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Brakes - Classic Auto Supply
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Spacer - Brake Pedal Support to Body....................6.00 Gasket - Rear Wheel Bearing Retainer......................95 . NOW AVAILABLE: Brake drums made with detailed features per original specifications, balanced, and MADE IN THE USA. These are the best brake drums available! 1125A Front Brake Drum - 55/56....................................131.95 1125B Front Brake Drum - 57.........................................131.95 1126A Rear Brake Drum - 55/56.....................................131.95 1126B Rear Brake Drum - 57..........................................131.95 NOTE: BRAKE DRUMS SHIPPED AT ACTUAL COST 1193 Gasket - Front Brake Grease Baffle.........................1.05 2001 Disc brake pads.....................................................34.95 2004B Master Cylinder Repair Kit 1" Dia..........................25.98 . 2005 Booster Assy. - Power Brake - requires 2005D to convert to 56/57 T-Bird - Does not come with 2365A check valve . ..................................499.00 2005A Power Brake Booster Vacuum Line - 55................ 11.50 2005ASS Same As Above - Stainless Steel Line.................17.22 2005B Power Brake Booster Vacuum Line - 56................ 11.50 2005BSS Same As Above - Stainless Steel Line.................17.25 2005C Power Brake Booster Vacuum Line - 57................12.25 2005CSS Same As Above - Stainless Steel Line.................18.25 2005CE Power Brake Booster Vac Line - Dual 4...................8.35 2005CESS Same As Above - Stainless Steel Line.................10.45 2005D Power Brake Booster Line - To Convert Pass. Car Booster to T-Bird - 56/57.....................10.45 2005DSS Same As Above - Stainless Steel Line.................14.65 2005E Clip - To Hold 2005B & C to 9180 Brkt.....................1.85 2005F Rebuild Kit - Power Brake Booster (Does Not Include 2394)....................................178.00 2005G Vacuum Line - Flex - Power Brake Booster.............2.10 2005GE Vacuum Line - Flex Powr Brk Boostr - 57 "E"..........3.15 2005GF Vacuum Line - Flex Powr Brk Boostr - 57 "F"..........3.68 . Disc brakes now available See page 11 for details...

SERVICE MANUAL - The Expert - Dana Corporation

This will help determine what parts can be saved and how the axle should be rebuilt. Getting Started Carrier Disassembly WARNING Under no circumstances should individuals attempt to perform axle service and/ or maintenance procedures for which they have not been trained or do not have the proper tools and equipment. 1. Remove the cover bolts and use a rubber mallet to remove the cover plate (Figure 2). 1. ALWAYS wear safety glasses that meet OSHA requirements when performing maintenance or service. Failure to wear safety glasses can result in personal injury and/or partial or complete vision loss. 2. ALWAYS be careful handling gears or other sharp components, so you do not cut your hands. 3. ALWAYS be sure to follow torque specifications carefully. Failure to do so may lead to premature component failure or damage to other vehicle components. Figure 2 2. Turn the axle over and drain the oil. Introduction Figure 3 NOTE: During drainage, strain the oil to see if it contains metal shavings (Figure 3). Be sure to place a bucket under the stand to catch the oil so it can be disposed of properly. If the axle is Proper care during the teardown and rebuild of the being rebuilt because of a major problem such as WJ44-4 (Figure 1) is critical to improved service as gear set breakage or excessive bearing wear, a well as customer satisfaction.

Tutorial 8A
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Not For Commercial Use Surface-modeling Design with a Master Model Design in Context A- 1 Version 1a- Oct 2010 Non-Commercial Use Written by Dickson Sham CATIA V5R19 - surface modeling – Rebuild Audi R8 Design Intent Hard fillet Hard fillet PictureSource: Fillet disappears Fillet disappears soft fillet Hard fillet Grab photos from internet (in different views) A- 2 Version 1a- Oct 2010 Non-Commercial Use Written by Dickson Sham CATIA V5R19 - surface modeling – Rebuild Audi R8 Not For Commercial Use Wheelbase = 2650 Length = 4431 Width, Max w/o mirrors = 1904 Height = 1249 Tread Width, Front = 1632 Tread Width, Rear = 1595 Front Wheel Size (in) = 19 x 8.5 Rear Wheel Size (in) = 19x 11.0 Front Tire Size = P235/ 35R19 Rear Tire Size = P305 / 30R19 A- 3 Version 1a- Oct 2010 Non-Commercial Use Written by Dickson Sham CATIA V5R19 - surface modeling – Rebuild Audi R8 Surface-modeling Design with a Master model Tutorial 8A – – Insert 2d pictures and reposition them on offset planes Create 3D control curves Not For Commercial Use Tutorial 8B,C, D – – – – Create the front body of the master model Create the middle body of the master model Create the rear body of the master model Create parting surfaces Tutorial 8E – – Split the finished (master) model into separate parts Build more details on each part Tutorial 8F – Reassemble them together Please be reminded that this series of tutorials is designed to demonstrate a design approach with CATIA, rather than the command itself. A- 4 Version 1a- Oct 2010 Non-Commercial Use Written by Dickson Sham

Wagner Brake Pressure Differential Valve Rebuild | Muscle Car ...

Wagner Brake Pressure Differential Valve Rebuild | Muscle Car Research LLC 8/25/10 8:03 AM Home Wagner Brake Pressure Differential Valve Rebuild Sun, 05/30/2010 - 11:17am — SAH This document describes how to rebuild the Wagner brake pressure differential valve (sometimes called a "distribution block") and front disk brake pressure control valve (sometimes called a "proportioning valve") used on Ford and Lincoln/Mercury vehicles by replacing the internal parts that typically wear out after years of service. Tools needed: 5/8" socket or box wrench Clean brake fluid 1/2" socket or box wrench Liquid ammonia 9/16" open end or box wrench Isopropyl alcohol Needle-nose pliers Steel wool Dental pick (or other small, pointed tool) .38 caliber bore brush Heat gun Cotton swabs Small drywall screw The rebuild kit provided by Muscle Car Research LLC includes the following parts: O-rings Proportioning valve spring X-rings Copper crush washer The Wagner valves are identified by Ford engineering numbers that are stamped into the body of the valve. The parts in this kit can be used to rebuild the following valves (identified by both service part number and engineering part number): Valve Type Pressure Control Valve (Proportioning Valve) Pressure Differential Valve (Distribution Valve) Pressure Differential Valve (Distribution Valve) Pressure Differential Valve (Distribution Valve) Service Part Number Engineering Number(s) C7OZ-2B091-B C7OA-2B091-A, -C, C9OA-2B091-A C7ZZ-2B257-D C7ZA-2B257-E C8OA-2B257-J C8OZ-2B257-B C8ZZ-2B257-A C8ZA-2B257-E1, -E2, -G1, -G2, -J1, -J2, -L1 Arrange your valve, tools, and rebuild kit on a clean work surface. Let's get started! The first step is to inspect the valve and make sure that the exterior is undamaged. Check the port threads for damage. Make sure the valve is securely attached to the mounting bracket. A loose mounting bracket can be tightened up by lightly tapping the brass mounting tab with a ball peen hammer. If any of the brass port threads are stripped or damaged you're better off finding another valve. If your valve passes the exterior inspection you're ready to disassemble it and inspect the internal parts. Page 1 of 5 Wagner Brake Pressure Differential Valve Rebuild | Muscle Car Research LLC 8/25/10 8:03 AM Disassemble valve: Use the wrenches or sockets to remove the brass fittings and the warning lamp switch. The piston inside the proportioning valve can be difficult to remove due to rust from a deteriorating spring. Whatever you do, do not attempt to push the piston out from behind by banging on it! There are small brass tabs in the end of the piston that will almost certainly be damaged (making the piston useless) if you try to force it out that way. The piston can usually be removed by threading a small drywall screw into the visible end of the piston and pulling after applying heat to the open end of the valve. Do not heat the valve so much that it might melt the plastic and rubber pieces at the other end of the piston! If heat and pulling don't work immediately, try soaking the piston with a good penetrating oil. Here's what you can expect to find after you've removed the piston, seals, and spring: Here's the piston from inside the distribution valve: Inspect the bores once the pistons have been removed. If the bores aren't perfectly smooth you should either replace the affected valve body or have the bores professionally sleeved. Page 2 of 5 Wagner Brake Pressure Differential Valve Rebuild | Muscle Car Research LLC 8/25/10 8:03 AM Remove old rings and seals: Remove the old rings and seals from the disassembled parts. A dental pick makes it easy to get under the o-rings.

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THE MR. GASKET STORY Back in 1964, Joe Hrudka was a drag racer in Northern Ohio who was looking to solve a problem that parts manufacturers had not addressed. Using his own 1957 Chevy drag race car as a test vehicle, he created a line of engine gaskets and fasteners proven to seal and withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and stresses created by high performance engines. This product line that was developed by a drag racer would evolve into a brand of legendary proportions over the next 50 years. Mr. Gasket started with Joe’s ‘57 Chevy and has continued to advance and expand with application coverage and even more new products for muscle cars. Head gaskets, exhaust gaskets and oil pan gaskets were just the beginning. The Mr. Gasket brand develops and distributes a variety of performance parts for your vehicle including: carburetor and fuel accessories, chrome-plated accessories, cooling system accessories, engine components, fuel additives, shifter accessories, specialty tools, suspension and driveline components. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Mr. Gasket team continues to design, develop, manufacture and distribute products that bring back the luster and performance that everyone remembers to a variety of auto projects. It may have started with a Chevrolet, but when you are ready to Restore, Restyle and Rebuild your car, Mr. Gasket is who you can trust to have the parts and advice you need to complete your project.

Fact Sheets - Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Rebuilding the Future The new World Trade Center embodies a bold vision: to remember, renew, and rebuild the future. With One World Trade Center, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, a state-of-the-art Transportation Hub, Vehicular Security Center, and more, the new site represents the triumph of the human spirit. The new World Trade Center is destined to become, once again, the world’s premier destination for commerce, culture and community. Fact Sheet 9/11 Memorial The National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center will memorialize the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, a national tragedy that changed the course of history. Visitors will be able to learn, remember and pay tribute to those who lost their lives in New York, N.Y.; Shanksville, P.A.; and Washington, D.C., as well as the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. “Reflecting Absence,” the Memorial, consists of two massive voids sized over the footprints of the original Twin Towers with waterfalls cascading down their sides. The names of those who perished as a result of the attacks are inscribed around the edges of the Memorial waterfalls. The Memorial Plaza serves as a contemplative space amid the cacophony of sights and sounds of Lower Manhattan. A state-of-the-art museum, featuring interactive exhibitions, artifacts, memorabilia, a resource center, and areas for reflection will complement the Memorial. Monthly Highlights The Plaza is now open to the public daily. Visitors use kiosks with interactive displays to direct them to the names on the bronze parapets. Concrete work continues in the remaining northeast quadrant of the plaza as work progresses in the Pavilion and the below-grade Museum. construction progress Project particulars • Steel erection commenced  on September 2, 2008, with the erection of a 7,700 pound column located near the footprint of the original World Trade Center’s North Tower. • A 65-foot-high by 62-foot wide piece of the original foundation wall, or slurry wall, is being preserved to allow visitors of the Memorial Museum to view it. A reinforcing wall was built behind this section to ensure the slurry wall’s integrity. • A total of 65,000 cubic yards  of concrete, coupled with 8,658 tons of steel, are being used to build the Memorial. • The design for the Memorial  was conceived by architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker. More than 5,200 entrants from 63 nations completed in the Memorial Design Competition. Pavilion The Pavilion electrical contractor is pulling lines to feed power to equipment on the 3rd floor while maintaining temporary light and power during work hours. The miscellaneous metals contractor is installing miscellaneous steel throughout the site. The concrete contractor will be stripping formwork on the roof and the 3rd floor. Memorial Museum The plumbing contractor is working on punch list items while maintaining temporary water. In addition, the carpenter is installing sheetrock around the pick hole with the use of a lift on elevation 242' as well as plastering sheetrock walls around the South Footprint. The electrical contractor is maintaining temporary light and power. Johnson Controls will be working on start-up equipment in the north and south mechanical rooms at elevation 284' and elevation 264', respectively. Five Star is working on IT at the Telecom Main Distribution Frame (MDF), and working on fire alarm systems throughout the site. The contractor is installing light fixtures on the catwalk above the west chamber ceiling. The concrete contractor is installing formwork and rebar at elevation 284' by the Grand Staircase.

Master Cylinder Removal & Brake Booster Rebuild

Master Cylinder Removal & Brake Booster Rebuild Car: 1991 BMW 750iL, mfg 4/91 Symptoms:  Leaking brake fluid between the Master Cylinder and Hydraulic Brake Booster  Brake Booster leaking Pentosin (drip point at grub screw under the booster) I won’t be going into the theory of operation in this instruction, but will illustrate the steps I followed to fix the leaks and point out the lessons learned along the way. Note: I had previously removed the coolant expansion tank, intake manifold, valve covers & auxiliary water pump while in the process of doing a valve cover gasket/manifold gasket reseal job so I have a little more room than typical for this job. My main goal was to repair the leaking H31 Brake Booster “In Situ”, as I did not want the headache and additional work of removing the assembly from the engine bay. It just so happened I noticed the master cylinder was leaking so I also replaced it as part of the process. Page 2 of 16 Master Cylinder Removal Begin by disconnecting the electrical connector from the brake fluid float switch and then remove the lid of the brake fluid reservoir. Using a turkey baster or syringe, suck out all the brake fluid that can be removed. You won’t get it all out so be prepared for spills when you pull off the plastic reservoir. The Reservoir is mounted into the master cylinder by two grommets. Note: If you are not planning to replace your master cylinder, you will need to replace these two grommets. Firmly grasp the reservoir and pull it while rocking to get it out. Mine was in there pretty tight. Make sure you clean up any spilled fluid, it’s not kind to paint. Page 3 of 16 Master Cylinder Removal If you will be reusing your master cylinder, make sure dirt & debris are kept out of the system. Spray it down with brake cleaner and wipe it down as necessary, You don’t want to introduce contaminants into it. Page 4 of 16 Master Cylinder Removal Remove the brake line nuts circled below. These will require an 11mm flare nut wrench. You might be able to use a standard open end wrench but it’s not advised - these are tight! You don’t want to risk rounding them. ...

'08 Scion TC H.B. - Tulsa World
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06 Mazda Miata Base 2 Dr Conv. #13380V, brilliant black, $9400. Over 1000 cars to choose from LAKECOUNTRYCHEVY.COM 888-438-9686 Muskogee 1381 Mazda Pickups/Vans/4x4 ‘06 XJR Sharp Black/Black, Ex Cond., custom wheels, GPS Rear DVD. Fully loaded. Heated seats/steering! 86K Mi., $17,750. 918-584-7373 ‘12 Mazda CX9 Touring 2WD, all power, leather, $22,950. Don Carlton Honda 918-622-3636 1390 Mercedes ‘01 Altima GXE, ONLY 82K MILES, 4 cyl, good on gas, nice cond., P/W, P/l, 2 remotes, cruise, CD, p/seat, drives great. Asking $5350, call or text 918-645-1768 ‘99 Toyota Camry LE, fully loaded, cold air, hot heat, extra nice, 4 cyl., well maintained, very clean, $3995. 918-893-3406 1331 Jeep/Eagle/AMC Pickups/Vans/4x4 ‘05 SILVER HONDA SPORT 8,601 mi., great condition, rides 2, trunk & windshield. Ride all year! “Perfect gift” $3,150. 918-834-2423 ‘04 HD Screamin Eagle Cobalt Blue, V&H 2 into 1 Custom Exhaust, T-6 Exhaust Bracket, Polished Front Calipers, New Dyno Jet. $14,900., 918-427-3073 1860 Motorcycles ‘12 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 Auto, power pkg., alloys, nice, $18,859. Don Carlton Honda 918-622-3636 ‘11 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4 6 cyl., auto, 2 to choose from, $19,975. Don Carlton Honda 918-622-3636 ‘11 Jeep Compass 4WD ‘09 Mercedes ML350, 4-Matic, perfect condition, all service done, records, sand beige, 43,250 miles, $27,900. 918-639-0378 Latitude pkg., auto, all power, alloys & more, 39K mi. $13,990. PRIMEAUXKIA.COM 918-770-4797 ‘05 Altima 2.5, 5 spd, runs great, $4350. Rus 282-4296, Tony 527-3977 1441 Nissan Pickups/Vans/4x4 ‘12 Nissan Murano LE 2WD, leather, sun roof, all power, $25,789. Don Carlton Honda 918-622-3636 ‘10 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, hard top, $24,991. Suburban1-888-416-0097 2012 TOYOTA COROLLA LE Black w/tan cloth interior, 20K miles, like new, factory warranty, one owner, 1.8L, 4 cyl, $15,600. 918-671-2474 1561 Toyota Pickups/Vans/4x4 ‘12 Toyota Rav-4, 2WD Auto, power pkg., clean, $17,958. Don Carlton Honda 918-622-3636 ‘10 Toyota Tundra Max 4x4, 43K mi. Save thousands! 1-888-416-0097 VOYAGER CONVERSION KIT model D. Makes for very stable ride, completely supports wt of bike. complete kit with trailer hitch on back. $1150. (918)521-5362 Motorcycle trailer - 3 bike. Steel bed & ramp, 6.5x12’, paid $1,700, price is $1,450. cash, 918-691-6914 ‘08 R 350, V6, All Wheel Drive. Ex Cond., Leather Heated Seats, 8 passenger, univ. garage opener, Anti-theft, bluetooth, $12,949. (Below KBB) Call 816-838-3913 ‘90 Harley Davidson Electra Glide FLHS, 35,400 miles, adult owned, always garaged, red plum & gold, looks new, $7,800 call 918-341-4395 ‘09 Sahara Wrangler 4x4, approx. 62K miles, owned by female non smoker, blue in color, has hardtop, all power, remote keyless entry, $18,899. 405-657-4286, 405-657-4287 ‘07 Pathfinder SE 2WD, 4.0 V6, 3rd row, hands-free Bluetooth, alloys, tow pkg., P/W, P/L, cruise, good tires, runs great, 127K miles, $9850, call or text 918-645-1768 ‘08 Jeep Patriot, local trade, $9991. Suburban 1-888-416-0097 ‘06 Frontier XE 4 Dr Ext. Cab #14311B, super black, $9944. Over 1000 cars to choose from LAKECOUNTRYCHEVY.COM 888-438-9686 Muskogee 1340 KIA ‘11 Kia Sorento EX V6 Hard loaded, leather, dual roof, 3rd row, push start, 1 owner trade, 43K mi. Certified!! $20,990. PRIMEAUXKIA.COM 918-770-4797 ‘91 350SD, turbo diesel; leather interior; new factory motor-96K, non smoker, garaged, must sell, $6,000 obo 620-870-9308 ‘09 KIA RIO SX ‘10 Tundra, 4.7 V8, Crewmax cab, 2 wheel drive, 23,000 miles, black, power windows, locks & seats, $25,500 Call Jim 918-616-1007 ‘12 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat-Bob w/ several accs. Garage kept, immaculate, factory warranty, low miles, Midtown Tulsa. $13,900 Call or Text 918-625-2280 ‘85 BMW K100RS, 10K miles, new tires, shock, fork seals, battery, all fluids. Amazing condition! $4500. Call 918-691-6482 ‘06 Nissan Murano SL, 6 cyl., moon roof, leather, all services, nice, compare anywhere, $9995....

How Do I Get a Green Card? - International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild What is a Permanent Resident Card? (“Green Card”) A permanent resident card (or “Green Card”) allows individuals to permanently live and work in the U.S.. their lives. At work in over 40 countries and 22 U.S. cities to restore safety, dignity and hope, the IRC leads the way from harm to home. The IRC in Silver Spring aims to provide effective Refugees are required by law to apply for lawful permanent resident status one year after arriving in the United States. Asylees are not required to apply for lawful permanent resident status one year after being granted asylum but are encouraged to do so. resettlement services to refugees and asylees. Our goal is to help refugees adjust to life in the United States and begin to lead self-reliant sufficient and productive lives in their new country. Why should I apply for a Green Card? A Green Card protects your lawful permanent immigration status and brings you one step closer to U.S. citizenship. Lawful permanent residents may also petition for spouses and unmarried children to join them in the U.S. Our immigration services are accredited by the U.S. Department of Justice Board of Immigration Appeals, and our staff is fully qualified to provide high-quality assistance at low cost. How can I get a Green Card? The IRC provides the following Green Card and other related services: Please call our Immigration Specialist to Eligibility consultation schedule a consultation: Change of address (AR-11) Tel: +1 301 562 8633 Application for permanent resident status (adjustment of status) (Form I-485) The IRC will provide an interpreter (if available) ...

1799 - Fuel Pump Repair Kit for Edelbrock 6-Valve Mechanical ...

• PLEASE study these instructions carefully before installing your new fuel pump rebuild kit. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Hotline at: 1-800-416-8628, or e-mail us at • DESCRIPTION: This kit contains all parts necessary to rebuild all Edelbrock Street High Performance and Racing Fuel Pumps #1711, #1712, #1715, #1721, #1722, or #1725. Your fuel pump was manufactured and assembled to exacting specifications and strict quality control standards. Care should be taken when rebuilding this pump to ensure continued satisfactory performance. WARNING: Personal protection must be given careful consideration. Eye protection should be worn at all times, especially when grinding and peening over the rocker arm pin. The pump body itself is spring loaded with a heavy diaphragm spring. Extreme caution and care should be taken when assembling and disassembling the upper pump body to and from the lower pump body. Upon re-installation of the fuel pump on the engine, care should be taken to ensure that all fuel lines and fittings are properly installed, tight, and not leaking fuel. • DISASSEMBLY: 1. After removing fuel pump from engine, remove twelve allen head screws from the pump pulsator cover and separate from lower fuel pump body. 2. Remove eight screws from the valve retainers (7) in the lower fuel pump body; remove valves (5) and old gaskets (6). 3. Remove the pump diaphragm assembly (1) by pressing into casting and unhooking from fuel linkage rod (10). 4. Remove oil seal (12) and oil seal retainer (13). 5. Grind (don’t use chisel to cut) rocker arm pin (8) end and remove locking washer (9). Drive rocker arm pin through casting and remove rocker arm assembly. NOTE: Drive rocker arm pin from side previously ground. • CLEANING: Clean all parts that are to be re-used with a commercially available carburetor cleaner. Follow instructions provided with the cleaner. Make sure that there is adequate ventilation when using cleaning solvents. • ASSEMBLY: 1. Install the six valve gaskets (6), six valves (5), and two valve retainers (7) in the lower fuel pump body. The valve retainer screws should not be torqued to more than 25 in./lbs. The valves should be installed in the following manner: The “inlet” port of the lower fuel pump body is identified by the embossed letters “in”. The valves on this side of the casting should be installed with the “spoked wheel” side up. The opposite or “outlet” port is not so identified. The valves on this side should be installed with the “spoked wheel” side down. Valve retainers (7) should be placed so that their ends will exert a downward pressure on the valves (see illustration). 2. Install new pulsator diaphragm (2) on the lower fuel pump body using two center allen head screws. Torque to 35 in./lbs. 3. Install the new oil seal (12) and retainer (13) in the upper fuel pump body. The oil seal retainer should be tapped flush with the casting. 4. Assemble the rocker arm, linkage (10), and bushing (14) together. Install the new rocker arm return spring (11).

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