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Rhode Island College
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Jeanne A. Boichat Eligibility Technician 600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Providence, RI 02908-1991 (401) 456-8212 2007-2009 CATALOG Bachelor of Arts African/Afro-American Studies Anthropology Art-Studio (Ceramics, Graphic Design, Metalsmithing and Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture) Art History Biology Chemistry Communications (Graphic Communications, Public and Professional Communication, Public Relations, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Mass Media Communications Computer Science Dance Performance Economics Elementary Education w/ content majors (English, French, General Science, Geography, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Theatre) Elementary Education w/ majors (Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics) English Film Studies French Geography History Justice Studies (Criminal Justice, Justice and Society) Labor Studies Latin American Studies Mathematics Music Philosophy Physics Political Science Political Science (Public Administration) Psychology Secondary Education (Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, English, French, General Science, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Social Science, Sociology, Spanish) Sociology Spanish Spanish (Latin American Studies) “NEW” Theatre (Design/Technical, General Theatre, Musical Theatre, Performance) Women’s Studies Bachelor of Fine Arts Art Studio (Painting / Printmaking, Photography / Graphic Design, Sculpture / Ceramics / Metalsmithing and Jewelry) Bachelor of General Studies Bachelor of Music in Performance Bachelor of Social Work Bachelor of Science Accounting Art Education Chemical Dependency/Addiction Studies Chemistry Clinical Laboratory Science Computer Information Systems Computer Science

Health and Nutrition: The Importance of Fat in a Child’s Diet | A child’s diet needs to contain fat to ensure good health. There are multiple organs in the body that are unable to develop or function properly without it. Not all fats are equal however – there are good and bad fats. A recent study has shown that South African children mostly consume bad fats that contain high amounts of saturated fatty acids. Read this article to find out which fats are beneficial and which are detrimental to your children’s health.

Stem Cell Gene Therapy For Sickle Cell Disease

 240,000 children born annually in Africa with SCD 80% die by their second birthday  Estimated 80,000 affected in USA, 6,900 in Ca.  1/400 African American, 1/36,000 Hispanics  97% of children in the US survive to age 18  Average US lifespan ~40 yrs (unchanged 3-4 decades) Single Amino Acid Change In β-Globin of SCD Leads to Hb Polymerization and RBC Sickling Val 6 Glu 6 •Continual low-grade ischemia and episodic exacerbations or “crises”. •Results in tissue ischemia, organ damage, premature death. Val 6 Aggregated HbS molecules polymerize in RBC, making them stiff and deformed (sickled) Fetal HbF Prevents Sickling The Human β-Globin Gene Complex 5’ -----LCR----- Embryonic

Improving Your Health: Tips for African American Men and Women

WIN Weight-control Information Network You do not have to stop eating chocolate cake or start running marathons to improve your health. Making small but steady changes in your eating and physical activity habits, over time, may help you lose weight if you need to, feel better, and improve your health. The information below can help you start to change your physical activity and eating habits. When you make changes to improve your health, you may also move your friends and family to do the same. Am I overweight? Overweight and obesity in adults can be defined using the body mass index (BMI), a tool that measures weight in relation to height. The table on the next page shows how BMI calculation works. A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 refers to a healthy weight, a BMI of 25 to 29.9 refers to overweight, and a BMI of 30 or higher refers to obesity.

Thin film material market
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The thin film material market is expected to grow steadily in Europe, but will continue to grow at a rapid pace in Asia-Pacific. The countries such as China and Japan are the major contributors to the emerging market of Asia-Pacific. The North American markets for thin film material will also continue to grow at a significant rate. The African and Latin American markets have still not realized their full potential, but their growth rates would be considerably higher as compared to the others, owing to low base effect.

All You Want to Know about African Black Soap

Visit to know more about African black soap. It is very good for all skin types. It is very useful to prevent problems associated with skin. For any kind of help call us at (1)-773-703-055.

An Abney Associates Fraud Awareness Program:  Identity fraud is on the increase

Abram Mashego and Omphemetse Molopyane Recent statistics by the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) reveal that identity fraud is on the increase. Based on the year-to-date figure, 1 370 cases had been reported to the SAFPS as at the end of April. Experts warn that the figure could be the tip of the iceberg as the statistics only indicate the cases that have been recorded.

PDF    Wood burning fireplace
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Hydrofire provides innovative home heating solutions, inspired by the central heating systems in Europe and customized to suit the South African way of life

Many Applications of African Shea Butter

Visit to explore the benefits of African shea butter. It is made of pure natural, organic products that are found in the tropical rainforest of Western Africa. It has very good healing properties. For any kind of help call us at (1)-773-703-055.

Well Established Registered, Licensed, Incorporated and Bonded Tour Operator

Africa is a great place for Africa safari trips, comes with your family to see Domestic Tourism Safaris, see place in African safaris Tanzania, you can take African safari travel packages to find the Africa in your own ways .

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