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Electronics Design Engineer (FPGA) - Xaar

Xaar Job Description Title: Electronics Design Engineer (FPGA) Location: Cambridge Xaar Values: Xaar has defined 5 values which are vital to our business; each represents an area of essential importance to us. Their existence is intended to guide difficult decisions and shape behaviour. They are applicable to all of us in what we do. Ownership People Development Performance Leadership Customers and Partner Purpose of Role: To work as part of the product development team with the specific responsibility for designing and testing the printhead datapath electronics which form part of Xaar’s next generation product line. The Electronics Design Engineer (FPGA) will need to have good domain knowledge of both timing critical high speed FPGA implementation and digital electronics and will need develop, test and deliver both prototype and production implementations into the overall programme. Reporting Relationships: Engineering Manager – Datapath & Driver Key Accountabilities: • • • • • • • • • Requirements capture and functional specification writing (with Electronics Systems Design Engineer) Schematic capture FPGA code design, implementation and test Supplier management Peer review of the work of other members of the team Interpret product requirements/specifications, industry regulations and high level test plan and designing and implementing specific tests against those needs Writing reports of the outcome of the tests Analyse and fix complex hardware and electronics system issues Delivering all tasks in time to meet program schedules. Electronics Design Engineer (FPGA) Version: A Page 1 Xaar Job Description Key Internal Relationships: • • • • • • • Datapath and Driver team Systems Engineers Engineering Managers Programme Managers Product Managers Sales Engineers Key members of other engineering functions. Key Challenges: • • • • Delivering new product in tight timescales Responding to unexpected changes in priorities Working with requirements driven by technology that is still maturing Designing and implementing new and unproven techniques into working product.

Further Details - The Camlin Group
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JOB DESCRIPTION & PERSON SPECIFICATION Job Title : Electronics Design Engineer Location : Krakow, Poland Salary Range : Competitive salary dependent upon experience Closing Date: 25th April 2014 Business Area: Camlin Technologies Role Reports To : Director of Engineering Company Information Camlin Technologies is the engineering, R&D, manufacturing and operations centre for the Camlin Group. With headquarters in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, Camlin Technologies is an international company with a combination of engineering design, research and development and support locations worldwide. The company uses industry-leading R&D, state-of-the-art test facilities, in-house manufacturing and quality control. Drawing on a distinguished 30 year heritage of developing cutting-edge technology Camlin Technologies is focused keeping our customers' needs at the core of everything we do. Responsible for product development within the Camlin Group, Camlin Technologies works closely with Kelvatek, Camlin Rail and Camlin Power to develop the next generation of products and systems for the power industry. From initial concepts; through the development and mass production, Camlin Technologies is an engineering powerhouse that specializes in a range of key specialist areas.

13-14 Media Rules and Regulations - Photography, Film ... - ihsaa

A. Photography, Film, Video and Audio. – The IHSAA is the owner of the rights to and the copyright holder of all IHSAA Audio & Visual Works, which includes all still photographs taken of IHSAA Tournament Series events, all film, videotape and audiotape of IHSAA Tournament Series events and the live audio and visual broadcasts of IHSAA Tournament Series events. Still photography, filming, videotaping and audio recording is prohibited at IHSAA Tournament Series events, except as expressly and specifically authorized by the IHSAA. B. All video, broadcast, title and broadcast rights for IHSAA Tournament events are the exclusive property of the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. IHSAA Tournament events cannot be reproduced, rebroadcast or used for any other purposes without the express written consent of the IHSAA. C. Participating Schools 1. Representatives of participating schools are authorized to take still photographs of IHSAA Tournament Series events. 2. Representatives of participating schools are authorized to film, videotape and audiotape IHSAA Tournament Series events only if the principals of the participating schools receive advanced permission from the host school principal at sectional, regional or semistate sites, or from Jason Wille at the offices of the IHSAA (317-846-6601) for state championship events. 3. Still photographs, films, videos or audiotapes may not be used to review decisions of game officials. 4. Under no circumstance may still photographs, films, videos or audiotapes, in full or in part, be used for any commercial purpose, unless authorized by, and a rights fee has been paid to, the IHSAA. 5. Videotaping, filming, and still photography are not an authorized Tournament Series expenditure and if done, are at the sole expense of the participating school. D. Media 1. Members of the media are authorized, without paying a fee, to take still photographs and take short film, video and audio clips of IHSAA Tournament Series events for print and electronic news coverage. 2. Members of the media must obtain advanced permission from the host school principal to...

• • • • • • • Audi 80 Audi 100 Audi 200 A1 A2 A3 A4 Model Overview ...

Legal Disclaimer: This manual has been created exclusively for rescuers who have been specially trained in the area of providing emergency rescue after automobile accidents and who are therefore qualified to use the activities described in this manual. Furthermore, this manual shows the maximum possible equipment specification in the model overview. Vehicle specifications and special options as well as Audi model availability are constantly subject to change. Therefore, Audi reserves the right to change the content of this manual at all times. Please note: The information contained in this manual is not intended for customers or for repair shops and dealers. Customers may gather detailed information from their vehicle owner’s manual regarding vehicle function as well as any occupant safety features and system descriptions. Repair shops and dealers obtain repair information through their normal channels. (Status: 08/2013) • Hint: The maximum possible equipment specification is always shown In the model overview. You will find “Rescue and Recovery involving Audi Vehicles” in a separate part of the same title. The creation of this Rescue Data sheets is supported by Moditech Rescue Solutions ( The vehicle overviews in the attachment are also included in interactive form in the data base “Crash Recovery System”. • Audi 80 / S2 1990 – 1995 only R5 turbo only V6 + 16V Legend Control module Gas generator Rollover protection Battery Pretensioner Gas-pressure damper Fuel tank +S2 Limousine Reinforcement 80 Airbag Status: 08/2013, Audi AG • Audi 80 / S2 / RS2 Avant 1992 – 1995

Gateway Five User Manual Audi Dual CAN Part 1 - Dension

The Dension Gateway Five lets you connect your iPod or USB storage (stick, hard drive or mass storage capable mp3 player) to your original car radio, providing music playback, menu based control and charging. Gateway Five iPod, USB, Bluetooth The Gateway Five also offers Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming (via A2DP) and handsfree mobile call handling via the original buttons and screens of your vehicle. Supported audio devices User Manual USB Flash Memory and Hard Disk Drive (UBS1.1 and higher) File System: FAT16 or FAT32 Storage capacity: up to 250 GB* Music Format: MP3, WMA and WAV, OGG iPod Getting started You can pair the Gateway Five with a Bluetooth capable mobile phone for music streaming (requires an A2DP capable phone) or handsfree use (if that option is active in the Gateway). Pairing is controlled from the mobile phone the same way as connecting to other Bluetooth accessories. The pin code to the Gateway Five is 0000 (for further details read Section 7). How to control The menu of the Gateway Five is displayed on the central display (cluster) on the dashboard (between the two main instruments). Due to the capabilities of your car, the Gateway Five menu is not visible on the radio screen....

Restaurant chairs uk
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Customers are very likely to love sitting down on a comfortable leather restaurant chair crafted from any cushioned material. Restaurant chairs are really vital; aside from delectable food menu, clients are drawn to eat in a certain restaurant if the chairs are elegant and relaxing. Additionally, the producers behind restaurant chairs UK boast about the product’s strength and durability. It is not a problem that customers prefer being in a restaurant with soothing atmosphere and comfy chairs and furniture. These are few things to bear in mind when buying restaurant Chairs UK. If all these things are performed properly, it will provide top quality seats for all clients who will go to your restaurant in UK.

VAIO User Guide | Top page - CNET Content Solutions

Use this manual if you encounter any problems, or have any questions about your VAIO computer. Setup Read This First Network / Internet Connections Visit the VAIO support website that provides up-to-date information on your VAIO computer. (USA) Settings (Canada: English) (Canada: French) Playback Backup / Recovery (Latin American area) (Brazil) Security Other Operations Notifications © 2013 Sony Corporation 1 Search VAIO User Guide Troubleshooting Back | Back to Top Windows 8: The Basics Apps Display Help and Support Internet Windows 8: The Basics Menu Power Parts Description Store Windows How to Use Setup Network / Internet Connections Settings Playback Backup / Recovery Security Other Operations Notifications © 2013 Sony Corporation 2 Search VAIO User Guide Troubleshooting Back | Back to Top Parts Description VAIO computer How to Use Windows 8: The Basics Parts Description Setup Network / Internet Connections Settings Playback Backup / Recovery Security Other Operations Notifications © 2013 Sony Corporation

Setting Up Revit Templates
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Setting Up Revit Templates Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2012, Autodesk® Revit® Strcuture 2012, Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2012 What are Templates? Templates are defined as ‘a standardized non-executable file type used by computer software as a pre-formatted example on which to base other files, especially documents’. Templates contain a set of repeated elements and are created to standardise visibility setting across the final documents. Overview What are Templates? Why set up Templates? Why set up Templates? Using a template to work from and to layout elements, allows for less time with background work and more time on individual projects. Templates also provide a level of consistency across all projects, this is essential from a marketing perspective. Revit Templates Revit Templates, as with most drafting templates, is a default document used for creating new documents. A good Revit Template is essential in improving efficiency, quality, clarity and consistency in your projects. As with Templates for other drafting programs they should be set up to match the office standards and should be understood by all involved. Templates are a set of standard elements and settings, it is up to the Revit user to know the company standards and implement these in their project. When Revit is installed it comes with a set of standard templates which can be leveraged. These templates can be built upon to create your own office standards or you can start from scratch. When a new document is created the settings from the template are copied to the new document. Revit Templates will continually evolve and with this the office drafting standards and Revit standards should continually be updated to reflect the Templates. Revit Templates Creating Templates Setting the default project template file location Creating a project template file Adjust Settings Creating a Title Block Adding a Revision Schedule Load a Title Block into a Project Template Set new Template as Default Template Creating a Revit Template Setting the default project template file location To set the default project template file and file location, click the Application Menu and navigate to the Options dialogue box. Click on the tab File Locations and notice where the current ‘Default template file:’ is located. Click on Browse… and select the Default template file location. Application Menu Options Dialogue Box Creating a Project Template File There are two methods to creating a Template File; Building on an existing File which Revit comes loaded or Creating a New Template from scratch. To save time, you can build on the existing file which has some basic information, views and other settings already stored. 1. Navigate to the Application Menu, expand New and click on Project. 2. In the New Project dialog box, under Template file, select either ‘None’ for a blank project file or the Template File location which you can build upon. 3. In the Create new dialog box, select Project template (Note: Selecting Project will create a new Project from the Template selected). 4. Click OK to create template. US/CANADA 800-356-9050 AUSTRALIA 1300-66-7263



Configuring HTC Evo (Android) for MASON-SECURE

Configuring HTC Evo (Android) for MASON-SECURE STEP 1: Tap the Home button to leave running applications and go to the home screen. STEP 2: From the home screen, tap the menu button STEP 3: Tap settings in the menu. STEP 4: If you've already set a credential storage password, skip to STEP 11. Otherwise, scroll down the list to Security. STEP 5: Tap Security to make changes to device security options. STEP 6: Scroll down to the Credential storage section. STEP 7: Tap Set password to engage the Set password dialog for device credential storage. STEP 8: Enter and confirm your new password. STEP 9: Tap the OK button to complete the dialog. The Use secure credentials item should now be enabled. STEP 10: Tap the Back button to return to the Settings list.