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Chevrolet & GMC Pickup & SUV - LMC Truck

We have chosen six more stories from our lmctrucklife site and will be heading out in just a few weeks to meet these truck owners in person and video their truck journey. This is a hard task with so many great stories being shared and we have had several disagreements on which stories to video. When we first started this site in December, I don't think any of us expected the response we have had. Your stories have done everything from doubling us over with laughter to passing the box of Kleenex. We have listened and are working on a new web platform to improve your experience ordering online. We hope to have that up and running by mid-2015. Funny how computers are so fast but developing a website takes so long. We are also working on a new shipping system in our warehouse that will help us become more efficient shipping your orders, and when our shippers raise their costs another 5% next year, this will allow us to continue to hold our shipping costs to you. On our fall catalog covers, you will see some of our employees and their trucks. On the inside pages we are going to give you an inside look at the departments and what it takes to get parts researched, catalogs published, orders taken, parts purchased, received and shipped. And we won't forget those technical people who get us up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks for letting us be a part of your truck journey. Place your order today It's Fast, Simple & Safe!

Purchase Turtle Beach - Ear Force XP400 Wireless ... -

This mail-in rebate offer is valid only with purchases made between 04/01/2014 and 04/30/2014 on Turtle Beach - Ear Force XP400 Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset by an end user customer at Only the actual purchaser of the qualifying product may participate. Limit three rebates per person, address, and household. Limit one rebate submission per envelope unless otherwise stated. Photocopies of the UPC will be denied unless stated on the rebate form. End user must keep copies of all materials sent. Materials received become the property of Resellers, groups and organizations are not valid. Use of fictitious names and/or multiple addresses to obtain multiple rebate requests is fraudulent and could result in federal prosecution under the U.S. Mail Fraud statutes (18 USC, Section 1341 & 1342). P.O. Boxes are not accepted for this promotion. Rebate will be issued via Visa Prepaid Card. Reward vendor reserves the right to substitute and issue a check of equal value in lieu of a Prepaid Card at its discretion. To check rebate status, log onto or call 1-800-953-3098. Offer is valid to residents of the 50 United States and its territories. Promotion is void where prohibited or restricted by law and non-transferable. Not valid with any other offer unless stated otherwise. Failure to submit any of the requested documentation will delay or prevent the rebate issuance. reserves the right to interpret the rules of this promotion at its sole discretion and all decisions made by are final. reserves the right to change without notice the Terms and Conditions of this promotion or to modify or end this promotion at any time without notice. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing of submission. is not responsible for any liabilities, taxes or expenses incurred by end user as a result of this promotion. Your right to receive the rebate will automatically terminate if you fail to negotiate your Prepaid Card by the expiration date listed on the front of the Card.

Are You Looking Freshers Jobs in Delhi?

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H-D Destroyer Installation Manual - Racepak Data Systems

(Part Number 200-KT-V300D) The Racepak data acquisition system you have purchased for your Harley-Davidson Destroyer has been developed as a joint project between Harley-Davidson Engineering and Racepak Data Systems. It has been designed specifically for your motorcycle as a plug-and-play system. Harley-Davidson has built your motorcycle with a number of features already installed that will greatly ease the job of installing this Racepak system. It should be noted that, although similar in appearance, the components in this kit are purpose built and are not interchangeable with components from other Racepak data acquisition systems. GETTING STARTED One of the first things you should do is to insure that you have received all of the components needed to complete this installation. Racepak suggests that you lay out all of the items that you have received so you can identify and check off each of them from the list below. This will also help to familiarize you with each of the components in the kit. Your kit should include the following items: (1) V300 Harley-Davidson Destroyer Data Recorder. A (1) Two Channel Air/Fuel Controller. B (2) Air/Fuel Sensors with Cable. C (1) Wire Harness, Air/Fuel Controller to Sensors with Heater Wire. D (1) Mounting Bracket. E (2) V-Net Modules with Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors. F (1) Adapter Cable, Wire Harness to Clutch RPM Sensor. G (1) Clutch RPM Sensor with Pigtail Cable. H (1) Wire Harness, with RPM & Analog Cable. I (1) Installation Manual.

Electric Power Training Center - EPTC - Western Area Power ...

Authorization for Release of Information For the Purpose of Touring Secure Facilities The Fundamentals of Power System Operations course offered by the EPTC includes touring secure facilities within the Federal Government as related to the security and control of the national electrical power grid. Due to heightened security within the Federal Government, all non-Federal persons taking this class are now required to have a security background check completed in order to take the tour. (Federal employees have already had a background check completed). Since the tour is a key component of the class YOU CANNOT TAKE THE FUNDAMENTALS CLASS WITHOUT COMPLETION OF THIS BACKGROUND CHECK. The following form must be completed and received by the EPTC within 3 days of class registration. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I understand that the information released is for official use only by the EPTC for the purpose of site visits to facilities owned and operated by the Western Area Power Administration, U.S. Department of Energy, during the Fundamentals of Power System Operations class I am scheduled to attend. Copies of this authorization that show my signature are as valid as the original release signed by me. This authorization becomes invalid after the completion of the scheduled class. Name of Person to have background investigation: (type or print legibly) Sex _____________________________________ (Last) (First) (M) Place of Birth: Male City: ________________________ ______________________________________ County: _________________________ Social Security Number State: ______ ______ - ____ - ______ Country: _______________ Date of Birth Female _________ ______ _______ Month Day Year Other Names Used: By my signature below, I authorize the EPTC or their agent to conduct a background investigation on myself for the purposes stated above. _________________________________________________________________________________ Signature Date Please complete this form and fax (720-962-7845) to the Electric Power Training Center within 3 days after class registration. Thank you for your Cooperation Electric Power Training Center


1966-70 426 Hemi Valve Cover Fastener Kit. $65.00. 8032. Small Block Mopar Valve Cover Fastener Kit. $12.00. 8033. Big Block Mopar Valve Cover Fastener ... DANIEL MARINOFF’S ICCA GOLD WINNING 1971 HEMI CUDA RESTORED BY ROCKET R ESTORATIONS ROCKET RESTORATIONS 118 CHERRY STREET NE OLYMPIA WA 98501-6937 (360) 705-0943 Thank you for browsing our 2009 parts catalog. Rocket Restorations is an exclusive Mopar only restoration and mechanic shop. Our restorations have been featured in several national Mopar magazines, and we install what we sell. We carry only high quality parts that are the closest available in fit and appearance to the OE parts. For ordering, please email or call 360-705-0943. For restoration or mechanical inquiries, email or call 360-705-0943. Ordering Info: • Call 360-705-0943 or email Shipping Info: • • We ship USPS for domestic and international shipments UPS or Fedex is available for large orders or special requests Payment Types Accepted: • • • Visa/Mastercard Money Order/Cashiers Check Check – Will be held for 5 business days to clear from non-wholesale customers Returns: • • • Returns are accepted within 30 days of the order Item must be in the same condition as when received We do NOT charge a restocking fee...

Water Rocket Booklet
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June 2007 Warning: Water Rocketeering is a potentially dangerous activity and individuals following the instructions herein do so at their own risk. Exclusion of liability: Serco and NPL Management Limited cannot exclude the risk of accident and, for this reason, hereby exclude, to the maximum extent permissible by law, any and all liability for loss, damage, or harm, howsoever arising. Contents WATER ROCKETS SECTION 1: WHAT IS A WATER ROCKET? SECTION 3: LAUNCHERS SECTION 4: OPTIMISING ROCKET DESIGN SECTION 5: TESTING YOUR ROCKET SECTION 6: PHYSICS OF A WATER ROCKET SECTION 7: COMPUTER SIMULATION SECTION 8: SAFETY SECTION 9: USEFUL INFORMATION SECTION 10: SOME INTERESTING DETAILS I began writing this guide to support people entering the NPL Water Rocket Competition. So the first acknowledgement has to be to Dr. Nick McCormick, who founded the competition many years ago and who is still the driving force behind the activity at NPL. Nick’s instinct for physics and fun has brought pleasure to thousands. The inspiration to actually begin writing this document instead of just saying that someone ought to do it, was provided by Andrew Hanson. Once I began writing, lots of people assisted me, many from the NPL Water Rocket Helpers Team, but I would particularly like to thank, Dave Lowe, Jaco Stander and Gergely Vargha for advice about building launchers, permission to use photographs of their equipment, and for generally putting me right on one or two finer points of rocket design. Finally, the Water Rocket activity is supported by NPL’s management, and by Serco, and I am grateful to both the organisations, and many individuals within them. Their support for this kind of activity is one of the reasons that NPL is such a great place to work. Thanks to all of you Michael de Podesta April 2006

CLICK PLC Project Loader End User Manual:pad2021.qxd.qxd

This user guide is intended for a customer who has received a CLICK Loader File from an OEM and needs to write the CLICK project to their CLICK PLC using the CLICK Project Loader tool. Writing the CLICK project to your PLC is a very simple process and this document will walk you through the required steps. Note: The file extension of the CLICK Loader File is 'ckl'. This is different from the CLICK Project File, where the file extension is 'ckp'. The CLICK Project Loader only works with the CLICK Loader Files. What is CLICK Project Loader? The CLICK Project Loader is a tool provided with the free CLICK Programming Software (V1.11 or newer). The CLICK Project Loader was developed to provide a simple way for you to write a CLICK Project, provided by an OEM, to your PLC. When an OEM develops a CLICK Project for you, this Project may be password protected to protect the confidentiality of processes and information included in the Project. It is also common to have future modifications to this project that will be provided to you by the OEM. When these Project updates are provided to the customer only authorized personnel with the password information are able to write the file to the PLC. With the CLICK Project Loader, an OEM can modify a password-protected CLICK Project and export the Project as a CLICK Loader File. The OEM can then send the CLICK Loader File to you. You can use the CLICK Project Loader tool to write the password-protected CLICK Project into your CLICK PLC. The CLICK Project Loader will verify that the password of the new Project matches the password of the existing Project in the PLC. The CLICK Project Loader will ONLY write the new Project if the passwords MATCH.

Antioxidants: Do they have a role in the treatment of insulin ...

Received April 8, 2006 Insulin resistance, defined as an attenuated or inadequate response to a given amount of insulin, is associated with a wide variety of conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes, essential hypertension, cardiovascular disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver, breast cancer, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Although pharmacological options for the management of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes have been increasing, not all patients benefit, as the cost of prescription medications is often beyond the financial capacity of many patients. A potential new approach is the use of antioxidants. The objectives of this review are to discuss the scientific rationale for proposing the evaluation of antioxidants for insulin resistance, and to provide an update of intervention studies, with an emphasis on clinical trials, in which antioxidants have been tested. Briefly, this approach capitalizes on emerging data implicating lipid oversupply, chronic, lowgrade inflammation, and oxidative stress as root causes in the development and exacerbation of insulin resistance. Key words Antioxidants - diabetes - insulin resistance - lipoic acid Insulin resistance, defined as an attenuated or inadequate response to a given amount of insulin, is associated with a wide variety of conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes (T2D), essential hypertension, cardiovascular disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver, breast cancer, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) 1-3. An individual with insulin resistance is strongly predisposed to an increased risk for life threatening clinical conditions including T2D, and the metabolic syndrome 4 (also known as the insulin resistance syndrome 5). T2D has reached epidemic proportions in the US and worldwide (>18 million and 160 million individuals, respectively), and is projected to increase dramatically 6. There are an estimated 50 million individuals (US) and 314 million individuals (worldwide) with the metabolic syndrome 7,8 .

PHP Web Authoring for Database Management based on MVC Pattern

Nowadays, the MVC pattern is the effective method for the development of modular applications. The MVC design pattern breaks the application into three modules: model, view, and controller. However, developers must have programming skills for creating each module. In addition, they must have the knowledge about Structured Query Language (SQL) for database management. The PHP web authoring (PHP-WA) proposes to remedy these problems. The PHP framework was designed and embedded in the PHP-WA to handle the database. We’re prepared tools that automatically generate the program code for the view module and controller module. Index Terms—MVC, SQL, PHP Web Authoring (PHP-WA) PHP is a server-side scripting language for developing dynamic web applications. One of the defining features of PHP is the ease for developers to access a database. There are several ways to connect to a database, for example, PHP extensions, Active Data Objects DataBase (ADODB), PHP Data Objects (PDO), etc. However, one of the difficult issues in database manipulation is coding the Structured Query Language (SQL). Indeed, several studies suggest that traditional database query language is not very simple to use, for non skilled users of database technologies, as a consequence of the fact that interaction is based on a textual language such as SQL [1]. One way to solve the problem is to develop a web application framework that provides libraries for database manipulation. A web application framework usually implements the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. The MVC pattern breaks an application into three associated modules: model, view, and controller. The model module is the business logic of the application and is the core of the application [2]. The View is the user interface of the controller. It is the public face of the user event’s response [3]. The Controller component implements the flow of control between the view and the model [4]. The MVC pattern is interesting to research because its simplicity makes it more acceptable to developers. Unfortunately, developers must have programming skills. They will have to design and create a model module that contains the underlying classes whose instances are to be used for manipulating the database. In addition, they must create a controller module Manuscript received May 6, 2011; revised June 1, 2011.

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