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VV Minerals Successfully Manages Its Business Along With Its Responsibilities Towards Society

The Beach Mineral Sands deposits are very unique. They are found only in the coastal areas, formed & concentrated by the Ocean waves. In India, the Deposits are found in the coasts of Odhisa, A.P, and Tamil Nadu in the East coast and Kerala & Maharashtra in the West coast. The sands contain five or six minerals like Garnet, Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Sillimanite etc, in varying percentages.

VV Mineral, The Best Heavy Mineral Mining Exporter Since The Year 2000

In India there is a lot of scope for the heavy mineral mining industry as India has one of the highly gifted coastlines which have abundance of heavy minerals. To make the best use of these resources more attention should be paid to as it can reap in huge benefits to our nation in many ways.

VV Minerals Help In Preserving Nuclear Gold By Returning It To The Sands

VV Minerals is a private heavy mineral mining company that is into beach mineral mining of elements like ilmenite, rutile, zircon and garnet. VV Minerals chairman, S. Vaikundarajan believes that in protecting the environment by all means.

VV Minerals Not Associated With Illegal Mining Of 96K Crore In Tamil Nadu

Heavy mineral mining in India is carried out extensively along the coast of Tamil Nadu as it is highly blessed with the gift of such minerals. Apparently, Tamil Nadu is the highest exporter of these minerals and the highest contributor to the state is a private company VV Minerals.

Police Raids Vaikundarajan’s Office Premises And Finds Nothing At VV Minerals

VV Minerals, a private mineral mining company’s office premises were raided to find any evidence that would prove that they are into a heavy mineral mining scam. All those against VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan were surprised to find out that nothing at all was discovered from that raid.

No Irregularities In Beach Mineral Mining By VV Mineral, Suspension To Be Removed

Suspension on the mining and transportation of minerals including garnet, Ilemnite and rutile across Tamil Nadu is on the verge to be removed. This Suspension was levied upon by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

VV Minerals Chairman Not Under The Scanner Anymore For Illegal Mining Of 96K Crore

Heavy mineral mining industry in India is in a growing stage which yields huge benefits to the Indian economy. The largest exporter from the southern part of India, Tamil Nadu is a private company, VV Minerals. There has been a lot of speculation over the business activities of VV Minerals as they were accused of carrying out a scam in which they were illegally exporting heavy minerals.

Vaikundrajan’s Office Raid Brings Out The Real Truth About VV Minerals And Thorium Scam

VV Minerals is into beach mineral mining industry for over two decades and are one of the highest exporters of such minerals. Recently, they were accused of a thorium scandal worth 96K crore which lead to the government putting a ban on the company’s activities following which there was a probe into the matter.

Nuclear Gold In Sand Lies Unharmed After Sand Mining Activities By VV Minerals

VV Minerals is a private heavy mineral mining company that has been mining beach sand that includes radioactive minerals on the Kanyakumari coast. This Company is into this business for the past two decades now and all their mining activities are carried out under the supervision of expert engineers who have complete knowledge on heavy mineral mining.

S. Vaikundarajan Of VV Mineral Deceitfully Dragged Into A Thorium Scandal

VV Minerals, a private mining company from India is into heavy mineral mining of products like garnet, ilmenite, rutile and zircon. India’s coastline is gifted with such heavy minerals in large quantities which makes it also one of the leading producers in the world. However, there was a serious allegation made against VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan of conducting an illegal heavy mineral mining thorium scandal worth 96K crore, recently.

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