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FORMATO DE invitacion a un evento cultural

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1888 PressRelease - New book examines unique cultural and social factors that play a role in African-American separation and divorce.

Bishop Enrico Dal Covolo How Catholic Universities Can Be Models Of Authentic Higher Education

Catholic universities perform an invaluable service for international higher education, both Catholic and secular, by keeping alive the “authentic idea” of the university in the face of negative economic and cultural pressures. Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, rector of the Pontifical Lateran University, says the Lateran offers degrees not only in canon law but also in Italian civil law. Uniquely among Rome’s pontifical universities, the Lateran is under the direct authority of the Vatican and is thus known as the “university of the pope”.

Dorota Dyman and Associates: 3 Tips for Doing Real Estate Deals with Foreign Investors

As foreign investment in U.S. real estate continues to increase, experts say foreign investors, sellers and rival bidders alike should be wary of potential tax hurdles, differences in deal-making style and other cultural customs. U.S. gateway markets like New York, Los Angeles and Washington stand out as "safe havens" for cash from less economically stable regions around the world, and the trend of foreign investors picking up trophy properties in these cities continues to grow.

Directorio Telefónico Sede Litoral - Universidad Simón Bolívar

UNIVERSIDAD SIMÓN BOLÍVAR SECRETARÍA DIRECCIÓN DE SERVICIOS TELEMÁTICOS DEPARTAMENTO DE OPERACIONES DE SERVICIOS TELEMÁTICOS Decanato de Estudios Tecnológicos Unidad o Área Usuario(s) Decano Prof. Armando Jiménez Asesor al Decanato T.S.U. Ana Rosa Ibáñez Secretaria DIRECTORIO TELEFÓNICO –SEDE DEL LITORAL DIRECCIÓN DE LA SEDE DEL LITORAL Unidad o Área Usuario(s) Asistente Dirección Lic. Ronald Yriarte Secretaria Sra. Yeritza Ruiz Consejo Directivo de la Sede Litoral Secretaria al Consejo Directivo Lic. Rhina Pérez Unidad de Relaciones Públicas e Información Sede del Litoral Jefatura Lic. Ysmenia Valera Asistente Administrativo Sra. Daniela Rodríguez Oficina de Inf. y Medios Lic. Rhina Pérez Sección de Cultura de la Sede del Litoral Promotor Cultural T.S.U. Arexa Rojas Oficinista T.S.U. Analy Rivero Coordinación de Deporte de la Sede del Litoral Jefatura Prof. José Martínez Oficinista Sra. Wilnellis Petit Departamento de Desarrollo Estudiantil Jefatura Lic. Vilma Parra Secretaria Sra. Exorith Contreras secretaria T.S.U. Marleni Corro Sección Salud Sección Salud (Enfermería) T.S.U. Maleixis Hechandía Sección de Orientación Lic. Jullie Materano Lic. Emma Díaz Agrupaciones Estudiantiles Lic. María Pino Bienestar Social Lic. Sandra Guzmán Residencias Estudiantiles Lic. Ana Boada NUTRICION Lic. Magdalena González FAME Lic. Orlando Sulbarán Sección Orientación Lic. Jeisebel Flores Sub-Dirección Académica Sede Litoral Unidad o Área Usuario(s) Sub-Dirección Prof. Lilian Pineda Secretaria

Descargar aquí el formato - Totalplay

Portabilidad Numérica ¿Qué es la Portabilidad Numérica? El trámite de portabilidad consiste en conservar el mismo número telefónico que tiene actualmente con su compañía, al contratar Totalplay. Requisitos para tramitarla 1. Formato de portabilidad (debe contener los datos del Titular de la Línea Telefónica que desea portar, incluyendo firma). 2. Factura telefónica del proveedor actual donde se encuentra el número que desea conservar (la fecha límite de pago de ésta no debe exceder los 10 días naturales). 3. Comprobante de pago de la factura telefónica mencionada en el punto 2 (en caso que el pago de su servicio este domiciliado a una TDC, es necesario enviar el estado de cuenta de la tarjeta a la que se carga el servicio). 4. Identificación oficial del titular de la línea telefónica a ser portada (misma persona que firma el formato de portabilidad. Puede ser IFE, Pasaporte ó Cédula Profesional).

Anexo único. Formato de solicitud de Portabilidad de número(s ...

NOTAS: 1. “El Suscriptor acepta que con la firma de la presente Solicitud de Portabilidad, manifiesta su consentimiento de terminar la relación contractual con el Proveedor Donador, únicamente de los servicios de telecomunicaciones cuya prestación requiere de los números telefónicos a ser portados, a partir de la fecha efectiva en que se realice la Portabilidad de los mismos”. 2. “El Suscriptor acepta que el portar su(s) número(s), no lo exime del cumplimiento de las obligaciones que haya contraído por la relación contractual con el Proveedor Donador y en su caso con su proveedor de larga distancia, por lo que de manera enunciativa, mas no limitativa, se compromete a pagar los adeudos pendientes, devolver los equipos de telecomunicaciones que sean propiedad del Proveedor Donador y pagar las penalizaciones por terminaciones anticipadas que, en su caso, se hubieren convenido.” 3. “El Suscriptor reconoce que la Portabilidad del(los) número(s) solicitada está sujeta al cumplimiento de todos los requisitos establecidos en las Reglas de Portabilidad y sus Especificaciones Operativas.” 4. “El firmante declara bajo protesta de decir verdad que los datos asentados en la presente solicitud y, en su caso, los documentos que la acompañan son verdaderos”.

Mons Dal Covolo Lectio Magistralis al Tempio del Volto Santo

Napoli, al Tempio del Volto Santo, l’evento dell’anno accademico di Lectura Patrum Neapolitana, l’associazione culturale fondata dalle Piccole Ancelle di Cristo RE che fa della divulgazione del pensiero dei Padri della Chiesa la sua missione. Al meeting ha dissertato S. E. Mons Enrico Dal Covolo, Vescovo di Eraclea e Rettore Magnifico della Pontificia Università Lateranense, sul tema della povertà e ricchezza in San Basilio di Cesarea, Vescovo e Dottore della Chiesa.

Part-Time Employment Application - City of Raleigh

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: All requested information must be furnished. The information you give will be used to determine your qualifications for employment. It is IMPORTANT that you answer all questions on your application fully and accurately. If an item does not apply to you, or if there is no information to be given, please write in the letters “N.A.” for Not Applicable. This record will be strictly confidential and the exclusive property of the City of Raleigh, North Carolina. The City of Raleigh complies with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. All employees must provide documentation to verify identity and employment eligibility within the first three days of employment with the City of Raleigh. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Raleigh will consider reasonable accommodation if requested. The City of Raleigh is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, age, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin. Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department 2401 Wade Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27607 919.996.6640 Last Name, First Name _____________________________ PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION CITY OF RALEIGH PARKS, RECREATION, AND CULTURAL RESOURCES DEPARTMENT

7 Things You Should Know About iPad Apps for Learning - Educause

Dr. Ghosin is facing a new teaching challenge this quarter with his introductory astronomy course. It’s an extension class that will be taught on an auxiliary campus, meaning he won’t be teaching in the planetarium but in a regular classroom. Each student will have an iPad on loan, however, loaded with an application called Star Walk, which identifies the stars and constellations in the area of the sky where the iPad is pointed. Before the first class, Dr. Ghosin and a member of the IT staff load the iPads with Star Walk and several other apps, including one that includes history and stories about the mythology surrounding constellations. During class, students use their iPads to see stars, planets, and other astronomical bodies that are not visible in the daytime sky. They can drill down to learn more about individual stars or constellations, and the iPad apps let students “move the sky” to see constellations in other seasons and from any place on the Earth. Connecting what they see with the history of human attempts to both understand the movement of stars and imbue that knowledge with meaning adds another layer of interest and engagement with the content. One of Dr. Ghosin’s lessons, for example, focuses on the cultural environment that allowed Western science for so long to believe that the universe revolved around the...

HEAVEN - New World Byzantine
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O N E A R T H AS IT IS IN H E AV E N ❧ Form and Meaning in  O r t h o d o x Architecture ANDREW G OULD O Andrew Gould is a designer specializing in Orthodox churches and traditional neighborhood design. He holds degrees in Art History from Tufts University, and in Architecture from University of Pennsylvania. He and his wife Juliana currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina. His website is rt h o d ox C h r i s t i a n s today rightly desire the architectural richness of the Byzantine Tradition – to have churches which express the same theology and beauty as the medieval churches of the East. And yet, we are far sundered from that tradition. With regard to doctrine and liturgy, the Orthodox faith has migrated to our shores intact. But with regard to art, the ancient tradition was largely broken. In the Middle East, Byzantine architecture was virtually outlawed under Islamic rule. In Russia, the medieval traditions have, for centuries, been strangled by an infatuation with Western humanism. If we, as American Orthodox, are to participate in the rebirth of Orthodox architecture, we must begin by understanding why ancient churches were built as they were. We must come to terms with a cultural context so distant from ours that it is difficult for us to comprehend the forces which shaped those churches and the meanings they contain. We must learn that Orthodox architecture is more than a support for iconography, more than a building with a painted dome. In an ancient church, nothing was purposeless or unconsidered. Every wall, every window, every hanging lamp, contributed to the symbolism of the whole. And the symbolism was not limited to theology, for ancient churches, like all ancient temples, were icons of the entire universe, microcosms built in accordance with the geometry and beauty of the heavens and the earth. In this article I will attempt to shed light on the Christian theology and pre-Christian cosmology that are the motivation behind traditional Orthodox architecture.

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