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Route 22 Union Volkswagen Black Friday & Cyber Monday Free iPad Giveaway NJ

Union Volkswagen, a 20 plus year veteran Volkswagen dealership, is proud to announce they are celebrating Black Friday & Cyber Monday with a special iPad Mini giveaway and the launch of the new 2014 Volkswagen Passat. Visit:

FREE iPad Mini Contest at Charlotte Luxury Homes Website

1888PressRelease - Well Known Luxury Charlotte Realtor Eli Magids is celebating his Real Estate anniversary and his Worldwide Youtube Video Viewership ,by giving back by giving away an iPad mini by entering the contest on his website at

Arizona Dental Service, Inc
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Arizona Dental Service specializes in mini dental implants, dentures, porcelain veneers, procelain crowns and bridges. We will work with your insurance to help lower your out of pocket cost.

Storage Sheds Outlet Introduces Discount on Its Mini Greenhouse is a market leader in the provision of a number of outdoor structures including Storage Sheds (garden, metal, plastic, vinyl and wood), Storage Buildings, Garages, Portable Buildings, Deck Boxes, Greenhouses, Outdoor Canopies,Outdoor Shelters, Carports, Utility Sheds, Patio Accessories, Shed Accessories, Solar Lighting and Firewood Storage.For more information visit

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De la marque High-Tech Place votre produit vous offrira une qualité irréprochable ! ce Mini pointeur Laser LED Porte clés clef 1mW rouge de haute qualité dispose des dernières technologies d'optique et micro-électroniques afin de vous fournir une bonne qualité. Idéal pour la présentation, vous pourrez facilement décrire un tableau, vos recherches, vos travaux, faciliter vos visites en tant que guide, sport extérieur etc

Cocoa Storag.
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Your storage needs grow as you experience life’s transition. Whether you are helping your parents store treasured family heirlooms, moving to your dream house or transforming your study area into a nursery, Horizon Mini Storage is here to assist you with these endeavors. We are proud to have the top-notch storage facility in the Cocoa, Florida area. Our amenities include climate-controlled units, coded gate access, 24/7 surveillance cameras, boxes and moving supplies and knowledgeable managers. Our customers value the respectful treatment and attentive service they receive while moving and storing at Horizon Mini Storage.

Needing a Garden Shed
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Garden sheds are a common sight in many backyards, from the humble Colorbond shed through to charming, ornate mini buildings made from a combination of steel and timber.

Your Expert in Storage - Storage Henderson NV - AAAABCO Mini Storages was opened in 1978 to meet the needs of the Henderson community by providing one of the largest storage facilities with space for all of your business, home goods, and indoor/outdoor vehicular storage needs. We have since renovated, and opened a newer second location conveniently located on Boulder highway.

Rocket droid
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The Rocket Droid Pc is a device that is aiming to be the most powerful portable mini Android dongle. It will plug directly into the HDMI port of any TV and instantly turn it into kick-butt SMART TV - bringing all the power of an Android Mobile Phone to your previously boring TV! With the much faster processor and higher internal memory of the Rocket Droid Pc, you will experience Android at a speed that other devices would struggle to keep up with. This means that your downloads will be faster, your games will load & react quicker - with no lagging or delay. You will absolutely love it! The Rocket Droid pc is fully Wi Fi enabled so you can connect it to your home network and download exactly as you would on your personal mobile phone. It is basically a fully functioning mini computer! Just imagine for a moment limitless gaming and performing all of the tasks that you normally would on your mobile phone, but instead, you now are able to use your 50" TV ( Or what ever size Tv you have


LAPORAN KAJIAN DAN SURVEY AWAL PASCA GEMPABUMI TASIK JAWA BARAT 2 SEPTEMBER 2009 Disiapkan Oleh: Satuan Tugas Survey Awal Bencana Gempa Jawa Barat Pusat Mitigasi Bencana – Institut Teknologi Bandung Laporan Kajian dan Survey Awal Bencana Gempa Jawa Barat LAPORAN KAJIAN DAN SURVEY AWAL PASCA GEMPABUMI TASIK JAWA BARAT 2 SEPTEMBER 2009 Satuan Tugas Penanggulangan Bencana Jawa Barat Laporan Kajian dan Survey Awal Bencana Gempa Jawa Barat PENDAHULUAN 1.1. Latar Belakang Pada tanggal 2 September 2009, pukul 07:55:01 (UTC) atau pukul 14:55:01 (WIB) waktu setempat, telah terjadi gempabumi besar dengan moment magnitude Mw = 7.0 dengan kedalaman 49.9 km pada posisi 7.777°S, 107.326°E (Sumber : USGS). Gempabumi ini mengakibatkan kerusakan berbagai prasarana dan sarana fisik serta sekitar 74 orang korban jiwa manusia di Propinsi Jawa Barat.. Kerusakan bangunan secara umum yang teramati di daerah survey (Kabupaten Tasikmalaya dan Pangalengan) bervariasi dari kerusakan ringan, keruskan parah, sampai runtuh. Bangunanbangunan sekolah, kantor pemerintah, rumah sakit/puskesmas, dan perumahan juga banyak yang mengalami kerusakan parah. Prasarana jalan, jembatan, tanggul, instalasi listrik dan telepon diidentifikasi masih dalam kondisi baik dan beberapa hanya mengalami kerusakan ringan. Gambar 1.1. Epicenter Gempa Tasik 2 September 2009 Institut Teknologi Bandung memiliki ahli-ahli di bidang bencana alam seperti kegempaan dan tsunami perlu memberikan suatu kontribusi untuk rehabilitasi serta rekonstruksi pasca bencana Jawa Barat. Sebagai bagian dari program kerja ITB untuk memberikan suatu masukan-masukan atau rekomendasi teknis untuk tahapan rehabilitas dan rekonstruksi, kajain awal mengenai kejadian gempa Tasik dan survey awal identifikasi cepat kerusakan bangunan telah dilakukan. Pada tanggal 3 September 2009, kami melakukan survey awal ke daerah Pangelengan dan pada tanggal 5-7 September 2009 telah dilakukan survey ke Kabupaten Tasikmalaya. Team dari ITB telah melakukan suatu kajian-kajian awal, pengumpulan data-data serta survey ke daerah bencana untuk melakukan pengamatan langsung secara visual dampak-dampak dari gempa yang terjadi. Kajain-kajian awal dan survey ini dilakukan untuk dapat memberikan suatu rekomendasi-rekomendasi teknis serta langkah-langkah yang tepat untuk dilakukan selanjutnya Satuan Tugas Kajian dan Survey Lapangan Bencana Gempa Jawa Barat - ITB Laporan Kajian dan Survey Awal Bencana Gempa Jawa Barat dalam rangka pemulihan (recovery), fase pembangunan kembali (rekonstruksi), serta pada jangka panjangnya fase pencegahan (prevention), mitigasi (mitigation) dan kesiapan (preparedness)...