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Installation of Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope on Sony Vaio ...

This document is outdated. For an easier solution please refer to http://global­­VGN­Zseries for a much easier solution, using the "janitor script" by Raphael Gradenwitz. Step 1) Installation of Ubuntu 9.04 from CD. After the Installation, several things work out of the box: – Intel GM 45 Express Graphics – Sound – Integrated Camera (tested with Cheese) – DVD Burner – Several Special Buttons (Volume, Monitor Brightness) – Wireless LAN and LAN – Bluetooth Some things don't work: – Graphic Card switching. Nvidia Geforce is visible using lspci, but not initialized. Button to switch between Stamina/Speed without function. – Memory Card Reader can't read Sony Memory Stick. No log entry when inserting a stick into the reader. There should be something, when calling dmesg. Step 2) Getting Intel AND nVidia Graphics to work. This laptop has two separate graphic cards: Intel GM 45 Express and nVidia GeForce 9300M. Under Windows Vista the Stamina/Speed switch will switch from one graphic card to the other while the laptop is running. Under Linux, both cards are visible on the PCI bus, but the nVidia card cannot be enabled out of the box. Only the Intel card works. With the sony­laptop module from Eva Brucherseifer and Matthias Welwarsky it is possible to enable either Intel or nVidia card. Drawback in regard to Windows Vista is that the cards cannot be “hot”­ switched during operation of the system. The computer has to be shut down (not only rebooted) completely. Then the card can be switched via the Stamina/Speed switch. On booting you have the Intel card (when choosing Stamina) or nVidia card (when choosing Speed) enabled. To be able to cold­switch, you first download and compile the module from Eva:

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CONTENTS CHAPTER I Introduction to Computer Numerical Control Manufacturing I —I Chapter Objectives 1 2 Introduction — I I 1 3 Numerical Control Definition, Its Concepts and Advantages — I 1-4 Definition of Computer Numerical Control and Its Components 1-5 Advantages of CNC Compared with NC 4 1 6 Special Requirements for Utilizing CNC 4 — 1-7 Financial Rewards of CNC Investment 5 1 8 CNC Machining Centers and Turning Centers — 1-9 Other Types of CNC Equipment I —10 CNC Input and Storage Media I-11 Chapter Summary 6 8 8 II Review Exercises CHAPTER 1 13 Modern Machine Tool Controls 2-1 Chapter Objectives 2-2 Introduction 13 13 2-3 Different Types of System Control 13 2—4 Loop Systems f o r Controlling Tool Movement 16 2—5 Establishing Locations via Cartesian Coordinates 2-6 CNC Machine Axes of Motion 2-7 Types ofTool Positioning Modes 24 2-8 Units Used for Positioning Coordinates 2—9 Chapter Summary 19 20 25 25 Review Exercises CHAPTER 3 Too/ing for Hole and Milling Operations 3-1 Chapter Objectives 3—2 Introduction 32 32 32 3-3 Tooling for Drilling Operations 32 XI xii Contents 3 4 Carbide Insert Technology — 37 3 5 Tooling for Hole Operations That Follow Drilling — 3-6 Tool Speeds and Feeds for Hole Operations 41 3—7 Tooling for Profile Milling and Facing Operations 3-8 Coated Tooling 38 44 48 3-9 Tool Speeds and Feeds for Milling Operations 3-10 Feed Directions for Milling Operations 3-11 Cutting Fluids for CNC Operations 3-12 Chapter Summary 49 51 52 54 Review Exercises CHAPTER 4 Exploring Features of CNC Machining Centers 4-1 Chapter Objectives 4-2 Introduction 56 56 56 4-3 Background on CNC Machining Centers 56 4—4 Tooling Systems Used with Automatic Tool Changers 4-5 Methods of Securing Tools in Tool Holders 60 62 4—6 Methods of Securing Tooling Systems to the CNC Spindle 4-7 Automatic Tool Changer Systems 4-8 Pallet Loading Systems 64 65 67 4-9 Features of the Machine Control Unit (MCU) Machining Centers 4—10 Chapter Summary 70 77 Review Exercises CHAPTERS Review of Basic Blueprint Reading for CNC Programmers 5-1 Chapter Objectives 5-2 Introduction 5-3 Sheet Sizes 80 80 80 5 4 Drawing Formats — 81 5 5 Interpreting Lines in Drawings — 87 5-6 Projection Conventions Used in Drawings 91 5-7 Visualizing 3D Objects from 2D Othographic Views 5-8 Auxiliary Views 93 5-9 Sectional Views 93 5-10 Reading Dimensions 93 5-11 Reading Threads and Thread Notes 115 5-12 Reading Surface Finish Symbols and Notes 5-13 Chapter Summary Review Exercises Bibliography 80 131 125 93 Contents xiii CHAPTER 6 Review of Basic Material for CNC Programmers 6-1 Chapter Objectives 6-2 Introduction Specifications 133 133 133 6-3 Reading Material Specifications 133 6-4 Understanding Heat Treatment Notes 6—5 Interpreting Surface Coating Notes 6-6 Chapter Summary 141 145 150 Review Exercises Bibliography CHAPTER 7 Review of Basic Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for CNC Programmers 7-1 Chapter Objectives 7—2 Introduction 151 151 7-3 GDTTerminology 152 7—4 Part Form Controls 7-5 Datums 151 154 158 7-6 Part Profile Controls 159 7-7 Part Location, Orientation, and Runout Controls 7—8 Chapter Summary 166 159 < Review Exercises Bibliography CHAPTER 8 Mathematics 8-1 Chapter Objectives 8-2 Introduction for CNC Programming 168 168 8-3 Determining Sides of Right Triangles 8-4 Useful Angle Concepts 8—6 Oblique Triangles 168 169 8-5 Determining Angles of Right Triangles 173 175 8-7 KwikTrig Trigonometry/Geometry Software 8-8 Installation 168 175 176 8-9 Starting KwikTrig 8-10 Chapter Summary 176 178 Review Exercises CHAPTER 9 An Overview of CNC Shop Activities 9-1 Chapter Objectives 9-2 Introduction 182 182 182 xiv Contents 9-3 Essential CNC Shop Activities 9-4 Part Drawing Study 182 182 9—5 Methodizing o f Operations f o r C N C Machining Centers 9-6 Deciding on a CNC Machine 185 9-7 Methods of Holding the Part During Machining 9—8 Machining Determination 9-9 Cutting Conditions 186 193 194 9-10 Writing a Programming Manuscript 194 9-11 Inputting Programs to the Machine Control Unit 9-12 Setup Procedure 194 195 9-13 Debugging and Verifying the Program 9-14 Part Production 185 200 201 9-15 Chapter Summary 201 Review Exercises C H A P T E R 10 Word Address Programming 10-1 Chapter Objectives 10-2 Introduction 203 203 203 10-3 Programming Language Format 203 10-4 Programming Language Terminology 204 10-5 Arrangement of Addresses in a Block 205 10-6 Program and Sequence Numbers (O, N Codes) 10-7 Preparatory Functions (G Codes) 207 10-8 Dimension Words ( X . Y . Z . . . Codes) 10-9 Feed Rate (F Code)

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Special Notices CATIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes. Protected by one or more U.S. Patents number 5,615,321; 5,774,111; 5,821,941; 5,844,566; 6,233,351; 6,292,190; 6,360,357; 6,396,522; 6,459,441; 6,499,040; 6,545,680; 6,573,896; 6,597,382; 6,654,011; 6,654,027; 6,717,597; 6,745,100; 6,762,778; 6,828,974; 6,904,392 other patents pending. DELMIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes. ENOVIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes. SMARTEAM® is a registered trademark of SmarTeam Corporation Ltd. Any of the following terms may be used in this publication. These terms are trademarks of: Java Sun Microsystems Computer Company OLE, VBScript for Windows, Visual Basic Microsoft Corporation IMSpost Intelligent Manufacturing Software, Inc. All other company names and product names mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Certain portions of this product contain elements subject to copyright owned by the following entities: Copyright © Dassault Systemes Copyright © Dassault Systemes of America Copyright © D-Cubed Ltd., 1997-2000 Copyright © ITI 1997-2000 Copyright © Cenit 1997-2000 Copyright © Mental Images Gmbh & Co KG, Berlin/Germany 1986-2000 Copyright © Distrim2 Lda, 2000 Copyright © Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA Copyright © Compaq Computer Corporation Copyright © Boeing Company Copyright © IONA Technologies PLC Copyright © Intelligent Manufacturing Software, Inc., 2000 Copyright © SmarTeam Corporation Ltd Copyright © Xerox Engineering Systems Copyright © Bitstream Inc. Copyright © IBM Corp. Copyright © Silicon Graphics Inc. Copyright © Installshield Software Corp., 1990-2000 Copyright © Microsoft Corporation Copyright © Spatial Corp. Copyright © LightWork Design Limited 1995-2000 Copyright © Mainsoft Corp. Copyright © NCCS 1997-2000 Copyright © Weber-Moewius, D-Siegen Copyright © Geometric Software Solutions Company Limited, 2001 Copyright © Cogito Inc. Copyright © Tech Soft America Copyright © LMS International 2000, 2001

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Accessories Available for Order Now: 800-441-6287 © 2014 by MacNeil IP LLC Cargo/Trunk Liner Acura · Audi · BMW · Buick · Cadillac · Chevrolet · Chrysler · Dodge · Ferrari · Ford · GMC · Honda · Hummer · Hyundai · Infiniti Isuzu · Jeep · Kia · Land Rover · Lexus · Lincoln · Maserati · Mazda · Mercedes-Benz · Mercury · Mini · Mitsubishi · Nissan Oldsmobile · Plymouth · Pontiac · Porsche · Saab · Saturn · Scion · Subaru · Suzuki · Toyota · Volkswagen · Volvo · and more! American Customers Canadian Customers European Customers Amidren FP RHP P/U Jun14 To advertise, contact MI Integrated Media, Alycia Isabelle, 860-542-5180, Back Nine Vegan · Metal Free · Sport Friendly Recyclable · 14 Colorful Options Trim-to-fit up to a 48" waist Made in USA © 2014 by MacNeil IP LLC Golf MacNeil 7-14 Starbelt Ad.indd 1 5/7/14 4:34 PM INNOVATIVE IRON REPLACEMENT • More Forgiving • Extra Distance • Higher Flight 4999 +Sh SPECIAL! $ Silver Series 7 iron 8999 Value $ Hybrid Design from Driver to Sand Wedge! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 888.833.7371 Fairway Finds Classified Links To advertise, contact MI Integrated Media, Alycia Isabelle, 860-542-5180, Putting Greens BUY MANUFACTURER DIRECT! SAVE 70%! Professional synthetic GM_AllPro_Class_Jul11.indd 1 FREE VIDEO turf putting greens. 5/10/2011 10:26:38 AM 1-800-334-9005 Golf Packages/Vacations SCOTTSDALE’S UNLIMITED GOLF STAY & PLAY $79 Unlimited golf with cart, luxurious Scottsdale condos with resort amenities/services. Select from Arizona’s best courses. (800) 213-6446 Fitness/Health

Step by Step guide to building a Wordpress site - PDF

How to Create a WordPress web site at by R. Berdan Dec 1, 2012 What you need. 1. Web Host & Doma 1 Softaculous 1. Login to your host and look for Software/Services 2. In Softaculous there is a 'Blogs' Category. Collapse the category and WordPress will be there. Click on it. 3. You will see an 'Install' TAB. Click it. 4. Fill in the various details and Submit. 5. That's it, you are done Install of Wordpress using Black Sun cpanel Before you can do this you must have an account with that supports the cpanel, PHP and MySQL and a domain name The domain name I am using in this example is for 1. Go to /cpanel you should see the following cpanel screen 2 Enter your username and password In the Cpanel window you will see a variety of services Special Offers Preferences SEO & Marketing Tools BlackSun Services Logs Security Domains Software/Services Advanced 3 Select the Software\Services section and Select Softaculoous – and you will see Top Scripts icons. Select Wordpress (CMS) – should be the first one. There is a drop down menu when you select the Wordpress option > Select Install.

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Our kitchen cabinet frames are made of sturdy ¾" particleboard with white or birch melamine foil for a hard-wearing, moistureproof and non-scratch finish. QUALITY TESTING: We load every type of cabinet door with a 7 lb (3 kg) weight, and then get our test machines to open and close the door 80,000 times. That is equivalent to opening every one of your cabinets 15 times a day every day for the next 15 years. The surface treatment of the doors is tested to withstand alcohol and coffee (one hour), water and fat (24 hours) and light scratches. CHILD SAFETY: It’s a good idea to fit RATIONELL drawer/cabinet catches to help to make your kitchen a safer place for children to be in. WAR IT LIM E NT RA Y 10 D YEAR All IKEA AKURUM kitchens come with a 10-year limited warranty for quality and durability. Read more in the warranty brochure or contact your IKEA store for details. DELIVERY OPTIONS: This symbol tells you that your kitchen is available from stock, so you can take it home today. We can also help you with home delivery. This symbol explains that you need to order your kitchen and that it will be delivered to your home at extra cost. Please read the information in your nearest IKEA store or contact IKEA sales staff for further details. The foundation of all our fixed kitchens is AKURUM. It is a flexible frame system that allows you create the kitchen you want. AKURUM allows so many combinations and can be used for all kitchen layouts. The fact is that the frames also work well in other rooms – both at home and at the office. AKURUM frames provide the base for your new kitchen. Choose between base cabinets, wall cabinets and high cabinets in many different widths. Wall cabinets and high cabinets also come in different heights. If you want to use a corner, choose a corner base cabinet. There are even special frames for a built-in single or double ovens. Perfect if you want to have the oven at a comfortable working height. Complement the cabinets with fully-extending drawers with drawer dampers that ensure the drawers close slowly and quietly.

How to Recognize Quality in Kitchen Cabinets - Valcucine

How to Recognize Quality in Kitchen Cabinets The furniture industr y produces little detailed information on the quality of kitchen cabinets, which means that consumers have a hard time understanding the differences. You cannot even find technical reports in furniture magazines. Nor do they publish quality comparisons between different products, the way car magazines publish buyer’s guides comparing models. And that’s a shame, because furniture reviews could easily use industr y information that has been available for years. For example CATAS— the international furniture and wood products research center—can compare furniture through standardized tests without personal opinions getting in the way. At Valcucine, we hope that some publisher will hear our plea and come up with a sort of “Auto World” for the furniture industry. In the meantime, we’re trying to help fill the information gap by bringing you this booklet Everything you read here is the fruit of 25 years of straightfor ward customer relations. We have a special department for feedback—through questionnaires and direct conversations—from the people who actually use our kitchens. We are anxious learn all we can about their doubts, desires and difficulties. This manual was written to give you the advantage of all of Valcucine’s technical know-how. So that you can choose your next kitchen knowledgably and enjoyably, with as little hassle as possible.

Material Safety Data Sheet -

Section 1. Chemical product and company identification Product name : Supplier : Product use : Synonym : MSDS # : Date of Preparation/ Revision : 3/12/2014. In case of emergency : Section 2. Hazards identification Physical state Emergency overview : : Target organs : Routes of entry : Potential acute health effects Eyes : Skin : Inhalation : Ingestion : Potential chronic health effects Chronic effects : Target organs : Medical conditions aggravated by overexposure : See toxicological information (Section 11) Section 3. Composition, Information on Ingredients Name CAS number % Volume Exposure limits AIHA WEEL (United States, 10/2011). Page: 1/6 Halocarbon 134a (1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane) Section 4. First aid measures Eye contact : Skin contact : Frostbite : Inhalation : Ingestion : Section 5. Fire-fighting measures Flammability of the product : Products of combustion : Fire-fighting media and instructions : Special protective equipment for fire-fighters : Section 6. Accidental release measures Personal precautions : Environmental precautions : Methods for cleaning up : Section 7. Handling and storage Handling : Storage : Section 8. Exposure controls/personal protection Engineering controls : Personal protection Page: 2/6 Halocarbon 134a (1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane) Eyes : Skin : Respiratory : Hands : Personal protection in case of a large spill : Product name AIHA WEEL (United States, 10/2011). Consult local authorities for acceptable exposure limits. Section 9. Physical and chemical properties Molecular weight : Molecular formula : Boiling/condensation point Melting/freezing point