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Srbija ima samo jedan gravitacioni kulturni centar, a to je Rusija. Iz toga proizlazi zacrtani horizont    u svemu, od ekonomije, do kulture i politike. Pa do odbrane i opstanka.

anas je svet dominiran merkantilim vrednostima, to jest, nedostatkom vrednosti. Udvaranjem se ne postize nista, jer sve ima samo trenutnu vrednost -- i sve sto se preda udvaranjem, nema vrednosti sutra, kada se nesto drugo zahteva. U stvari, merkantilni i nomadsko-lovacki nacin razmisljanja ima strukturu, ima cilj -- ali to su kratkorocni ciljevi, koji uvek imaju istu svrhu. Slabljenje svojih oponenata i sve zesce koristenje svojih podredjenih. Jake agrarne kulture, Ruska, Kineska, Indijska -- postaju u Evroazijji centar novih vrednosti u trgovini. To je trgovina vise bazirana na sistemu UZAJAMNOSTI, to jest, cesto danas spomenuta UZAJAMNA KORIST u svim Evroazijskim dokumentima i poveljama organizacija. To nije slucajnost. To je smisljeni odgovor na svet u kojem zivimo -- u kojem moramo funkcionirati, ali ne dozvoliti da merkantilni sistem preuzme kulturne vrednosti.

Best qualities of a salesman to excel in the sales and marketing field

The job industry in Singapore offers plenty of opportunities to aspiring professionals. All sorts of job industries are available in the country. The IT segment and the industrial segment are highly active in the country.

Mac vs. PC: Which Has Better Resell Value? | Mac vs PC has been a long-standing debate since the information age. Apple and Microsoft devices have consumers competing against what is the better platform. Debates these days are more on the reselling side, which has a better standing value?

Microlabs Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Microsoft dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which allows you to control over your core business processes, which is easy to implement, configure and use.

Exchange server corporate training
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SSDN Technologies is best training institute of Microsoft Exchange Server in Gurgaon, Delhi. Which provide corporate and certification training in India.

The Existential Condition of Man as Depicted in Naguib  Mahfouz's Story

The present paper attempts at presenting the individual's contest that is futile because ignorance misleads him from the path. The research paper aims at highlighting the element of crisis mankind undergoes in Mahfouz's short story, "Zaabalawi". In this paper, I will examine whether there are any related points of similarities and dissimilarities between Mahfouz's short story "Zaabalawi" and Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot. What attracts our attention to discuss this issue is the word "existential" that is the key word in the title of this paper.

Extensible GUIs for Remote Application Control on  Mobile Devices

A chasm exists between the desktop and mobile worlds in terms of hardware performance, graphics capabilities and input devices. Some kinds of software, such as 3D graphics or advanced word-processing tools, are still out of reach for handheld devices. So, although redesigning a desktop application for mobile environments is often possible, mobile devices’ limitations discourage using such software in nomadic scenarios.

Use the World Map PowerPoint to reach precision and display

The world is a huge place filled with various forms of creatures, civilization, landscapes etc. The word is used to show anywhere or anything on earth. The whole size is approximately 149,000,000 km². It is vast and contains a lot of history and mysteries

Exchange Server training institute India

SSDN Technologies is best Certification training institute of Microsoft Exchange Server in Gurgaon, Delhi. which provide corporate training in India.

Bookkeeping training
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Bookkeeping services are widely available today, but some business owners choose to neglect such choice as they don’t like to entrust their company to a stranger. This is the reason why sage line 50 courses are now available as well as bookkeeping courses. Other than that, trainings like Microsoft excel training, bookkeeping training and Sage line 50 training are provided as well. These are all provided to aid those business fanatics to better manage their business enterprise, without demanding them to acquire bookkeeping services. And since getting a bookkeeper involves giving compensation, these trainings therefore don't simply improve business owner’s level of competency; it also lessens the costs that the company needs to shoulder.

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