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The following information is based on the general experiences of many prostate cancer patients. Your experience may be different.) How Will I Know If My Prostate Cancer Returns? After you get treatment for your prostate cancer, your doctor will speak with you about how often your PSA level should be checked. By checking your PSA level, your doctor will be able to see if your prostate cancer has returned. Why Did My Prostate Cancer Come Back? When cancer comes back, it is called recurrence. Prostate cancer can recur after several months, a few years, or many years. It can recur after any treatment option you have chosen. Recurrence after Surgery If you had surgery, you may ask how can you have prostate cancer if your prostate gland was taken out. This recurrence may have happened because some of the prostate cancer cells moved outside your prostate gland before it was taken out. These cells may not have been found because they were too small or there were not enough of them to be found. These cells then started to 1 grow in the area where the prostate gland used to be or in another part of your body. When prostate cancer cells spread to other parts of the body it is called metastasis. Recurrence after Radiation Treatment Radiation treatments use high-energy rays, such as x-rays, to kill cancer cells in your prostate. While the beam is focused on your cancer cells, it may not have killed all of the cancer cells in your prostate gland. If all of the prostate cancer cells are not killed, they can move outside your prostate gland and start growing nearby or in other parts of your body. Recurrence with Hormone Therapy Hormone therapy shrinks prostate cancer and kills many, but not all prostate cancer cells. It does not cure prostate cancer. Hormone therapy lowers the amount of testosterone in your body, which makes it harder for prostate cancer cells to grow. After taking hormones for a period of time, sometimes a number of years, your prostate cancer cells may change. This change lets them grow in your body even if you have no testosterone. When this happens it is called Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer. This means that some of your prostate cancer cells may start to grow even though you are on hormone therapy.

Jeep Grand Cherokee - Euro NCAP
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Jeep Grand Cherokee, 3.0 diesel 'Limited', LHD 81% 69% 45% 71% ADULT OCCUPANT Total 29 pts | 81% FRONTAL IMPACT 11 pts FRONTAL IMPACT HEAD Driver airbag contact unstable Passenger airbag contact stable CHEST Passenger compartment Windscreen Pillar rearward Steering wheel rearward SIDE IMPACT CAR 8 pts SIDE IMPACT POLE 7,1 pts none Steering wheel upward Passenger 7mm none Chest contact with steering wheel Driver stable none UPPER LEGS, KNEES AND PELVIS Stiff structures in dashboard steering column, trans-facia beam Concentrated loads on knees steering column LOWER LEGS AND FEET Footwell Collapse none Rearward pedal movement clutch - 29mm Upward pedal movement clutch - 5mm SIDE IMPACT REAR IMPACT (WHIPLASH) Pole 2,9 pts Head protection airbag Yes Chest protection airbag Car Yes WHIPLASH GOOD Seat description Leather, 8 way electric ADEQUATE Head restraint type Active MARGINAL Geometric assessment 0,5 pts TESTS WEAK POOR - High severity 2,3 pts - Medium severity 2 pts - Low severity 2,3 pts CHILD OCCUPANT Total 34 pts | 69% 18 MONTH OLD CHILD FRONTAL IMPACT Restraint Fair G 0/1 S ISOFIX Head forward movement protected Group 0, 1 Head acceleration good Facing rearward Chest load fair Installation ISOFIX anchorages and support frame SIDE IMPACT PERFORMANCE 11,9 pts INSTRUCTIONS 4 pts INSTALLATION 2 pts Head containment protected Head acceleration good 3 YEAR OLD CHILD FRONTAL IMPACT Restraint Fair G 0/1 S ISOFIX Head forward movement rebound contact Group 0, 1 Head acceleration good Facing forward Chest load fair Installation ISOFIX anchorages and support frame SIDE IMPACT PERFORMANCE 6,9 pts INSTRUCTIONS 4 pts INSTALLATION 2 pts VEHICLE BASED ASSESSMENT PEDESTRIAN 3 pts Head containment

Lexus LX570 Modell 2013 - ICB - International Car Bridge

Lexus LX570 Modell 2013 LX570 Specification Details Classic Sport 5.7 Litre, 32 Valve, DOHC - V8 Engine with Dual VVTi   Power: 383 HP (Net 362 HP), Torque: 54.0 Kg M     Drive Train Layout: Four Wheel Drive   TORSEN Limited Slip Central Differential   Wheel Base: 2850 mm, Ground Clearance : 225 mm           Crawl Control System (5 Speed) + Multi Terrain Select + Off-road Turn Assist   4 Wheel Active Height Control (AHC) & Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)   Active Traction Control System (A - TRC)   Brake Assist System (BAS)   Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)   Innovative Technology Transmission: Super Intelligent 6 Speed Multi Mode Automatic Advanced Height Control System with Automatic Lowering of Vehicle Fuel Tank Capacity: Dual 138 Ltrs (93 + 45) 285 / 50 R 20 Tyres with New "V" Design 10 Spoke Alloy Wheels Multi Terrain Monitor with 4 Cameras Futuristic Safety Advanced Braking & Stability Control System: Multi Terrain ABS   Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)   Active Front Head Rests   Anti-theft System with Engine Immobiliser & Alarm   Front Foglamps   Hill Start Assist Control (HAC)   Bi HID with Adaptive Front Lighting + Auto High Beam   Intelligent Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with Auto Headlamp Leveling       Pre-Crash Brakes and Safety Belts   Pre-Crash Safety (P.C.S) System with Milliwave Radar       Curtainshield Front and Rear Airbags (2+2*)   Knee airbags- Driver + Passenger (2)   Rear Seat Side Air Bags (2)   Side Airbags for Driver and Front Passenger (2)

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Impreza WRX/STI Accessories
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The ultimate shift knob for your Impreza. STI shift knobs combine the highest quality aluminum and leather materials, ergonomic shapes, and ideal weight balance. C1010FG000 (5 M/T) C1010FG100 (6 M/T) 2011 Impreza WRX/STI Accessories n Anti-Slip Mat (not shown) Provides a slip resistant covering for rear cargo area trays, bins and carpeted surfaces. J5010LS040 n Rear Cup Holder Provides two cup holders for rear seat passengers. Retracts into center console when not in use. J201SFG000JC (WRX) ® May not be installed in conjunction with 110 Volt Power Outlet. 5 M/T n Satellite Radio n STI Duracon Shift Knobs Molded from Duracon polymer, these sleek looking and lightweight shift knobs give your Impreza a finishing touch that sets it apart from the crowd. C1010FG300 (5 M/T) C1010FG400 (6 M/T) n Moonroof Air Deflector Helps reduce wind noise and sun glare. F541SFG000 Increased wind noise may be experienced when Roof Carrier Bars are installed and moonroof is opened. If wind noise is encountered, Roof Carrier Bars should be removed when not in use. Satellite radio allows you to hear your favorite programming virtually anywhere in the continental US with up to 170 channels of digital quality music, sports, talk, and comedy. Your choice of XM® or SIRIUS®. H621SSC100 (XM Satellite Radio Kit) - Excludes NAVI H621SSC001 (SIRIUS Satellite Radio Kit) - Standard on WRX with NAVI n All-Weather FloorMats 6 M/T Custom-fitted, heavy-gauge floor mats help protect vehicle carpet from sand, dirt and moisture. J501SFG200 Required monthly subscription sold separately after trial period ends. Additional fees, equipment, and taxes may apply. Not available in Hawaii and Alaska. Not intended for use over top of carpeted floor mats. 5 M/T n Severe Weather Companion n Footwell Illumination Kit Casts a soft red glow onto the front floor area. Also available in blue. H201SSC100 (Red) H201SSC000 (Blue) n Fog Light Kit Casts a low and wide beam of light to enhance vision in inclement weather. H4510FG080EN (Dark Gray Metallic) H4510FG080RL (Lightning Red) H4510FG080VW (Obsidian Black Pearl) H4510FG080I4 (Plasma Blue Pearl) H4510FG080WU (Satin White Pearl) H4510FG080TI (Spark Silver Metallic) H4510FG080PG (WR Blue Mica) n Media Hub n MOMO Shift Knob n Ash Tray n Valve Stem Caps Add a finishing touch to your Subaru. These caps feature “O” ring seals to help keep the valve orifices clean. SOA342L108 (WRX) SOA342L109 (SPT) SOA342L114 (STI) SOA342L128 (Subaru Star Cluster)

Wireless Driveway Alarm - Nelson Alarms

Solar Powered Photoelectric Dual Beam Sensors NOW the most ADVANCED WIRELESS Beam on the Market* Ideal for farms, lifestyle properties, driveways, gates, sheds and utility areas R Solar powered beams with battery backup Multiple RF Transmission Signals Sent R Two synchronized beams for added reliability R Open Signals (beam interrupted) R Small discrete all-in-one self-contained unit R Closed Signal (beam restored) R Activated by breaking both beams R Supervision Signal sent every 3.45 hours (Heartbeat) R Does not require a heat source for activation R Tamper Signal R Four zone receiver with four trouble zones R Low Battery Signal R Multi zone alarm panels R Optional JN-P01 Add on Solar Cell for shaded areas R Optional Chime or Counter on JN-VR-4P R Optional JN-RL-V - Repeater for longer transmission ranges R RF transmission up to 500m in open space* R A range of models: 20, 50, 100, 200m (outdoor) R Suitable for temporary or long-term protection R 12 Month warranty Visonic MCR-308 Receiver Optional Solar Cell Chime Box Counter Solar Repeater JNVR-4 Four Zone Receiver Available From Stoke, Nelson. Available Models: JNVR-4S - Switched NO/NC relay JNVR-4P - Power controlled output + constant supply Ph 03 548-6686 Copyright © 2008 Redlite Security Electronics Ltd P O Box 2145

The Difference between an S Beam and a Pancake Load Cell

Since 1988, Cooper Instruments & Systems has been a worldwide leading supplier of force and pressure instrumentation, sensor systems and custom calibration services. Cooper Instruments & Systems offers equipment such as load cells, torque cells, force and pressure sensors, torque gages, pressure transducers, pressure gages, digital instrumentation, hand-helds, test stands, custom test stands, and more. For more information, please visit Contact Details: Cooper Instruments & Systems P.O. Box 3048, Warrenton, VA 20188 USA Phone: 540-349-4746 Fax: 540-347-4755 Toll Free: 1-800-344-3921

dodge ram 1500 without oem hitch 14374 - Curt Manufacturing

DODGE RAM 1500 WITHOUT OEM HITCH 6/14/2012 PAGE 1 OF 2 GROSS LOAD CAPACITY WHEN USED AS A WEIGHT CARRYING HITCH: 10,000 LBS. TRAILER WEIGHT & 1,000 LBS. TONGUE WEIGHT. GROSS LOAD CAPACITY WHEN USED AS A WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HITCH: 12,000 LBS. TRAILER WEIGHT & 1,200 LBS. TONGUE WEIGHT ***DO NOT EXCEED VEHICLE MANUFACTURER'S RECOMMENDED TOWING CAPACITY.*** HAVING INSTALLATION QUESTIONS? CALL TECHNICAL SUPPORT AT 1-800-798-0813 Parts List ITEM 1 QTY 2 PART NUMBER CM-SP4 DESCRIPTION .250 x 1.50 x 3.00" SQUARE HOLE SPACER 2 3 2 CM-SP40 .188 x 1.00 x 3.00" SQUARE HOLE SPACER 4 HFN 1213 HEX FLANGE NUT 4 4 1/2-13 x 1 1/2 CARRIAGE BOLT 5 2 1_2 x 30 FISHWIRE 1/2" x 30" FISHWIRE PASSENGER SIDE FRAME RAIL 5 EXISTING BUMPER BEAM 4 DRIVER SIDE FRAME RAIL 2 EXISTING WELDNUT (BOTH SIDES) FOR LONG BEDS FOR SHORT BEDS 1 3 HITCH WEIGHT: 49 LBS. INSTALL TIME PROFESSIONAL: 30 MINUTES NOVICE (DIY): 60 MINUTES INSTALL NOTES: -NO DRILLING REQUIRED -FISHWIRE HARDWARE -LOWER SPARE TIRE -REMOVE EXISTING BOLTS PERIODICALLY CHECK THIS RECEIVER HITCH TO ENSURE THAT ALL FASTENERS ARE TIGHT AND THAT ALL STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS ARE SOUND. Curt Manufacturing Inc., warrants this product to be free of defects in material and/or workmanship at the time of retail purchase by the original purchaser. If the product is found to be defective, Curt Manufacturing Inc., may repair or replace the product, at their option, when the product is returned, prepaid, with proof of purchase. Alteration to, misuse of, or improper installation of this product voids the warranty. Curt Manufacturing Inc.'s liability is limited to repair or replacement of products found to be defective, and specifically excludes liability for incidental or consequential loss or damage.

Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Tips & Tricks -

FAQs S Beam Q: What’s the difference between Android Beam and S Beam? A: Using Android Beam, you can share contacts and calendar info, plus links to apps and other information with another Android™ device that supports NFC. When sharing with another S Beamcapable device, you can still send contacts, calendar events, and links, but you can also quickly share actual files, such as photos, videos, and documents with an S Beam-capable device. The chart below shows what you can send from the Samsung Galaxy Victory™ 4G LTE to other devices. Lock Screen Q: How do I customize the shortcuts shown on the lock screen? A: Lock screen shortcuts make it easier to get to your favorite app when you unlock your phone. You can have up to four shortcuts displayed, and you can rearrange their order. 1. Touch Apps > Settings > Lock Screen with swipe lock. 2. Touch Shortcuts.  Reorder the current shortcuts by dragging and dropping them.  Delete any shortcut by touching and holding it and then dragging it to the trash can.  If you have fewer than three, touch the plus sign to add another one. Select the desired app from the list.

2013 GMC Acadia Denali
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2013 GMC Acadia Denali Stock: 234401 Color: Iridium Metallic / Ebony Vin: 1GKKRTKD7DJ234401 Tran: Automatic Mileage: 14,198 Engine: 3.6L SIDI V6 Engine AUDIO SYSTEM, COLOR TOUCH NAVIGATION AM/FM/SIRIUSXM/HD RADIO WITH CD PLAYER * CD Player * MP3 Player * Wireless Cell Phone Hookup * AM/FM Stereo * Auxiliary Audio Input * Navigation System * HD Radio * Satellite Radio WHEELS, 20" (50.8 CM) CHROME-CLAD ALUMINUM * Chrome Wheels LPO, ALL-WEATHER FLOOR MATS, FIRST AND SECOND ROW * Front Floor Mats LICENSE PLATE BRACKET, FRONT ENGINE, 3.6L SIDI V6 * V6 Cylinder Engine * Gasoline Fuel with sunscreen * Luggage rack, bright side rails, roof-mounted, Denali specific * Moldings, body-color with chrome insert, Denali specific * Rocker molding, body-color, Denali specific TRANSMISSION, 6-SPEED AUTOMATIC * Headlamps, HID projector low beam, * A/T

Download 2012 GMC Acadia Brochure - Used GMC

2012 GMC Acadia Denali in White Diamond Tricoat. 2012 Learn more or build your own at gmc acadia SELECT SPECIFICATIONS Models available Interior features SL FWD/AWD Bluetooth® wireless technology5 for select phones SLE FWD/AWD Sunroof: dual SkyScape,™ two-panel power; tilt-sliding front and fixed rear with sunscreen SLT FWD/AWD Technology Package: Head-Up Display (HUD), cargo area audio system controls and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) projector low-beam headlamps Denali FWD/AWD EPA estimated FUEL ECONOMY IN mpg City/highway FWD 17/24 AWD 16/23 FWD/AWD Maximum capacities Cargo volume (cu. ft.)1 – behind third-row seat – with third-row seat folded –  ith second- and third-row seats folded w Seating Eight-passenger: second-row and third-row split flat-folding bench seat Premium Cloth upholstery Manual front seats: four-way driver, two-way passenger available Seating 24.1 68.9 116.9 22 Fuel tank (gal. approx.) Seating 7/8 Trailering (lbs.)2 5,200 available Exterior features Seven-passenger: second-row flat-folding captain’s chairs and third-row flat-folding bench Leather-appointed: first and second rows Heated and cooled perforated leather-appointed front seats Power-adjustable front seats: eight-way driver, two-way passenger Power-adjustable front seats: eight-way driver with memory, four-way passenger Sound Systems Liftgate: power AM/FM stereo with CD/MP3 player and Radio Data System (RDS)6 Rearview camera system displayed on inside rearview mirror SiriusXM Radio:7 with three trial months Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist available Sound Systems Engine/Chassis features...