Strategically It is built for those individuals who like to placed skid plates offer protection from challenge life—the norm is not acceptable rocks below. to them. Climbing the face of a smooth Late one night, after a Dallas Mavericks stone cliff, biking along the Yucatan Coast, game, a beautiful lady in the parking lot or mudding in their Xterra is what gives was getting in her SUV. She stopped and these achievers an adrenaline rush. looked at my Xterra and asked questions Couch potatoes, fat boys like me, or about the vehicle as she walked toward me. after-lunch-nappers may not be attracted I told her exactly what I have written above. to this wave of power from the 24-valve DOHC V-6 and the 261 hp plus engine that She smiled at me and looked toward her truck and said, “If only I could find a man give Xterra its identity. This identity costs as rugged and attractive as your Xterra.” about $28,000, completely loaded. I smiled, sucked in my stomach, and tried Xterra strength starts from the underjutting out my chest as I waved goodbye. weight but strong, fully boxed, ladder I averaged about 18 miles per gallon the frame. The high tensile-strength steel in key areas, which is 90 percent stronger and week I drove the Xterra. I drove the vehicle on hard surface roads and never took it 22 percent lighter than conventional steel, off-road. I didn’t fight or ride bulls, cling to allows this solid frame to manage rugged sides of mountains, or view the eruptions terrain. Xterra’s steel, double wishbone, front suspension and stabilizer help soak up of Kilauea or Mauna Loa. But I did watch even the nastiest sharp rocks and riverbeds. television, mastered the remote, ate several ...

FM131 - Driveway Alarm - Mighty Mule
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ACCESS SYSTEMS PROFESSIONAL RESIDENTIAL ACCESS SYSTEMS PROFESSIONAL RESIDENTIAL ACCESS CONTROLS Driveway Alarm WIRELESS IN S TAL L AT ION M A N U A LACCESS SYSTEMS Kit Includes: PROFESSIONAL RESIDENTIAL A C A. Transmitter D. Transformer B. Sensor E. Mounting post (3 pcs) C. Receiver How It Works: E D The electromagnetic sensor detects vehicles in motion and sends a signal to the indoor receiver. The indoor receiver will chime when it receives the signal. B • Gates that Open, LLC • 3121 Hartsfield Road • Tallahassee, Florida 32303 1-800-543-GATE (4283) • Technical Support 1-800-543-1236 ©2012 Gates That Open, LLC Printed in China for Gates That Open, LLC. Rev. 03.04.12 Installation Overview Place the SENSOR immediately next to the driveway to maximize the sensing range, but at least 25 feet from roadways, neighbor’s driveways or large moving metal objects. The cable connecting the SENSOR and TRANSMITTER allows for the placement of the TRANSMITTER away from the driveway in the concealment of landscape or closer to the RECEIVER. Up to 400 ft. range from transmitter to receiver Senses vehicles and large moving metal objects within a 12 ft. radius The approximate transmitting range from the TRANSMITTER to the RECEIVER is 400 ft. Range can vary depending on environmental conditions such as RF interference and topography. Some adjustment may be required. NOTE: DO NOT place the TRANSMITTER in the direct path of a sprinkler. The TRANSMITTER is water resistant but not waterproof. If you don’t use the full length of signal cable from the SENSOR to the TRANSMITTER, coil the extra cable and bury it beside the transmitter stake. Place Driveway Sensor at least 25 ft. from roadways, neighbor’s driveways to prevent false signals ROADWAY For Optimum Performance: • Locate the SENSOR as far as possible away from power transformers, power lines, underground gas line, and telephone lines. • Locate the SENSOR away from general moving traffic to prevent unwanted activation. Remember that the SENSOR detects MAGNETIC DISTURBANCES caused by a vehicle’s mass and velocity. • Range distance is approximate and will vary due to outside interference, type of soil, vehicle mass, speed, etc. • It is recommended that you run the Signal Cable inside PVC conduit to prevent accidental damage. • Do not run the Signal Cable in conduit with other wires such as AC power or other control wires. • The SIGNAL CABLE CANNOT BE SPLICED. 2 Wireless Driveway Alarm Instruction Manual • 03.04.12 Sensor Placement HOUSE or BUILDING where RECEIVER is located Determining Sensor Location 400 ft. Max Wireless IMPORTANT: Clear an area 25 ft. in all directions of metal tools, toys and automobiles, to prevent magnetic disturbance during testing and installation. • Determine the optimum location for the SENSOR using the information found in “Installation...

Wireless Driveway Sensor Alarm - Total Security

Wireless Driveway Sensor Alarm FEATURES Volume control 3 chime sounds to choose from 12 Zone Receiver for locating intrusion Low battery indicator Fully adjustable/weatherproof sensor Timed Relay accessory output Fan and Long Range detection pattern Rotating Infra Red "eye" for perfect aiming Setup is simple! Just two buttons perform all set up functions. 1 Receiver and up to 4 Transmitters can be installed around your home entrances for perimeter awareness. Our WIRELESS 1000 Driveway Alarm, is a wireless chime for indoor and outdoor applications. Its wireless PIR detector is made for indoor or outdoor use and has detection patterns for doorway and driveway coverage. Just insert a 9V battery and mount the detector wherever you want detection, then plug-in the chime box receiver to complete the installation. Features include On-Off control, adjustable volume, 12 zone enunciation (3 zones identifiable) an optional alarm mode, and a 1 amp form C relay. Maximum transmission range: 750ft - 1000 ft (with no obstructions) 100ft - 150ft (Stucco or concrete walls) Unique mounting system allows sensor to be located behind post or tree for hidden applications. Exclusive sensor eye allows invisible beam to be adjusted to a very narrow pattern for driveway and perimeter applications. Now bringing the benefits of its advanced wireless technology in the form of greater RF transmission range and design versatility, to make your life more comfortable and convenient. The Wireless 1000 Driveway Alarm System can be installed anywhere easily and quickly with no wiring. Whether it is for home or business, indoor or outdoor, Wireless 1000 Driveway Alarm is the ideal choice for perimeter awareness and wireless remote control. Long Radio Transmission Range FCC Approved Easy Installation - Indoor / Outdoor Use Up to 3 sensors transmitter can be used per receiver channel (zone1, zone2, zone3, zone4* - receiver zone 4 is a constant alarm). As many receivers as needed can be used. Units: inches (mm)...

Instruction Manual -
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Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions The transmitter lights up with motion, but the receiver does not react A: Did you TEACH the units to each other? If not, see page 2 and perform the Teaching steps. B: The units may be out of range, or blocked… see the next step; The transmitter is not getting the expected range To assure best range; A: Keep both antennas VERTICAL. B: Keeps the PIR Transmitter antenna away from trees and metal objects (at least 3”). C: Locate the Receiver near a window with the clearest possible sight of the PIR Transmitter. The less number of objects between the devices, the longer the range. I cannot hear the receiver when it signals The receiver is not made to be overly loud. If you need to have a louder signal, the receiver has a relay for attaching accessories, such as bells, buzzers, or lights. The relay is basically a switch that has no power of it's own, but can handle up-to 120 volts, 10 amps going through it. To connect an external device, determine the power it requires, and then wire as shown in previous pages. The transmitter is picking up people, but not cars Since vehicles can move fast, the PIR unit is not getting a long enough look at the moving object. Resolve by setting the PIR sensor at an angle to the road, as shown in previous pages. The unit is signaling constantly, when there is nothing there 1: Check for tree branches or other objects that might be moving in a breeze 2: Check for spiders or insects in the sensor window. 3: The sensor can be fooled by light shining directly into the window, reflected sunlight, car headlights, or motion in front of a steady light source. 4: Change the sensitivity setting. You can lower the sensitivity of the sensor, to avoid false alarms. See Below. Sensitivity settings The REPORTER is shipped pre-set to its highest level of sensitivity. Normally, there is no need to change the setting. However, if you are experiencing false alarms, the unit may need to be set to be less sensitive. There are two switches located, next to the test button, on the circuit board inside the transmitter. SW 2: Sensing distance from unit SW 1: Sensitivity to motion ON = High OFF = Low ON = 5-25 Feet OFF = 5- 15 Feet...

STI Wireless Driveway MonitorTM - Smarthome

STI-34150 - Battery Power Kit STI-34100 - Solar Power Kit Thank you for purchasing this fine product. We want you to know your satisfaction is very important to us. We suggest you take the time to read this manual carefully to get the most from your new product. HOW THE PRODUCT WORKS Because of its patented magnetometer SENSOR system, the Driveway Monitor will only be triggered by cars or trucks - not people, animals and so forth. When a vehicle passes the Motion Alert® SENSOR next to the driveway, the RECEIVER unit inside the office or home sounds a chime and flashes the alert light. The alert light will continue to flash until reset and the RECEIVER will continue to chime each time a vehicle passes. The earth has a uniform magnetic field around it. A vehicle creates a slight disturbance in the earth’s field. The SENSOR detects this disturbance and transmits a signal to the RECEIVER. BEFORE YOU START Refer to this drawing to become familiar with all the parts. TRANSMITTER CAP BATTERY / CIRCUIT BOARD HOLDER TRANSMITTER BASE MOUNTING TUBE CAP TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT BOARD TRANSMITTER CAP 2 “C” BATTERIES TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT BOARD 2 “C” BATTERIES BATTERY / CIRCUIT BOARD HOLDER TRANSMITTER TRANSMITTER BASE WALL MOUNT TRANSMITTER CAP WALL MOUNT MOUNTING TUBE CAP MOUNTING TUBE CAP RECHARGEABLE NiMH BATTERIES TRANSMITTER TRANSMITTER CAP SCREWS TRANSMITTER CAP WALL MOUNT MOUNTING TUBE CAP RECHA NiMH TRAN SCRE WA MOUNTING TUBE MOUNTING TUBE MOUNTING TUBE MOUNTING TUBE MOUNTING STAKE MOUNTING STAKE MOUNTING STAKE FINGER NOTCHES MOUNTING STAKE FINGER NOTCHES BATTERY POWERED SENSOR SOLAR POWERED SENSOR REMOVE PLASTIC TAB FROM BATTERIES REMO FROM 3’OR LESS 12’ MAX —1— PLACE SENSOR 3' OR 12’ LESS FROM EDGE OF MAX DRIVEWAY AND 25' OR TRANSMITTER RECHARGEABLE NiMH BATTERIES TRANSMITTER CAP SCREWS TRANSMITTER CAP MOUNTING STI-30104 TUBE CAPCONTROLLER LAMP WALL MOUNT (OPTIONAL) AC ADAPTER RECEIVER ANTENNA MOUNTING TUBE 12' MAX SPEAKER GREEN LED NGER OTCHES RECHARGEABLE NiMH BATTERIES MOUNTING STAKE TRANSMITTER CAP SCREWS BUTTON 3' OR LESS RED LED 75 mA OUTPUT DRIVEWAY 25' OR MORE STI-34104 INDOOR RECEIVER WALL MOUNT INDOOR RECEIVER STI-34104 (Receives up to 4 different STI sensors) BE REMOVE PLASTIC TAB CAP T R KE SE NSOR 3' OR M EDGE OF AND 25' OR M STREET. TUBE STAKE 104 R RECEIVER 0104 CONTROLLER ONAL) 12' Install Batteries into the TRANSMITTER FROM BATTERIES MAX TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT BOARD BATTERY POWERED (STI-34150): 3' OR LESS ...


WIRELESS DRIVEWAY ALERT SYSTEM SYSTÈME D’ALARME SANS FIL POUR ENTRÉE DE GARAGE FEATURES CARACTÉRISTIQUES • Sensor & receiver • Wireless transmission up to 400 Feet • Sensor detects motion and triggers receiver to chime • Sensor detection range up to 8 meters • Sensor detection angle up to 30 degree • Volume HI/LOW switch • Alarm/Chime/Off select switch • Sensor 9V battery (included) • Receiver 3 C size batteries (included) • Battery low indicator for sensor and receiver • Wireless, easy installation • Water resistant sensor for outdoor use • Détecteur et récepteur • Transmission sans fil jusqu’à 120 mètres (400 pieds) • Détecte les mouvements et fait sonner le récepteur • Portée de détection jusqu’à 8 mètres (26 pieds) • Angle de détection jusqu’à 30 degrés • Interrupteur HI/LOW pour le volume • Interrupteur de sélection Alarm/Chime/Off • Détecteur fonctionnant avec une pile de 9 V (incluse) • Récepteur fonctionnant avec 3 piles C (incluses) • Indicateur de pile faible sur le détecteur et sur le récepteur • Sans fil, installation facile • Détecteur résistant à l’eau pour l’extérieur OPERATION FONCTIONNEMENT 1. Remove the battery cover screws from the sensor and receiver units, open the battery door and install 9V battery for PIR sensor and “C-size” batteries for the receiver. 1. Retirer les vis du couvercle de la pile sur le détecteur et sur le récepteur, ouvrir le réceptacle de la pile et installer une pile 9 V pour le détecteur de mouvements passifs à infrarouge et des batteries de taille C pour le récepteur. 2. Place the sensor unit at least three feet high above the ground. Position the sensor at the entrance of your driveway (on a mailbox, a tree or on a ground stake). You may also place the sensor on your garage, near the front entrance or rear door. Can be used to protect your yard from unauthorized trespassing. May help notify you if your children or pet leave the yard. Any movement nearby will transmit a signal to the receiver. (Fig.1)