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Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza) Overview - Aging and Community ...

What is Swine Flu and H1N1 Influenza? Swine Flu (H1N1) is a strain of influenza (flu) virus that causes respiratory disease that can spread between people. “H1N1” refers to the subtype of the influenza virus. There is also a seasonal flu (H1N1) strain that was quite active during February-March this year but it is very different from the swine flu (H1N1) strain. Swine Flu has its origins in pigs, but the virus has mixed with other viruses and has infected humans. Swine Flu or H1N1 Influenza? For purposes of risk communication, we are using the names synonymously Is Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza) Contagious? Yes. Through contact with a person with swine flu Through contact with infected pigs or environments contaminated with swine flu viruses Our primary concern at this time is human to human spread of swine flu in the same way as regular seasonal flu What are the Signs and Symptoms? Similar to the regular seasonal flu: Fever Cough Sore throat Body aches Headache Chills Fatigue Diarrhea and vomiting ...

Bacterial Meningitis and Swine Flu
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THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE SYMPTOMS At this time of year, flu is becoming more common and, even with swine flu, is usually not a severe disease. However, the symptoms of meningitis can superficially resemble those of flu, so beware. Below is a brief summary of how these conditions can be differentiated. Remember that, at present, flu is very common and meningitis is very rare. What Are Symptoms of Bacterial meningitis? [see table below]? The symptoms of bacterial meningitis usually begin abruptly and rapidly worsen. Often in cases of bacterial meningitis, a blotchy red rash can appear on the skin. Unlike most other rashes, this rash will not fade or change colour when you place a glass against it. However, the rash does not occur in all cases so you should not assume that an absence of a rash means that a diagnosis of meningitis can be ruled out. What Are Symptoms of H1N1 (swine flu) [see table below]? The symptoms of H1N1 (swine flu) are usually slower to manifest themselves. Symptoms vary between individuals, however, they can be very similar to those of Bacterial meningitis. Symptoms headache fever vomiting drowsiness confusion seizure or fits cannot tolerate bright lights stiff neck cough sore throat body aches runny nose congestion fatigue...

Starting a WordPress Site - Miriam Posner

You have a couple options here. You can choose a site name that ends in "" for free, or, for $18 a year, you can purchase a site name that ends in ".com." Some people think that ".com" sounds more professional. It's up to you, and you can switch later. Starting a WordPress Site - 1 Should you upgrade? Upgrading comes with a number of benefits, as you can see. Perhaps most importantly, you get more storage space, no ads, and the ability to include video. But if you've never had a WordPress site before, it's probably best to experiment with the free version before you upgrade. For now, click Create Blog. Starting a WordPress Site - 2 Check your email and click on the link to register If you didn't get the email, try entering a different address on the signup page. Starting a WordPress Site - 3 Pick a theme A theme is like a template for your blog. It makes it easy to change everything about the way your blog looks without changing the content. Pick a theme now; you can always change it later. Uh ... where am I now? This is the page for your WordPress account. To get to your new site's dashboard, click on the My Blog tab and then Dashboard. Starting a WordPress Site - 4 Welcome to your dashboard! This is the behind-the-scenes control center for your blog. To see the front end of your blog, click on the blog name in the upper left-hand corner. Welcome to your new website! To get back to your dashboard, hover over your blog's name in the black menu bar, then click on Dashboard. Starting a WordPress Site - 5

Benefits of Vauxhall Vivaro lease

With about a considerable increase in the overall registrations of the new vans like Vauxhall vivaro, the year 2013 was indeed great for the various commercial vehicles

Land and Sea WiFi
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Land and Sea WiFi was established to help the Boater, Trucker, and RV’er stay connected while on the go. We're more than just "Internet for Boats". We use our experience with Marine WiFi to help you choose the best and most cost-effective solution for your boat, truck, or RV. Our most popular product is Wave WiFi's famous Rogue Wave marine wifi booster. All of our products have a full 1 year warranty, and access to experienced tech support should you need it. Land and Sea WiFi can be reached by email at or by phone at 954-636-1967.

Koyal Group Training Services, Big risks and big data

CONSIDER, if you will, an analogy. Oceans are vast bodies of water that offer an abundance of marine life and resources. Yet at the same time, that immensity of size and scope means that any kind of meaningful fishing is daunting without proper skills and equipment. Imagine now, that ocean as the vast body of data and information that flows through the average company in a given year. Sales, collections, purchases, payments, transactions, communications, e-mails, invoices, reports, spreadsheets, and more -- and you’re trying to fish for information to protect your company from significant risks such as fraud and misconduct. One of the skills and equipment in this case will be forensic data analytics (FDA) to net you the right results -- to catch those big and small fishes among corporate fraudsters. Ernst & Young released in February this year a report titled, “Big risks require big data thinking: Global forensic data analytics survey 2014.” The survey revealed interesting informatio

New Video Captures Essence of 2014 AmeriQuest Symposium

1888 Press Release - The video provides a glimpse of the enthusiasm business executives from a variety of industries experienced at this year's AmeriQuest Symposium.

Start the New Year Off Right by Setting Fitness Goals!

Looking to start fresh this new year with your health and fitness. Join Rapid Fitness Gym with personal trainers for all MMA, Hot Yoga, Boxing and more. For more info, Call us at 919-790-2400.

Indestructible Custom Signs, Tags and Markers

After Spending 34 years in the identification products business, I’d seen laminates, adhesives, and paints fade, wear and fall. I had an epiphany one day and came up with an idea for tags and signs that could withstand the elements and extremely harsh conditions, year after year. After much testing and refining, that brainstorm developed into EVERLAST, a product of which I am extremely proud because it delivers what it promises.

Test Equipment Rentals for EMIEMC Testing

Transient Specialists is your single source provider for renting EMI/EMC compliance testers for IEC, EN, Automotive, Telecom and UL Standards. With our competitive rental plans, you have the choice of weekly or monthly rental terms, on a wide variety of calibrated test generators, which can be at your facility tomorrow.