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The thought of cyberspace is usually a methodical gaze designed with an image develop individuals from all around the world 1 lone proposal.

The Ellen Bayard Weedon East Asia Travel Grant

The Ellen Bayard Weedon East Asia Travel Grant Faculty Application Form Personal Information Name Local address Telephone E-mail Travel Information Destination Proposed dates of departure/return Program Proposal Please attach a research proposal, describing how you intend to spend your time in East Asia. Financial Information Estimated total cost of travel, proposed program, and living expenses while in East Asia: Round trip air fare: $ Living expenses: $ Other expenses: $ Total: $ Personal share of cost: $ Other sources of funding: $ *Those working in the area of art and architecture are encouraged to apply for the Weedon Foundation Faculty Travel Award administered by Daniel Ehnbom for further funding. Total Ellen Bayard Weedon East Asia travel grant request $ Signature__________________________________ Date

Case Study - DCS Replacement.pdf - Optimation

In addition to the skilled trades resources used during the dismantlement and installation of new panels, Optimation Rockwell’s Batch Server provided crane operators to lift the equipment from second provided S88 compatible story access, providing a true full service solution for the functionality to manage client. batches. Sub-recipes for similar products greatly simplified recipe creation, avoiding duplication of data. Despite a feeling that the new batch server would run more smoothly, the client remained concerned that lack of a manual panel would slow testing. Consequently, Optimation devised a manual mode screen that could run phases in the controllers without need for the Batch Server to be functioning. This was an even better solution than the manual panel, since the phase logic performed a series of small operations that could still be constrained by interlocks and permissives. This Installed Drive Panels and Operator Panel in the Field was the best of both worlds, manual operation coupled with the added safety of having to follow standard safeguards. Syste m H e a l t h In addition to having the conduit pre-installed and the electrical cables pre-bundled, Optimation was also able to perform an upgrade to the field wiring in the silo area to Class 2 Div 2 standards. This was not part of the automation proposal scope, but was able to be done at the same time to provide greater peace of mind. Another identified risk area was to ensure that existing documentation was accurate and that all instrumentation R esu lt s operated correctly. If a motor was wired backwards or a switch was stuck, a lot of valuable startup time could be The client was very pleased with the on-time and on-budget performance of this project. The production rate also increased wasted needlessly. by 5%, which was achieved due to faster system response in In cooperation with the on-site maintenance crew, the system changing over jobs and running campaigns. was thoroughly inspected to ensure that the wiring list was correct and all instrumentation functioned properly. Any areas that needed maintenance were fixed or identified in advance. 50 High Tech Dr. Rush, NY 14543 585-321-2300 ph 585-321-2700 fax

KAJIAN TEORI - Deskripsi Teoretik Buku Pelajaran

Buku merupakan salah satu media pembelajaran yang berupa tulisan yang dituangkan ke dalam kertas atau buku dapat digolongkan ke media pembelajaran berupa media cetak. Dalam salah satu hierarki media yang paling kompleks yaitu menurut Gagne (dalam Arief Sadiman, 2011: 23), Gagne mennggolongkan media yang dikaitkan dengan kemampuan memenuhi fungsi menurut hierarki belajar yang dikembangkan yaitu pelontar stimulus belajar, penarik minat belajar, memberi kondisi eksternal, contoh perilaku belajar, memberi kondisi eksternal, menuntun cara berpikir, memasukkan alihilmu, menilai prestasi, dan pemberi umpan balik. Dari beberapa fungsi tersebut, Media cetak memiliki keterbatasan pada aspek stimulus dan alih kemampuan. Sedangkan pada fungsi pengarah perhatian/kegiatan, contoh kemampuan terbatas yang diharapkan, isyarat eksternal, tuntutan cara berpikir penilaian hasil dan umpan balik sudah terdapat didalamnya. Proses belajar mengajar pada hakikatnya adalah proses mentransfer ilmu maupun nilai agar peserta didik bertambah nilai dirinya. Menurut Arief Sadiman (2011: 11-12), proses belajar mengajar adalah proses komunikasi, yaitu proses penyampaian pesan dari sumber pesan melalui saluran media tertentu ke penerima pesan. Dalam hal ini saluran media merupakan media pembelajaran. Menurut Umar Suwito (dalam Suharsimi Arikunto, 1987: 15) media pembelajaran adalah salah satu sarana yang digunakan untuk menampilkan pelajaran. Sedangkan pengretian lebih luasnya, media pendidikan adalah sarana pendidikan yang digunakan sebagai perantara dalam proses belajar mengajar untuk lebih mempertinggi efektivitas dan efisiensi dalam mencapai tujuan pembelajaran. Fungsi dari media pembelajaran adalah (1) memperjelas penyajian pesan agar tidak terlalu bersifat versibilatas, (2) mengatasi keterbatasan ruang, waktu dan daya indra, (3) penggunaan media pendidikan secara tepat dan bervariasi dapat mengatasi sikap pasif peserta didik, dan (4) dengan sifat yang unik pada setiap anaka ditambah lagi dengan lingkungan dan pengalaman yang berbeda, sedangkan kurikulum dan materi pendidikan ditentukan sama untuk setiap siswa, maka guru banyak mengalami kesulitan bilamana semuanya itu harus diatasi sendiri (Arief Sadiman, 2011: 17). Pengelompokan berbagai jenis media telah dikemukakan oleh berbagai ahli. Menurut Leshin, Pollock & Reigulth (dalam Azhar Arsyad, 2011: 36) mengklasifikasikan media menjadi 5 macam, yaitu: 1. Media berbasis manusia (guru, instruktur, tutor, main peran, field-trip, kegiatan kelompok), 2. Media berbasis cetak (buku, penuntun, buku latihan (worksheet), alat kerja bantu, lembar lepas), 3. Media berbasis visual (buku, alat bantu kerja, bagan grafik, peta, gambar transparansi, slide), 4. Media berbasis audio visual (video, film, ...

Brochure Ford Everest - BEGECA
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A Ford that means business Best value in its class! A vehicle that offers high-level comfort, safety and road presence, and the off-road competence and practicality of a truck. The Everest manages to be a rugged off-roader and a comfortable 7-seater at the same time. LOGOUDK AST 5 Y E A R S WA R R A N T Y / K J A E R G R O U P All Ford vehicles sold by Begeca are uniquely wrapped in an industry leading 5-year warranty package. Begeca in partnership with Kjaer & Kjaer; the authorized supplier of Ford vehicles and Honda motorcycles to the UN and international Aid & Development FORD EVEREST 4WD BEST VALUE CAMPAIGN OFFER including essential safety kit Best value package: > Shipment within 48 hours to most destinations > Central distribution centers in Europe, South Africa and Thailand > Wide range of optional equipment available Peace of mind package: > 5 year peace of mind warranty coverage included > Free safety kit; warning triangle fire extinquisher first aid kit safety vest Giving you the true 4x4 experience Take it off road Ford Everest 4x4 • 2.5TD, 2.5TDCi and 3.0TDCi • 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic. > Payload: 680kg > Wheelbase: 2750mm > Ground clearance: 210mm. Be safe extensive safety features. Strong body construction with enhanced all-round protection. ABS brakes, air-bags driver/passenger, seatbelts for all. Built Ford-tough design. Comfort & Flexibility Front and rear air-conditioning system for optimal interior comfort. Genuine 7-seater spaciousness and flexibility. Excellent 2nd and 3rd row seats functionality - easy to access, fold and remove offering comfortable seating and flexible use of cargo space 5 REASONS WHY you should buy your next Ford from Begeca 1 Extensive Global Ford Service Network Impressive After Sales Support throughout Africa for all Begeca supplied vehicles and in all locations! 4 Technical Support the Begeca partner network has many years experience of solving extreme transport challenges. 5 Year Warranty industry leading warranty program! 5 year peace of mind coverage. Service Maintenance Proposal Every customer has individual needs. Everything we do is customized to your projects and budgets. Flexible Service and Parts Set-up vehicles serviced in independent or own workshops covered by new vehicle warranty. Service locations in Africa Find your nearest service location! Click to visit our online map or Begeca / Goethestrasse 43 / 52064 Aachen / Tel: +49 241 477980 / Fax: +49 241 4779815 / Email: /


A. BASIC TEXTS 1. Comparisons of the different versions of the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) February, 2002 2. Tables of contents of the different versions of the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) – February, 2002 3. Tourism Satellite Account (TSA): The Conceptual Framework (document presented at the “Enzo Paci World Conference on the Measurement of the Economic Impact of Tourism”, Nice, France, 15-18 June 1999): English version French version Spanish versión 4. Document presented to the ACC Subcommittee on Statistical Activities (33rd session) (Madrid, 14-16 September 1999): The design of a conceptual framework for the elaboration of the Tourism Satellite Account: WTO proposal - September 1999l 5. Document presented to the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC): Measuring economic impacts of tourism: Report - December 1999 English version French version Spanish version 6. Proposed amendments to the document “Tourism Satellite Account (TSA): Methodological References” UNSC Document No. e/CN.3/20000/11 (Room document submitted by Eurostat, OECD and WTO for consideration at the 31st session of the Unsc (29 Feb-3 March 2000) 7. Up-date of the Recommendations on Tourism Statistics UN-WTO – Series M No. 83 (1994) December 1999 English version French version Spanish version B. ADDITIONAL TEXTS 8 Main definitions of concepts used in SNA93 and important for the understanding of TSA (1996) 9. Problems related to the measurement of Tourism Consumption (1997) 10. Household consumption in SNA and its relationship to tourism consumption in the TSA: Recommended Methodological Framework (1998) 11. - Findings and conclusions – TSA Working Group 1 (19-20 October 1998) and - Comments to Findings and conclusions – TSA Working Group 1 by Mrs Marion Libreros (November, 1998) 12. Note on Residence and the Usual Environment (1998) 13. The characteristicity discussion: a lengthy story of some misery (but less than glory) by A. Franz (1998) 14. Toward conclusive measurement of tourism impact: Consumer durables in the Tourism Satellite Account (A paper prepared by Dr. Douglas C. Frechtling for the WTTC; February 1998) 15. Some thoughts over timeshare (1999)

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Your small business plan is really an crucial item for an internet marketer and not simply entirely for the magnitude in the direction of fundraising event technique, still by virtue of the actual way it can help businesspeople firm up his or her's prepare and so appraise his or her program. For example a few reasons to create business strategy plan let's not forget positive businessperson. The vast majority of literary works relating to sector prep focuses primarily on the necessity of a policy to encourage out-of-doors money on the home business, unique thru lending options or even a justness money spent. Many funders is not going to get adding in earnings in a company devoid of attending a well-written, gripping strategic business plan. Proprietor have to be sure the routine shares in terms of your funders will probably discover, and additionally befriends their requirements for that history using the organization set, resource requested for, and thus cash turn back.You will find mu

General Pointers for Making a Compelling GSA Schedule Services Proposal

Getting the contract to for GSA Schedule Services can have many benefits for any company seeking to provide services at the federal level. It provides a reliable and stable income stream for a company trying to establish itself and gain recognition in the market

Metro North Economic Impact - White Paper - New York State Senate

Growing the Bronx for the 21st Century and Beyond An Analysis of the MTA Metro-¬North Expansion into the East Bronx In 1984, the American Public Transit Association, conducted an analysis of the employment and business revenue impacts of investment in public transit. This landmark study, for the first time demonstrated that investment in public transit supports significant job creation and increased business revenues at the local level, creating substantial economic benefits in addition to the mobility benefits associated for the local communities where these stations would be located.1 The whole of the report is based on the hypothesis that the dollars invested in the construction, operation and maintenance of transit services spur job creation and other effects since time and time again dollars are spent in the local economy.2 Since 1984 this study has been updated and refreshed numerous times with the most recent publication issued in 2009 titled “ Economic Impact of Public Transportation Investment”. As the most cited series and most complete reports of infrastructure investment and its corresponding impact on economic activity, Senator Klein and the Bronx Borough President have used this national study to continue to make the argument that the approval of the capitol plan to expand access of the Metro North to the Bronx is necessary and vital to Bronx residents and communities. Metro North Expansion in the Bronx The proposed Metro-North expansion into the East Bronx is part of a larger plan for the MTA called “Penn Station Access”. This proposal will allow Metro-North trains to come into Penn Station. Part of this increased access would be the construction of six new stations, two on the West Side of Manhattan and four in the East Bronx.3 The four stations in the East Bronx would be created along existing Amtrak tracks, therefore lessening the economic burden on New York State. The expansion in the Bronx would pave the way for economic development and job creation along with a quicker commute for Bronx residents. In the fall of 2012 Metro-North began a series of presentations in the neighborhoods where the four proposed stations would be constructed, Co-Op City, Morris Park, Hunts Point and Parkchester.4 These presentations highlighted the growing use of Metro-North Service and that Bronx as the largest rail reverse commuter market in the United States, bringing 5,000 residents to suburban jobs, out of 13,000 Bronx residents who use Metro North every week day5. Considering the diversity of the communities surrounding each of the four proposed stations, each would benefit each neighborhood differently. Co-Op City would see greater exposure to the Bay Plaza6, while Hunts Point would become a transit hub with connection to the 6 train.7 The Morris Park community would be introduced to suburban employment centers in Westchester and Connecticut,8 while the Parkchester station would broaden transportation opportunities for residents with the possibility for connections with NYC buses, such as the Bronx 42, 40 and 20.9 However we are one borough, one Bronx. In that vein, the economic impact assessments below show the potential ability for these four stations to create jobs, business revenue and property values in the Bronx as a whole...