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SolidWorks Electrical – What's New 2013 - STROJOTEHNIKA

The new SolidWorks Electrical 2D is powerful software that includes all the functionality required for electrical engineers to complete their projects. It allows you to work and collaborate easily on several electrical projects simultaneously, create comprehensive single or multi-line schematic diagrams, generate automatic reports and bills of materials, and even include manufacturing information or instructions. The line drawing planning tool, for example, provides innovative capabilities and can be used at any stage of the development process. With a large library of symbols, it allows designers to create simple yet powerful representations of the electrical wiring that are perfect for project management and reporting. You will also benefit from the extensive database of manufacturer parts that are updated frequently and available within the software. This allows you to search, find, and add the right motor, contactor, or any other electrical component when designing the electrical system. Using simple tools, you can draw and define connections between the components regardless of where they are in the design. In addition, cables or wires can be assigned even at this stage using the cabling window. After adding some terminals and selecting the right cable from the cable repository, you can assign its conductors as connections between electrical components. But, more importantly, it’s also linked automatically to the traditional detailed multi-line diagrams so you don’t have to wire things twice. This helps prevent errors as well as

Medical Trial
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The QuesGen database platform has been integral to allowing us to quickly and easily access data on our cohort of patients. Our goal in establishing the database was to better understand our patient population and to be able to have the ability for comparative analyses with like institutions.

Giving in the Aftermath of 9/11 - Foundation Center

The Foundation Center have focused on the ultimate uses and beneficiaries of the donations raised by the relief funds from all sources, and we have issued a comprehensive report on their funding activities and practices.1 While the scope of our 9/11-related efforts has expanded, we have continued to track the foundation and corporate response. Specifically, in the latest year we have added hundreds of new donors to our 9/11 database and thousands of individual gifts. This report provides an overview of 9/11 giving by institutional donors based on data compiled through September 2003, updating and expanding on the findings presented in our November 2002 report.2 The latest information was drawn primarily from 2001 and 2002 annual reports provided by foundation and corporate donors and from data reported by private foundations in their Form 990-PF tax returns. Information also comes from grantmaker news releases and Web sites and donor lists compiled by leading recipients, such as the September 11th Fund of the United Way of New York and the New York Community Trust and the American Red Cross.

PDF (A4) - David Valentiate
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David Valentiate (613) 720-9961 420 Gloucester Street, Ottawa Ontario Canada, K1R 7T7 Objective To develop web applications that connect people on the growing ocean of data. And to do this surrounded by an engaging team of professionals. Technical Skills PHP 5, Zend Framework, MVC, Apache, nginx, IIS, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, XHTML, HTML, Amazon Cloud Computing (EC2, EBS, S3), Rackspace Cloud Servers, Linux, Windows, IIS Experience Self Employed January 2007 – Present, Learning Management Network contract, Bluedrop Performance Learning (20+ months) PHP 5, Zend Framework, MVC Design, PostgreSQL, RESTful Design, JS, jQuery, Amazon Cloud Computing, Linux, SVN, git ● Implemented Zend Framework's MVC design pattern in a complex application. ● Created resource oriented REST design for community forum with search and categories. ● Integration and extensive customization of a 3 rd party, locally hosted web service. ● Setup and managed Amazon EC2 servers and created EBS backup management scripts. ● Worked tightly with a client to create a customized industry social network. Resource Oriented Web Application Proof of Concept personal project (200+ hours) PHP 5.3, Zend Framework, SQLite, REST, JS, jQuery, git ● Working to enable rapid development of data rich web applications using Zend Framework in a resource oriented design. Confoo Conference Montreal, March 2010 (3 days) ● Focused on sessions devoted to building scalable web applications. ZendCon 2009 Conference San Jose, October 2009 (3 days) ● Focused on building REST based web applications and best practices with the Zend Framework. Redesigned Website Database for Super Channel contract with iStudio (0.75 month) MySQL, PHP ● Implemented a drop in replacement for a defective 3 rd party database design. ● Worked within the MVC Zend Framework. eLearning Product Porting developed for LRDG (6 months) XML, XSLT, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, XHTML ● Conversion of an existing multi-lingual language learning product from Authorware to XML. ● Used XSLT to render HTML that was cross browser compatible, separated content, structure, context and presentation mechanisms, was multi-lingual, and had Javascript and Flash interaction. Client Registration System contract with LRDG (2 months) PHP, CSS, Javascript, HTML, MySQL ● Created learner registration site for client organizations: ● Cross browser, email notification, multiple client organization customization, database storage...

Printable Resume - Denver Web Application Development & Design

Jan. 2005–Aug 2005 » Manage the development and deployment life-cycles of all PHP web applications » Implement the use of frameworks like Drupal and Codeigniter to reduce development time & cost » Interface with clients to assess project scope, determine timeframes, discuss deliverables, & manage expectations » Transform application design discussions into implementation strategies with releases & versions when applicable » Establish normalized database schemas for implementation with either MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server » Create front-end design solutions for websites, web applications, & online training modules » Develop custom javascript frameworks for SCORM course deployment » Convert designs from flat-files to Dynamic HTML with CSS & javascript Web Marketing Intern Academic Technology & Extended Learning (ATEL), University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO » Conducted competitive analysis & made presentations based on research » Created front-end design solutions for colleges & departments » Evaluated Information Architecture & created more logical hierarchies for all web-based projects Web Designer / Developer & Brand Specialist July 2004–April 2006 Career Center, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO

Steps to convert PCF Files to CAEPIPE / CAESAR II

Steps to convert PCF Files to CAEPIPE / CAESAR II Step 1: Install “SST License Manager (SSTLM)” in the PC that is identified as a “Server” for the “Translator” (PCF to CAEPIPE/CAESAR‐II) Step 2: Install the Translator on the PC you wish. Please note, both “Server (SSTLM)” and “Client (Translator)” may be installed in the same machine, if you wish. Step 3: Launch the translator to generate a Product Key. Send the same via email ( to us. Upon request, you will be provided an “Activation Key” for evaluation. Step 4: Activate the product by installing the “Activation Key” provided to you. For details on Step 1 thru Step 4, refer “Security.pdf” supplied with “SST License Manager”. Step 5: Generate .PCF file (Piping Component File) from Piping Module of plant design software. Generation of .PCF file correctly from plant design software may require customization by plant design software Administrator. For details, please refer to your plant design software User’s Manual on generating and customizing .PCF files. Step 6: In your plant design software, Material Grades for the piping components are defined in the database by the administrator during the piping catalogue creation. Plant design software does not have provision for defining the engineering properties of the materials and hence they are not available in the database. On the other hand, Stress Analysis software (CAEPIPE or C‐II) requires the engineering properties of the materials defined and are mandatory. Hence, the translator is supplied with a Mapping DB through which user can define the engineering properties of the materials corresponding to the Material Grades defined in the plant design software database. For details, please refer to PD2CAEPIPE/PD2CII User’s Manual. This activity should be performed prior to the start of conversion of PCF Piping to CAEPIPE/CAESAR II for the first project. Mapping DB can be appended later with the material properties corresponding to the new material grades that are added into the plant design software Database. Please note, if the Mapping DB is not updated / modified by the user to suit the project requirement, then the translator will read the engineering proper...


Downloaded By: [Canadian Research Knowledge Network] At: 23:35 9 May 2007 Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B, 10:157–222, 2007 Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC ISSN: 1093-7404 print / 1521-6950 online DOI: 10.1080/10937400600755911 COPPER AND HUMAN HEALTH: BIOCHEMISTRY, GENETICS, AND STRATEGIES FOR MODELING DOSE-RESPONSE RELATIONSHIPS Bonnie Ransom Stern1, Marc Solioz2, Daniel Krewski3, Peter Aggett4, Tar-Ching Aw5, Scott Baker6, Kenny Crump7, Michael Dourson8, Lynne Haber8, Rick Hertzberg9, Carl Keen10, Bette Meek11, Larisa Rudenko12, Rita Schoeny9, Wout Slob13, Tom Starr14 1 Consulting in Health Sciences and Risk Assessment, BR Stern Associates, Annandale, Virginia, USA, 2Department of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Berne, Berne, Switzerland, 3 McLaughlin Centre for Population Health, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 4Lancashire School of Health and Postgraduate Medicine, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, United Kingdom, 5Kent Institute of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom, 6International Copper Association, New York, New York, USA, 7KS Crump Group/Environ Corporation, Ruston, Louisiana, USA, 8 Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA), Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 9U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 10Department of Nutrition, University of California at Davis, Davis, California, USA, 11Environmental Contaminants Bureau, Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 12Integrative Biostrategies, LLC, Washington, DC, USA, 13National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, The Netherlands, and 14Raleigh, North Carolina, United States Copper (Cu) and its alloys are used extensively in domestic and industrial applications. Cu is also an essential element in mammalian nutrition. Since both copper deficiency and copper excess produce adverse health effects, the dose-response curve is U-shaped, although the precise form has not yet been well characterized. Many animal and human studies were conducted on copper to provide a rich database from which data suitable for modeling the dose-response relationship for copper may be extracted. Possible dose-response modeling strategies are considered in this review, including those based on the benchmark dose and categorical regression. The usefulness of biologically based dose-response modeling techniques in understanding copper toxicity...

NCS, an Oracle Consultancy in London Offers Database Support to Make Network Resources More Accessib

NCS, an Oracle Consultancy in London offers database support to make network resources more accessible. Database management has always been a time consuming and difficult task for businesses. To keep the database in secure and safe hands, one needs to trust the authorities.

Video U1-4: Amazon Auto Pin - Get Quick Commissions

Video U1-4: Amazon Auto Pin The Amazon Auto Pin function allows you to automatically generate Pins containing your Amazon affiliate links. The software cloaks the links using the Short URL settings so that the link redirects to a temporary page before being redirected to Amazon via your affiliate link. Step 1 In the Pro software, click on "Amazon Search". (Figure 1.0) Figure 1.0 NOTE: You’ll only be able to do Amazon Auto Pinning if you have successfully completed the previous steps to populate search keywords in your database. (see the previous two videos) Step 2 From the dropdown box, select any of your stored Amazon Keywords. (Figure 2.0) Figure 2.0 Step 3 Choose the board where you’d like the software to create the Pins based on your Amazon keyword. (Figure 3.0) Figure 3.0 Step 4 Choose a pin URL redirector: currently there are or More will be added on an ongoing basis. The URL redirector acts as a cloaker of the Amazon links associated with the Pins it’ll create in Pinterest. (Figure 4.0) Figure 4.0 Step 5 Add several Pin Descriptions. You can include any of your review site links if desired or just a plain text description will suffice too. Remember, it’s a good idea to have a ratio of around 3:1 or 4:1 of comments without links to comments with links. (Figure 5.0) Step 6 Figure 5.0 We’ve given you the option of changing any of the timing settings (as with other functions) The defaults are 3 to 10 seconds delay, 30 set numbers before long delay and 60 minutes long delay. This gives the impression you’re pinning images manually. Figure 6.0 Step 7 Press the GREEN go button. (Figure 7.0) Figure 7.0 The software will start to pin images from Amazon with your Amazon affiliate embedded in the links. (Figure 8.0) Step 8 If you login to your Pinterest account you can examine the Pins that the software automatically created for you. Click any of the links to see it redirect to the Amazon sales page … ready for you to earn a commission! (Figure 9.0) Figure 9.0 Step 9 If you hover over the image you’ll see that the link similar to this one: (Figure 10.0) Figure 10.0

Website Development Dallas TX
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Centex technologies, a leading website development company in Dallas specializes in creating database driven sites, e-commerce websites and content management systems. The website development services offered by the company include dot net web development, PHP website development and custom web development. For more information, visit -

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