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Toyota TSM 1500G

MY14 Yaris ebrochure - Toyota
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Let’s go big. Big ideas. Big plans. Big fun. With the 2014 Toyota Yaris you can worry less about the drive and focus on the important things, like building the perfect playlist or tracking down your favorite drive-thru donut. An EPAestimated 37 highway mpg will make sure that just about the only time you stop at a gas station is for souvenirs — after all, you’ve got the space for them. Big things are waiting to be discovered, and with its small footprint, Yaris is the right amount of car to help you get there. The world just got a little bit smaller. Let’s go places. Fast? It outpaces fuel prices. With its wide wheelbase, independent MacPherson strut front suspension and Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) engine featuring Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), the nimble Yaris offers downright spirited performance. And the way we see it, its EPA-estimated 37 highway mpg actually adds to the fun. After all, you could be making more stops for coffee than you will for gas. 5-Door SE shown in Absolutely Red. Brandwise, Inc. reserves the rights as the exclusive distributor for ODM watches in North America, 1. See footnote 2 in Disclosures section. 2. Manual transmission only. Yaris has everything you need to enjoy the ride. It comes standard with an AM/FM CD player, an auxiliary audio jack and a USB port1 with iPod®2 connectivity. Plus, it features ™ HD Radio, 3 and you can stream your favorite music via Bluetooth®4 wireless technology, so you’ll always have a soundtrack. More than you expected to hear, right? Probably for a lot less than you expected to spend too.


2012 Toyota Camry vs. 2013 Ford Fusion For the 2013 model year, Ford is re-launching its popular Fusion midsize sedan in an all-new iteration, with an impressive roster of performance and technology features that are sure to make it a force to be reckoned with in this highly competitive vehicle segment. But Camry’s proven safety and reliability record, 2012 Toyota Camry high-retained value and lower overall cost of ownership have won it a devoted customer base, and while the new Fusion is bound to attract renewed consumer interest in the coming year, it’s equally clear that Camry still enjoys key Toyota Advantages in many categories that are of paramount interest to new car buyers. In this Edge, we’ll highlight just a few of them. 12MY Image Shown 13MY Image Coming Soon 2012 Camry primary strengths PERFORMANCE: Camry’s strong 3.5L V6, available on SE and XLE grades, produces appreciably more horsepower than any Fusion engine, making it a clear choice for acceleration CHOICE: Camry is offered in four grades. Fusion is only offered in three, giving Toyota owners more choices to order the exact vehicle they want COMFORT: Camry offers a more spacious rear passenger compartment, making it more passenger-friendly for long highway drives...

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How should Scion react as their target demographic, Generation Y, ages and demands different styling and functionality? Is Scion’s long-term strategy of locking-in young buyers to the Toyota product line viable and sustainable? If not, how can their strategy be enhanced so that the Scion buyers of today become the Toyota/Lexus buyers of tomorrow? History of Scion Toyota’s Scion brand debuted in June of 2003 with two hip new cars aimed directly at the youth market—the xA wagon and the boxy xB SUV. A year later in July of 2004, the sporty tC coupe was introduced (see Appendix for pictures and specifications of Scion vehicles). By March of 2005, 140,000 Scions had been sold and demand showed no signs of slowing. Scion’s Strategy Toyota is using its new Scion brand to capture a bigger market share by catering solely to Generation Y consumers (see Appendix for a more detailed description of Generation Y). They have devised a whole new advertising and marketing campaign, tailored to the unique needs of this consumer group. The cars themselves have an iconic look, which aims to please the “trend setting” consumers of this new generation. Scion cars have a short shelf life, with the cars being completely redesigned about every four years [1]. Former Scion VP Jim Farley explains this strategy: “Now that we're creating our second-generation products, we have the chance of totally redoing the recipe. With at least one vehicle, we will start fresh - go through the mental discipline of throwing it out and starting over again. We have to do it. We can't squander our learning. We have to do something that's risky. Not being distinctive is the worst sin [2].”

Lane F -
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Thursday, August 18, 2011 8:45 a.m. Lane F >> Errors and/or omissions in the handout are not subject to arbitration – NO EXCEPTIONS. << It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the vehicle. ADESA New Jersey 200 North Main Street Manville, NJ 08835 908.725.2200 FAX 908.725.7225 Dealer Handout ADESA New Jersey Sale Date: 08/18/2011, Sale Type(s): Consignment Sale Customer Group: MiLLENNIUM Lot # Stock # Vehicle Description VIN Doors Color Title Category Local AMG Odometer State Code Natl AMG Seller: H8863 - ADVANTAGE NISSAN F1 2003 HYUNDAI TIBURON COUPE GT v6 754286 KMHHN65F53U012979 2.7L V6 MFI DOHC 2 BLACK 102,177M 6G,AT,SN,AC,AB,2WD,Leather,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC, Frame/Unibody;AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: FF157 - ADVANTAGE TOYOTA SCION F2 2008 TOYOTA CAMRY SEDAN LE 754047 4T1BE46K48U255759 2.4L I-4 SFI DOHC 4 SILVER 91,381M 4G,AT,AC,AFCD,AB,2WD,Cloth,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC, AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: KAF89 - ADVANTAGE HYUNDAI F3 2005 FORD FREESTAR VANS WAGON LIMITED 754681 2FMDA58235BA34811 4.2L V6 SPI 4 BLACK 93,127M 6G,AT,AC,AFCD,PB,2WD,Leather,PSDP,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC,DVD, AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: FF157 - ADVANTAGE TOYOTA SCION F4 2000 TOYOTA CAMRY SEDAN LE 754040 4T1BG22K3YU956510 2.2L I-4 EFI 4 BEIGE 133,455M 4G,AT,AC,AFCC,AB,2WD,5P,Cloth,STB,PST,PL,PW,CC, Owners Manual;AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: FF157 - ADVANTAGE TOYOTA SCION F5 2000 HONDA CIVIC SEDAN LX 757717 2HGEJ6670YH522825 1.6L I-4 EFI SOHC 4 GREEN 148,486M 4G,AT,CT,AB,2WD,5P,Cloth,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC, Structural Damage;Frame/Unibody;AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: FF157 - ADVANTAGE TOYOTA SCION F6 2004 TOYOTA SIENNA MINIVAN LE 757722 5TDZA23C44S118271 3.3L V6 MPI DOHC 5 RED 110,527M 6G,AT,AC,AFCC,AB,2WD,7P,Cloth,STB,AD,PST,PL,PW,CC, Frame/Unibody;AS IS,OVER 80K,T/A Seller: Z5696 - ATLANTIC CHEVROLET CADILLAC F7 2005 CHEVROLET MALIBU SEDAN LS 755777 1G1ZT52825F256541 3.5L V6 SFI

Event Inventory -
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Event Inventory Brasher's Reno Auto Auction - Wed, Aug 17, 2011 Dealer Consignment Sale # City Consignor Lane Date Run# Inv# Description Equipment VIN Color 1 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A002 2007 BMW 7-Series V8 4D Sedan 750Li AT LU 8G AC CD SR WBAHN835X7DT65506 White 36,827 Actual Miles 2 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A014 2007 Hummer H3 4D SUV Base 3.7L 4W AT 5G AC CD SR 5GTDN13E878248646 Blue 69,028 Actual Miles 3 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A015 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo V8 2D Coupe SS AT 8G AC CD SR 2G1WL16C469348867 Silver 72,317 Actual Miles 4 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A016 2006 Hummer H3 4D SUV 3.5L AW AT LU 5G AC CD SR 5GTDN136X68148099 Pew 63,114 Actual Miles 5 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A018 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD 4D Utility 4.0L 4W AT 6G AC CD JTEBU11F270074838 Maroon 39,890 Actual Miles 6 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A020 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4WD 2D Utility X 3.8L 4W 6S 6G CD 1J4FA24187L164797 Silver 40,375 Actual Miles 7 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A021 2007 Ford Mustang V8 2D Convertible GT 5S LU 8G AC CD 1ZVFT85H175335115 White 6,591 Actual Miles 8 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A025 2008 Chevrolet Impala V6 4D Sedan LTZ AT LU 6G AC CD 2G1WU583589252072 Red 68,432 Actual Miles 9 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A027 2007 Toyota Yaris 4D Sedan Base AT 4G AC CD JTDBT923271081857 Red 71,009 Actual Miles 10 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A028 2007 Gmc Sierra Base 4W AT AC CD 2GTEK13CX71723901 Silver 54,169 Actual Miles 11 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A030 H461 2007 Chrysler Sebring I-4 4D Sedan Base AT 4G AC CD 1C3LC46K17N539619 White 86,161 Actual Miles 12 Reno, NV A Aug-17 A033 H582 2010 Nissan Sentra 4D Sedan Base AT 4G AC CD 3N1AB6AP3AL630521 Gray 45,472 Actual Miles

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TOYOTA/SCION 2012 DEALER MODEL REFERENCE FINAL as of November 2011 Model PRIUS C + 1201 + 1203 + 1205 + 1207 V.D.S. Body Style HYBRID (4 Models) KDTB3 5Dr. Hatchback One KDTB3 5Dr. Hatchback Two KDTB3 5Dr. Hatchback Three KDTB3 5Dr. Hatchback Four Transmission Engine Code CVT CVT CVT CVT 1NZ 1NZ 1NZ 1NZ Transmission Engine Code 3Dr. Hatchback 3Dr. Hatchback 3Dr. Hatchback 3Dr. Hatchback 6AT 6MT 6AT 6MT 2AR 2AR 2AR 2AR 5Dr. Hatchback 5Dr. Hatchback 5Dr. Hatchback 5Dr. Hatchback 4AT 5MT 4AT 5MT 2ZR 2ZR 2ZR 2ZR 3Dr. Hatchback CVT 1NR 6AT 6AT 5AT 5AT 5AT 5AT 5AT 5AT 1AR 1AR 2GR 2GR 2GR 2GR 2GR 2GR CVT CVT 2GR 2GR 5MT 4AT 5MT 4AT 6MT 4AT 5AT 4AT 4AT 5AT 5AT 2TR 2TR 2TR 2TR 1GR 2TR 1GR 2TR 2TR 1GR 1GR 5MT 4AT 5MT 4AT 6MT 5AT 6MT 5AT 5AT 2TR 2TR 2TR 2TR 1GR 1GR 1GR 1GR 1GR 5Dr. Wagon SR5 ( V8) 5Dr. Wagon SR5 ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon SR5 4WD ( V8) 5Dr. Wagon SR5 4WD ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon Limited ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon Limited 4WD ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon Platinum ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon Platinum 4WD ( Large V8) 5Dr. Wagon SR5 4WD ( Large V8 FFV) 5Dr. Wagon Limited 4WD ( Large V8 FFV) 5Dr. Wagon Platinum 4WD ( Large V8 FFV) 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 6AT 1UR 3UR 1UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR 3UR TUNDRA 2WD (12 Models) 8202 JU5F1 4x2 Reg. Cab Tundra Grade ( V6) 8204 LU5F1 4x2 Reg. Cab Tundra Grade ( V6) 8215 RU5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Tundra Grade ( V6) 8222 JM5F1 4x2 Reg Cab Tundra Grade ( V8) 8228 LY5F1 4x2 Reg Cab Tundra Grade ( Large V8) 8239 RM5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Tundra Grade ( V8) 8241 RY5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Tundra Grade ( Large V8) 8245 TY5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Tundra Grade ( Large V8) 8252 SY5F1 4x2 Extended Cab Limited ( Large V8) 8259 EM5F1 4x2 CrewMax Tundra Grade ( V8) 8261 EY5F1 4x2 CrewMax Tundra Grade ( Large V8) 8272 FY5F1 4x2 CrewMax Limited ( Large V8)

Transmission Removal and Installation - MT - CelicaTech

TRANSMISSION REMOVAL & INSTALLATION - M/T 1994 Toyota Celica 1994 MANUAL TRANSMISSION REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Toyota Celica REMOVAL & INSTALLATION REMOVAL WARNING: To prevent air bag deployment, disconnect negative battery cable and wait at least 90 seconds before working on vehicle. 1) Disconnect negative battery cable. On 2.2L (5S-FE) models, remove battery and cruise control actuator. Remove air cleaner case with air intake hose. Remove clutch release cylinder with hose attached and secure aside. 2) Remove starter. Disconnect necessary ground straps, electrical connections and control cables from transaxle. Remove upper transaxle mounting bolts from cylinder block. 3) Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove lower engine covers. Drain transaxle fluid. Remove axle shafts from transaxle. See the AXLE SHAFTS - 1.8L, or the AXLE SHAFTS - 2.2L article in DRIVE AXLES. 4) Remove front exhaust pipe, located below oil pan. Remove front exhaust pipe support bracket. On 2.2L (5S-FE), remove stiffener plate, located between cylinder block and transaxle, at rear of oil pan.

Service Robotics Market by 2017
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Recent report that published by MarketsandMarkets forecast that the total service robotics market is expected to reach $46.18 billion by 2017 at a CAGR of 17.4% from 2012 to 2017. The leading market players in service robotics industry include Honda Motors (Japan), iRobot (U.S.), AB Electrolux (Sweden), Sony (Japan), Fujitsu (Japan), Toyota (Japan), GeckoSystems (U.S.), Yujin Robot (South Korea), and others.

Pros of car use;   Positive aspects of motor automobile employ

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Running boards - Midwest Wheel Companies

Sleek styling designed for SUV / CUV vehicles 5" Low profile SuperGrippy™, non-slip UV step pads Polished stainless steel Bar lengths for popular CUVs with brackets sold separately Limited Lifetime Warranty 08-13 08-13 08-13 08-13 2013 12-13 12-13 10-13 2013 05-12 Buick Enclave Chevrolet Traverse GMC Acadia Dodge Journey Ford Escape Ford Explorer Honda CR-V Jeep Grand Cherokee Toyota RAV4 Toyota RAV4 Brackets 391715 391715 391715 390215 392675 392705 393945 392445 392865 391865 Bars 395756 395756 395716 395756 395676 395756 395676 395716 395676 395676 RUNNING BOARDS FOR SUV/CUVs 5" WIDESIDER PLATINUM LOW PROFILE BARS for SUV and CUV Applications RUNNING BOARDS FOR CROSSOVERS Black/Black ▪▪ ▪▪ ▪▪ ▪▪ ▪▪ ▪▪ Lightweight aluminum powder coated frame Full-length protective accent trim Slip resistant raised rubber grommets on the step area No-drill installation NRT™ powder coated Mounting Brackets (Sold Separately) Limited Lifetime Warranty