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add freon to honda odyssey


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Application TRAILER HITCH 2003 ELEMENT Publications No. AII 24318 Issue Date DEC 2002 PARTS LIST Trailer Hitch Kit P/N 08L92-SCV-100 4 Bolts, 12 x 35 mm Trailer hitch U-bolt 2 Nuts, 8 mm 2 Washers, 8 mm Left stay 2 Spring washers, 8 mm 8 Nuts, 12 mm Right stay 12 Washers, 12 mm 8 Spring washers, 12 mm 4 Side plates Retaining pin Ball mount Retaining pin clip 4 Bolts, 12 x 135 mm © 2002 American Honda Motor Co., Inc - All Rights Reserved. Receiver cover AII 24318 (0212) 08L92-SCV-1000-91 1 of 12 Harness Kit (sold separately) P/N 08L91-SCV-100 Fuse label A Trailer harness Fuse label B 5 EPT sealers Trailer unit harness Trailer unit Fuse, 7.5A Owner’s Manual Connector bracket Unit bracket 2 Flange nuts Flange bolt 8 Wire ties TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Phillips screwdriver Flat-tip screwdriver 10 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, and 19 mm Combination wrenches Torque wrench Tape measure Diagonal cutters Piece of steel wire Isopropyl alcohol Shop towel Cardboard or blanket 12 mm T-wrench Clip remover Utility knife 3 Wire ties with clip Connector clip 2 of 12 AII 24318 (0212) © 2002 American Honda Motor Co., Inc - All Rights Reserved. INSTALLATION 4. Customer information: The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers.” 1. HOOK CARGO AREA FLOOR Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the frequencies for the preset buttons.

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Cabin Air filter element used on 1995-00 Ford Contour; Mercury Mystique; 2000-02 Mercury Cougar. (Replaces: Ford F5RZ-19N619-C)... Cabin Air filter element used on 1995-97 Lincoln Continental. (Replaces: Ford F05Y-19N619-C; Motorcraft FA-1627)... Cabin Air filter element used on 1999-02 Chevrolet/GMC Sliverado/Sierra Pickups, 2000-02 Tahoe/Yukon, 2000-02 Suburban/Yukon XL. (Package Contains 2 elements) (Replaces: AC-Delco CF104; GM 52473340)... Cabin Air filter element used on 1999-03 Ford Windstar, 2004 Freestar, 2004-05 Mercury Monterey. (Replaces: Ford XF2Z-19N619-AB)... Cabin Air filter element used on 2001-03 Acura 3.2CL, 1999-03 3.2TL; 1998-02 Honda Accord. (Package contains 2 elements) (Replaces: Honda 80291-S84-A01)... Cabin Air filter element used on 2006 Acura CSX, 2002-06 RSX; 2001-05 Honda Civic, 2002-06 CR-V, 2003-08 Element. (Package Contains 2 elements) (Replaces: Honda 80292-S5D-A01) ... Cabin Air filter element used on 2001-04 Chevrolet Tracker; 1999-03 Suzuki Vitara, 1999-03 Grand Vitara, 2001-03 XL-7. (Package Contains 2 elements) (Replaces: Suzuki 95861-65D00) Package Contains 2 elements) (Replaces: Suzuki 95861-65D00)... Cabin Air filter element used on 1999-06 BMW 3 Series, 2001-06 M3 Series, 2004-10 X3 Series. (Replaces: BMW 64 31 9 071 935) ...

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Spotters Guide Class Full Name (First/Last) No. Vehicle Year/Make/Model/Color H1 Kevin Gale 25 1990 Troyer Modified/Black + Gold H1 Doug Valliere 26 1967 Sunbeam Tiger/Red H1 Sherman Baumann 36 2010 Buffalo Racing mod lite/blue H1 Drew Young 62 1971 Datsun PL 510/orange/silver H1 Arthur Heath 78 Chevrolet Cavalier Mod./Blue H1 Charles King Sr. 178 1999 Chevrolet Silverado/white H1 Jamie Melhuish 317 1994 Smart Performance Toyota WSR/Red and white H1 Ted Theodore 881 2004 Westfield Megabusa/Red H2 Slim Bryant 23 1989 Porsche 944/Orange H2 Bill Hudson 24 1979 Chevrolet camaro/black H2 Arlo Cota 45 2005 Subaru STI/WHITE & BLUE H2 William Washburn 74 1989 Nissan 240RS14 Maxi/Blue H2 Pascal Belperron 164 1985 Saab 900 SPG/Black H2 Duane Foley 212 1971 Opel Ascona/Silver / Black H2 Larson Schultz 350 1997 Volkswagen Jetta/Green H2 Nick Grabau 445 1992 BMW M3/Red H2 Justin Carven 501 1999 Volkswagen Golf/Blue H2 Stephen Jones 702 2001 Volkswagen Golf/Green H2 Brian Goss 927 1983 Porsche 928/Black H3 Kurt Thiel 8 1995 Mazda Miata/Orange H3 Robby Smolinski Jr. 15 Volkswagen Golf/Red H3 Dave Valliere 18 1990 Mazda Miata/blue H3 Timothy Mather 20 1991 Nissan Sentra SE/Black H3 Dave Patten 21 1971 Datsun 510/Yellow/Orange H3 Walter Clark 33 1986 Volkswagen GTI/Black H3 Todd McAfee 40 1983 Mazda RX-7/Black H3 kevin dennis 42 1981 Volkswagen rabbit/grey H3 Randy Hale 83 2009 Mazda MX5/White/blue H3 Brian Dennis 89 1970 Triumph Spitfire/white H3 Robert Raposo 93 Dodge Neon/Black H3 John Hart 174 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S/Mars Red H3 Anthony Ruddy 186 1988 Honda CRX Si/White H3 John Stevens 214 1987 Mazda RX-7/gold H3 Roy Hopkins 411 1969 BMW 2002/all H4 Lincoln Bates 11 2004 Subaru Impreza STI/Blue H4 Douglas Hoar 46 2004 Subaru WRX sti/blue H4 Don Taylor 88 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX/Blue H4 Allan Dennis 96 2004 Subaru WRX STI/Black H4 Donald Kennedy 931 1993 Subaru Impreza/Aqua Frost

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Most affordable lease specials and finest leasing corporation or finance deals BMW Honda Mercedes Audi Toyota Infiniti Nissan Volkswagen Porsche. Provide NY, NJ, CT, PA

Finest Deal To Hire A vehicle;

Cheapest lease specials and best leasing enterprise or finance offers BMW Honda Mercedes Audi Toyota Infiniti Nissan Volkswagen Porsche. Serve NY, NJ, CT, PA

Honda Generator Accessories
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The "Orginial Honda Generator EZ Flow™ Extended Fuel Systems"  For  Honda™ Portable Electrical Generator EU1000i - EU2000iHome Of The Honda™ Portable Generator EU1000i / 1000  - EU2000i / 2000 EZ Flow™ Extended Fuel System For Honda Generator Super Quiet, Trouble Free Honda Generator™ EU1000i - EU2000i - EU2000i CompanionEU3000 Handi - EZ Flow Fuel System We Are Working On A EZ Flow™ Generator Fuel Systems For The EU3000is - EU6500i Portable Electrical Generator Inverter.

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AMA PRO ROAD RACING DAYTONA 200 WEEK DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY - DAYTONA BEACH, FL AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike FINAL ENTRY LIST - AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike RIDER HOMETOWN BIKE TEAM 00 3 6 7 Dane Westby Joe Roberts JD Beach Fernando Amantini Tulsa, OK Los Angeles, CA Philpot, KY Caracas, Venezuela Yamaha YZF-R6 Honda CBR600RR Yamaha YZF-R6 Yamaha YZF-R6 Yamalube Westby Racing M4 Motorcycle Road Racing Yamaha Extended Service/Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha Team 7 8 12 13 15 Garrett Gerloff Tomas Puerta Melissa Paris Steve Rapp Spring, TX Medellin, Colombia Oceanside, CA Mathattan Beach, CA Yamaha YZF-R6 Yamaha YZF-R6 Honda CBR600RR Triumph Daytona 675 Yamaha Extended Service/Monster Energy/Graves/Yamaha RoadRace Factory/Red Bull MPH Racing D&D Cycles/Castrol/Triumph 20 21 29 32 Frank Babuska Elena Myers Barrett Long Jake Gagne Pelham, NY Discovery Bay, CA Miami, FL San Diego, CA Suzuki GSX-R600 Triumph Daytona 675 Ducati 848 Yamaha YZF-R6 Babuska Racing Castrol/Triumph/Apex Manufacturing Longevity Racing RoadRace Factory/Red Bull 33 35 37 40 Kyle Wyman Benny Solis John Ashmead Jason DiSalvo Macedon, NY North Hollywood, CA Palm City, Fl Batavia, NY Yamaha YZF-R6 Honda CBR600RR Kawasaki ZX-6R Triumph Daytona 675 Kyle Wyman Racing Team H35 Peter Brady Racing Castrol/Triumph/Sportbike Track Time 41 42 46 48 Luke Mossey Kenny Riedmann Roi Holster Chad Lewin Cambridge, UK Belfountain, Ont. Napa, CA Valencia, CA Yamaha YZF-R6 Triumph Daytona 675 Yamaha YZF-R6 Yamaha YZF-R6 GB Racing RRM Triumph Napacom Racing CM Motorsports/Team Lewin Estates Racing 50 52 56 62 Bobby Fong Joey Pascarella Shane Narbonne Shaun Summers Stockton, CA Antelope, CA Tyngsboro, MA West Sacramento, CA Triumph Daytona 675 Yamaha YZF-R6 Yamaha YZF-R6 Triumph Daytona 675 Latus Motors/Castrol/Triumph Racing BP Racing GN Gonzales Racing D&D Cycles/Castrol/Triumph 68 69 71 74 Luke Stapleford Danny Eslick Lee Farmer Bostjan Skubic Leicestershire, England Broken Arrow, OK Ljubljana, Slovenia Triumph Daytona 675 Triumph Daytona 675 Triumph Daytona 675 Yamaha YZF-R6 Profile Racing Riders Discount Racing Triumph Apex Race Services Inotherm Racing Team 79 85 92 97 Blake Young Jake Lewis Roberto Vargas Tucker Lancaster Waunakee, WI Princeton, KY Jacksonville Lincoln, Ca Yamaha YZF-R6 Yamaha YZF-R6 Yamaha YZF-R6 Yamaha YZF-R6 GN Gonzales Racing Yamaha Tuned Industries Yamaha Paso Robles, CA Boulder, CO Bakersfield, CA Honda CBR600RR Kawasaki ZX-6R Yamaha YZF-R6

Installation instructions: AKRAPOVIC SLIP-ON EXHAUST SYSTEM ...

AKRAPOVIC SLIP-ON EXHAUST SYSTEM for the HONDA CB1000R Congratulations on purchasing an Akrapovic exhaust system. Please read these installation instructions carefully. If you have any trouble installing the system please contact your authorized dealer! IMPORTANT INFORMATION Exclusion of Certain Liability 6. The manufacturer, importer or dealer shall not be liable for any incidental damage including personal injury or any other damages caused by improper installation or operation of the Akrapovic exhaust system. When installing the Akrapovic exhaust system be careful that the exhaust system does not touch other parts sensitive to high temperature. 6. Akrapovic makes no representation or warranties with regard to damage caused by the improper installation, use and maintenance of the Akrapovic exhaust system. The warranty is limited to defects recognized by our technical department and to normal use, and excludes items subject to normal wear (gaskets and damping wool). The guarantee is void in case of accident, modification, improper or competition use. 6. Do not attempt to install the Akrapovic exhaust system on a motorcycle for which it was not made or tested by Akrapovic. 6. When the exhaust system gets very hot during operation, be careful not to burn yourself on the exhaust system or parts which are in direct contact with it, even when the motor is not running. Also protect other people, especially children, from the injuries mentioned above. 6. In some cases Akrapovic exhaust system kits contain chemical products (ceramic anti-seizing grease; bolt sealant). Handle with care, do not inhale or swallow. Avoid excessive contact with skin, eyes or mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. 6. Technical specifications of Akrapovic exhaust systems and related products subject to change without notice.

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Installation Instructions 1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the installation. Make sure the bike is secure on a centerstand or ideally a service lift. Honda 005-32504xV 2. Remove the OEM muffler assembly. NC700X 3. Install Muffler bracket using OEM muffler bolt. Slip-on Exhaust System with M-2 Canister Part # 005-32504 4. Attach the TBR slip-on tube to muffler using the 4 6x20mm socket head cap screws and 6mm split washers provided. Leave loose for now. 5. Slide barrel clamp on the end of the slip-on tube. 6. Install the TBR muffler assembly to the motorcycle using the supplied 8x16mm socket head bolt and 8mm flange nut. 7. Check muffler position and alignment. When it is correct, tighten the 4 6x20mm socket head cap screws, the barrel clamp, and muffler clamp. 8. Double check your work. Parts List Qty. Description Part Number 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X-Ring Kit Black 8x16mm Socket Head Cap Screw Barrel Clamp TBR Large Decal Kit Honda NC700 Bracket 8mm Flange Nut NC700 Slip Tube 14” Muffler 1.750” Core 005-7-2-3KIT 005-SH816 005-27-57MSH 015-10214 005-325-B 005-FN8 005-32504S Varies IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY We recommend that this performance part be installed by a qualified motorcycle technician. If you have any doubts as to your ability to install this performance part, please consult with your local motorcycle dealer. Read all instructions first before starting installation. Make sure the motorcycle and exhaust system are completely cool before starting the installation. Also, make sure the bike is secure on a centerstand or ideally a service lift during installation. Be sure to save all stock components for possible use later.

Installation Instructions - Two Brothers Racing

Installation Instructions 1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the installation. Make sure the bike is secure on a centerstand or ideally a service lift. 2. Remove OEM exhaust assembly. 5. Install TBR Header pipe using the OEM gasket between header pipe and cylinder head, use OEM bolts. 6. Use a small amount of high temp silicone at slip-fit joint of pipe adapter. 7. Loosely attach pipe adapter to muffler using the supplied X-Ring and 4 6x14mm socket head cap screws. 8. Install TBR muffler and rubber lined muffler clamp and retain it with the supplied 8x16mm Flange bolt and nut. 9. Attach fender to mounting bracket with the OEM bolt. V.A.L.E. TM 2002-09 V a r i a b l e A x i s L o c k i n g E x h a u s t Honda Ruckus V.A.L.E.™ Full Exhaust System with M-2 Canister Part # 005-2450106V / 005-2450107V / 005-2450108V Parts List Qty. Description Part Number 1 Muffler Canister M-2 1 Header 1 Muffler Clamp 1 HARDWARE KIT 1 X-Ring 1 Mounting Bracket 1 VALE Adapter 2 8x20mm Socket Head Cap Screw 1 8x16mm Flange Bolt 1 8mm Flange Nut 4 6x14mm Socket Head Cap Screw 4 6mm Split Lock Washer 1 Permatex Black Gasket Maker 1 5mm Long Handle Ball End Hex Key 1 T20 Torx Short Hex Key 1 TBR Sticker Kit