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activity 2 2 organic chemistry answers

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Innovators in Combinatorial Chemistry and High-Throughput Chemical Biology

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Extraction and Potential of Cinnamon Essential Oil  towards Repellency and Insecticidal Activity

The potential of Cinnamon essential oil as a natural insecticides and ants repellent was studied. Cinnamon cassia bark was extracted using hydrodistillation and soxhlet extraction method with three different solvents i. e. petroleum ether, hexane and dichloromethane. All extraction was carried out for 6 hours at 1 atm. The highest yield of cinnamon oil was obtained by soxhlet extraction in dichloromethane, followed by hexane and petroleum ether were 5.22 %, 3.84 % and 3.71 %, respectively. While only 1.82 % yields of cinnamon essential oil extracted when using hydrodistillation method. The volatile compounds of cinnamon essential oil were identified using GC-MS analysis.

Probiotic assessment of Bacillus infantis isolated from  gastrointestinal tract of Labeo rohita

The present study was aimed to isolate, characterize and examine the probiotic properties of Bacillus infantis (KADR2) from Labeo rohita. The total of seven strains isolated from gastrointestinal tract of Labeo rohita, one of them KADR2 showed higher antagonistic effect against fish pathogens. The strain was evaluated under in vitro intestinal condition based on resistance to bile tolerance, low pH, hydrophobicity, catalase activity and antibiotics susceptibilities. Partial 16S rRNA gene sequence of this strain KADR2 were blasted and showed homology with Bacillus infantis(99%) supported by morphological and physiological characterization. Consequently, the positive results of this study suggested that further studies in challenge experiments in fish to explore their probiotic effects having great scope for being used as a potential probiotic in aquaculture.

Oxidative Chlorination of Aromatic Compounds in  Aqueous Media

An efficient method for the synthesis of chlorinated arenes is disclosed. The method involves the use of NaClO3 as oxidant and HCl as chlorinating agent in aqueous medium under mild conditions to chlorinate the aromatic compounds in good to excellent yields (75-96%). The reagent system is efficient, organic solvent-free and easy to handle.

Efficient pest control of Pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus  F.) and possibilities for protecting the

Pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus F.) is a damaging pest of oilseed rape. Its harmful activity directly threatens the production and in some years it could compromise the yield. In many cases, the products applied in pest control, turn to be less efficient due to the conditions under which they are applied and the restricted application regime. In order to avoid the development of resistance, it is necessary to use insecticides having different mechanisms of action, which continue for a long enough period of time, with the aim of limiting the application of chemical substances and protecting natural pollinators and bees.

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of  Pure and Metal Ions Doped L-Proline Amino Ac

Alkali, Alkaline earth and transition metal ions doped L-proline single crystals were grown by solution growth technique. Due to variation in the nature of dopant, there is a modification in the growth habit, nonlinear optical property and mechanical hardness of the doped crystals. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra reveal strong absorption bands occur due to the presence of L-proline. UV–visible spectra show an improvement in the optical transmittance while doping on Lproline. The unit cell parameters and cell volume are obtained by powder X-ray diffractometer. Effect of dopant on the crystal defect on the grown crystals was characterized by Optical Microscopy. Anti microbial study of the grown crystals were analyzed using gram positive and gram negative micro organisms.

Determining the relationship between the dielectric  properties and the basic physical and chemical

Measurements of the electric conductivity, σ, and relative dielectric permittivity, εr , were conducted (0.1Hz –15 MHz) on 40 air-dried soil samples that were subsequently analyzed for pH, total organic matter in soil (ΔM/m1), P2O5, , Fe2O3 and heavy metal concentrations (Pb, Cd, Cr, Ni, Cu и Zn). The pH of soil samples varied between pH 5.25 and pH 7.73 (mean pH 6.71), the ΔM/m1 varied between 1,49 % and 9.96 % (mean 4.56 %). The mean content of Fe2O3 was 44352.5 mg/kg, which was 114 fold higher than the mean concentration of the heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Cr, Ni, Cu и Zn). The mean content of P2O5 was 0.26% .

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