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Step by Step: RPG Report to the web - Zend

Step by Step: RPG Report to the web Mike Pavlak Zend Technologies, Inc. Zend/PHP Conference Join us at ZendCon the premier PHP conference! October 19-22, 2009 - San Jose California CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS Conference Tracks • Learn how to best develop and deploy PHP • Technical sessions for all knowledge levels • In‐depth tutorials for advanced learning • PHP Certification courses and testing • Exhibit hall showcasing the latest products • Networking opportunities with peers and luminaries • Server/Operations • Lifecycle Best Practices • Frameworks • Real‐World PHP • PHP Development Techniques • Zend Solutions for PHP on IBM i Target audience • Looking to move beyond Green Screen • Have little to no experience with PHP • Want to pick up a little about HTML and CSS • Have done about a million RPG reports... Agenda • Review of recorded webinars • Look at database & sample report • Explore the result of the web page • Step by step: 1. Connect to DB2 2. Build main loop 3. Add references and calculations 4. Add formatting 5. Bells and whistles 1. RPG program Call 2. Output to PDF (free and easy!) • Wrap up / Q&A Copyright © 2009 Zend Technologies, Inc, All rights reserved

2013 Ford F-150 Brochure - ClickMotive

2012 IIHS “Top Safety Pick” „ F-150 SuperCrew has earned the highest possible rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) „ Standard safety equipment includes: AdvanceTrac® with class™ exclusive RSC® (Roll Stability Control™), Personal Safety System, Safety Canopy ® System, and SOS Post-Crash Alert System™ Maximum capability when properly equipped. See your Ford Dealer for specific equipment and other limitations. 2 EPA-estimated non-hybrid engine 4x2 fuel economy. 3Small V8 engines of 5.0L or less displacement. Vehicles shown on closed course with professional drivers. Obey all laws. Respect the environment. Know your vehicle, the course and required equipment before high-speed off-roading. 2013 F-150 3.5L EcoBoost/ 6-Speed Automatic (left) 365 hp @ 5,000 rpm 420 lb.-ft. torque @ 2,500 rpm 6.2L V8/6-Speed Automatic 5 (right) 411 hp @ 5,500 rpm 434 lb.-ft. torque @ 4,500 rpm 3.7L V6/6-Speed Automatic (left) 302 hp @ 6,500 rpm 278 lb.-ft. torque @ 4,000 rpm 5.0L V8/6-Speed Automatic (right) 360 hp @ 5,500 rpm 380 lb.-ft. torque @ 4,250 rpm 3.7L Ti-VCT 4-Valve V6 FFV It delivers torque that no other standard V6 can beat along with outstanding fuel efficiency. Piston-cooling jets inside this engine spray oil directly on the underside of the pistons to help keep them cool under extreme operating conditions. As a flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) engine, the 3.7L can run on E85, gasoline or any combination of the two. 17 city/23 hwy/19 combined mpg 2 Horsepower. Torque. Fuel efficiency. The numbers speak for themselves. Get best-in-class 411 hp and 434 lb.-ft. of torque with the 6.2L V8.1 Enjoy unsurpassed V6 torque and up to 23 mpg hwy2 with the standard 3.7L V6. Or take your pick of powerful combinations in between. With the only standard 6-speed automatic transmission in the class and available SelectShift Automatic,® you can’t go wrong. Twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) enables precise control of the camshafts on 3 of these high-tech engines to help give you better fuel efficiency and more power than their predecessors. Engineered to meet the most stringent standards for long-lasting durability, every engine in this lineup is proven over millions of miles of harsh laboratory and real-world testing. They’re all Built Ford Tough.

740-419 - Dorman Products
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REMOVAL/INSTALL OF WINDOW REGULATOR (740-419) Dodge Dakota 1997–99, Dodge Dakota Standard & Club Cab 2000–04 General Tech Tips: • Use painter’s tape rather than duct tape to secure window. It will not damage paint or leave sticky residue. • A plastic pry tool is useful. It will not easily damage delicate trim like a screwdriver or metal pry bar. • The replacement regulator should have a liberal amount of grease on slide area. If there is not much grease present, white lithium grease works well to lubricate the slide area. • Aftermarket window tinting can cause the window to travel slower and put additional strain on the window regulator assembly. • Window run channels should be cleaned and lubricated before installation of a new window regulator assembly. Silicone spray works well. PLEASE WEAR SAFETY GLASSES! Tools required for removal and installation of window regulator and motor assembly: (Silicone spray lubricant, Trim panel removal tool Pick, Saddle cup assembly, tape, or wedge to hold window in place, Flat-blade screwdriver or plastic pry, tool 10mm socket or driver, Phillips screwdriver, Grease pencil or marker) Disclaimer: Even though every attempt is made to ensure this information is complete and accurate, it is impossible to account for all possible circumstances or situations. Please consult with a qualified auto technician before attempting to perform any work you are not qualified to do. Automobiles can be hazardous to work on; be sure to take all necessary safety precautions. Failure to do so may result in property damage or personal injury. Certain motor vehicle standards and performance requirements may apply to your motor vehicle (such as Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Be sure that your work is performed in accordance with such standards and that you do not disable any motor vehicle safety feature. ©2011 Dorman Products, Inc. No reproductions in whole or in part without prior written approval.

editorial calendar - Electronic Design

In this issue, Electronic Design’s Technology Editors pick the best OEM products and technologies they have covered during the year on their respective beats. In addition, readers choose the best Ideas for Design published in the magazine during the previous year. This issue also includes our annual Hall of Fame inductees selected by readers from a list of nominees. The annual Ideas for Design issue brings together traditional IFDs submitted by readers, vendor contributed design solutions, and articles by staff and contributors about the stateof-the-art in electronic design including tools, tips and techniques and other ideas that design engineers will find useful when creating and implementing their designs. *Full Distribution Resource calendar available at Comes What’s hot today—and tomorrow? In addition to monitoring growth trends in major vertical markets that make up the electronics universe, we consider global design trends and forecasts and offer designers advice on key markets that will provide the ticket to job growth and opportunity on the horizon. Communications

sore throat - a review of presentation and etiology - medIND

INTRODUCTION A complaint of a 'sore throat' is an extremely common presenting feature encountered by all otolaryngologists in their practice. However, most available literature and current concepts in the minds of otolaryngologists, paediatricians and general practitioners are confusing regarding how to differentiate between an ordinary sore throat requiring only medical treatment, from an attack of tonsillitis which may subsequently warrant surgical intervention. Since performing a tonsillectomy is not a particularly difficult task, frequently the decision is a surgical one. This could be avoided in several cases if a standard and straightforward protocol were to be followed. Changing trends in antibiotic sensitivities of causative organisms, coupled with a bewildering array and variety of antimicrobial agents, add to the confusion even in the line of medical treatment to be followed. It was with the specific purpose of clarifying these very confusing issues that a prospective study was undertaken in the ENT department at Safdarjung Hospital to try and objectify when to take the surgical option, what antibiotics to use after determining which are the commonly encountered pathogens and to try and pick out some commonly encountered predisposing factors, leading to tonsillitis. Review of Literature Celsus1 was the first to report the removal of tonsils and since then, many changes have been brought about in surgical technique and the indications to make the procedure safer than before.

Dye Solar Cells for Real
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Foreword Thank you for reading our guide to Dye Solar Cell (DSC) assembly. This tutorial was inspired by requests from Dye Solar Cell enthusiasts looking for a place to start. Some of them were scientist starting to investigate the technology, while others were professors who wanted to teach the assembly in training courses. Should you be in such a situation or not, we hope you will find this tutorial to be useful, helping you to successfully make your own Dye Solar Cells! There are many ways of making a Dye Solar Cell, with many combinations of materials and designs. For instance, some people may make cells open to the air, while others may choose to deposit the titania on their own. Some may prefer natural dyes instead of ruthenium dyes, and carbon cathodes instead of platinum cathodes, to make inexpensive solar cells for school activities. This document attempts to cover all possible situations. Therefore, several methods described for obtaining the same part of a solar cell. The cathode, for example, can be made from platinum or carbon. In such a case, only one method needs to be employed, depending on materials and equipment available. Readers are thus invited to pick and choose the sections relevant to the type of assembly they desire. This guide was compiled from comments and suggestions from our readers. Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions, so that we can continue to improve this tutorial. The operation of a Dye Solar Cell is magical. Fortunately, making them requires no magic, just the right tools, materials, and techniques that we are happy to share with you here. Good luck making your own Dye Solar Cells, and have fun! – Dr. David Martineau

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Pro Courier is a private expediting service and is not affiliated with any government agency. You may obtain such documents directly from the appropriate government agency without using Pro Courier by traveling to Austin or submitting your request via the mail(4-5 weeks return). The state charges $22.00 per Birth Certificate or $15.00 per Apostille.I called you and they sounded so unprofessional, not someone I would trust to go pick up my birth certificate. I'm glad I found your company online.

1KD-FTV Injector Procedure - Diesel Toys

D-4D Injector Install procedure ® 2011 Diesel Toyz llc Sunday, September 18, 11 About this manual Disclaimer This manual is intended to serve as an overall guide to perform the procedure outlined within. Diesel Toyz llc accepts no liability for content or procedures described. All services should be performed by an experienced technician. You may not modify, copy, publish, transmit, display, distribute, or sell any information from this document without the expressed written consent of Diesel Toyz LLC. Always wear safety goggles! © 2010 Diesel toyz llc Sunday, September 18, 11 Tools required: 3/8 socket wrench 3/8 impact wrench 10mm socket 12mm socket 17mm line wrench 10mm wobble socket small screwdriver or O-ring pick Models covered: KUN26 Hilux © 2011 Diesel toyz llc Sunday, September 18, 11 This guide begins with the engine cover and intercooler assembly removed Note: be sure to remove electrical plugs (x2), and vacuum line from MAP sensor when removing intercooler assembly. Sunday, September 18, 11 Unplug all four injector electrical plugs and remove the loom bracket bolts (x2) 10mm Unplug connectors from the a/c clutch, MAF, etc. and fold the entire injector harness back and away from the work area  ...

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