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Photo Contest Rules for Tulip Festival 2014 - Lewes Chamber of ...

The Rules 1. All images must be photographed in the Lewes geographic area. 2. Each photograph must have a WHITE or TAN matte and both the photograph and the matte must be securely attached to a mounting or backing board. Due to damp weather, spray mounting is not permitted 3. Framing is NOT permitted NOR may the photographer’s name appear neither on the matt NOR on the photograph. Do not enclose the photograph with cellophane bags or envelopes. 4. The total dimension of the photograph, matte and backing board should not exceed 16” X 20” 5. All entries must be delivered to the Lewes Chamber of Commerce, 120 Kings Highway, between March 3 and March 26, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, on a Monday-Friday. 6. Entry forms and a photo release form must be completed at the time of submission. Photographs may be used in future publicity by the sponsoring organization. 7. The cost to enter is $5 per submission and a maximum of five entries per photographer may be submitted. Payment must be made at the time of submission. 8. Judges reserve the right to disqualify entries not adhering to the rules. Awards

Cost Effective Hosted PBX Solution in FreeSWITCH

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a FreeSWITCH Solution Provider delivers cost-effective solutions of Hosted PBX to enterprises and organizations across the globe. For more details read/download the PDF.

Latest Round of GHG Rules Could Lower the Overall Cost of Ownership

1888 Press Release - AmeriQuest's' capital equipment expert explains why the additional heavy duty truck costs the GHG standards cause will be outweighed by projected lifetime fuel savings.

Effective Cost Reduction Through Global Procurement

Here you can easily understand the cost reduction process which can be done through the global procurement. For more details you can log in to:

Fact Sheet: Comparative Economic Analysis for Raleigh County

Significant Quotes from the Downstream Strategies Economic Study: Based on the findings of this report, state and local leaders should reconsider their singular focus on the extraction of coal resources in southern West Virginia and chart a common path forward with local citizens that not only preserves private profits, but also strives – as a central objective – to sustain the local economy over the long term.” “As demonstrated by these calculations (in the report), a wind farm on Coal River Mountain combined with a new local wind industry would provide the greatest long-term economic benefits to the citizens of Raleigh County. In contrast, mountaintop removal coal mines would provide larger short-term economic output and greater profits to the landholding companies that own the coal and the mining company poised to begin mining. But these profits would come at the cost of generating human health and environmental externalities.” “In short, the private interests of the landholding companies and the leaseholders suggest one course of action (MTR), while the long-term benefits to local citizens and the county suggest an alternative (wind).” “As shown (in the study), should a local turbine manufacturing (plant) be available, the number of jobs and the associated earnings and economic output would be much more significant (than the proposed MTR) for the Coal River Mountain wind farm. In the lon ...

CATIA V6 Structural Analysis (STA)
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CATIA V6 Structural Analysis (STA) Assess mechanical behavior early in the design process with CAD-integrated analysis. Make CAD-Integrated Analysis Work for You Global competition requires the creation of better products faster and at lower costs without sacrificing quality. Many companies have adopted Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), but it has often been used by a limited number of highlyqualified specialists towards the end of the development cycle. This practice ends up restricting CAE’s effectiveness in the design phase. Performing simulation earlier in the design phase with industryproved design-integrated analysis technology can provide significant time and cost savings. About CATIA V6 Structural Analysis The tight integration of the CATIA Structural Analysis solution within the CAD environment allows design-analysis iterations to be performed rapidly by designers working within the CATIA design environment. It enables linear stress and modal analysis on parts and hybrid assemblies, including surfaces, solids, and wireframe geometries. Each 3D part is directly meshed and all connections are automatically generated to ensure mechanism consistency, as enabled through a unique joining technology. Features & Benefits • Linear stress and modal analysis on parts and hybrid assemblies enables designers and design engineers to simulate and validate assemblies that include surfaces, solids, and wireframe geometries. • Associativity between design and analysis specifications allows the analysis model to remain consistent with the design, no matter how often and substantial the design changes. • Easy-to-use pre- and postprocessing capabilities enable CATIA designers to transition easily to using CATIA analysis products in the same environment. • Automatic mesh generation for 1D, 2D, and 3D geometries generates reliable finite element meshes without user input. Tools are available to modify and make improvements wherever necessary, as well.

Nonlinear Structural Analysis for Seismic Design (2010) - National ...

NEHRP (National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program) Technical Briefs are published by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, as aids to the efficient transfer of NEHRP and other research into practice, thereby helping to reduce the nation’s losses from earthquakes. National Institute of Standards and Technology The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a federal technology agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce that promotes U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life. It is the lead agency of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP). Dr. John (Jack) R. Hayes is the Director of NEHRP, within NIST’s Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL). Dr. Kevin K. F. Wong managed the project to produce this Technical Brief for BFRL. NEHRP Consultants Joint Venture This NIST-funded publication is one of the products of the work of the NEHRP Consultants Joint Venture carried out under Contract SB 134107CQ0019, Task Order 69195. The partners in the NEHRP Consultants Joint Venture are the Applied Technology Council (ATC) and the Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREE). The members of the Joint Venture Management Committee are James R. Harris, Robert Reitherman, Christopher Rojahn, and Andrew Whittaker, and the Program Manager is Jon A. Heintz. Assisting the Program Manager is ATC Senior Management Consultant David A. Hutchinson, who on this Technical Brief provided substantial technical assistance in the development of the content.

Theory of Structures - Defined Theory of ... - Civil Engineering

Analysis and Design of Structures  The word structure has various meanings.  By an engineering structure we mean roughly something constructed or built.  The principal structures of concern to civil engineers are bridges, buildings, walls, dams, towers, shells, and cable structures.  Such structures are composed of one or more solid elements arranged so that the whole structures as well as their components are capable of holding themselves without appreciable geometric change during loading and unloading. Analysis and Design of Structures  The purposes of the roof truss and of the columns are, on the one hand, to hold in equilibrium their own weights, the load of roof covering, and the wind and snow  Also to provide rooms for housing a family, for a manufacturing plant, or for other uses  During its development the design is generally optimized to achieve minimum expenditure for materials and construction Analysis and Design of Structures  The design of a structure involves many considerations, among which are four major objectives that must be satisfied:  The structure must meet the performance requirement (utility).  The structure must carry loads safely (safety).  The structure should be economical in material, construction, and cost (economy). Theory of Structures - Defined  The complete design of a structure is outlined in the following stages:...

Worst-case Structural Analysis - New York University

Direct digital manufacturing is a set of rapidly evolving technologies that provide easy ways to manufacture highly customized and unique products. The development pipeline for such products is radically different from the conventional manufacturing pipeline: 3D geometric models are designed by users often with little or no manufacturing experience and sent directly to the printer. Structural analysis on the user side with conventional tools is often unfeasible as it requires specialized training and software. Trial-and-error, the most common approach, is time-consuming and expensive. We present an algorithm approximating the solution of the following problem: From the shape of an object and its material properties, determine the easiest (in terms of minimal applied force) ways to break it or severely deform it. Our work is largely motivated by applications in 3D printing. The cost of 3D printing has decreased significantly over the past few years, and the industry is undergoing a rapid expansion, making customized manufacturing in an increasingly broad variety of materials available to a broad user base. While many of the users are experienced creators of digital 3D shapes, engineering design expertise is far less common, and widely used 3D modeling tools lack accessible ways to predict the mechanical behavior of a 3D model. There are a number of reasons why a 3D model cannot be manufactured or is likely to fail: (1) the dimensions of thin features (walls, cylinder-like features, etc.) are too small for the printing process, resulting in shape fragmentation at the printing stage; (2) the strength of the shape is not high enough to withstand gravity at one of the stages of the printing process; (3) the printed shape is likely to be damaged during routine handling during the printing process or shipment; (4) the shape breaks during routine use.

Intro to Revit Architecture.pdf - 3D Made Easy

CPD “ I would recommend Eddie to any educators seeking to develop their teaching methodology with the confidence that they will receive instruction from a highly professional individual with a depth and breadth of technical and educational expertise.” Stephen Stott, Education Program Manager Autodesk Inc., Europe, Middle East & Africa “ You delivered the best inset experience I have ever received in twenty five years of teaching. Your video tutorials are superb, thanks. We will definitely be subscribing to your website.” Steve Mylchreest, Head of Design & Tech. Perth Academy COURSE CONTENTS Description of File Types Setting Up a Project Creating a Footprint Adding Windows and Doors Different Roof Types Creating Stairways Introduction to Massing Topography Cross Curricular Possibilities Rendering the Results REVIT ARCHITECTURE for SCHOOLS Introducing this full strength, architectural package that brings the world of architecture within the reach of pupils. Date : By arrangement Time : Six hours Venue : Your premises Numbers : Maximum 20 Cost : £625 + travel This one day course is aimed at Design & Technology teachers in High Schools who are taking their initial steps with Revit Architecture. The cost includes teaching material used in the delivery of the course on the day which can be used for future learning and teaching in the centre. All courses are recorded live and provided in the form of video tutorial material to participants. Bearing in mind that it is perfectly possible to negotiate content, shown in the panel on the left is the structure of a typical, one day, introductory course in Revit Architecture. Our course Tutors have decades of experience in delivering high quality inservice in a wide range of ICT disciplines both within and outwith Design & Technology.