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Buku pelajaran sebagai sasaran evaluasi karena buku pelajaran memiliki potensi menjadi agen perubahan yang efektif (Hutchinson and Torres, 1994:322) dan buku pelajaran digunakan di seluruh sekolahsekolah yang ada di pelosok tanah air. Umumnya, pada saat guru mengajar, terutama untuk tingkat sekolah dasar, guru cenderung hanya berpedoman ada buku pelajaran, baik urutannya maupun materinya bukan pada kurikulum. Berdasarkan hal ini diduga ada sesuatu yang tidak diajarkan oleh buku pelajaran sehingga daya kreatif siswa tidak berkembang dengan baik. Untuk itu perlu dilakukan evaluasi buku pelajaran. Kreativitas merupakan sintesa dari keseluruhan fungsi yang tediri dari: (1) pemikiran rasional, (2) pengembangan tingkat tinggi dari emosional/ perasaan, (3) pengembangan tingkat tinggi dari mental dan fisikal, dan (4) kesadaran tingkat tinggi, hasil imajinasi, fantasi, dan pemecahan permasalahan yang cepat. Daya kreatif siswa dapat diteliti pada saat proses belajarmengajar berlangsung tetapi dapat juga diteliti dengan cara mengevaluasi buku pelajaran yang digunakan dalam proses belajarmengajar di kelas. Dalam hal ini, tulisan ini hanya dilakukan pada buku pelajaran saja yaitu dari latihan-latihan dan tugas-tugas yang tertera di dalam buku pelajaran.

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Textbook mempunyai padanan kata buku pelajaran (Echols & Sadily, 2006: 584). Selanjutnya textbook dijelaskan sebagai “a book giving instruction in a subject used especially in schools” (Crowther, 1995: 1234) yang dapat diterjemahkan bahwa buku teks adalah buku yang memberikan petunjuk dalam sebuah pelajaran khususnya di sekolah. Buku teks adalah buku pelajaran dalam bidang studi tertentu, yang merupakan buku standar, yang disusun oleh para pakar dalam bidang itu untuk maksud-maksud dan tujuan instruksional, yang diperlengkapi dengan saranasarana pengajaran yang serasi dan mudah dipahami oleh para pemakainya di sekolah-sekolah dan perguruan tinggi sehingga dapat menunjang sesuatu program pengajaran (Tarigan dan Tarigan, 1986: 13). Berdasar pendapat tersebut, buku teks digunakan untuk mata pelajaran tertentu. Penggunaan buku teks tersebut didasarkan pada tujuan pembelajaran yang mengacu pada kurikulum. Selain menggunakan buku teks, pengajar dapat menggunakan sarana-sarana ataupun teknik yang sesuai dengan tujuan yang sudah dibuat sebelumnya. Penggunaan yang memadukan buku teks, teknik serta sarana lain ditujukan untuk mempermudah pemakai buku teks terutama peserta didik dalam memahami materi.

Voice Alarm System (VAS) Overview
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The Totalflow Voice Alarm System (VAS) is a Microsoft Windows based program designed to call specified meter technicians, producers, etc., in the event of an alarm condition detected on any Totalflow FCU, RTU or AIU. A person with a valid access code can call into the system and request the current information from any Totalflow FCU or RTU assigned to his or her access code. With the appropriate rights, the caller can send commands to the device directly from the phone. Supports Totalflow Alarm Formats ◊ Device Poll ◊ Alarm by Exception ◊ Cry out Communicates via a Dialogic multi-line speech board using digitally recorded voice messages and prompt codes. Easy setup and maintenance Prompted User Response to Call-out Handles alarms from multiple workstations on a LAN so that the workstations can share the Dialogic interface card. Operates on up to 4 phone lines simultaneously for call-out Supports up to 4 different RS232 lines through the WinCPC Communications Server for: ◊ Data requests for current information ◊ Sending commands to the device Complete with all the necessary default voice files. The User can customize some or all of the messages by purchasing additional voice editing software. Distributed Client / Server Architecture. Unlimited phone book for call-out and call-in User ID can apply to individual devices or to groups of devices. This allows a single ID change for a new meter technician or operator instead of a change for each meter assigned to that person. When new meters are added to a group it is automatically added to the appropriate call-out list.

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The Compact, Luxury SUV By Roger Witherspoon The moonless night sky was clear, the mountain road winding through the Hudson Highlands just south of West Point was dry and dark, it was the tail end of a very long day and for a change there were no deer to break the monotony of the unlit road. Presuming I was alert and awake, the solitude of the road should not have mattered. But suddenly there was a flashing light on the dashboard, the increasingly loud ringing of a chime and an unseen hand began gently pushing the steering wheel towards the left. That combination of events – particularly the ghost hand opposing mine on the steering wheel – caught my attention, and I realized the car was drifting off the right side of the road. I quickly worked with the unseen hand to steer the car back to the center of the lane, and broke the silence by finding Usher on the hard drive in the car’s Music Box, cranked up the sound from the 11-speaker Bose system and let his hard-driving song “Yeah!” reverberate through the Hudson River Valley. Then, I gave a passing nod of thanks to the safety engineers at Infiniti – the upscale part of Nissan – who designed an alert for drowsy drivers into the new EX35. It is one of many features which mark the EX35, a car billed in the Infiniti television ads as the personal, luxury SUV. And personal is probably an appropriate term. The EX35 is shaped like the Infiniti FX45, the large, $50,000, “crossover” SUV which is nearly a foot longer. In length, the EX35 is also a good six inches shorter and its height four inches smaller than the Nissan Murano, the popular, $37,000 crossover whose nimbleness, comfort and styling largely defined this segment of the car industry.

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Starbucks coffee powerpoint template

When tiredness bounds the body inch by inch due to heavy work load or laziness becomes the cause of late work, there is only one beverage that people prefer to have to overcome the issues and that is coffee, one of the most popular beverages in the world

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Special Notices CATIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes. Protected by one or more U.S. Patents number 5,615,321; 5,774,111; 5,821,941; 5,844,566; 6,233,351; 6,292,190; 6,360,357; 6,396,522; 6,459,441; 6,499,040; 6,545,680; 6,573,896; 6,597,382; 6,654,011; 6,654,027; 6,717,597; 6,745,100; 6,762,778; 6,828,974; 6,904,392 other patents pending. DELMIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes. ENOVIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes. SMARTEAM® is a registered trademark of SmarTeam Corporation Ltd. Any of the following terms may be used in this publication. These terms are trademarks of: Java Sun Microsystems Computer Company OLE, VBScript for Windows, Visual Basic Microsoft Corporation IMSpost Intelligent Manufacturing Software, Inc. All other company names and product names mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Certain portions of this product contain elements subject to copyright owned by the following entities: Copyright © Dassault Systemes Copyright © Dassault Systemes of America Copyright © D-Cubed Ltd., 1997-2000 Copyright © ITI 1997-2000 Copyright © Cenit 1997-2000 Copyright © Mental Images Gmbh & Co KG, Berlin/Germany 1986-2000 Copyright © Distrim2 Lda, 2000 Copyright © Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA Copyright © Compaq Computer Corporation Copyright © Boeing Company Copyright © IONA Technologies PLC Copyright © Intelligent Manufacturing Software, Inc., 2000 Copyright © SmarTeam Corporation Ltd Copyright © Xerox Engineering Systems Copyright © Bitstream Inc. Copyright © IBM Corp. Copyright © Silicon Graphics Inc. Copyright © Installshield Software Corp., 1990-2000 Copyright © Microsoft Corporation Copyright © Spatial Corp. Copyright © LightWork Design Limited 1995-2000 Copyright © Mainsoft Corp. Copyright © NCCS 1997-2000 Copyright © Weber-Moewius, D-Siegen Copyright © Geometric Software Solutions Company Limited, 2001 Copyright © Cogito Inc. Copyright © Tech Soft America Copyright © LMS International 2000, 2001

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PHP Tutorial PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites. PHP is the widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP. PHP is perfectly suited for Web development and can be embedded directly into the HTML code. The PHP syntax is very similar to Perl and C. PHP is often used together with Apache (web server) on various operating systems. It also supports ISAPI and can be used with Microsoft's IIS on Windows. Introduction to PHP A PHP file may contain text, HTML tags and scripts. Scripts in a PHP file are executed on the server. What You Should Already Know Before you continue you should have a basic understanding of the following: • • HTML / XHTML Some scripting knowledge If you want to study these subjects first, find the tutorials on our Home page. What is PHP? • • • • • • PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor PHP is a server-side scripting language, like ASP PHP scripts are executed on the server PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc.) PHP is an open source software (OSS) PHP is free to download and use What is a PHP File? • • • PHP files may contain text, HTML tags and scripts PHP files are returned to the browser as plain HTML PHP files have a file extension of ".php", ".php3", or ".phtml"

Embedding a NoSQL Database Inside the Local ... - Parallel Data Lab

Conventional file systems are optimzed for large file transfers instead of workloads that are dominated by metadata and small file accesses. This paper examines using techniques adopated from NoSQL databases to manage file system metadata and small files, which feature high rate of changes and efficient out-of-core data representation. A FUSE file system prototype was built by storing file system metadata and small files into a modern key-value store LevelDB. We demonstrate that such techniques can improve the performance of modern local file systems in Linux as much as an order of magnitude for workloads dominated by metadata and tiny files. Acknowledgements: This research is supported in part by The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, NSF under award, SCI-0430781 and CCF-1019104, Qatar National Research Foundation 09-1116-1-172, DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory, under contract number DE-AC5206NA25396/161465-1, by Intel as part of the Intel Science and Technology Center for Cloud Computing (ISTC-CC), by gifts from Yahoo!, APC, EMC, Facebook, Fusion-IO, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, NetApp, Oracle, Panasas, Riverbed, Samsung, Seagate, STEC, Symantec, and VMware. We thank the member companies of the PDL Consortium for their interest, insights, feedback, and support.