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smart pdf - Land Rover
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Your Land Rover is dynamic, beautiful and alive. We want to help you keep it that way and Land Rover SMART is the perfect way to protect your investment and keep your Land Rover distinctive and showroom fresh. Why do you need Land Rover SMART? If your Land Rover is your pride and joy, you will appreciate the fine lines, the exquisite detailing and the timeless beauty of its design. Unfortunately, you can’t always be there to make sure it stays safe and sound and everyday knocks and bumps are part of life on today’s roads. Minor dents, scratches and scrapes from car parks, stone chips or other people’s carelessness shouldn’t take the shine off your Land Rover and Land Rover SMART is the perfect way to maintain your car’s showroom appearance for longer. How can Land Rover SMART help? If your car suffers minor cosmetic damage from scratches, dents and stone chips, Land Rover SMART will arrange and pay for the cost of repair to keep your car looking fresher for longer. Guaranteed repairs from qualified and accredited technicians will remove scratches and dents up to 15cm long and 3mm deep and stone chips up to 1.5cm in diameter and keep your Land Rover looking pristine. Land Rover SMART can also help maintain control on your motor insurance cost by preventing a potentially costly claim through your car insurer and helping you keep your No Claims Discount. Who can apply? Land Rover SMART is available: –– If the vehicle is under 5 years old and has covered fewer than 60,000 miles at the start of the policy –– If the car has a standard factorysupplied paint colour and finish –– To private individuals who are the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle and who are resident in the United Kingdom, excluding the Isle of Wight and the Islands of Scotland (including the Shetland, Orkney, Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides Islands) –– The vehicle is used only for social, domestic, pleasure and commuting to and from a place of work Policy exclusions and limits –– Any vehicle that is over 5 years old and has covered more than 60,000 miles at the start of the policy –– Any vehicle that has a nonstandard paint colour or finish –– Any damage that was incurred before the policy start date –– Any damage reported to Land Rover SMART more than 30 days after the incident –– Damage that has occurred to horizontal, flat surfaces such as bonnets, roofs and boot tops –– Damage which extends over more than two (2) adjacent body panels. In the event that the damage extends over more than two (2) adjacent body panels, the entire claim will be excluded as the damage falls outside the scope of this policy ...

llustrative Guide to Classical Moulding Design for Cabinetry ...

Classical is a term that is often used loosely within the design community. In this age of modernism, traditionalism, and mixing design genres to fit individual tastes, the true sense of what is classical can get lost. It is true that Classical is most often associated with the Five Orders, but many miss the deeper understanding of classical proportions and overall beauty that can be adapted to fit many styles today. This booklet was created to give design professionals a broader understanding of classical design principals and show how they can be adapted today. More specifically, we explore the specific math and proportions that can be used for cabinetry, and the rooms that cabinetry are most often found in - the kitchen and bath. By tailoring this information to these specific applications, we hope that more design professionals will feel comfortable in basing their designs on something more than just taste, but rather a cultural style that has stood the test of time and is still very relevant today. Although kitchen and bathroom designs are based on modern conveniences and functionality, classical proportions still play a crucial role in making any design beautiful. An easy place to start determining good proportions is where your top cabinetry line will be, which should be based on ceiling height (unless the ceiling height is exceedingly tall). The guidelines below ensure that enough room is left to accommodate a cabinet crown and a ceiling crown. When the ceiling is unusually high, it is best to create your own ceiling line by allowing the lower edge of the ceiling crown, or entablature, to sit lower on the wall. You can calculate the rest of your proportions off this line. Below are examples of the Great Hall and Anteroom at Syon Park.


Konvensi merupakan salah satu cara menjaring calon presiden diyakini sebagai metode yang lebih demokratis. Salah satunya adalah Konvensi yang dilakukan oleh Partai Demokrat. Konvensi ini selain memiliki kelebihan, antara lain untuk menghapuskan sistem oligarki partai, juga memiliki beberapa kelemahan, antara lain ketidak-laziman dalam mengundang kader atau kandidat dari luar Partai Demokrat. Ini menunjukkan bahwa Partai Demokrat tidak optimal dalam melakukan kaderisasi dalam tubuh partainya sendiri, sehingga perlu orang-orang dari luar partai untuk menjadi Calon Presiden 2014. ditetapkan menjadi Ketua Umum Partai Demokrat. Setelah menjabat Sebagai Ketua umum SBY memang terlihat terus berekspresi untuk “mendongkrak” suara Partai Demokrat pada Pemilu 2014 mendatang, yang salah satunya adalah mengadakan Konvensi Capres. SBY sengaja membuka konvensi capres, untuk memancing tokoh-tokoh kuat di luar parpol agar bergabung bersama Partai Demokrat. Walaupun hasil konvensi bisa saja setengah hati, hanya untuk memasukkan tokoh di luar parpol ke Partai Demokrat, ide ini betulbetul dapat mengubah sistem pengambilan keputusan di tubuh Demokrat yang selama ini dinilai sentralistis menjadi betul-betul demokratis. Konvensi belakangan ini ramai digunakan partai politik (parpol) untuk mencari pemimpin hingga calon presiden (capres) tahun 2014. Salah satunya adalah yang dilakukan Partai Demokrat. Partai Demokrat berencana mengundang sejumlah tokoh di luar partainya untuk ikut dalam konvensi. Salah satunya, kader Partai Nasional Demokrat (NasDem) Endriartono Sutarto. Alhasil, mantan Panglima TNI ini harus kehilangan jabatannya sebagai Ketua Dewan Pertimbangan NasDem. Sebagai hasil Kongres Luar Biasa Partai Demokrat yang digelar di Bali 31 Maret 2013 yang lalu, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) ...

Download the Graphic Standards Manual - Minot State University

To the Minot State University community Previous to my arrival at Minot State University on July 1, 2004, the University and its enrollment management committee were working on a valuable initiative to develop a marketing brand for our institution. In that effort, Minot State University contracted with Woychick Design of Minneapolis, a firm that had demonstrated understanding of higher education and had experience with a number of other colleges and universities, as well as nonprofit organizations. During the branding process, representatives of Woychick Design visited our campus, conducted focus groups with faculty, staff and students, and had participants complete a number of exercises to determine our strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and what makes us different from other colleges and universities. In addition, the firm studied our competitors. Through this process, it became clear that we value, believe in, and aspire to being a “students first” institution. Putting students first is something we do well. It’s something we’re certain that we do better than many others. And we have a great desire to continually improve the service we provide our students. This whole notion of being student-centric and the need to communicate our brand led to the development of the tagline “Be Seen. Be Heard.” The work in branding has culminated in the creation of a new look, a refined logo, and vibrant and attractive colors. One of the other lessons learned through the branding effort was the need for consistency in our publications, marketing and advertising, and on our Web site. We came to understand our need to firmly establish the identity of Minot State University. The Graphic Standards Manual has been developed, with the assistance of Woychick Design, to help us achieve that goal. It contains guidelines in the use of graphic identity elements such as type styles, logo, brand, and Pantone colors. The guidelines have been established with the input from the University Cabinet and the review and approval from President’s Staff. These guidelines provide for a consistent and strong visual identity for Minot State University, yet provide the flexibility needed for use by individual departments. Please familiarize yourself with the new guidelines. Thank you in advance for your support for our new and attractive image and brand and for a clear, single identity for Minot State University. Sincerely, David Fuller President

English - Insignia
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WARNING: The assembly must not be mounted so that it impairs the driver’s view of the road. Make sure that your car’s airbags are not obstructed by the GPS. Use the supplied mounting bracket and cradle to mount your GPS in a vehicle. 1 Slide the mounting cradle onto the end of the mounting bracket to secure it. 2 Set the bottom edge of the GPS onto the mounting cradle. Then push the retaining bracket at the top of the mounting cradle (1) toward the GPS unit. To remove the unit, push the retaining bracket at the top of the mount cradle toward the back of the GPS. 3 Lift the suction cup lever, then press the suction cup to the windshield. Press down on the suction cup lever (2) to secure the bracket to the windshield. 4 Rotate the mounted GPS (3) to a comfortable viewing position. Connecting power to your GPS Connecting to a cigarette lighter socket CAUTION: Disconnect the GPS from the DC power adapter when starting the vehicle. • Plug the USB connector on the DC power adapter into the USB port on the side of the GPS, then plug the DC plug into the vehicle’s 12-24V DC accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket). Getting started Using your GPS 1 Turn on the GPS. A splash screen appears for a few seconds, then the Safety Warning appears. 2 To continue using the GPS, touch I Agree at the bottom right of the screen. The Main menu opens....

Vladimir Gacinovic, 'direktor' za Balkan MI6, je i obavestio Gavrila Principa i Mladu Bosnu da ce F.F. biti na manevrima

ladimir Gacinovic, "direktor" za Balkan MI6, je i obavestio Gavrila Principa i Mladu Bosnu (pre nego sto se u Sarajevu znalo) da ce F.F. biti izaslanik cara Franca Jozefa, na manevrima. On je otrovan, u Nemackoj, 1917-e (ni,27 godina star) Na istoj "vezi" bila je i Apisova "Crna ruka". Apis i nablizi drug, su streljani 1917, na Solunskom frontu, na insistiranje iste kuhinje-V.B.(I MI6). @ ostali k. Nijedan nas istoricar, nije istrazio pozadinu ubistva Kralja Aleksandra Obrenovica

BPMN 2.0 Poster
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Lane is the default branch to be chosen if all other conditions evaluate to false. has a condition assigned that defines whether or not the flow is used. Exclusive Event-based Gateway (instantiate) Each occurrence of a subsequent event starts a new process instance. Complex Gateway Complex merging and branching behavior that is not captured by other gateways. Parallel Event-based Gateway (instantiate) The occurrence of all subsequent events starts a new process instance… Parallel Multiple: Catching all out of a set of parallel events. Terminate: Triggering the immediate termination of a process… Pools (Participants) and Lanes represent responsibilities for activities in a process. A pool or a lane can be an organization, a role, or a system. Lanes subdivide pools or other lanes hierarchically. Message Flow symbolizes information flow across organizational boundaries. Message flow can be attached to pools, activities, or message events. The Message Flow can be decorated with an envelope depicting the content of the message. A Collection Data Object represents a collection of information, e.g., a list of order items. Input A Data Input is an external input for the entire process.A kind of input parameter. Output A Data Output is data result of the entire process. A kind of output parameter. A Data Association is used to associate data elements to Activities, Processes and Global Tasks. The order of message exchanges can be specified by combining message flow and sequence flow. Data Store © 2011 A Data Store is a place where the process can read or write data, e.g., a database or a filing cabinet. It persists beyond the lifetime of the process instance.

A Buyer's Guide to Kitchen Cabinets - Chief Architect

C abinet manufacturers from all over the country rolled out their best stuff last spring for the kitchen and bath industry’s annual trade show, staged at the cavernous Las Vegas Convention Center. Sprinkled among booths showcasing bathtubs and appliances were kitchen cabinets of every style, from Arts and Crafts in quartersawn oak to modern in Macassar ebony. Wellborn Cabinet Inc. alone offered nearly 1500 different combinations of finish and door styles. Yet for all this diversity, every cabinet is made from the same basic components. Where they differ, and why prices vary so widely, can be traced to what’s under the hood: materials, hardware, and construction techniques. Although manufacturers offer such a wide price range that they can cater to budgets of any size, spending more money usually means greater durability, better hardware, a nicer fit and finish, and more flexible designs. A competitive scramble among stock and semicustom cabinet manufacturers gives buyers more choices than ever. Stock cabinets, the most economical, are still essentially an off-the-shelf commodity with the fewest options in finish and materials. Semicustom cabinets allow buyers to specify most but not all features. Prices vary accordingly. While cabinet sizes in both categories tend to be standardized (available for the most part in 3-in. increments), manufacturers have tried to make it easier for buyers to order the options they want even on a modest budget. Custom cabinets can be whatever a buyer is willing to pay for, usually with the longest lead time and the highest prices. In the end, how a cabinet is made is a lot more important than what it’s called. The essential elements to consider are box construction, drawers, doors, hardware, and finish.

diy cabinet refacing measure guide - Home Depot

Facelifters is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cabinet doors, drawer fronts and related accessories. We offer an entire line of doors and drawer fronts in Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) as well as different species of select woods, to suit the taste of different customers. The doors and accessories come in classic and contemporary designs, various color stain and paint finishes, with multiple options for panels. The accessories available range from a cross section of popular moldings, valances to hardware (knobs and handles), breadboards, and cutlery trays. STEP 1 – Choose Your Door With a variety of door species, color, styles and designs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect look for your kitchen. Select from the following materials: • Wood - Cherry, Maple, Oak, Bamboo • Rigid Thermofoil • Metal This catalog provides a description, options and pricing of the various items available through The Home Depot, for the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ customer. If a customer needs assistance in having these products installed, we offer installed services. STEP 2 – Take Measurements Complete the Customer Measure Form found in the back of this Measure Guide. STEP 3 – Place the Order Return the completed customer measurement form to your local Home Depot where a Store Associate will answer all of your questions, give you a quick price quote, and can then submit your order to Facelifters for you. (You will need to know if you have face frame or frameless cabinets). Please contact 1-800-HOMEDEPOT for details on Installed Services.

spec section - standard cabinet specifications - Shenandoah Cabinetry

Standard Cabinet specifications: Certification KCMA Certified All cabinetry manufactured by Shenandoah Cabinetry is certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). KCMA sets the American National Standards Institute/KCMA 161.1- 2000 uniform performance and construction standards for kitchen and vanity cabinets. The program is referenced by U.S. Government Agencies; architects; builders; remodelers; and other specifiers. Cabinets that bear the KCMA seal of certification are recognized as a quality product with the ability to perform after a rigorous battery of tests, simulating years of typical household use. Tests are performed by approved third-party independent laboratories. Shenandoah Cabinetry is proud to display the KCMA seal of certification for cabinet construction. Environmentally Responsible Stewardship As a leading U.S. manufacturer of fine cabinetry, American Woodmark Corporation and its Shenandoah Cabinetry brand is committed to conducting business in a manner that both protects the environment and safeguards public health and safety. To achieve this end, the company has implemented a Corporate Environmentally Responsible Stewardship Program that proactively identifies potential environmental risks and monitors compliance with appropriate federal, state, local and internal standards. The company has received certification by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program on all products. The certification was awarded based on compliance across a broad range of activity including air quality, product resource management, process resource management, environmental stewardship and community relations. The company works with all suppliers to encourage sustainable forestry practices. Wood doors, drawer fronts and cabinet front frames are made from North American-grown hardwoods. Particle board and plywood are purchased from suppliers that meet the Composite Panel Association requirements for Environmentally Preferable Products including formaldehyde emissions that comply with ANSI Standards.