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c15 caterpillar timing gears

The World's First Gear Grinding Machine for Grinding Internal Gears ...

There is an increasing need for high-precision gear machining to meet customer demand for low-noise and low-vibration planetary gear systems. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has been developing high-precision gear-cutting technologies for use before heat treatment in the production of ring (internal) gears, one of the components of planetary gear systems. However, high-precision high-efficiency gear grinding is also essential after heat treatment to eliminate distortion and improve gear accuracy. In this paper, we report on the development of the Mitsubishi ZI20A grinding machine, the world's first internal gear grinder for use in volume production. Planetary gear systems are widely used in automatic transmissions of vehicles and power transfer systems for hybrid cars because of their compactness and high reduction ratio. There has been an increasing demand for higher precision internal gears as well as for external gears in transmissions to suppress noise and vibration. To meet this demand, gear manufacturers are seeking high-precision high-efficiency techniques for grinding internal gears after heat treatment. Figure 1 shows the manufacturing flow for the volume production of ring (internal) gears. Traditionally, ring gears have often been built into gear systems after heat treatment without being subjected to the finishing process. However, controlling the precision of gears after heat treatment...

ZE15A Gear Grinding Machine for economical hard gear finishing of ...

In recent years the demands for precision machining of gears in automobile transmissions, for low noise and vibrations, has been ever increasing. Historically, conventional finish machining of gears was a pre-heat treatment operation typically by shaving. However, the requirement for higher precision forced a shift toward a post heat treatment operation using a generating process, which eliminates thermal distortion, thus enabling high quality and precision. The Mitsubishi ZE15A gear-grinding machine was duly developed for the high production line applications and launched into a domestic market typically dominated by European machines. (3) Ease of use for the user achieved via interactive dialog functions and full CNC control of all axes. This paper describes the principle of grinding and control for the ZE15A before presenting some machining examples.

Drive Line / Universal
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– Drivelines and Universal Joints Universal Joint Maintenance • Most factory-installed universal joints are sealed and don’t require periodic lubrication • After-market replacement joints are equipped with a grease fitting and must be greased periodically Drive Shaft Problem Diagnosis • Road testing – Vehicle should be driven while accelerating and decelerating as well as at various steady speeds – Vibrations caused by worn U-joints usually occur while accelerating Types and Causes of Vibrations • High speed vibrations – Usually caused by driveshaft imbalance • Vibrations during acceleration – Usually caused by worn double Cardan joint ball and socket • Low speed vibrations – Usually caused by improper operating angles Noise Diagnosis • Clunking noise while accelerating from a dead stop – Usually caused by worn or damaged U-joint – Can be caused by problems including excessive clearance between slip joint and extension housing • Squeaking noise – Often caused by worn or poorly lubricated U-joint Reasons for Universal Joint Failure • Lack of lubrication • Pushing another car • Towing a trailer • Changing gears abruptly • Carrying heavy loads Steps in Lubricating U-Joints 1. Wipe off the nozzle of the fitting 2. Attach the hose of the grease gun to the fitting 3. Pump grease slowly into the fitting 4. Stop pumping when grease appears at the bearing cups Inspecting the Drive Shaft • Check for fluid leaks • Check the U-joints for signs of rust or leakage • Check for movement in the joint while trying to turn the yoke and the shaft in opposite directions • Check the drive shaft for dents, missing weights, and undercoating or dirt...

Limited Power-train Warranty -

This is a limited power-train warranty for a period of 3 months from the date of the original sale or 3000 miles from the mileage at the time of the original sale, (whichever occurs first), for repairs which are required as a result of defects due to material and/or workmanship to the power-train components as listed below: What Is Covered Engine All internally lubricated parts including: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt, timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters;. The engine block and heads are also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered components. Transmission All internal parts; torque converter; vacuum modulator and mounts. Does not include clutch assembly; pressure plate; flywheel; throw out bearing; worn synchronizers; cables or electrical items. The case is also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered items. Drive Axle All lubricated internal parts contained within the housings. Axle shafts, differential housing, transaxle housing & final drive housing.

Engine Exhaust Controls The engine exhaust emission ... - Honda

Engine Exhaust Controls The engine exhaust emission control systems are designed to control combustion during idle, acceleration, cruise, and deceleration. These systems are entirely separate from the crankcase and evaporative emission control systems described previously. PGM-FI System The PGM-FI system consists of three independent subsystems; Air Intake, Electronic Control and Fuel Control, thus allowing more accurate control of air/fuel ratios under all operating conditions. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) detects the amount of air drawn into the cylinders and determines the amount of fuel to be injected to provide the optimum air/fuel ratio for all engine needs. Ignition Timing Control System This system automatically controls the ignition timing to reduce the amount of HC and NOx. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) The EGR system is designed to control the formation of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) caused when fuel mixture burns at high temperature. It works by recirculating exhaust gas through the EGR valve and intake manifold into the combustion chambers where it reduces peak temperature by diluting the air/fuel mixture. Catalytic Converter The catalyst is used to convert hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) in the exhaust gas to carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), dinitrogen (N2) and water vapor.

Operating instructions HYUNDAI ACCENT -

Inner strength Accent's solid feel starts with the use of a safe, rigid body shell Your safety is our mission Hyundai engineers have raised standards in their quest to protect everyone in the event of a crash and that includes any pedestrians unfortunate enough to be caught in the incident. For a start, the safety blueprint for Accent requires impeccable handling, which is now accompanied by larger anti-lock disc brakes. The reinforced body shell is complemented by solid steel side impact beams, six air bags and seat belts equipped with pre-tensioners. Scientifically monitored tests in our high technology laboratories confirm computer calculations that the Accent exceeds the toughest crash protection legislation from around the world. Cushioning the impact Occupants have the benefit of dual front air bags, another on the side of each front seat, and roof-mounted bags that form protective curtains along each side of the interior. Safety first Sure handling and anti-lock brakes help to keep the Accent on-line. 1.6-litre DOHC CVVT petrol Variable valve timing and extra displacement produce 82.4kW (112 PS) 1.4-litre DOHC petrol A small displacement increase takes power output to 69. 9kW (97 PS) 1.5-litre CRDi turbodiesel Common rail fuel injection helps to produce top-class 81kW (110 PS) The best of everything Accent's trio of engines have it all: economy, power, refinement and durability Stop and go Front brake disc diameters are bigger for more stopping power. Well-proven MacPherson strut-type front suspension gives excellent on-road performance. Accent revives the time when driving was fun Driving today can sometimes be a chore, but Hyundai does not believe that means cars should be dull. Quite the contrary. Our aim is to put the sparkle of enjoyment back into driving. Accent is an example of what we mean. The stiffness and strength of the new platform and body shell make the car solid and secure. Our engineers paid particular attention to reducing what they know as NVH noise, vibration and harshness. The steering is light and precise and the anti-lock disc brakes are world-class.

Technical Data Sheet MOTO GUZZI BREVA 1200 ENGINE Engine ...

MOTO GUZZI BREVA 1200 Four‐stroke V 90 twin Air cooled 1,151 cc 95 x 81.2 mm 9.8 : 1 2 valves per cylinder commanded by light alloy cam acting on rocker arm and mechanical tappets Intake valve opening 24 ° before upper TDC. Intake valve closing 52 ° after lower TDC. Exhaust valve opening 54 ° before lower TDC. Exhaust valve closing 22 ° after upper TDC. Over 66 kW (95 CV) at 7,500 rpm Over 100 Nm at 5,800 rpm Multipoint sequential electronic injection, Magneti Marelli IAW 5A phased, alfa‐n system; 2 Ø 45 mm throttle bodies with Weber IWP 162 injectors, Lambda probe and twin spark plugs. Electric Inner NGK PMR8B (Long Life) Outer NGK BPR6ES Stainless steel two‐into‐one 3 way catalysed with Lambda probe and height adjustable silencer. Euro 3 6 speed – constantly engaged cogs with integrated flexible couplings 1st 17/38 = 1 : 2.235 2nd 20/34 = 1 : 1.7 3rd 23/31 = 1 : 1.348 4th 26/29 = 1 : 1.115 5th 31/30 = 1 : 0.968 6th 29/25 = 1 : 0.862 Forced lubrication with lobe pump and pressure regulator Helicoidal gears, ratio 24/35 = 1 : 1.458 Shaft drive, ratio 12/44 = 1 : 3.667 Dry mechanically operated twin plate FRAME Frame Wheelbase Rake Steering angle Front suspension Front wheel travel Rear suspension Steel tubing 1,495 mm 120 mm 25.50° Marzocchi Ø 45 mm adjustable front forks 120 mm Single swingarm with progressive action – single rebound adjustable shock absorber with easy to operate pre‐load setting knob Rear wheel travel 140 mm Front brakes Twin floating 320 mm stainless steel discs, floating Brembo calipers with 4 opposed pistons. Rear brakes Single 282 mm fixed stainless steel disc, floating Brembo caliper with 2 parallel pistons. ABS Two channel ant‐block system WHEELS Wheels Three‐spoked aluminium alloy Front wheel 3.50” x 17” Rear wheel 5.50” x 17” Front tyre 120/70 ZR 17 M/C (59W) TL Roadtec Z6 Rear tyre 180/55 ZR 17 M/C (73W) TL Roadtec Z6 DIMENSIONS Length 2,195 mm Width 870 mm Height 1,125 mm Saddle height 800 mm Minimum ground clearance 185 mm Dry weight 236 kg Fuel tank capacity 23 litres Reserve 4 litres

GENUINE COVERAGE April 2013 New Products - Cummins Filtration

For more information about the products listed, please visit our online catalogue at Application RENAULT V.I. Description Air, Secondary Magnum RS Part Number Crosses AF25634 5010317187 334755A2 MACCORMI Cab Air AF25968 334755A1 168530A 169180A 169180C WAUKESHA AF25977 169180E TEREX Air, Panel Air, Secondary Magnum RS AF26210 15273425 CUMMINS AIR FILTER AF26232 1403999 International Trucks Air, Secondary AF26268 3551815C1 AF26321 16546V0100 AF26345 87741560 NEW HOLLAND Air, Panel OPTI AIR - NEW HOLLAND OPTI AIR - NEW HOLLAND AF26346 87741569 BOBCAT AIR PRIMARY USED WITH AF26365 AF26364 6698057 BOBCAT AIR SECONDARY USED WITH AF26364 AF26365 6698058 NISSAN NEW HOLLAND BU L L ET I N GENUINE COVERAGE April 2013 New Products Application Description Part Number Crosses FORD Cab Air AF26423 1459009 JOHN DEERE AIR CARTRIDGE AF26473 AH115833 CATERPILLAR AIR FILTER AF27827 2277448 SCANIA AIR CARTRIDGE AF27857 1485592 24749057 DAEWOO AIR FILTER AF27869 24729057 FORD AIR FILTER MOTORCRAFT AIR FILTER AF27882 FA1902 IVECO Air, Primary Magnum RS AF27918 8041419 JOHN DEERE AIR FILTER AF27919 RE196945 SCANIA Air Filter-Radial Seal Primary AF27940 1869993 ISUZU AIR FILTER AF4711 1142151160 BC3Z9601A 1869995 COOPERS: ACE181 VOLVO Cab Air AF55712 20409908 IVECO Cab Air AF55713 3802821 CATERPILLAR Cab Air AF55730 6P1319 KOMATSU AIR FILTER AF55733 20Y9796261 KOMATSU INGERSOLLRAND AIR FILTER AF55734 77Z9700010 Air/Oil Separator AS2421 92754688 NELSON Crankcase Ventilation Kit CV50114 990002K VOLVO FUEL SPIN ON UPGRADE OF FF5507 FORD FUEL FILTER KOMATSU FUEL FILTER VOLVO FUEL FILTER FF235 27852 KUBOTA FUEL FILTER CARTRIDGE METAL FF251 RA21151280 FORD Fuel, In-Line MAZDA Fuel, In-Line FF5700 1F2013470 WEICHAI FUEL FILTER FF5740 612630080087 NISSAN Fuel, In-Line FF5773 M&H: WDK1110211 FF254 20972293 EOHT9155C2A 304346 2L5Z9155A 16400ES60A 16400ES60R Davco: 392560 CUMMINS DUPLEX SEA PRO 5 FH23463 4968775 FUEL HOUSING FH23465 Davco: 39256002CEGS07 4970232 CUMMINS FUEL HOUSING FH23471 Davco: 39356102CEGS07 Davco: 39256102CEGS07 CUMMINS FUEL HOUSING FH23472 4970231 Application Description Part Number Crosses DAVCO FUEL HOUSING FH23607 233051RL10 2C119176BA 4437885 FORD FUEL WATER SEPARATOR FS1079 2C119176BB DAVCO FWS - BIO DIESEL COMPATIBLE FS19624G 382113 FORD FUEL WATER SEPARATOR IHC FUEL WATER SEPARATOR FS19947 1878042C92 CASE NEW HOLLAND FUEL WATER SEPARATOR FS19953 84278636 J.C.B FS19992 32925869 LIUGONG Fuel/Water Sep. Cart. FUEL WATER SEPARATOR FS36231 53C0576 PARKER HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE HF30237 932618Q ARGO HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE HF35273 S2092000 TIGERCAT HYDRAULIC FILTER HF35477 AY052 FENDT HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE HF35483 F916100490010 JOHN DEERE HYDRAULIC FILTER HF35484 RE161181 VOLVO HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE HF35489 20580233 KOMATSU HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE HF6528 2346031330 MANITOU HYDRAULIC FILTER ...

Tooth Whitening Green Bay, WI

To acquire the attractive and pleasing smile, we are providing proven Dental Veneers Green Bay, WI services. In order to render all the treatments and services, we make use only the most modern technology and techniques that suits to patients specific condition. We have specialized in providing complete dental care and cosmetic services for kids, teens and adults as well. To boost the overall health, we are recognized all around to offer the standard treatments. Flexibility in timing is also provided by us, hence you can take an appointment as per your convenience. Owning to expertise of more than 75 years over family dentistry, cosmetic and dentistry, we have become capable to offer high quality restoration and cosmetic dental solutions at very industry leading rates.

Electronic Design - Mindteck
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O V E R V I E W Electronics Design • Extraction of hardware specifications • Board design from concept to functional board • Sustenance services for board reengineering • Reduced development cycle times, saving up R&D dollars Enabling Faster-To-Market Products By implementing emerging technologies in customers' products, our electronics design practice helps bring to market competitive products while progressively shrinking development cycle times. Drawing on wide-ranging experience and expertise, we architect significant value by building robust products and saving up R&D dollars. Furthermore, our designs come with timing, signal integrity, power, thermal, and EMC/EMI compliance. Solution Matrix Our electronics design solutions include: • Extraction of hardware specifications from the product requirements, circuit design, PCB design, prototype assembly, board bring-up, firmware development, and integration • Firmware development including boot codes, board support packages, diagnostics, and device drivers • Requirement fulfillment for timing, signal integrity, power consumption, power dissipation profile, DFM, and EMC/EMI compliance • Sustenance engineering services including board reengineering for design enhancements, defect identification and fixing, obsolete component replacements, and redesigning for RoHS compliance • Vast expertise in products ranging from tiny distributed sensors to complex, high-speed mixed signal instruments and medical devices Industries and Customers We offer electronics design services to Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, and small and medium enterprises across industries.

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