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Betterprint Now Offers a Versatile Range of Professional Business cards in Glasgow

Reflecting their position as a leading provider of Business cards, Betterprint now brings a wide collection of highly professional business cards in Glasgow at cost-effective prices. Their business cards have been categorised into three major categories which are Deluxe, Standard and Custom Upload.

Rigid Industries Led Lights
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Rigid Industries Sets The New Standard With Their Latest Offering, The "SR Series" Single Row Light Bars.

Hospital staff credentialing services

Medadvantage offer finest Hospital staff credentialing services in Florida US. Our other services are Standard Credentialing, electronic Credentialing, network data service etc.

Plastic Pipe Exporters
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Shand group is one of the leading plastic pipe Exporters in India. We are manufacturing best quality plastic pipes. Our products are international standard and it’s well acknowledged in market.

Block-Based Neural Network for Automatic Number  Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is highly accuracy-demanded application for car identification. This paper presents a new method of block-based ANPR system for recognition of Indian car license number plates. Since number plate guidelines are not strictly practiced in India and wide variations found on these plates in terms of font type, character size, screws/dots etc., it often becomes difficult to correctly identify the non-standard number plate characters. This proposed method works well with both standard and nonstandard Indian number plate images taken under various illumination conditions. By using the block-based feature extraction process this method of recognition provides a high recognition rate of 98.2% and speed up the processing time of each character to 3.3ms when using a database of 3399 character images.

Motivating senior high school accounting teachers to stay  at post in Ghana: A tripartite elemental

If productivity before motivation proves elusive, then it is wasteful to ensure consistent preaching of same. The best rather than discretionary approach is to apply the complete reversal of this working guideline. Efforts need to be channeled to motivating teachers to measure up to the required standard of performance. But it would be untenable if the teachers concerned did not require any more motivation

Cooperative and Collaborative Language Learning: An  action Plan

The spread of World Englishes has generated a need for maximizing intelligibility in speech discourse. Yet in current pedagogy teaching pronunciation is a much neglected area. In the Sri Lankan context deviations from Standard Sri Lankan English pronunciation, especially in segmental phonology, results in impairing intelligibility even amongst the local interlocutors. Utilizing the limited technology available this study constructs a short term Action Plan based on the tenets of cooperative and collaborative learning to address two selected pronunciation deviations: the nondifferentiation between /ʃ/ and /s/ and confusion of /p/ and /f/ in 20 undergraduate users of learner English. The Action Plan informs practitioners of Teaching English as a Second Language on implementing short courses which benefit learners who deviate from inner circle pronunciation.

Analysis of Vitamin A in Jordanian Local Fresh Milk  Samples Using Liquid Chromatography Tandem-Mass

An auspicious method for the quantitative determination of vitamin A (retinol) was augmented in seven different Jordanian local fresh milk samples using liquid chromatography tandem -mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS). The compound was separated with C18 Thermo fisher gold (4.50 x100 mm x 5 Å) column through a flow rate of 1 mL/min with isocratic mobile phase. Vitamin A acetate was used as an internal standard .The method was validated using triplicate analyses, relative recovery experiment and statistical analysis. Liquidliquid extraction was employed as a pre-concentration step with n-hexane -dichloromethane mixture (90%:10%) as an extraction solvent. The concentration range of the working standards was 0.0-1000.0 ng/mL. The correlation coefficient was found to be 0.9994. The limit 0f detection and limit of quantification were found to be 0.53 and 1.78 respectively. The 95% confidence interval was calculated to be 49.032 + 0.22.

Analysis of Heavy Metals in Muscle Tissues of Tilapia  Zilli of Gwale Pond, Kano State, Nigeria

Heavy metals such as nickel, copper, zinc and lead, generally are toxic substances that pose a great risk to living organisms in our environment due to their inevitable existence. The aim of this investigation is to investigate and assay the presence of such metals in muscle tissues of tilapia zilli of Gwale Pond in Gwale Local Government Area of Kano State, Nigeria. Muscle tissues of some fresh tilapia zilli were dissected, prepared and assayed by Alpha A4 atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The ranges of working standard concentrations were 0.001 ppm to 1 ppm .Study findings showed that the mean concentrations of nickel, copper, zinc and lead were 0.0120+0.002 ppm, 0.0637+ 0.0035 ppm, 0.0097+0.0006 ppm and 0.0075+0.0005 ppm Respectively. The 95% confidence intervals for nickel, copper, zinc and lead were calculated to be 0.0120 + 0.005, 0.0035 +0.009, 0.0006 +0.001 and 0.0005 +0.001 respectively.

Good Reasons To Go with Auto Restore Canyon Region CA

Advanced-day cars and trucks are complex, because so many car distributors are working with extreme product with regard to making the cars and trucks more durable. Never the less, as equipment, cars also confront the typical struggles regarding malfunctions and even standard tear and put on. Reconstructing cars and trucks is frequently completely confusing and picking a professional qualified to make fix repairs has begun to be even more difficult.

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