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Comparison of WiMAX coverage at 450MHz and 3.5 GHz

Comparison of WiMAX coverage at 450MHz and 3.5GHz Tomaz Javornik, Gorazd Kandus, Andrej Hrovat, Igor Ozimek Department of Communication Systems Jozef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39 Ljubljana, Slovenia tomazJavornikijssi, gorazd.kandus Abstract In this paper we calculate, analyze and compare area covered by radio signal based on WiMAX standard at two carrier frequencies, namely 450MHz and 3.5GHz in flat rural, hilly rural and urban environment. The channel model proposed by WiMAX forum has been applied as path loss model at 3.5GHz for cell coverage prediction, while at 450MHz the Longley-Rice model for rural areas and Okumura Hata channel models for urban area is used. The cell size prediction strongly suggests to limit the 3.5GHz frequency band to urban areas, where the higher system capacity is required, while in rural areas the 450MHz carrier frequency provide good compromise between coverage and system capacity. - the Index Terms- HPA, WiMAX, system capacity, calculation coverage INTRODUCTION T he provision of Internet access and broadband multimedia services to residential users via wireless communication systems attracted an increasing interest of the research community, service providers and the telecommunication industry. The WiMAX specifications [1], which are a subset of IEEE 802.16 standard, seems to be the winner for providing a wireless access in urban, suburban and rural environment with non line of sight (NLOS) propagation, thus in a harsh multipath propagation environment. The WiMAX specification proposes 256 orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) approach to cope with expected channel impairments. Among all subcarriers only 192 of them...

Boosting WiMAX indoor coverage - Huawei

How to Operate Boosting WiMAX indoor coverage Boosting WiMAX indoor coverage In the mobile telecom market where competition is fierce, optimum indoor coverage can help operators take the lead in the market and improve user experience. Therefore, indoor coverage grows in importance to operators. By Zheng Yuanyuan A key focus for operators A ccording to NTT DOCOMO’s statistics, indoor 3G traffic takes up 70% of the total; however, the indoor areas only take up 20% of all covered areas. Based on years of experience in planning and study of 3G data services, Huawei also concludes that 90% of the data traffic takes place indoors. High spectrum utilization and throughput are the prominent advantages of WiMAX 16e, and WiMAX has attracted global operators’ attention once it was proposed. Considering the nonline-of-sight features of WiMAX brought by high frequencies, most operators select the frequency band of 2-6GHz to realize wireless broadband access. However, higher frequencies mean more transmission loss of radio wave in open space, poorer ability to diffract or bend around obstacles, and greater penetration loss. These require that operators need to design appropriate intervals between base stations and frequency multiplexing before building WiMAX networks. Moreover, through optimization of antenna azimuths and downtilt at outdoor, radio signals can directly penetrate buildings to cover indoor spaces. Structural optimization is also required at later stages to further improve indoor coverage.

A Practical Guide to WiMAX Antennas - Motorola Solutions

Wireless operators are increasingly pressured to enhance their networks and service capabilities in order to keep pace with the accelerating growth in wireless utilization and increasing demand for high performing connections. As bandwidth intensive, rich media applications are introduced, larger volumes of subscribers consume ever-growing quantities of data packets while continuing to utilize more minutes of voice. Simply acquiring more spectrum channels and deploying more sites to resolve capacity issues can be decidedly inefficient and costly. Revolutionary multiple antenna techniques at the base station and end-user device, paired with sophisticated signal processing, can dramatically improve the communications link for the most demanding application scenarios including heavily obstructed propagation environments and high speed mobility service. Where conventional wireless network design has long used base site sectorization and single, omni-directional antennas at the end-user device to serve the communications link, with advanced multi-antenna implementations operators have a new suite of tools to develop the robust wireless networks of the future. Mobile WiMAX has offered the industry a very capable platform by which to deliver the demanding service...

Which WiMAX Are You? - Streakwave
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Which WiMAX Are You? Aperto Networks 4G World, September 2009 Contents • A Little About Aperto • Is There More Than One Kind of WiMAX? • Some Comparisons By The Numbers • A Note About 3.65 GHz • What’s Really Deployed Today? • A Word About “Upgrading” • Summary Aperto WiMAX Leadership Lightly-licensed 3.65GHz WiMAX launched License-exempt 5GHz WiMAX launched IEEE 802.16e-2005 solution demonstrated 400th network deployed 200th network deployed 100th network deployed Co-founded WiMAX Forum 1st network deployed Co-founded IEEE 802.16 standard Aperto Awards and Patents  16 patents received • Link optimization • QoS • Wireless backhaul • 7 patents pending Aperto Customers: 400 Customers/90 Countries/6Continents Asia Middle East & Africa Eastern Europe Egypt MoI Latin America Western Europe LRTC North America

Radio Planning and Coverage Prediction of Mobile WiMAX in ...

Challenged by the LTE system, Mobile WiMAX is set to be the next generation broadband wireless system. Providing high data rates over large distances gives unlimited possibilities for services provided to the end users. As for all undeveloped systems, Mobile WiMAX has also been exposed to rumors and hypes. This thesis is based on the work performed in [31], and aims to provide radio planning of a Mobile WiMAX network in the populated areas of Trondheim, Norway. Moreover, preparatory work and suggestions for eld testing of the deployed system have been provided. The coverage prediction have been performed by using Astrix 5.0, the radio planning tool of Teleplan. A total of 32 base stations have been suggested to provide ubiquitous coverage of -94 dBm using 92 sectors within the 35.63km2 large area. Furthermore, it has been recommended that xed or nomadic users purchases the si-CPE or CPE PRO for better channel quality and throughput performances at indoor locations. In the preparatory phase prior to eld testing, a python script has been created to perform automated performance testing. The reason for automating the performance measurements has been to increase the test eciency, and to reduce the possibility of human errors in parameter setting, and le naming. This thesis will hopefully serve as a guide for future radio planners, where an Astrix user case, measurement scripts, and data processing codes are provided for revision and editing. The work has been performed on the initiative of Wireless Trondheim.

Switch Accessible Apps for iPad (PDF) - Enabling Devices

Enabling Devices 3/5/14 Switch Accessible Apps for iPad* First you need to have a way to connect your switches to the iPad. Enabling Devices has three different options: #1166 iPad Wireless Switch Interface #1164 iPad Wireless Switch #1167 iPad Wireless Two Switch Educational Apps App Vendor Price App Description Switch Features/Skills Story for early readers which teaches about leaders in our community and country. Various activities include reading the story, bingo, vocabulary and concentration • Story reading, prompting One to three & reinforcement switches • Customize for low vision, Auto and 2-switch scan prompts, auditory step scanning reinforcement A Leader Is Marblesoft Free ________ *This chart contains a sampling of switch accessible educational apps. It does not list every app available. New apps are developed every day. No warranty is made about the accuracy or completeness of the information on this chart. Customers should consult the iTunes Store for detailed information about the apps. Switch accessible AAC apps are not included in this chart. 800-832-8697 ©2014 / Enabling Devices - Educational Apps Chart, Part I Page 1 App Vendor Price Switch • Clear targets on dark backgrounds helps users with VI • Improve communication and language development • Practice single switch and switch scanning Watch the big noisy trucks, cranes and diggers animate with this switch game for one Two switches or two players. • Large clear image on dark background, ideal for users with VI • Two switch access • Great for encouraging language and discussion • Teach turn taking with two switches...

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Thank you for purchasing a Rocketfish Slimline Energy Efficient Laptop AC Power Adapter with USB. This AC power adapter plugs into any AC power outlet anywhere in the world, and provides a reliable power source to run your laptop computer and charge its internal battery. NOTE: A physical adapter plug may be necessary to plug into some AC power outlets outside of the United States, but no voltage converter is needed anywhere in the world. This adapter comes with a variety of numbered tips which connect to the output cable of the adapter and control the output voltage. To ensure that the proper voltage is delivered to your laptop, you must always make sure that you are using the correct tip for your specific laptop model. Read the following instructions and refer to the Tip Compatibility Guide included with this adapter to make sure you select the correct tip for your laptop. You can also go to the Tip Wizard at for a complete listing of compatible models. This AC power adapter also has the charging convenience of a built-in USB port. You can use this USB port to charge popular USB devices such as cell phones, iPods, and even higher-power devices such as iPads, tablet computers, and newer smartphones at the same time the adapter powers and charges the laptop. Rocketfish adapters are made using the highest quality components and feature all of the necessary voltage and heat protection circuits to ensure maximum levels of safety and efficiency.

RFCurrent2000A Wireless Data Logger | The RFCurrent2000A is a wireless data logger from MadgeTech, the world leader in data logging software and devices. The RFCurrent2000A wireless data logger is versatile and can operate as a stand-alone device or interface with a variety of output sensors to fit the user’s needs.

Distributed Dynamics and Optimization in Multi-agent Systems

Motivation Many networks are large-scale and comprise of agents with local information and heterogeneous preferences. This motivated much interest in developing distributed schemes for control and optimization of multi-agent networked systems. Routing and congestion control in wireline and wireless networks. Parameter estimation in sensor networks. Multi-agent cooperative control and coordination. Two Complementary Control Paradigms Cooperative Decentralized Network Control: Obedient users and well-defined system objective. Goal: Design distributed algorithms that rely on local information and involve simple computations (robust to dynamic changes). Examples: Information processing in sensor networks Mobile ad hoc communication networks Past and present of data networks Noncooperative Network Control: Model distributed control problem as a multi-agent game (either because of selfish incentives or as an alternative distributed control paradigm). Goal: Establish efficiency properties of resulting equilibrium and show convergence of simple distributed adaptive dynamics to an equilibrium. Examples: Internet Future source-based network architectures Transportation and energy networks...

Distributed Optimization, Estimation, and Control of Networked ...

This project will investigate distributed optimization, estimation, and control of networked systems through the use of event-triggered message passing. Networked systems consist of several interconnected subsystems or agents. Examples of networked systems include the national power grid, traffic networks, the Internet, and water/gas distribution networks. All of these examples are components of our national civil infrastructure, so that optimally managing such networks is in the national interest. These systems are often managed in a centralized manner, where decisions are made by a single computer. This creates a single point of failure that can be addressed by distributing decision making throughout the entire networked system. Communication issues have a great impact on the performance of distributed decision systems. Individual agents coordinate their actions through message exchanges. This message passing is done over a digital communication network where messages are broadcast at discrete time instants. Communication is done using wireless radios where message collisions in a shared channel reduce throughput and increase message latency. These considerations degrade the ability of agents to successfully coordinate their actions, unless one increases the cost and complexity of the supporting communication infrastructure. The design...