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Boeing B747-400/-400F/-8/-8F - EASA - Europa

Boeing B747-400/-400F/-8/-8F Description: Boeing B747-400/-400F/-8/-8F Language: English Final/Draft/Interim: Final OEB Report category: Aeroplanes Manufacturers: BOEING COMPANY (THE) European Aviation Safety Agency: Ottoplatz 1, D-50679 Cologne, Germany - An agency of the European Union EUROPEAN AVIATION SAFETY AGENCY Operational Evaluation Board Report Boeing 747-400 / -400F / -8 / -8F Flight Crew Qualifications Report, Rev 2 27 Nov 2013 European Aviation Safety Agency Postfach 10 12 53 D-50452 Köln Germany EASA Operational Evaluation Board Boeing B747-400/-8/-8F – Flight Crew Qualifications Boeing 747-400 / -400F / -8 / -8F Operational Evaluation Board – Flight Crew Qualifications Captain Graham Pass EASA OEB B747 Chairman Captain Klaus Walkner EASA OEB Expert Operational Suitability – Fixed Wing Aircraft – Experts Department, EASA Certification Directorate Captain Herbert Meyer Section Manager, Operational Suitability – Fixed Wing Aircraft – Experts Department, EASA Certification Directorate Revision Record Rev. No. First Issue Content Date new evaluation 18 Oct 2011 Rev 1 B747-8/-8F initial type rating training added. OneEngine Out Ferry Flight Recommendations for B747-400/-400F added. CTLC B747 towards B787 added. 05 Jun 2013 Rev 2 One-Engine Out Ferry Flight Recommendations amended, including B747-8/-8F. 27 Nov 2013 B747-400/-8/-8F OEB, Rev. 2 page 2 EASA Operational Evaluation Board Boeing B747-400/-8/-8F – Flight Crew Qualifications

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Change Blown Fuse or Reset A Circuit Breakers - Accurate Building ...

How To Change Blown Fuse Or Reset Circuit Breaker Because the "blowing" of a fuse results from the overloading of an electrical circuit, many people think that the fuse box is a dangerous area to approach, as it controls the flow of so much electricity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, it is always advisable to approach electrical apparatus with caution; but there should be no fear whatsoever attached to the common chore of changing a burnt fuse. We would, however, like to give you a few pointers before we begin the actual procedure for that simple task. As far as fuses are concerned, the cardinal rule is Be Prepared. That is to say, you should make a list of all the different types and sizes of fuse in your fuse box, and make sure you have three or four of each on hand at all times. Because, if one "blows" on Sunday, you'll be whistling in the dark till Monday. Now, if you really want to be secure when working around your fuse box, take our humbly, offered advice, and make the following chart: 1. Make a diagram of your fuse or circuit breaker box, as shown in Figure 54A. 2. Number each fuse or circuit breaker, both on the chart and beside each in the box, making sure that your numbers correspond exactly with one another. 3. Turn on all the lights in your apartment or house. 4. Now, one at a time, unscrew each fuse or trip circuit breaker and see which lights go off. 5. Mark down beside each fuse or circuit breaker in your chart the area of the house or apartment each controls See Figure 54B. 6. Once you have completed this, tape your chart beside the box in plain site. 7. From then on, if the power fails in your bedroom, say, you will know exactly which fuse or circuit breaker has disconnected and must be corrected by consultining the chart.

H1N1 Influenza Virus, H1N1 Vaccine and Mitochondrial Disease

H1N1 Influenza Virus, H1N1 Vaccine and Mitochondrial Disease There have been questions regarding recommendations about people with mitochondrial disease receiving the H1N1 vaccine. The Scientific and Medical Advisory Board (SMAB) of the UMDF did discuss the issue in great detail and these comments reflect the board’s discussion. Much of the factual information has been obtained from governmental websites. The H1N1 virus, also called “the swine flu” typically causes fever, cold symptoms (cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose), body aches, loss of appetite, and headache. As with any fever, chills may be present. Fatigue is part of most flu illnesses. Vomiting and diarrhea are reported in some and there are now cases where people have respiratory symptoms without a fever. These symptoms range from mild to severe. There are some people that get sick, but never are sick enough to think about seeing a doctor, whereas others with the same virus will die as a result of their infection. At this point it is not possible to know if the infection will spread to epidemic proportions, or if the virus, which now seems as “bad” as most influenza viruses but no worse, will shift to a strain that will cause more or less severe disease. If you think anyone in the family may have the H1N1 virus, we advise that you seek out immediate medical attention. As part of general medical practice, both fever and dehydration should be treated with standard medical management. Sometimes bedrest, ibuprofen or acetaminophen and fluids are what will be recommended. Use of antiviral medication is given for more severe cases (which are believed to be safe in those with a mitochondrial disorder). For those people that have shown to be susceptible to regression after dehydration, the use of IV hydration and appropriate IV rehydration therapies is reasonable. Aspirin should be avoided.

INTERIOR DESIGN - Kent State University
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INTERIOR DESIGN Excellence in Action COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Kent State University’s Interior Design program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Competencies include fundamental design, design analysis, space planning, sustainability and programming, the design of all interior spaces and an understanding of other related aspects of environmental design. INTERIOR DESIGN Kent State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design offers a professional accredited program in Interior Design. Human needs that can be fulfilled by the design of one’s surroundings are stressed in a program that educates interior designers to identify, research and creatively solve problems relative to the function and quality of one’s near environment. The Interior Design program is an interdisciplinary program combining the resources of strong independent units with a cohesive base. The interdisciplinary nature of the Kent State Interior Design program is a major strength drawing from four strong and well-established programs in the university. Assistance from the schools of Art, Technology and Visual Communication Design, as well as the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, includes the contribution of courses and faculty as committee members on the interdisciplinary committee that guides the program. Investment in the program by the other disciplines is fostered through the role of the interdisciplinary committee composed of the interior design faculty, one member from each of the participating programs, one professional designer and one student. This committee reviews the curriculum and its development, advises regarding policy and participates in interviews of faculty candidates for the program. The three support programs are fully approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, the National Architectural Accrediting Board and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The high-quality in-depth experiences, provided to students through those opportunities, produce an interior design professional of considerable complexity.

World Tourism Organisation - Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account

Why is tourism not identified in the National Accounts?  Tourism is not identified as an industry.  Industries are identified as the sum of all businesses which undertake a similar activity: eg. All businesses which manufacture clothes will be identified as the “Clothes Manufacturing” industry.  Tourism comprises businesses which undertake many different activities: eg. Businesses which supply: Accommodation services, restaurant meals, transport, tourist attractions, retail services, tourist attractions, taxi services, etc.  Tourism is defined by the activities of a particular type of Consumer, and not by a particular type of Supplier.  The World Tourism Organisation UNWTO definition of Tourism is: “Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited.”  This is a demand side definition, not a supply side definition. 1 Satellitesto the National Accounts Satellites to the National Accounts TOTAL NATIONAL ACCOUNTS IT Tourism Core National Accounts Environment Transport Others Main economic measures of tourism Economic measures for Tourism $160 $140 Value $ billion $120 $100 $100 Inputs $80 Product Taxes $60 $40 Value Added $10 $30 $30 $30 Consumption $20 $10 Gross Domestic Product Gross Value Added $0 From Consumption, we can say that Tourism is a $140 billion industry. From the GDP and GVA measures we can say that Tourism directly contributes X% to the country’s total GDP and Y% to total GVA. The TSA also allows us to say how much of the country’s exports directly result from Tourism and how much of total employment directly results from Tourism.

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Results of Routine Restaurant Inspections Can Predict Outbreaks of ...

To analyze the association between the results of routine inspections and foodbome outbreaks in restaurants, we conducted a matched case-control study using available data from Seattle-King County, Washington. Case restaurants were facilities with a reported foodbome outbreak between January 1, 1986 and March 31, 1987 (N=28). Two control restaurants with no reported outbreaks during this period were matched to each case restaurant on county health district and date of routine inspection (N=56). Data from the routine inspection that preceded the outbreak (for case restaurants) or the date-matched routine inspection (for control restaurants) were abstracted from computerized inspection records. Case restaurants had a significantly lower mean inspection score (83.8 on a 0 to 100 point scale) than control restaurants (90.9). Restaurants with poor inspection scores and violations of proper temperature controls of potentially hazardous foods were, respectively, five and ten times more likely to have outbreaks than restaurants with better results. Although this study demonstrates that Seattle-King County's routine inspection form can successfully identify restaurants at increased risk of foodbome outbreaks, it also illustrates that more emphasis on regulation and education is needed to prevent outbreaks in restaurants with poor inspection results. {Am J Public Health 1989; 79:586-590.)

Sample Inspection Form - Lake County Health Department

This was a routine inspection. Because there were certain critical violations cited, a re-inspection is required. If these critical violations are not corrected at the time of the re-inspection, an additional re-inspection will be required, and a re-inspection fee of $238.00 will be assessed per Lake County Board of Health Ordinance Article XIII. I (the facility Owner/Manager) have read and acknowledge the statement checked above. Critical and Non-Critical violations were cited on this inspection - see page 2 for violations. Follow Up Survey Needed? Surveyed by: Received by: Yes No Food Service Sanitation Name: JOE CERTIFIED Certificate #: 01012345 Expiration Date: 12/31/2014 Lake County Health Department And Community Health Center Environmental Health Services Food Service Facility Educational Survey Report C=Critical N=Noncritical R=Repeat